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  • Hello. On each page I have little links that are to go at the top right of each page. However recently they are began 'appearing' at the bottom of each page, barley visible. However when in edit mode, they are shown where they should be. I was hoping this could be fix. Or if they could appear like they do on pages here abouve the 'EDIT' button.

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    • Hello. I'm not sure why your icons changed position recently, but it is likely due to something changing in the way the position commands you use are interpreted. I played around a bit in the browser console, and if I remove the "bottom 1.2em" line, the icons move above the infobox (although there is some overlap, and it is not obvious how to fit them in the available space), and if I remove the "right 0" they will move to the left at the top of the article, which is where they appear for me in the editor preview.

      The example on the Avatar Wiki appears to be positioned with css; and the icons are also more generic rather than page specific; you'd have to ask them about the details and whether they would work with your template.

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    • Ok, thank you!

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