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Character Flag - England Male Season 3
Biographical Information
In History: Nicholas Throckmorton
Title: Ambassador of England
Age: 30+
Gender: Male Male
Status: Alive
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: England
Affiliations: Kingdom of England
Relationship Information
Character Information
First Appearance: Betrothed
Portrayed By: Nick Lee

"I may be the enemy, but I'm not without my manners."

Nicholas is a charming man, appointed by Queen Elizabeth to be England's ambassador to France. Little does Mary Stuart know, Nicholas is also a spy for her rival, holding a deep grudge against her.


Nicholas is a smart, sneaky man, but he was played at his own game every time. Queen Mary always out-witted him and he has even grown a soft spot for her for her ability to do so. That did not go well with Queen Elizabeth, who had to find another ambassador because Nicholas failed at weakening Mary and France.


Early Life[]

Nicholas used to work for Queen Elizabeth, but has since retired from her service, because he'd "had my fill of lying".

Season 3[]

Queen Elizabeth appoints Nicholas the new English ambassor and sends him to France.

Extreme Measures
Upon his arrival at court, Nicholas requests an audience with the King. Queen Mary claims that the King is not available at the moment, but when he will be, Nicholas will be the first received.

Nicholas takes advantage of King Antoine's presence at court by urging him not to sign away his claim to the French throne, because combined with England's gold and military support, Navarre could one day take over France. However, Catherine blackmails Nicholas into rescinding his offer to help Navarre.

The Price
Nicholas is summoned by Queen Mary. He admits that his orders are to wait for Marie de Guise and King Francis to die before seizing Mary for Queen Elizabeth. When she storms out of the room, he makes a copy of her decoder. Little does he know that the decoder was planted there deliberately, and when he steals it, he puts Mary's plan into motion.

Nicholas later decodes and copies a letter to Marie de Guise. The letter causes Elizabeth to send her forces in the wrong direction, allowing the Scottish regent to regain control of the supply route. Elizabeth, feeling humiliated, agrees to accept Prince Don Carlos' marriage proposal.

In a Clearing
Sir Nicholas expresses condolences for the death of Marie de Guise to Queen Mary and announces that Queen Elizabeth wants to make peace. Elizabeth will drop her attempts at conquest in Scotland if Mary will sign away her claim to the English throne.

Mary and Francis sign Elizabeth's peace treaty and send Sir Nicholas back to England to procure Elizabeth's signature. However, when King Francis dies at the hands of assassins, Mary goes to Nicholas and accuses his queen of being behind the attack. He assures her this is not the case, but she finds and burns the treaty anyway, as too much has been sacrificed for England that day.

Mary later finds out that Francis' death was not ordered by Elizabeth, but by Scottish Protestants who saw Marie de Guise's death as an opportunity to seize power. Mary gives Nicholas a nod to let him know that she knows that he and his queen are innocent, but that doesn't matter because Nicholas has already begun plotting against Mary.



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