Mary and Bothwell
Mary and Bothwell
Real Names: Queen Mary
Lord Bothwell

Secret Lovers


Kingdom of Scotland

First appearance: Unchartered Waters

Season 4 Couples
"With or without your crown. I would do anything for you."
Lord Bothwell

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Season 4Edit

After Lord Darnley jokingly insulted King Francis, Lucrezia de' Medici withdrew her support and set sail for the following day back to Florence. Mary was very upset over this, because if the Duchess left, she took her support and the promise of funding with her. Lucrezia agreed to reconsider if she was given the lands belonging to Lord Theodore Davies. The lands were quite valuable, and come with a title, The Earldom of Menteith. Only with this exchange would she continue supporting Mary's rule. After a day of misadventures, Queen Mary and Lord Bothwell were able to acquiring the Davies Estate' papers. With that, Lucrezia was pleased to continue the alliance between Florence and Scotland.

Unbeknown to Lucrezia de' Medici, Lord Bothwell insured the papers by offering Lord Theodore Davies his choice of five of Bothwell's favourite horses, on top of Queen Mary's offer. [1]

Lord Ruthven and King Darnley were both involved, and Ruthven even lead the murder of David Rizzio in place of the missing Lord Bothwell in front of the very pregnant Queen Mary. [2]

The next morning, James Stuart and his men took back the castle. For the crimes of high treason and insurrection against the crown, Lord Ruthven was sentenced to death, by Queen Mary. [3]


Queen Mary: I know we hardly know each other, and yet here I am, asking you to risk everything for me.
Lord Bothwell: With or without your crown. I would do anything for you. [4]

Queen Mary: Greer. Bring Bothwell to me!
Lady Greer: I don’t want to leave you!
Queen Mary: Please! In case I need to say goodbye. [5]


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