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Character French Female Mistress Deceased Season Four
Nicole Touchet
Biographical Information
In History: Marie Touchet
Title: Courtesan
Born: 1549
Height: 5'10
Gender: Female Female
Nationality: French Flag - France
Status: Deceased
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: Orléans, France
Affiliations: Kingdom of France
Relationship Information
Parents: Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

Family: 2 Brothers
Interests: King Charles (Fiancé)

Lord Narcisse (Former Lover)
Prince Henri (Tryst)

Character Information
First Appearance: Hanging Swords
Last Appearance: All It Cost Her
Portrayed By: Ann Pirvu

"Now that I know how things really work around here, I'm interested in getting to know you better."
Nicole Touchet

Nicole Touchet is a favourite of King Charles and secretly a mistress of Lord Narcisse. When she found out that Lord Narcisse was only using her for his own gain, she turned to the King's brother, Prince Henri's arms. They began a tryst that soon developed into love. She was even planning on fleeing to Spain with him.


At first, Nicole seems kind and innocent. However, her ambition lands her at court, with the King of France eating from the palm of her hand, and we truly get to know the depth of her cunning nature and striking cleverness.


Early Life

Nicole was raised on a farm, where she lived with her family, until she moved to court.

Season 4

A Better Man
Lord Narcisse was trying to use Nicole to keep King Charles on the throne, and the country Catholic. However, Nicole was upset Narcisse doesn't love her back, and called off their arrangement. Narcisse apologized, claiming Nicole had come to mean something to him. But he'd had a wife who was killed, Lady Lola, and thought being with her was like a betrayal so he couldn't erase Lola from his mind.

A Bride. A Box. A Body.
Nicole and Henri take a room at a village-inn to continue their illicit affair. Unbeknown to them, Luc Narcisse sees them kissing.

A while later, Henri climbs out of bed so as not to wake up Nicole. He begins trying on earrings and seeing how they look on him, all the while not noticing that Nicole has woken up and is watching him do so. When she finally asks him about it, Henri bristles at her for commenting on it and cuts their meeting short.

The next day, Henri goes to break it off with Nicole, but she doesn't let him get that far. She reveals that it wasn't the first time she'd seen him with her jewelry and that she has also seen corset marks on him. Henri defiantly tells her he likes wearing women's clothing, expecting her to be repelled. However, Nicole gives him her earrings as a sign of acceptance, and instead of calling it off, he declares that he loves her.

However, the next day when Charles announces his bride-to-be the the court, it is Nicole, much to everybody's shock.

Blood in the Water
Queen Leeza has arrived at French court, supposedly to stay for Charles and Nicole's wedding. As a "token of goodwill", she has rounded up heretics on her way there, including a witch with a particularly nasty gleam in her eye. When in private, Henri confronts Nicole about avoiding him. They agree that they love each other even though they shouldn't.

However, in the night, Henri tells Nicole of his plan to take the French throne with the help of the Spanish Armada and asks her to run away with him. Once Henri promises that Charles won't be hurt, Nicole leaves to pack her things.

All It Cost Her
Henri is skipping meals and sacrificing sleep due to fretting over when the Spanish armada is coming, unaware of the fact that it is not going to show up. Nicole encourages him to eat so they have a nut soup, during which Nicole starts coughing really hard. It's evident she had been poisoned by Emanuelle on behalf of Catherine to mend the relationship between Charles and Henri. She immediately dies in Henri's arms. Henri carries Nicole's body into French Court. A horrified Charles accuses Henri of murdering her but Catherine intervenes and convinces her sons to end their rivalry once and for all.


  • Nicole has not been given a last name, but considering her resemblance to Marie Touchet, her surname, birthplace and age are mimicked after hers.
  • Nicole claimed she and her family never discussed religion with King Charles, but they are assumed to be Protestant. [1]
  • Nicole would have succeeded Mary Stuart as queen consort of France had she not died. [2]

In History

  • King Charles IX never had a mistress named 'Nicole'. However, he did have a mistress named Marie Touchet, who would be 16 at the time and was born a farm girl before coming to French Court. They had a son together 8 years later in 1573. Additionally, Marie was never poisoned, she died of natural causes at the age of 88 or 89 in 1638.
  • After King Charles IX's death, King Henry III personally made sure his widow, mistress and bastard son were all cared for.


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