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Real Name: Royaume de France
Members: Alec

Baby Derant
Gale Hemsworth
Isobel Derant
Robert De'Pyro
Sara D'Piro
Sister Delphine
The Darkness

Former Members: Diane de Poitiers

Sebastian de Poitiers

Affiliations: The Blood Wood

Pagans are people who practice the minor religion of Paganism, they are often referred to as Heretics. There are two types of pagans, one is more spiritual, while the other is a much darker version that use human sacrifices.

Season 1

Snakes in the Garden

Sara D'Piro - Deceased
(played by Katy Grabstas) She was a maid for Mary, Queen of Scots. She worked for her for several months before being found out as a heretic. After an attempt on Queen Mary's life, she was tortured, tied up and burned. She was given a quick death however, and was shot though the heart with an arrow before burned.

A Chill in the Air

Gale Hemsworth - Deceased
(played by AJ Vaage) He was the red-headed boy who led Olivia and her servants to their death with Olivia as the only survivor. He was a butcher in the kitchen and worked alongside with Leith. He committed suicide in front of Sebastian one night in the fall on 1557.


Robert De'Pyro - Deceased
(played by Thomas Mitchell) He was a member of the Queen's Guard. After being recognized as a heretic. Robert was tortured and burned along with Sara D'Piro when is was discovered she left the necklace in Queen Mary's room.


Isobel Derant and Alec are both pagans and friends of Sebastian de Poitiers. They traveled together to a village where Isobel was to give birth, but they were ran out of that village when Isobel was arrested for being Pagan. Isobel escaped but sadley died in childbirth. Her daughter was adopted out.

Season 2

The Siege

Sister Delphine - Alive
(played by Alexandra Ordolis) Was revealed to be pagan when she preformed Blood Magic on herself and a servant of the castle, bonding herself with Sebastian.


Sister Delphine - Alive
Delphine was sentanced to death, after being charged with the death of someone in the castle. She pleaded with Sebastian to make sure she was not drowned. Later she was set to die by being burned at the stake. Before she escaped, Bash felt his body heating up like it was on fire too. Delphine then broke free from her ropes and ran into the The Blood Wood.