Narcisse and Lola's Wedding
Narcisse and Lola's Wedding
Location: France
Date: 1560
In Honour of: Lord Narcisse
Lady Lola
In Attendance: King Francis

Queen Mary King Antoine
Princess Claude
Lady Greer

Episode: Extreme Measures
Description: A wedding Celebration

Events Season 3 Married

The wedding of Narcisse and Lola's Wedding took place in
France in the middle of 1560.


The wedding took place in a very quick manner, much to the bride and groom's surprise. Lord Narcisse had originally proposed to Lady Lola in secret, as their relationship was forbidden by King Francis.

However, after it came to King Franci's attention what Lord Narcisse had done for his younger brother Prince Charles and Lady Constance he had a change of heart and blessed their union but demanded it take place immediately. He did not want rumors to spread that the mother of his child was another one of Lord Narcisse's sexual conquests.

They were wed that night in a surprisingly nice, and well put together wedding ceremony. There was no wedding reception as it was too short notice, but the king and Queen of France attended their wedding, as did Princess Claude and Lola's close friend Lady Greer.


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