Season 2 
Narcisse and Claude
Narcisse and Claude
Real Names: Lord Narcisse
Princess Claude
Ages: 30s and 15
Status: On-and-Off


Length of Relationship:

Couple weeks



First appearance: Acts of War

"A look is not a purchase!"
Princess Claud

Early lifeEdit

Lord Narcisse and Princess Claude have never met, prior to her return to French Court in 1559.

Season TwoEdit


Princess Claude: I’m not sure if it's safe to let you in my chambers without a chaperon.
Lord Narcisse: No, you're not safe. [1]

Princess Claude: A look is not a purchase. [1]

Princess Claude: No one forces me to do aything.
Lord Narcisse: As king, he trump us all. [2]

Lord Narcisse: I’ll think about it.
Princess Claude: As I trust you'll think about me. [2]

Lord Narcisse: Are you prepared to die for this marriage!?
Princess Claude: At least my family will cry at my funeral. [2]

(Lola finds Narcisse making out with Princess Claude)
Lady Lola: I just saw Narcisse with Claude.
Lady Kenna: In there!? Really...Oh I’m so sorry!! [3]

Princess Claude: Actually there is someone who shares mothers' talents.
Lord Narcisse: I will not help you with this.
Princess Claude: Why not! [4]

Lord Narcisse: Be grateful for the fun you had, you must have know your time would come. [5]



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