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Mary Stuart
Mary Stuart
Biographical Information
In History: Mary, Queen of Scots
Title: Queen of Scotland

Queen Dowager of France
Queen Consort of France
Princess of Scotland

Predecessor: James V
Successor: James VI
Born: December 8, 1542
Died: February 8, 1587
Age: 20 (44 in flashfoward at death)
Height: 5'4
Gender: Female Female
Nationality: Scottish Flag - Scotland
Status: Deceased
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Linlithgow, Scotland
Current Location: London, England
Signature: Mary Stuart's Signature
Affiliations: Kingdom of Scotland

Kingdom of France
House of Stuart
House of Tudor
House of Valois (Formerly)
Mary and Francis
Mary and Sebastian
Mary and Tomás
Mary and Condé
Mary and Don Carlos
Mary and Gideon
Mary and Darnley
Mary and Bothwell
Mary and Catherine
Mary and Elizabeth‏‎‏‎
Mary and Lola
Mary and Clarissa

Relationship Information
Parents: King James V(Father)

Marie de Guise(Mother)

Husband: King Darnley

King Francis

Children: King James VI (Son)
Family: James Stuart (Half-brother)

Claude de Guise (Uncle)
Christian de Guise(Uncle)
Queen Elizabeth I (First-cousin-once-removed)
Queen Mary I(First-cousin-once-removed)
King Edward VI(First-cousin-once-removed)
King Henry VIII(Great uncle)
Lady Lennox (Mother-in-law)
Lord Lennox(Father-in-law)

Interests: Lord Bothwell (Lover)

Gideon Blackburn(Ex-lover)
Robert Dudley (Ex-fiancé)
Don Carlos of Spain (Ex-fiancé)
Louis of Condé (Ex-lover)
Sebastian de Poitiers (Ex-fiancé)
Tomás of Portugal(Ex-fiancé)

Character Information
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: All It Cost Her
Portrayed By: Adelaide Kane

Sophie O'Brien (Young)


"I am Mary, Queen of Scots, and I have come for my throne."
Queen Mary

Mary Stuart is the Queen of Scotland, as the only surviving child of her father, King James V. Her father died just days after her birth, leaving her to inherit the crown. She had been engaged to Prince Francis since they were children to forge an alliance between Scotland and France. When she was sixteen, Mary returned to court and there, she and Francis fell in love. A year later, when her husband became the King of France, Mary became Queen Consort of France. She was with child but miscarried. After her rape, she distanced herself from her husband and had an affair with Prince Louis of Condé, until he declared war on France and was defeated. When Francis died, Mary returned to Scotland and ruled there. She married Lord Darnley and soon gave birth to his child, Prince James.

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Passionate and poised, Queen Mary possessed the strength and fire of true nobility. She was a true leader, from her ability to work under pressure to her skill of rallying her subjects.

Upon arriving at court, Mary was amiable yet fearless. She faced every obstacle with strength and courage. Her instinctive desire to protect her country puts her at odds with her loved ones at times, but she always managed to resolve every conflict with them.

As time went by, Mary's heart hardened as a result of tragic life events. But they ultimately shaped her into a powerful monarch, who maintained a just and fair rule. Unfortunately, her choices and circumstances led to her demise.


Early Life

Mary Stuart was born in Linlithgow, but grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Holyrood Palace until she was attacked by the English and sent to live in France by her mother, Marie de Guise when she was 7.

The young Mary, Queen of Scots, Prince Francis and his older half-brother, Sebastian all met when they were 6-years old at French Court. Mary and Francis were already engaged, and Mary was living in France for protection from England.

The three were playmates, and the younger two were educated together. They were constantly seen running up and down the stairs, making fun of each other, and playing games in the courtyard.

Three years later at 9-years old, Mary was forced to leave after yet another assassination attempt was made on her by the English. Mary was no longer safe, so she was sent to live at a Convent with her new caretaker, Mother Superior, until she was to be married to Francis.

Season 1


Mother Superior - Pilot 1

Almost murdered

Mary Stuart and the other nuns are playing football on the field when Mother Superior calls them in for breakfast. Sister Helen is the first to be served her food while Mary and the others wait for theirs. Upon locking eyes with Sister Helen, Mary watches as blood and foam start dripping from her ears and mouth. The former falls dead at the table as Mother Superior immediately rushes the young Queen Mary away. She is convinced that this was an attempt and that Mary must leave The Convent immediately.

Mary walks to her carriage as Mother Superior and the other nuns wait by it to send her off to French court. Mary doesn't know if she is ready to leave the convent and wed The Dauphin of France, but Mother Superior reminds her that she will be reunited with her friends and Ladies-in-Waiting, not to mention that she will be safer there.

"You will wed young Francis someday soon, for your faith, for your people, for Scotland."
Mother Superior

Rose goes to Mary and tells her to be careful of the ghosts there. Mary doesn't believe there are any ghosts at court, but Rose points out that just because Mary hasn't seen any, doesn't mean that they haven't been watching her. Before stepping into her carriage, Mary takes one last longing look at Scotland.


Arriving in France

When Mary arrives at French court and steps out of her carriage, she sees her friends and ladies-in-waiting, Lady Kenna, Lady Lola, Lady Aylee and Greer Norwood. They run up to her and bow before she pulls them all into a warm hug. Greer fixes Mary's hair before she meets Prince Francis. They greet each other and while Mary talks on sheepishly, the ladies snicker at her from behind. Francis and Mary then walk arm-in-arm to the King and Queen of France for a proper introduction.

Later, Mary is setting up in her chambers while her ladies are told what their duties are to their queen. As noble ladies, they must counsel her, prepare her, and account for her. After that, Mary and the ladies are applying make-up and trying on dresses. Aylee suggests exploring the castle and all girls are on board with the idea, except Mary, who tells them she will find them later and goes on an adventure of her own.

Mary goes up to her old room and to her surprise, Francis is making a sword there. He is annoyed at her for finding him at first, but they soon start talking. They bond over the burden of being a royal and talk about how they're going to rule France and Scotland one day.

Pilot - 15 Sterling

Down, Stirling!

Later that day, Mary is collecting stones at the riverbank when her dog begins barking at something in the forest. She yells at him to stop. Mary brings the stones up to Francis as something to decorate his sword with. He is quite cold to her and when she realizes that he's with someone, he lashes out at her and slams the door in her face.

Mary goes back to the riverbank and throws the stones into the river in frustration. Stirling, her dog, barks even louder and scurries into the forest. When Mary runs after him, she is detained by Sebastian, who warns her not to go into the forest. He also promises to bring her dog back.

While getting ready for Princess Elisabeth and Prince Philip's Wedding, Mary finds the exact same stones she threw away on her table. As if that wasn't ominous enough, she also hears a voice telling her not to drink the wine.

Pilot - 23 Mary

Talking with Colin MacPhail

After the wedding, Princess Elisabeth and Prince Philip share their first dance in the ballroom as everyone watches. Mary is becoming acquainted with all important missionaries while Aylee is at her side for any help she may need. Colin goes up to Mary and hands her a glass of wine to toast with him. She takes it, but suddenly remembers the warning from earlier and puts the glass down. Mary then spontaneously takes the dance floor by a storm with her ladies.

That night, the Consummation Ceremony is about to take place and Mary and her friends decide to spy on the event. Once they decide they've watched enough, they all run off in separate directions in order to avoid being caught. Mary returns to the wedding celebrations that are dying down and sees Francis. He excuses himself and goes over to talk to her. He apologizes for how he treated her earlier, but they soon argue again. Francis admits that he will only marry her if it is right for France, regardless of his feelings for her.

"Love is irrelevant to people like us."
Prince Francis

He asks her to wait and see how things go, but Mary realizes that he wants to see how it goes for France, not her own country, which she reminds him of.

"You are not the only one with a country to think of."
Queen Mary

That night, Mary wakes up to see Colin on top of her, attempting to rape her. She calls out for her guards and they run in, immediately taking Colin away.

Mary clues her ladies in on what happened to her the previous night. Everyone is unsure how to react, except for Lola, who vehemently defends Colin. She tells Mary that Colin divulged that someone powerful at the castle had coerced him into attempting to rape his queen. Mary then decides to talk to Colin herself.

Pilot - 32 Mary

Something's up!

Mary seeks an audience with the King and Queen of France, asking to speak to Colin herself. They try to dehort her from doing so, but Mary presses on, demanding to speak to her subject. King Henry soon reveals that it's too late, as Colin was executed at dawn. Mary regrets having to inform Lola. Back in her chambers, Mary tells her ladies the news, and Lola blames Mary for what happened. Mary tries to calm her and promises to protect them, but they look unconvinced. Mary leaves in tears, but lights up when she sees that Bash has returned with Stirling. Bash shows concern for Mary, but quickly becomes stoic when he sees his mother glaring at him. Mary doesn't notice, though.

The next day, Francis walks up to Mary in the courtyard, interrogating her as to what Colin was doing in her bed. When she shuts him down, he warns her not to behave like that at court and lets it slip that he wants her there. They almost share their first kiss but Francis ends up walking away.

That night, Mary stands outside alone in the dark, covering her head with a cape. She thanks whoever helped her. Lightning flashes, prompting Mary to look behind her, but there is no one there.

Snakes in the Garden
It is early in the morning and Mary covers the sleeping Lola up with a cover. A servant announces the arrival of the ladies Kenna, Aylee and Greer, only for Mary to usher them out to let Lola sleep.

Out on the balcony, Mary reflects on Colin's attack on her. Although the King and Queen told her that it was an English plot, Colin told Lola that he was forced by someone highly placed at French court.

Snakes in Garden - 4 King & Queen

Discussing their son's fiancée

In The Throne Room, Catherine and Henry are talking about who they're going to betrothe their son Charles to. Catherine believes the young Lady Madeleine to be a brilliant match - she is French, therefore loyal to France, and very wealthy. Henry is unsure about it at first, but Catherine's arguments manage to persuade him. Francis is ordered to accompany Charles to the landing to show respect. Charles asks if Sebastian can come as well, but Catherine slams Bash for appearing in the throne room at all.

"You know that Bash isn't really your brother. He's just your father's son."
Queen Catherine

Mary volunteers to go as well, as she too was once a child who was sent away to a foreign land, so she may be able to soothe the girl's fear. Catherine suggests that they all stay here, as the journey may not be safe, but Henry assures her that the carriage will stay on the King's road with a dozen of well-armed guards to protect it.

Once the carriage arrives on the coast, Francis helps Mary out of it while Charles stays inside. The two are stopped in their tracks at the sight of a large English war ship on their borders. Francis orders Mary and his little brother back to the carriage, while the guards mount their bows with arrows directed toward the approaching men.

Just as a fight is about to begin, Sebastian rides up and orders everyone to stand down. He explains that the English ship took on water and was aided by the French. They have sent their emissary, Simon Westbrook, ahead to the castle to clear the situation up.

Once tensions die down Madeleine presents herself as a perfect lady, but the shy Charles stands back. Mary goes forward to introduce herself to the young girl and explain who she is. She then walks over with her to Charles who gives her a flower he found on the ground and they both greet each other more proper.

Later at Court, Mary is surrounded by her Ladies-in-waiting when she sees the dashing English envoy Simon Westbrook. Who slyly questions why she isn't already married to Francis, and that even two young 7-year olds have a date for their own wedding. Mary becomes frustrated with him and tries to leave. She is greeted by Francis who smooths out the situations between the three of them. When they are along he tells Mary that Simon is only doing this to see her reactions, so she cannot react. Instead, Francis offers his hand for a dance, to which Mary humbly accepts.

Snakes in the Garden - Catherine n Henry III

Your friend is an escaped convict!

The next day, Queen Catherine and King Henry personally inform Mary about the runaway Colin MacPhail, claiming that he was working with the English, and that is why she was attacked by him. She also informs the younger Queen not to worry, and the French soldiers will find him, wherever he hides. Mary then requests since Colin is her subject that he be brought to her once he has been found.

Outside at a picnic for the newly engaged couple, Mary and Francis are talking to each other while watching a blindfolded Charles and Madeleine play a game. Mary points to Charles, saying he's not listening to Madeleine, but Francis insists, Madeleine isn't speaking loud enough. Sure enough soon after, Madeleine stomps over to Charles and takes off his blindfold, annoyed he couldn't distinguish her voice from the others. Their conversation becomes heated when Mary relays the information about Colin, saying it was someone from Court in a high position. Francis becomes angry with her, suggesting that it might be one of his parents, more specifically his own mother.

"I had their word that we would be married. I'm not sure words mean anything here."
Queen Mary

Sebastian and Mary are talking, and Mary asks how Colin could have escaped the dungeon and he informs her how. He assures her they will have trouble finding him as he’s had a big head start and the French fear the forest. He promises to go look on her behalf.

Snakes in Garden - 26 Mary

Hmm, something's not right

Later Mary tried to talk to Charles about why Madeleine was upset with him, but she sees him running away from a possible figure. Mary questions who he was talking to and Charles tells Mary about his friend Clarissa who lives in-between the castle walls and is annoyed he can't play with her now. Mary becomes interested in knowing more about Clarissa but holds off on her questions.

Mary heads back to her chambers early and is surprised to see a servant girl trying on her dress. She becomes startled as she has been caught in the Queen of Scotland's clothing. The woman panics as Mary asked her what she was doing, but before she could answer Megara cried out in pain. Crying that her skin was on fire as she falls to the ground, telling Mary to stay away. Mary ran for help, and when she returns, frantic with Francis and guards she is shock to see the woman is nowhere in sight. Mary becomes a little hysteric, someone else has tried to kill her again, and how could someone carry a dead body out of her room and no one sees anything. Francis promises her they will figure this out. He orders the guards out and to find the missing servant look, to search the whole castle.

Mary informs Francis of the secret passageway that's in her room. Possibly someone came into her room that way. Francis informs her most are dead ends and have been blocked off for years.

Snakes in the Garden - Mary Stuart n Franics 24

I'm scared...

That night, Francis informs Mary that the English envoy has been questioned and came up clean. Francis then asks Mary about his brother's whereabouts, and Mary replies that he's gone to the woods to look for Colin. Francis becomes worried when he realizes that he's not back yet. When he leaves to go look for him, Mary is approached by her Ladies-in-Waiting. The ladies inform Mary that they have questioned the servants, but none of them saw a dead girl.

Later, Mary goes back to the passage and asks if the person who has been helping her is named Clarissa, as she rolls a marble down the empty passage hallway. One marble is rolled back. Mary frantically asks if she's in danger and if the English or the Queen wants her dead. Two marbles come back. Before Mary can ask any more questions, Clarissa runs off, afraid to answer more questions.

Back at the castle, Mary decides to confront Simon. She bursts into his chambers unannounced, shocked to see him in bed with the supposedly dead servant girl. The girl looks startled and tries to hide her face, but it's no use, as she's been seen. But Simon doesn't look worried at all, instead he simply tosses her a robe and ushers her out of the room.

Snakes in Garden - 34 Mary

Are you trying to kill me, sir?

Mary accuses him of staging the girl's poisoning to terrorize her, and he doesn't deny it, so Mary surmises that he has. He warns her that her alliance with France angers them, but Mary then affirms that she doesn't want the English crown. Simon argues that they need to crush Scotland so that it won't be able to rise up against them, prompting Mary to realize that the English will never leave her alone. Simon more or less agrees, cautioning Mary of her increasing number of enemies at court. Mary asks him if he's working with Queen Catherine, and Simon points out that it would be a lot easier if he was.

Later, Francis apprises Mary of Colin's death, leaving her with no proof against her counter-conspirator. Mary also confides in Francis in her belief that his mother is plotting against her. She adds that she is considering returning to Scotland, as she fears for her life.

"I can't bring home any armies and I can't wed any kings if I'm dead."
Queen Mary

Mary is standing outside overlooking the water when Francis approaches her. He apologises for his actions earlier. Mary still insists on his mother's guilt and Francis takes her by surprise when he tells her that he believes her and swears to be there for her as a friend. He takes her hand and they both smile.


Kissed - Promotional image 2

Talking about kisses.

Mary is having a picnic with her ladies outside. They are talking about kisses. Kenna hints at having a relationship with an older man. Their conversation is interrupted by Sara D'Piro, who informs Mary that her uncle, Claude de Guise, wishes to see her at once.

Her uncle informs her that the English are making a move on Scotland's border. As Queen, Mary is expected to solve the looming crisis and avoid a potential invasion of her country. Mary demands that King Henry send companies to Scotland's defense. However, King Henry refuses to help, as the potential loss of those companies could send a message to France's enemies that they're weak. Prince Francis chases Mary down and promises her that one day, they will have more power, but Mary doesn't accept that.

Kissed - 7 Mary

Well hello there!

Later, Prince Charles asks Mary to play with him and they both begin kicking a ball around. Mary accidentally kicks it too high and it lands in a tree. Mary climbs up to get it out, but when she turns around, Charles has already left. Greer and Tomás of Portugal walk over and Greer introduces him to her. Mary then falls off the tree on Tomás, but he takes it with stride. When he leaves, Greer gushes over how much she likes him. She tells Mary how she has planned a picnic for the teo of them that will take place at the Boating Party and hopes to get her first kiss too.

Mary later finds Greer in the kitchen and nods for her to follow. Mary asks her why Tomás was in France again. She explains it was for lumber, so Mary decides to make a deal with Portugal since France will not help her. She offers their Scottish trees for lumber and in returns wants men to herself fend off England. He says he will consider this offer and they shall meet again.

Later, Mary and Tomás meet and Mary explains her situation to him. She offers to make a deal with him, but he isn't sure, as he is already making one with the King. So, he asks her to meet her in secret later.

Kissed - 16 Tomas

Marry me!

So they meet up, this time on horseback. They ride into a secluded spot in the woods, where Tomás proposes to Mary. meets up with Tomás again this time they are on horseback. Tomás explains to Mary he understand her situation and offers to add onto their bargain. He proposes to her. Mary says she is already engaged to Francis, and Tomás ask her why, since France will not even help her in her time of need. he also informs her that he will be the next King of Portugal as it has already been signed off by The Catholic Church and will be announced soon. He was born as bastard too, but as his father only has him, and a three-year-old grandson as an heir, he wants Tomás to be the next king.

Mary talks to Aylee about her situation, unsure how to break it to Greer. It is a good deal, but unsure about Francis. She may never end up marrying Francis, and there is still no date for their wedding. And Scotland needs help soon.

Francis tries to talk to Mary again but she is annoyed with him for not being able to wring anything out of Henry and goes to sit with her ladies. Nostradamus is ordered by the King to tell the fortune of Mary and her ladies. He starts off with telling them fairly general platitudes, before divulging their true fates. He tells Mary that "The lion will fight the dragon on a field of poppies."

Kissed - 27 Mary & Tomas

This is how we do things

Mary confronts Nostradamus as to why he said what he said, but he blows her off. Francis comes over and takes Mary away to dance. They dance as he tries to explain himself to her. They are soon interrupted by Tomás, who cuts in. Francis moved back to stand with his brother and seductive Portuguese music begins to plays. Tomás takes the lead getting very close to Mary as the move around in a fast and more adult way. Some of the women in the crowd look uncomfortable, while others look a little flushed. There is a lot of touching a spinning around before it ends.

Greer is annoyed at Mary but is also very embarrassed and walks away from the party; Mary runs after her. Mary tries to apologize and Greer explains how she feels unimportant to the Queen.

"You knew how important this was to me. It just wasn't important to you."

As soon as she leaves, Francis shows up and mock congratulates her. Mary confesses Tomás has proposed to her and this annoys and upsets Francis. He accuses her of going behind Francis' back and she explains that her options are limited because Scotland needs help now.

At the Boating Party, Mary is walking with Tomás and he expresses how happy he is to be with her. After his first wife, he never thought he would love again, but there he is with Mary.

Later that night, Francis comes to Mary and tells her the news that his father has agreed to send six companies of men to Scotland. Mary is overjoyed and they hug. Francis tells her she may still be better off with Tomás as he doesn’t know when they will marry, but she reassures him that she'd rather stay and have hope with him.

The next morning, Mary wakes Greer up with a cup of coffee. They both apologize, and make up. Mary confesses she's never been kissed either, and Greer confesses she just has been. The rest of the girls come into the room and Mary says she'll send for breakfast. Greer gets up and suggests that she does it.

In The Throne Room, as Francis is explaining to Mary the battle strategies they have in place for Scotland, their attention is drawn to outside with yells. He opens the window to see his brother, Bash, injured. Bash is rushed to Nostradamus. He looks at his wounds and assesses the situation. Catherine realizes Nostradamus' predictions have come true. Bash tries to tell his father who has just arrived that they were ambushed.


Good-bye kiss

Mary goes after Francis and tries to help him, but he's too upset over his brother. Francis tells Mary to wed Tomás as he can no longer help her. He kisses her goodbye and tells her she must do what is right for her country.

Mary goes to Tomás' chambers and tells him he'll have to teach her Portuguese. They both watch his ships leave for Scotland as he takes her hand. Mary repeats Nostradamus's vision when she sees that the Dragon is Tomás' symbol.

Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds - Promotional image 6

Archery tournament

There is an archery tournament between Prince Francis and Tomás of Portugal. Francis and Tomás are getting competitive. On the sidelines, Mary Stuart and her ladies watch, along with the rest of the court. The ladies note that Tomás seems bolder and more mercurial in the recent days. Then Claude de Guise pulls Mary into a corner, where she learns that King Henry still hasn't released her from her and Francis' engagement.

In the field again, Tomás wins the tournament and offers Mary his favour, a thoughless act on his part, though when Mary apologises to Francis, he claims that it was very well thought-out. A servant whispers something into King Henry's ear, and he stands up, drawing everyone's attention. He has Simon Westbrook arrested for being the spy that caused the slaughter of six companies of men, including his son, Sebastian.

Hearts and Minds - 11 Mary

Later, Mary has a run-in with Queen Catherine in the hallway. The Queen is eager to get rid of Mary as she sees her as a burden. Mary asks what she is to do to be Portugal's burden instead, and the Queen tells her of a way to be released from her marriage contract to Francis: Mary has to put her name to the word of a prostitute named Judith, who claims to have seen Simon boasting about his involvement in the slaughter. Judith describes the man as having a fine face, posh clothes, and wearing the English seal around his neck. Mary agrees to put her name to Judith's testimony, and by doing so, she is released from her engagement, and Simon is sentenced to be beheaded at an upcoming banquet.

Not more than an hour has passed, and Mary is already packing in her room, much to her ladies' surprise. She plans on going alone, because she doesn't think she can ask her ladies to come with, but they are quick to respond that they'll happily move to Portugal with her.

Hearts and Minds - 21 Mary & Francis

Mary and Francis kissing

Out in the courtyards, Mary walks in on Francis doing archery. They decide to meet by the lakeside, where Francis tries to dissuade Mary from marrying Tomás. He tells her that he's heard rumours of Tomás' cruel treatment of his wives and servants. Mary argues that there are rumours about all royals, with people saying that Sebastian got all the good looks in the royal family while Francis looks sickly and weak. The two end up passionately kissing again.

"Let him think that I'm jealous if he wants to. As long as he knows he is accountable for how he treats you."
Prince Francis

Back at the castle, Mary finds Tomás and his servant, Miguel, in her chambers. Tomás has heard of Mary's rendezevous with Francis and is not pleased. He introduces her to some of his rules that she is to abide by as his wife in Portugal, and threatens her should she stray away from them. When he leaves, Aylee begs Mary not to wed him, but Mary has decided that she must, because as Queen, she must put her nation above herself.

In preparation for The Michaelmas Banquette, the ladies are sulking about having to leave France, so Mary encourages them to enjoy their last days there. They all pick their costumes and leave the change into them.

Hearts and Minds - 33 Mary

Should I trust you?

In the ballroom, Mary walks up to a chained Simon and questions the colour of his seal. He reveals that the English Queen uses a white seal, while he uses a red one. Tomás calls out for Mary, and she walks up to him. He starts to make her feel uncomfortable, when Francis and Bash walk in and get him to leave her alone. They also confront him about their theory that he was the spy who caused the slaughter of six companies, but he is simply offended that they're questioning the "future king of Portugal".

Later, Mary interrogates Judith, and asks her what colour Simon's seal had. When Judy incorrectly answers that it was red, Mary realizes that she has indeed lied and coerces her into confessing the truth that Tomás had bribed and beaten her into lying for him.

Hearts and Minds -54 Mary, Bash & Francis

Scotland deserves a better treaty

Mary, Francis, and Bash arrive at court with their two witnesses and Tomás' body. The next day, Simon is released and absolved of all blame, and thanks to Mary's role in saving Simon's life and avoiding a conflict with England, Mary negotiates a better treaty with France, with more perks for Scotland.

In the evening, Mary and her ladies retire to Mary's chambers and discuss the success of the negotiations. Francis interrupts them by walking in, asking to borrow his fiancée. Out on the balcony, Mary praises Francis' judgement, both with his head and his heart, and how it'll make him a great king. He also thinks that she's a good queen.

"You know what my heart says now? It says I should forget about politics and be with you. No matter what. You are a true queen. A queen that any king would kill for."
Prince Francis

Late at night, Mary stands in the passageway door frame and thanks Clarissa for saving Simon's life, and possibly even hers. Mary then blows out the candle and goes to bed, unknown to her that Clarissa is laying underneath it.

A Chill in the Air
Mary and Francis are on the best terms they've been on since Mary arrived at court, thanks to Scotland's borders being secured. They share their feelings for each other in a playful, roundabout way and seal it with a kiss.

A Chill in the Air - Promotional image 3

Hanging out at the festival.

At The Harvest Festival, Mary and her ladies encounter Sebastian. He notes that Mary seems to be enjoying her time at court, and she confirms his statement, adding that it's mainly because of his brother. After Bash walks away, Lola warns Mary to be careful about Bash, because he has feelings for her. Aylee and Kenna point out that Lord Castleroy has been staring at Greer all morning. They encourage her to talk to him, so she does.

Chill in the Air - 15 Mary n Sebastian

Mary pressing Bash about Olivia.

Francis shows Mary a boat he made for her, which he named after her. Their moment is interrupted by a guard, who informs Francis that a woman was attacked in the woods, came to court and is asking for him. The woman is brought before him and he immediately embraces her and takes her away. Bash takes Francis' place at Mary's side and explains he and the woman, Olivia used to share a mathematics tutor, until Olivia left a few months before Mary arrived, leaving Francis brokenhearted.

In her chambers, Francis explains the nature of his relationship with Olivia to Mary. He tells her that although they had a dalliance a few months ago, all he feels for her now is a sense of responsibility.

Chill in the Air - 18 Olivia n Mary

Come sit with us!

Later, the girls are resting in the commonroom as Aylee tries to read a Virgil, but Greer keeps interrupting her by lamenting about her pepper-obsessed suitor. Olivia comes in, drawing everyone's attention. Queen Catherine walks away from her table and over to Mary, telling her that they find themselves alligned for once, implying that she dislikes Olivia more than Mary. Mary invites Olivia to hang out with them and offers to lend her a dress for the Harvest Festival.

While picking out dresses for Olivia to wear at the Harvest Festival, Mary shows compassion for Olivia's situation, but Olivia throws it back by essentially staking a claim on Francis. Olivia even goes as far as to reveal that Francis spoke of marrying her.

"I always knew Francis had a past. Men are allowed to have them, whereas we have our reputations ruined. Hardly seems fair."
Queen Mary
A Chill in the Air - Promotional image 5

Send her away!

Mary confronts Francis about his talk of marriage with Olivia. Francis passes it off as a moment of weakness, which Mary understands, but she also doesn't feel comfortable having Olivia around anymore. She suggests that they send Olivia away to live at a Viscount's house in Paris, and Francis agrees.

At the festival, Mary finds out from Kenna that Olivia's belongings are being unpacked in the east wing, likely because she's staying at court. After Kenna leaves to inquire again, Catherine comes up to Mary and divulges Kenna's affair with King Henry to her.

Kenna approaches Mary and Mary confronts her about her affair with the King. She advises her to end it, but Kenna does not care about Mary's opinion and tells Mary that she no longer answers to her but the King. Right after she walks away, Francis walks up to Mary to let her know that Olivia is staying, which Mary already knows. Mary then finds out that something happened between Francis and Olivia, but Francis 'stopped it'. Mary demands that Olivia be sent away immediately, but Francis insists on her staying. He then poses taking Olivia as his mistress as an option, prompting Mary to compare him to his father.

Chill in the Air - 42 Mary n Sebastian kiss

Mary and Bash kissing.

Mary joins Sebastian on the lakeside and they share a cask of wine. A clearly drunk Mary then laments to Sebastian about Francis. She is angry that Francis can do whatever he wants with whomever he wants while she has to wait for him. She stops ranting, asking Sebastian if she is overreacting and boring him. He admits that he doesn't understand why Francis would look elsewhere when he has Mary. Mary kisses Bash and pulls back in regret, but he pulls her back into a kiss.

"- That kiss, I shouldn't have done that.
- You're right. I should have.
Sebastian to Queen Mary

Unbeknown to both of them that Francis saw them kiss from a distance. Mary pulls back and expresses regret at the kiss before leaving to the ship launching.

A Chill in the Air - Promotional image 8

I'm so sorry!

While writing their regrets on a ribbon, Mary tries to talk to Francis, but he stays silent. Francis is noticeably distant from her and quickly leaves once the ships launch, finding Olivia and walking off with her as Mary watches.

Aylee confesses to Mary and Mary expresses that she thinks that Catherine is behind Olivia's reappearance at the castle.

Everyone at court gathers in the courtyard to welcome King Henry back. Queen Catherine is walking with Olivia and again encourages her to continue pursuing Francis. On their way, the ladies tease Kenna about dressing to impress a special someone, but Mary defends Kenna. However, Mary also warns Kenna to proceed with caution with the King.

When Mary sees Bash, she runs up to him and inquires him as to why he left a gift on her pillow. He asks what gift, and she shows him the necklace. He claims that it wasn't a gift from him, but he recognizes the necklace. Later, Mary sees Francis and tries to talk to him, but he keeps being cold to her.

After the gathering, Bash pulls Mary and Francis aside and informs them what the necklace means. It is a Pagan Necklace which was left on Mary's pillow, meaning that the Pagans have chosen Mary to be sacrificed. Francis spits a few comments laced with venom at Bash. Mary then leaves to inquire the servants as to if they've seen anyone place the necklace on her pillow.

Chosen - Promotional image 8

Let's team up.

The next day, Mary wakes up with a freshly severed stag's head hanging above her bed. She was likely drugged so as not to wake up during it. While the guards are removing the stag's head, Francis consoles Mary. When Bash appears, Francis takes him outside of them room and commands that he fix the situation by all means. Catherine walks by a few servants carrying a deer's head out of Mary's room, so she enters it and learns of what has happened. Mary convinces her to work together to ascertain the identity of the mole at court who drugged her, slipped into her room, and left a deer's head over her bed.

Chosen - 22 - Mary n catherine

Don't be shy, come forward.

In the throne room, Mary and Catherine gather all servants. Mary announces what happened to her and pleads with them to come forward if they know anything. No one comes forward, in spite of being promised protection if they do. Catherine then hightens the stakes by threatening to burn down each of the servants' homes if they do not come forward by midnight.

Chosen - 27 - Mary n Francis

Trouble in paradise.

That evening, Francis and Mary finally air out all their secrets, with Francis admitting to Mary to having seen her kissing Bash. He also believes his brother has sacrificed a human in the woods for Mary, an act of love that ignites a strong jealousy in Francis. Mary tries to explain herself, but Francis cuts her off every time.

Sara, Mary's maid, reveals herself to be one of the heretics, pulling a knife on her Queen and threatening to kill her as a warning to Bash to not disobey them in the future. Fortunately, Mary's guards enter just in time to stop Sarah from inflicting any harm.

Chosen - 44 - Sebastian Mary n Francis

Caught up in a love triangle.

In the morning, Bash returns to the castle to inform Francis and Mary that the debt is paid. Francis takes that opportunity to remind them that he and Mary are to be rulers, and that they can't allow feelings like anger and jealousy to cloud their judgement. He knows that the position he and Mary are in is an awkward one, so he decides that she is free to be with whoever she want in the meantime, as long as it's not Bash. He even goes as far as to threaten Bash's life should he disobey his order.

In the evening, Mary and the ladies-in-waiting are in Mary's chambers and Mary tells them that she begged the guards to give Sara a quick and painless death, but they didn't comply, as Sara and her accomplice are burned alive, prompting Mary and her ladies to realize that these royals are not be the people they thought they were.

Mary and Francis are making out in bed. Mary wonders if it's wrong what they're doing, consummating their relationship before having married, but Francis doesn't see it that way. A servant comes in and Mary hides under the covers. They are informed that the Cardinal is in the castle.

Fated - 6 Mary n Francis

Say what?

Mary and Francis walk down to the Throne Room with Mary's Ladies-in-Waiting. King Henry announces that the English Queen is dying and that while she has not named a successor, he believes that the the rightful heir to the English throne is Mary. Mary and Francis are to be wed and the moment that they do, they are to lay claim to England.

Mary talks to Henry in private about his statement. She doesn't want to lay claim to England, but Henry pressures her to do it. He harbours a lot of hatred toward the English for tearing into his country for half a century.

"She will come after you, whether you reach for the crown or not."
King Henry

Later on, Mary and Francis go for a walk. They talk about their surprise marriage. Mary admits that she wants him but is afraid of war with the English. Francis vows to support her until he dies. Francis then proposes to Mary, and she says yes.

Mary informs her ladies-in-waiting that she will marry Francis tomorrow night. The girls are excited and dream up Mary's wedding dress.

Queen Catherine summons Mary and opens up about Nostradamus' prophecy. She begs Mary not to marry Francis, because he will die if she does. She also pleads with her not to tell Henry, as he would have both Nostradamus and Catherine burned for heresy.

Fated - Promotional Images 6

Can I change my fate?

Mary goes to Nostradamus and asks him about the prediction. He warns Mary that he sees a girl, one among them, dead in a day's time. Kenna steps into the room and questions what he means by 'one among them'. Nostradamus continues, saying that he sees Mary's ladies gathered around a dead girl, he does not know who. Kenna looks to Mary, clearly frightened by this news. Mary approaches Nostradamus and asks him if this fate can be changed, but is told that it cannot.

Mary and her ladies-in-waiting then discuss the latest setback. The girls question the credibility of Nostradamus' words. Mary talks to Bash in hopes of deciphering Nostradamus' prophecy. Bash tells her that bastards choose their own symbols, because they don't belong to anyone. He chose the lion, while Tomás chose the dragon, and they fought in a field of poppies.

Fated - 37 Kenna n Greer

Grieving Aylee's death

On the eve of their wedding day, Mary lets Francis know that whatever happens, she loves him and he declares that he would die for her. They lean in for a kiss, when suddenly, they hear a scream. When they make their way downstairs, they find Aylee lying oh the floor in a pool of blood, with the ladies circled around her. Mary, overcome with grief, starts screaming at Nostradamus, calling him a devil.

Mary is packing to leave France and return to Scotland. She tells her ladies that she will find a new alliance, as this one has cost them enough already. Mary promises to send for them as soon as she can, and they will reunite in Scotland.

Mary announces to Catherine, Henry, and Francis that she is forfeiting the alliance with France and is not going to lay claim on England. Francis runs after her and asks her why she is walking out on their engagement. Mary claims that she doesn't believe that he can put her above his interests, but Francis doesn't believe her. Mary then recites his line that love is irrelevant to people like them.

"I love you. But I won't let other people die for me."
Queen Mary
Fated - 50 Sebastian n Mary

Wait for me!

Francis asks her to wait for him while he smooths it over with his father. Mary promises to do so, but instead goes to the stables and gets a horse. Bash comes in and offers to go with her and guide her. stops her and asks her to wait for him. Mary and Sebastian ride off just as Francis runs up to them and tries to stop them. He calls out for Mary, but she ignores him and continues riding away. Francis is left devastated on his knees.

For King and Country
King Henry told Mary Stuart that she would lay claim to England once the English Queen, Mary I was dead.

Marie de Guise wants Mary Stuart to go after England, and Scotland wants her on the throne of England. They know it's a risk, but less with Prince Francis at her side. Scotland wants Mary Stuart to wed the next King of France without delay.

The Vatican supports Mary Stuart's claim to the English throne. However, Mary Stuart would only agree if Sebastian was named King Henry's heir. Mary and Sebastian's ascent to the throne would not be official until The Pope agreed. King Henry decided to go to Rome himself, to ensure the marriage of future King and Queen of France, Scotland, and England.

Unfortunately, Queen Catherine would never agree to an annulment, thus her execution was scheduled, and Henry was preparing to mary Diane de Poitiers. When King Henry dies, Bash would become Wing. If Bash is survived by King Henry and Queen Catherine's children, the line of succession will revert back to King Henry's sons by Catherine.

Mary walks in on Sebastian practicing sword fighting with his new mentor, Alec. After greeting Alec, Mary informs Bash that his presence is needed in The Throne Room. He is filling in for his father as the Acting Regent of France, an opportunity for him to show the nobility that he is a capable ruler.

In the throne room, Bash listens to mundane grievances from his subjects as they seek his judgement. He looks bored and doesn't seem take the job seriously, offering up laughably bad advice. He only seems to regain his focus once the next person is brought before him, a pregnant suspected robber whom he seems to know. However, he quickly snaps out of his trace and agrees to a suggestion of having her house searched while she is held in the castle.

In his third appointment of the day, an older woman who claims to be honored to be in the presence of the Lord Regent tries to get close enough to attack him with a knife, but is tackled to the ground in time by Alec.

Mary suspects Queen Catherine and Lord Hugo of working together to orchestrate the attempt on Bash's life. She visits Catherine in the tower and tries to trip her into admitting it, but she never does. She does, however, voice her frustration at Bash becoming King of France and usurping her sons.

Mary Stuart questioned if her cousin Princess Elizabeth's life was in danger for being born a bastard.

Royal Blood

Royal Blood - 3 - Bash n Mary

Making things work

Mary meets Sebastian in the stables, where he points out that she missed their morning ride together. She apologizes and explains how she couldn't sleep again due to worrying about the young princes, Charles and Henri. She tells Bash that she can't imagine how hard it must be for them. So, in order to take their mind off their troubles, Mary wants to take them and Bash to Frost Fair in the village.

On their way to the Fair, Mary and the boys encounter an angry mob of peasants screaming at the carriage, fulminating against the Medici boys. Mary tries to calm them down as Charles screams in terror.

Mary visits Catherine in the tower and informs her of what happened to her and the two princes on their way to the Frost Fair. The Queen reminds Mary that she warned her about the uproar that would result in her changing the line of succession. Mary insists that she only wants to help her children, including Clarissa. Mary then continues that she had a mask made for Clarissa to cover her deformity, and plans on arranging for her to have chambers of her own. Catherine scoffs at the thought of integrating Clarissa into society, as Clarissa has spent her entire life away from people, and deems her more animal than human.

Royal Blood - 12 - Mary

Mary mad at Lord Hugo

Mary and Bash meet with Lord Hugo, whose loyalty shifted from laying with the Queen to laying with Bash. He proposes sending the young princes away as an option. When Mary and Bash are left to ponder the possibility, Mary vehemently disagrees with it, wanting to keep the princes with them at the castle under their protection. However, Bash wants to send them away for their safety. Mary ultimately words it as a command, leaving Bash with no other option than to go and double the guard around the boys and keep them at the castle.

In order to make up with Mary for their earlier night, Bash hosts the Frost Fair for his younger brothers and Mary, since they missed the one in the village. Mary apologizes to Bash for how she acted earlier, and he tells her to think nothing of it. Charles then calls Mary over to help him with putting on a mask.

Bash and Mary walking alone, with Prince Charles, and Prince Henry, everyone is all bundled up for the winter. Bash shows Mary how he has brought the winter festival to the castle. As they could not go to it, he brought it to them. The boys run off to grab masks, and Mary apologizes has she acted earlier. Bash quickly forgives her, and they kiss. Charles then calls Mary over to help him with his mask.

Royal Blood - 21 - Mary

Missing children

During the winter festival, Kenna and Greer alert Mary and Bash that the princes are missing. Bash instructs all of the kids to take off their mask, and when they do, none of them are the boys. Back at the castle, Mary orders her ladies to send out search parties and inform Lord Hugo. Sebastian pulls her aside and informs her that the boys are fine. He further elaborates by saying that it was his doing. He had the boys taken while they were at the Frost Fair and they are now heading to Italy for their own safety. Mary is upset he went behind her back, but he argues that he only wanted to protect his brothers. He assures her that he has people stationed at checkpoints to monitor the princes' voyage until they arrive in Italy.

As Mary is in her chamber, she is startled to see the Queen come out of hiding. She claims that she means Mary no harm, she has only come out to save her children. The two infer that it must've been Clarissa who abducted the two young princes, and with Bash, they embark on a quest to find them.

Mary, Catherine, and Bash have found the carriage that was carrying the two young princes. They stare at the driver's dead body next to it. Bash sends guards to look for Clarissa and the boys, as they couldn't have gone far, while the three set on a search of their own.

Royal Blood - 40 - Mary

They find Clarissa and the boys down by the lake. Henri and Charles try to run to their mother, and Henri is able to get away and runs into Bash's arms. However, Charles is detained by Clarissa, who puts a knife to his throat. Mary tries to rectify the situation, but Clarissa is too upset at her mother for not wanting her.

They check in the last checkpoint and see the dead driver. Everyone is worried, and they follow the sound of the screen, down by the lake.

Royal Blood - 37 - Mary

Possibly just murdered someone!

Catherine tries to reach Clarissa by selling her a promise of being a family, now that she knows that Clarissa is her daughter. However, Clarissa doesn't buy it and almost cuts Charles. In hopes of trying to get her to stop, Catherine yells at Clarissa to stop, calling her a monster. Clarissa now recognizes that her mother truly doesn't care about her and threatens to kill Charles.

Mary manages to walk around behind Clarissa and hit her on the head with a rock. She falls to the ground while Charles runs into his mother's arms. Mary crouches down to hold Clarissa's hand as she draws her last breath.

Mary and Catherine have one last conversation. They have reached a mutual a understanding and respect for each other.

Mary meets Bash in her room, where tells him that she's tired of playing it safe, because that doesn't ensure safety. She propounds that they do what they want instead of waiting for the approval of The Catholic Church. She tells Bash to marry her, but he rejects her, in favour of him getting on one knee and officially proposing. She happily agrees and they decide to wed the following day. They then declare their love for each other and kiss.

Mary and Sebastian walked together through the busy court hallways. Taking note of Catherine’s preparations for her own funeral. Catherine was quite annoyed with the flower preparations. The young couple eavesdropped on the King and Queen's conversation. Apparently, the king wasn't pleased with how much money was spending on her funeral. Catherine seemed only to mildly care and was interested in negotiating if it meant she could get more of what she really wanted.

Everyone at court was interrupted by the sounds of trumpets. Sebastian informed her this meant a royal visitor had arrived. To Mary's delight her mother and shown up in France to see her. Marie de Guise looked at the French court, and noted it had gone to hell upon seeing the chopping block in the throne room. However, Mary was too excited to care.

Consummation 7 Mary Stuart n Marie de Guise

Mary and her mother

In Mary's chamber rooms she tried to explain the situation of marrying Sebastian over Francis to her mother. Her mother didn't understand why she had chosen to marry a bastard over the Crown Prince of France. Mary tried to explain to her about Nostradamus, but she seemed to pay no head to her words on the subject. Mary, not wanting to fight tried to change the topic of conversation. Her mother then made her feel guilty over not seeing her and reminded her she saw her for her 11th birthday regardless of how hard it had been for her. Mary understood her mother was running a country for her, even feeling bad when her mother brought up the Protestant and Catholic fighting. Mary once again felt the pressure to take England, so stayed quiet. Mother then told her she just wanted her to be happy regardless of who she married. Mary knew her mother was lying to her.

"I saw you on your 11th birthday. Half the crew died along the way, but I was there. Gift in hand."
Marie de Guise

As soon as her mother left, Mary went directly to Bash. As much as she loved and adored her mother, she knew when she was being manipulated and lied to. She told Bash they had to marry that day or else her mother would stop them.

Consummation 9 Mary Stuart

Excited to marry Bash!

Soon Bash was ready to leave, he promised her he would find them a church and a Priest. She wanted to go with him, but Bash said it would look suspicious if they both left. He promised her he could do this, and if he wasn't backed by new he had found their Priest, and she was to meet him so they could marry by sundown. She kissed him one last time before he left.

Mary told her ladies in waiting about her and Sebastian's plans to marry that day. Greer went and got her a gorgeous, handmade vial. She promised it would conceal her identity from the Priest, so they can keep their wedding a secret. However, they were interrupted by the arrival of Lola. She explained to them how her carriage had been swept away, and that while in Paris she had run into Francis. All three women left, to give the ex-lovers some time to talk. Before Mary could really say anything, Frances explained he was only there to save his mother. He didn't want to look like he was pining away for his crown and certainly didn't want to see their wedding ceremony.

Sebastian had not returned by sundown, so Mary rode on horseback to meet him at their meeting place ready to marry him. However, when she arrived at the graveyard she was very surprised to see Sebastian and his brother Francis punching each other. Exhausted from fighting the other, Frances blurted out they could now be married, that Nostradamus's visions had changed. Bash pleaded with her, that they too could still marry. Unsure what to do Mary had all three of them returned to the castle.

Consummation 23 Mary Stuart n Queen Catherine

Whom to marry!

Furious Mary stormed into Katherine's chambers. She demanded to know what the woman was playing at. Her life was not a game. Queen Catherine tried to explain to her how Nostradamus's visions had changed. Mary did not believe her, as her head was literally on the chopping block and she had so much to lose. Catherine explained she would never put the lives of her children before her. To prove this she then cut her wrist. If Mary didn't believe her she could let her die, or she could call for help, it was her choice. However, if she died, then Mary would know she was telling the truth. Believing her Mary came to stop the bleeding. The two Queens were interrupted by a servant who announced the King was requesting their presence.

In The Throne Room an excited King Henry told everyone how the Queen of England had died. She had passed away in the middle of the night and had left no successor. Henry demanded Mary pick one of his sons to wed. He also demanded she do it that night. Mary exclaimed to the king she would not be bullied into a choice.

Mary was once again back in her chambers, she wished to see no one as she had a difficult choice to make. However, Queen Catherine entered her room anyway. She told her that a choice from The Vatican had come through and handed her the folded letter. Catherine told her she understood she loved both men but was positive she loved her son more. Catherine told her whoever she was going to marry was on that piece of paper and told her to open it and read it. Mary was scared, the Queen told her to do it anyway. When she finally did open the paper, she was relieved to see it was empty. Catherine had given her a blank piece of paper, to see in her heart-of-hearts who she loved more.

I can no longer marry you...

Mary then had a very difficult task ahead of her. She slowly went to Sebastian's room ready to tell him her decision. Mary holding back her tears informed Bash she could not marry him. Bash tried to reason with her, reminding her that while she was with him, she could be whoever she wanted to be, and was free and wild. He reminded her that he would never put anyone, or anything before her and that he loved her. Mary begged him to stop, knowing how true his words were. But he demanded she explaine why, why she was leaving him. Mary finally confessed she loved him but loved his brother more.

Mary ran to tell Francis the good new. She ran into his arms and told Frances she loved him, and that she chose him. She tried to explain about the blank piece of paper, but he didn't quite understand, but they hugged and kissed anyway. She made France's promise to protect his brother, for he would be punished for reaching for the crown. She knew it was mostly her fault and needed Francis to do this for her. He promised he would, and the newly engaged couple kissed again.

Not long after telling Francis, Mary was in her room preparing for their wedding. Her mother told her how happy she was and gave her earrings her father had once given to her. She reminded her to have sons as quickly as she could, even though Scotland had done just fine without any.

Consummation 42 Mary Stuart

Ready to marry!

Wedding music played as Mary walked down the aisle towards Francis for their wedding. She was dressed in her handmade, white, and gorgeously flowing wedding dress. She walked in the aisle with a smile, as her ladies in waiting walked five paces behind her. When she reached Francis they held hands as they turned to kneel before the Priest. Their wedding ceremony certificate was brought before them both. Francis signed at first, followed by Mary’s signature. With that, the ceremony began.

Consummation 50 Mary Stuart n Francis

Awkward situations

Hours later the newly married couple ran into the banquet hall. Music played and they danced to their first song together. Soon the crowd joined in. Later when Mary was getting something to eat, her mother approached her and coyly informed her that the Queen of England was not actually dead. Mary was very upset with her mother, not only lying to her, and the French court, but she had been forced to break Sebastian's heart because of that. Her mother told her they would both get over it, and that Bash was nothing to worry about. This angered her and Mary demanded her motherly leave French court that night. She never wanted to see her again unless she was dead. Her mother left France that night.

"All happiness comes with a price. You paid yours with another’s broken heart."
Marie de Guise

Not long after that Mary entered Francis’ is room for the bedding ceremony. Royals, nobles, and their priest had all gathered to witness their consummation. However, not long into it, Mary noticed Sebastian had entered. Francis saw her looking so he looked too. Wanting Francis to ignore his brother's presence, Mary continued to kiss his neck.

Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry -2 Francis and Mary Stuart

Let's make babies!

Mary and Francis are in a carriage on their way back to the castle after their two-month honeymoon. Mary admits that she wishes she was away from the treachery at court, as she feels that their love is fragile now. He reassures her and it seems to work. Mary mentions that she hopes Sebastian is safe and happy in Spain, but Francis changes the topic to their dreams of growing a family.

Mary and Francis arrive at French Court and Mary's ladies are all there to greet her. Mary informs Greer and Lola that she found wonderful suitors for them. Their reunion is short-lived as Queen Catherine interrupts, requesting to speak to her son in private. Mary remarks that the backstabbing and murdering is about to begin.

Dirty Laundry -14 Mary Stuart n Queen Catherine

Hurry up and get pregnant!

Mary is chatting with her ladies as they're trying on the dresses Mary bought for them. When Lola is done trying on hers, she tells Mary that though it's lovely, it doesn't fit her. Mary reassures her that she will have a seamstress work on it. Mary then offers her friends marzipan. They all take it, except for Lola, which surprises Mary, as she knows that Lola loves marzipan. She asks her if she's alright, but Lola insists that she's fine. Later, Mary is called into Queen Catherine's room, where she receives potions to help her get pregnant. Their conversation is interrupted by King Henry, who wishes to speak to Catherine in private. Mary puts the potions down and sheepishly leaves.

Dirty Laundry -19 Mary Stuart

You have to leave!

Later that night, Mary is startled to see Bash standing in her room. She asks him why he's not in Spain. He blurts out he thinks his brother, Francis, ordered his guards to murder him on the night of the wedding. Mary tries to rationalize with him, but Bash doesn't budge. He even threatens to take Francis down if he finds out that he did, in fact, try to have him killed. Mary warns Bash to mind his tongue, as that is her husband he is talking about. He tells Mary to find out who she is married to, for her own sake, which casts doubt on Mary. Before leaving, he reminds her that if she needs him, she is to put a candle in her window, and he will come. He even suggests that they could meet at the place where they first kissed.

That night, Francis comes into their chamber and confronts her about her asking the guards if he ordered them to have Bash murdered. Mary then confesss that Bash was in their chamber and told her that he believed Francis had tried to have him killed. Francis declares that he gave no order to have Bash killed the night of their wedding. However, he claims that he could fabricate evidence if he wished, as he is the Dauphin of France, so what matters is if she trusts him enough to know that he would never do such a thing.

Dirty Laundry -32 Mary n Kenna

The next day, Mary and Kenna are on their way to Lola's room as Kenna is harping on about how the Archduchess's death affected her in getting engaged. When they enter Lola's room, they learn from her maid that she already left early in the morning, wearing her riding clothes. Kenna grimaces in horror and confesses Lola's whereabouts.

Mary meets up with Bash on the edge of The Blood Wood. She tells him it is of the utmost importance that she gets through it and finds Lola before she makes a horrible mistake. She makes him promise to stay outside the barn, as she doesn't want Lola feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

Dirty Laundry -39 Mary Stuart n Lola

This could kill you!

Mary makes it to the barn in time. She excuses the woman away so that she and Lola can talk. She tries to calm down the crying Lola and dissuade her from going through with the abortion that could kill her. Lola utters the words "if only you knew..." and that's when Mary puts two and two together. She asks Lola if she is carrying Francis' baby, and she confesses that she is.

Outside the barn, Bash is waiting for her. She thanks him for his help, but advises that he go to Spain. He tells her that he cannot not leave because he loves her. Mary tries to make him understand that she is married, and if he is to hate someone, he should hate her. He confesses that he could not.

Dirty Laundry -44 Mary Stuart

Fix this!

Back at the castle, Lola and Mary talk. Mary demands to know how it happened, how she, as her friend could do such a thing to her. Lola recounts the time she was in Paris, how she encountered Francis, while Mary was with Bash at the time. Mary makes her hurt over Lola's betrayal be known, and though Lola is remorseful, she also asks her to keep her pregnancy a secret from Francis. Mary is very uncomfortable with lying to her husband, but caves in. That night, Mary lays awake in bed beside a sleeping Francis, wondering what to tell him.

The Darkness
Mary is strolling with Lola and tells her all about the upcoming First Light Banquette. She makes sure to emphasize on Lola finding a suitor, which prompts Lola to reluctantly agree to attend the event.

The Darkness - Promo

There's your future husband!

At the banquet, Mary points out Count Nardin to Lola as the suitor she would like her to meet, so Lola approaches him. While serving food, a servant gives the young queen unsolicited advice on how to get pregnant. Luckily, Francis swoops in and saves Mary from that awkward conversation. Upon seeing Lola with Nardin, Francis disagrees with Mary's choice of a mate for Lola, which startles Mary, given his history with Lola. However, before she can say anything, Francis asks her to dance.

The following day, Francis shares his concern about Nardin to Mary, about how he heard that Nardin prefers the company of men in bed. He also confessess to Mary about his liaison with Lola in Paris. Mary pretends to be shocked, but her acting leaves Francis unconvinced, so he asserts his feelings for her to reassure her.

The Darkness 33 Mary Stuart n Lola

You'd better tell him!

Mary then takes her bottled-up rage out on Lola. She is angry in having to be complicit in Lola's lie, and warns her that if the truth comes out and it ruins Mary's marriage, she will resent Lola. Mary's thinly-velied comment about secrets makes Lola question if Nardin has any. Mary then reveals to Lola that her suitor likes men and that he only wants to marry her for his inheritance. Lola wants to back out of the marriage, but Mary pressures her to accept it, because if she won't, Mary threatens that she will tell Francis the truth.

Mary returns to her chamber to see candles stationed all over the room with Francis standing near her bed. It's his way of making it up to her, one that she gladly accepts. As they start making out, Mary stops it, claiming that it's no use making love that night, as she isn't likely to get pregnant. However, Francis lets her know that he loves her, baby or not. This sentiment changes Mary's mind and the two start making love.

The morning after, Mary is walking with Lola and allows her to choose herself and walk out of the marriage. She vows to help Lola find a suitor, but also tells her that in the end, she must save herself, not letting anything or anyone stand in her way.

Mary is walking down the hall with Francis, who explains The Bean Queen tradition that takes place at the castle every year. He mentions Sebastian, and Mary detects that Francis is starting to miss Bash.

At the event, Greer and Lord Julien ask Mary to bless their engagement, and when she gets Greer's permission, she does so.

A ruckus in the hallway draws the attention of both Francis and Mary, who walk in to see that Bash has returned to the castle, though he is arrested on the spot as per King Henry's order. Francis suspects that Bash returned because of Mary, so he urges her not to allow him to get close to her.

Monsters - 15 Mary Stuart n Sebastian

Back again?

Mary pays a visit to Bash in the dungeon and hurriedly shares her plan to help him flee France. However, he decides not to take Mary up on her offer to leave for Spain, as he has unfinished business in France. He explains how he wants to rid the realm of a malignant creature in the woods that feeds off of human beings. Its most recent victim happened to be a girl Bash cared for, so it is personal for him.

As they're walking out of the cell, they run into Francis, who turns sour at the sight of Bash with his wife. Bash tries to convince him that he didn't come for Mary, but for the castle's arms and resources to hunt down the Darkness. Francis is unconvinced, so Bash tells him that there's someone who can corroborate his story - Olivia.

As Olivia recounts the horrors she endured, Mary asks her if she could retrace her steps back to the cave where the torture on her by the Darkness took place. Olivia says no, but she describes the surroundings of that place. Mary then sends Francis and Bash out to find and kill the Darkness, warning them to remember who the true enemy is.

Monsters - 30 Mary Stuart n Penelope

Let's just go

Later, Mary goes to Greer and tries to lift her spirits after hearing nasty gossip about her and Leith. In order to help her friend, she goes to King Henry and pleads for Leith's sentence to be reduced, in light of his bravery at the siege. But there appears to be no need, as Lord Castleroy already took care of it. The King's attention diverts to Penelope as she enters the room. He then requests that Mary show Penelope how to "please a ruler". Mary starts to question Henry's sanity, so she tries to leave, with Penelope, but Penelope decides to stay.

The next day, Mary finds Lola crying in her chamber. She learns that Lola is crying because her dress no longer fits her, as she is beginning to show. Mary then shares an idea with Lola, proposed by Greer, that she marry Lord Julien, Greer's former fiancée. Lola is not eager to give into it, but Mary persuades her into accepting it for both of their sakes.

As Queen Catherine walks out of Henry's chamber, she informs Mary that Henry drugged her and that she must find Nostradamus, before she faints into Mary's embrace. Mary then updates Francis on his mother's condition, before they are interrupted by Bash, who invites them to an event - his and Kenna's wedding, forced by Henry's hand.

After the ceremony, Mary checks up on Bash. He admits to still having feelings for her, despite previously claiming that they were gone.

Liege Lord
Mary and Francis are checking out their belated wedding gifts. As they share a dance, they discuss King Henry's increasing madness. Francis informs Mary that his mother is trying her best to divert important state matters from him to herself, and is successful in it, because Henry is infatuated with Penelope, and is therefore distracted.

As Lord Julien announces his engagement to Lady Lola, Mary and the others clap. As Mary is going over to Lola to congratulate her, a lady walks into her and spills wine on her. She apologizes before telling Mary to meet her outside.

Liege Lord 7 Mary Stuart n Lady

What do you want from me?

Outside, the lady introduces herself as Charlotte, a member of the Queen's Flying Squad, which specializes in sleeping with important men for information, which they report back to the Queen. Charlotte divulges how the Queen enlisted her to sleep with Henry to make sure that he is under Catherine's influence, not Penelope's. However, Charlotte heard of Henry's madness, and has therefore decided not to follow through with it and flee court instead. She then asks Mary to find her sanctuary in Scotland in exchange for an important piece of information.

Mary agrees, and when she can't find Francis, she uses Sebastian's help to have a carriage prepared for Charlotte. Before Charlotte steps into the carriage, she informs Mary that her marriage contract has a secret clause in it that states that if Mary dies without an heir, Scotland will fall to France.

Mary informs Francis of his family's treachery, and he is understandably furious, as is Mary. But Mary isn't sure whether or not to trust Charlotte, so she decides to confirm what Charlotte said.

Liege Lord 12 Mary Stuart

Thank you!

She asks Kenna to use her connection with the King to get into his office and try to find the marriage contract. Kenna is resistant, as even she fears the mad King, but when Mary tells her that Scotland is at stake, she agrees to do it.

When Mary gets her hands on a copy of that contract, she learns that there is indeed a secret clause that was slipped in amongst the others, and that it was no accident, because her advisors had thoroughly gone over the contract before Mary signed it. Francis mentions that an unusually large sum was transferred to Marie de Guise on the day of their marriage, so Mary's mother was likely in on it as well. They devise a plan whose aim is to force Marie de Guise to get rid of the original contract.

"My first duty is not to my mother. I am the Queen of Scotland, not the Queen of Marie de Guise."
Queen Mary
Liege Lord 28 Mary Stuart

Help me save Scotland!

Mary decides to throw a party, in which the plan is to be carried out, and invites a group of Scots. At the party, the Scots are chatting amongst themselves and having fun, before Lord McKenzie and his men are gathered in a chamber to speak with Mary in private. Mary asks Lord McKenzie about The Battle of Solway Moss, but McKenzie isn't very forthcoming with the information, as he doesn't believe Mary has the right to know. However, Mary tells them of what her mother had done, and urges them to spread the news of her treachery to the Protestant lords who oppose her, so that rise up against her. Mary's passion for her country wins the men over and they swear their allegiance to her.

"I may live in France, but I have the heart of a Scot."
Queen Mary
Liege Lord - Promotional image II

"I will never forgive you for this."

Outside, Francis exclaims how in awe he is of Mary, of how she commanded the men as if she were their liege lord. However, Mary soon learns that her countrymen were slaughtered at a whorehouse before they could get the news to Scotland, so she goes to Catherine to confront her about it. Catherine justifies it as not having enough time to deal with the uproar that would arise, but Mary has no mercy for her. She declares that she will never forgive Catherine and leaves in tears. She finds comfort in Francis' embrace, though.

Later that day, Mary bursts into Catherine's chamber again, and demands that she destroy the original marriage contract. Catherine isn't inclined to do so, until Mary informs her that she has sent out three riders, ready to tell the world of Henry's madness, waiting for Mary to bid them to do so. This would endanger the entire French Royal Family, and so, Catherine bites her tongue and burns the contract.

Liege Lord 51 Mary Stuart

Scotland first, you and France second

Later that night, Francis praises Mary for how well she fooled his mother with that bluff she told about the riders. However, Mary confirms that it wasn't a lie, that she indeed had three riders with knowledge that could harm him. Upon asking as to why she would do that, Mary all but says that she will always put Scotland above Francis, because it is her duty as queen.

No Exit

No Exit - Promotional image V

Let's discuss rents and tenancies!

Mary and Francis are dancing at Lola and Lord Julien's wedding, until they are interuppted by Queen Catherine, because, as she informs them, they have a problem. The cardinal has come to discuss rents and tenancies with Henry, money that the French depend on. However, he can't refer to Henry, as he's mad, and Catherine can't talk to him, as he knows she wasn't in favour of his election. And so, Mary and Francis go over to talk to him. Mary instantly charms him and shares a dance with him.

Later that evening, Mary is reunited with her half-brother, James Stuart, who has come with news from Scotland. He informs her that Scots are complaining at the lack of their own people in the government, as Marie de Guise is French, and so are half the people that she installed in the government. James urges Mary to return to Scotland to show her people that they still have a queen.

No Exit

I want to go to Scotland!

Mary is eager to visit her homeland, but Francis isn't so sure about it, suggesting that they send diplomats in her place. He believes that France is truly unstable right now and that if things don't go well with the Cardinal, Rome will withdraw their support, thus leaving his country to look weak before the world. He argues that they need to lock down Cardinal Morrisini's support before considering leaving for Scotland. However, Mary notes just how much of her life at court has been geared toward bending for France and addressing French problems, so she still wants to go to her country, with or without Francis' support.

The next day, Francis goes to Mary and tells her that he wants to go to Scotland with her. Mary apprises her brother that Scotland will soon meet her queen and king, but much to Mary's surprise, he isn't so pleased. He doesn't think a French Dauphin arriving in Scotland with French soldiers will aid Scotland's health, but Mary points out that his argument sounds silly, and he apologized and admits that Scotland will be pleased to see their queen anyway, as the crown will be stronger and so will her mother's position.

However, later, Francis voices his suspicions on James' footman. He cautions Mary that he may be a Protestant Scottish rebel who is working with James to have Mary assassinated on her way home. He asks Mary for time to question the footman, torture him if need be, to get an answer as to whether there is a plot against Mary underway.

No Exit 44 Mary Stuart n James Stuart

It's now or never!

Mary ultimately decides to leave to Scotland with James that very same day. Francis reveals to Mary that he footman divulged that he was paid by the English to murder her on her voyage home. Francis isn't sure whether James was in on the plot, but he doesn't want to risk it. But Mary does, so she asks Francis to trust her. However, he decides not to and has Mary locked in the tower.

There, Mary argues with Francis. He promises to go with her once he knows it's safe, but Mary argues that it will be too later. She warns him that if Scotland falls, she will never forgive him.

Toy Soldiers
Mary, Kenna, and Greer have a snowball fight as Lola sits it out. Soon after, the girls join her and discuss their marital difficulties. Mary receives dire news from Scotland that Protestant rebels have surrounded her mother's castle, demanding that she surrender and cede her control of the country.

Mary and Francis appeal to Queen Catherine for military aid, but Catherine tells them they have worse problems do deal with. The ailing Mary Tudor named her Protestant half-sister Elizabeth England's next ruler, a move that infuriates Henry. He berates Mary for not being pregnant yet and for draining their resources while failing to provide him with England. The Protestants demand Marie's head on a pike and Henry warns Mary to be careful, or hers might follow.

Mary writes to her uncle, Duke of Guise, for help. Francis cautions her against his dangerous ambition, which led the duke to be stripped of his power at court. He has since fielded an army out of stealing recruits. Mary doesn't trust him either, but she knows his army is loyal.

The Duke arrives at court with his army and Mary and Francis go down to greet him. The Duke cuts to the chase: he will help Mary in exchange for being anointed Lord Magistrate of France, making him the right-hand man to the King. Even though Francis doesn't agree with the terms of their deal and doubts Henry will agree to them, the door is left open by both sides.

Mary learns that Francis will accompany the Duke of Guise to Scotland and in exchange, he will be Lord Magistrate when Francis becomes King. She kisses him in joy, and they begin making out, which leads to them making love.

However, soon enough, Mary is despondent at having heard that Francis is taking her army and her mother's last hope of survival with it. She realizes that he will always put France before her and Scotland and calls their marriage an 'awful mistake'. However, in the end, she just wants him to live through this battle and come back to her, which he solemnly swears to do.

As she watches him and the armies leave, Mary tells her ladies that while she can forgive Francis for doing what he thinks is best for his country, he will need to forgive her for doing what is best for hers, no matter what that may be.

Higher Ground
At the castle, Mary and Greer are strolling. Mary has been isolating herself due to her worry over Francis, but she is miffed that he took an army meant for her mother nonetheless. The girls walk past a guard whom Mary recognises as one of the men who acted in the whorehouse massacre.

Higher Ground 6 - Mary Stuart n Queen Catherine

Help me save my mother!

Mary pulls Catherine aside. She has received a letter from her mother, in which she read that her mother is under siege. Mary asks Catherine for money from her secret fund, but Catherine claims that there is no secret fund.

Back in her chamber, Mary meets with a mercenary named John Priveaux who is known for getting the job done. Mary charges him with finding Catherine's secret stash of gold and stealing it for her. She only has one condition: no innocent blood is to be spilled.

Higher Ground 17 - Mary Stuart n Cortenza de' Medici

Let's not do anything

Catherine's cousin, Hortenza, soon notifies Mary on Catherine's kidnapping, and Mary pretends to be shocked. Hortenza adds that she has received a note that demands a ransom. Hortenza isn't inclined to accept it and suggests waiting. They then receive Catherine's ear with her earring on it, which even shocks Mary. However, Hortenza still insists on waiting and not giving into the kidnapper's demand.

In their secret spot, Mary confronts Preveaux about cutting Catherine's ear off. He explains that he didn't cut her ear off, he bought the ear from somewhere and hung Catherine's earring on it. He also adds that the kidnapping plot is merely a distraction. He recounts how Catherine promised to give away the location of her secret fund if he brings her the head of the one responsible for her kidnapping. But Preveaux reassures her that he will not cut off her head. Instead, he instructs her to choose someone else to frame for the kidnapping, and to do it quickly.

Higher Ground 29 - Mary Stuart

Who do I choose?!

That night, Mary meets with Bash and seeks advice as well as consolation. She asks about the night he had to murder someone in the woods, and then confesses to her own necessity to have someone killed. Bash urges her to be absolutely safe about her choice, because there is no going back.

The next day, Mary notices Hortenza speaking to the scarred guard. Mary walks up to her and claims that she wants to question the guard about the whorehouse massacre. Hortenza claims that although she lent these men to Catherine, she was not involved in the incident at all. She then proceeds to threaten Mary that should she dig deeper or bear false witness to Henry, she will woefully regret it. This threat prompts Mary to choose Hortenza as her cuplrit.

Higher Ground - Promotional image IIII

Later that night, Mary is concluding business with Preveaux, as she received the sum of money, minus Preveaux's cut. However, she decides that she isn't all the way done with him yet. She needs the money to be transported to Scotland to her mother, and needs men that she can trust to do so. She leads him to the group of mercenaries that were involved in the countryhouse massacre and tasks them to deliver the money to her mother, with John Preveaux in charge of the mission.

"They're my monsters now."
Queen Mary

Long Live the King

Long Live The King - Promotional image II

You came back to me!

Mary and her ladies go to the courtyard as Francis along with the Duke of Guise and his army are marching into the castle. Francis rallies the crowd with a passionate speech about how they reclaimed Calais, before going off to find Mary. The two run into each other's arms and kiss. King Henry vows to lay claim to England, and put Mary Stuart on the throne, as the points his sword to Mary. The crowd starts clapping and cheering for Mary.

Mary and Francis then retreat to their shared chamber and make love. After that, they're laying in bed staring at each other. Mary admits to not wanting England, despite King Henry wanting it, and ask Francis if he will stand by her. He promises to support her in whatever decision she makes.

Mary is called into the Duke of Guise's chamber as he wants to discuss the letter she wrote to Elizabeth, in which she relinquishes her claim to England forever. The Duke encourages her to keep her claim to England, as it is her birthright, one she should hold on to for more power.

Mary, Francis, and Queen Catherine then meet in the cellar and Mary and Francis learn that King Henry means to invade England within the week, as has been confirmed by a general. Catherine suggests that they get rid of Henry, meaning, that they kill him. Francis is quick to reject the idea and instead offers to take him out for a hunt to try to break through to him.

Long Live The King - Promotional image VIIII

Ready to kill the King of France?

Mary reluctantly agrees, but when Francis leaves, Catherine decides that they will kill the King of France together. Mary protests that she would be betraying Francis, but Catherine concludes that they must think like rulers. And so, in Catherine's chamber, the two brainstorm ideas on how to have Henry killed. Catherine comes up with the idea of poisoning the food at Henry's private mass.

That evening, Francis excitedly narrates how he broke through to his father and how his sanity returned. Francis notices that Mary looks guilt-stricken, so he asks what's wrong, and that's when he learns what she and his mother did behind his back.

However, in the cellar, the two of them learn that Catherine had changed her mind and stopped the priest in time, but that an assassin was sent to kill Henry. Henry fought back and killed the assassin, and now only trusts the Duke of Guise, because he was the one who warned him about the assassin. So Catherine theorizes that the Duke of Guise sent the assassin to fulfill his warning and earn Henry's ear. She concludes that Henry is untouchable now and will only listen to the Duke.

Long Live The K 48 - Mary Stuart n Francis

It had to be done!

Back in their chamber, Francis is furious with Mary. She retorts that she only tried to spare him the burden of killing his own father, and compounds the argument by adding that she did it for the good of his country. He shakes her and asks her who she's becoming, if not a ruler who takes risks for the people that she loves.

Slaughter of Innocence

Slaughter Of Innocence 1 - Group

Uh oh

King Henry calls everyone into the courtyard in the middle of the night and announces that, following an attempt on his life, he has hired two new guards who answer only to him. He then draws his sword and tells them what whoever it casts a shadow on is guilty of ordering his assassination. Following his logic, Henry runs his sword into the secretary of Lord Belamy. That is when Francis realizes that his father is beyond help.

Mary, Francis, and Catherine gather in a chamber to discuss their options. They mean to remove Henry from power by force, and decide that the best way to do that is by staging a coup. They decide on finding generals discarded by Henry and using them against him, and once Henry is dethroned, Francis will become king.

Out in the hallway, Francis and Mary run into Henry, who is being unusually affectionate to Mary. He invites her to a spectacle to celebrate the heroes of Calais as well as to a feast later that night. He even offers to escort her there.

Slaughter Of Innocence 14 - Mary Stuart n King Henry

What do you think you're doing?!

At the spectacle, Mary sits next to King Henry. Henry keeps coming onto Mary and admits to using the spectacle as a means to impress her. However, the spectacle goes awry, as instead of the boats shooting fireworks, they shoot gunpowder, and one of the boats is set aflame. It turns out that Henry did it on purpose to up the excitement.

That afternoon, Mary tries to convince her uncle to join the coup. He proposes that she take England as well as France, using the coup as a way to make herself more powerful than Francis.

Slaughter Of Innocence 23 - Queen Catherine n King Henry n Mary Stuart

Ready to take England

Taking her uncle's advice, Mary shows up at a joust the following day wearing a dress with the English coat of arms on it. She makes her way to the podium as the crowd cheers and chants Mary's name. However, as she sits next to King Henry, some of the attendees leave the joust to warn Queen Elizabeth that her cousin is reaching for her throne. Henry is pleased that Mary wants to take on England, while Catherine is shocked at how cunning Mary has become.

The crowd continues to cheer for Mary, and the King starts to feel deprived of the attention that is supposed to be on him. So, to give the crowd something to cheer for, he decides to ride against Montgomery. Shockingly enough, the knight strikes Henry down and he falls to the ground. Mary runs to Catherine to hug her as she orders the guards to go to the gravely injured king.

Outside of Henry's chamber, Mary, Catherine and Francis learn that Henry is on his deathbed, so Catherine and Francis go to say goodbye to Henry.

Slaughter Of Innocence 48 - Mary Stuart n Francis

You're a father!

The following morning, Mary confesses to Francis that she feels the tender heart she once held dearly hardening by the day. He urges her not to allow that to happen. Instead, they ought to share their burdens and secrets, trekking the same path instead of going their separate ones.

"It isn't fair, the privileges we are given. Or the prices we must pay for them."
Queen Mary

However, their moment is interrupted as Mary receives an urgent letter from Lola, stating that she may not survive the birth of her baby. Mary tells Francis to be by Lola's side while she gives birth to his child. Francis is numb with shock at first, but Mary yells at him to hurry.

Mary runs up to Nostradamus and Catherine and requests a midwife for Lola. They tell her that no one is to leave, as the castle is going into lockdown because of a plague sweeping the land.

Mary tries to stop Francis from leaving, but he is resolved to be by Lola's side. He rides out and Mary orders the gate be closed, but Francis stops on his way and the two stare helplessly at each other.

Season 2

The Plague
Mary and Catherine announce the return of the plague to their court. The castle is on lockdown to prevent infection and their new king, Francis, is protected in a private home. They claim they are prepared, even knowing that is furthest thing from the truth.

The Plague 11 - Mary Stuart n Queen Catherine

Let me handle it!

After the gathering, Mary and Catherine are headed to the throne room when Greer and Kenna run up to Mary, demanding to know the truth. Mary reveals that Francis really left to be by Lola's side while giving birth.

Catherine and Mary are in the throne room discussing Francis' absence when a melody starts playing, signaling that someone has fallen ill. Nostradamus comes in and volunteers to look for Francis, since he believes himself immune to the plague. Mary thanks him and sends him on his way.

That evening, a noble named Eduard comes in and asks that the queens put his foe into a mass holding cell so that he'll become infected and die of the plague. Should they not give in to his demand, he will cut off the grain that enters French court, leaving everyone to starve.

When Eduard leaves, Mary and Catherine turn to each other and brainstorm their next move. While Catherine believes that acceding to the nobles' demands is the way to rule, Mary wants to be a different kind of queen. She sends word to Eduard that she denies his request.

The Plague 24 - Mary Stuart n Queen Catherine


Eduard returns to the two queens to tell them that they have made it more complicated for themselves, since Pierre and his family have isolated themselves in their quarters. He instructs Mary to look outside, where she sees the villagers burning the houses of the infected, destroying the holdings of grain that she was counting on. This will cause a famine to occur in the land, unless they are provided grain by Eduard. Before leaving, Eduard gives Mary a chance to reconsider her decision.

Catherine tries to convince Mary into killing Pierre's family via poison, as it would be kinder than letting thousands starve to death. Soon after, Nostradamus returns from the village and reports that the house that Francis and Lola were staying in had been marked with a cross, symbolizing the Plague, and burned to the ground. Later that night, Mary visits Catherine in her chambers, who believes she is ill with the Plague. She advises Mary not to let Lola get between her and Francis, because she's nothing but a guest on this court without the support of her King.

The Plague - Promotional image I

When Mary leaves the room, she asks Nostradamus how long the symptoms will last, as she and Nostradamus have given Catherine a potion to make her ill, so that she couldn't kill the Valents herself. Late that night, Eduard yet again goes to Mary, asking for Catherine. But Mary quickly asserts herself as the queen.

"I am the Queen of France and you are my subject."
Queen Mary

He then slyly lets it slip that he had the Volands murdered himself. The next day, Mary walks in on Eduard signalling for the grain to arrive, like she knew he would. She has him arrested for the murder of the Voland family and Yvette Castleroy. She has him locked in with the sick so that he gets infected and dies of the Plague.

Drawn and Quartered

Drawn and Quartered - 1 Mary Stuart n king Francis


Mary is overjoyed to see that Francis has returned to French Court safe and sound. They embrace each other before she greets Lola. Mary is introduced to Louis, whom she thanks for bringing Francis home safely. After a passionate reunion, Francis brings up the matter of his bastard child with Lola. Mary begs him not to claim his son officially. Later that day, she and Nostradamus stroll in the grounds and Mary vows to protect him after he helped her kill Eduard Narcisse.

At a celebration held in honour of Francis' return, Lord Narcisse comes in and pressures Mary and Francis to have Nostradamus executed for misdiagnosing his son Eduard. While talking to Francis and Catherine in private, Mary confesses that was indeed the one who had Eduard locked in a mass holding cell, as well as making Catherine ill in order to keep her out of her way. Mary admits that it was a mistake and promises to fix it.

She goes to Narcisse to confess her crime and the reason why she committed it. As Narcisse starts talking about his son, Mary notices inconsistenties in Eduard's story as to why he wanted Voland dead. She begins pressing Narcisse with a lot of questions, angering him to the point where he yells that he isn't afraid of her or her husband. He then informs Mary that Nostradamus and the guards complicit will be drawn and quartered.

Drawn and Quartered - 17 Mary Stuart n king Francis

Forming a plan

She strolls with Francis to discuss their options. Francis is angry at Mary for killing Eduard, but Mary retorts that she was standing up for herself. She tries to convince him not to bow to his nobles and instead to stand for justice. They decide to find proof of why Narcisse wanted Voland dead and why he used his son to command revenge. To do so, Mary goes to Lord Voland's chambers, when Lola walks in. They make small talk, but Mary remains focused on looking for evidence. Mary soon unravels a letter that reads that Lord Voland was desperately seeking an audience with the King before he died. She asks Lola to find out everything she can about Lord Voland's last days.

When Sebastian returns to court, he tells Mary and Francis all about how many people are using the Plague to cover up their crimes. He informs them that even Cardinal Morosini was found dead in an alley. Lola joins in the conversation and divulges that Voland took confession with a priest named Father Lucien shortly before his death.

Mary then asks him to share Valent's confession with her. He reveals that Lord Valent and Narcisse had worked together to collect money for the Vatican but keep it to themselves. Cardinal Morosini learned of their treachery, so they killed him. However, Valent began feeling guilty, so Narcisse killed him in fear that his guilt will make him confess to their crime. Upon hearing this news, Mary begs him to testify to it, but since it was said under a confession, he cannot.

Drawn and Quartered - 39 Mary Stuart

The next day, when Nostradamus is being drawn and quartered, Mary stops it and tells Narcisse of a letter she found from Valent confessing their crime. She's interrupted by Francis, who shows her he has the letters. They argue about it before he tells her to leave. Francis joins her afterward and praises her performance in front of Narcisse. She sees Nostradamus off as he leaves court. She then calls Francis to the nursery, where she encourages him to claim his son and give him his name.


Coronation - 1 Mary Stuart n King Francis n Queen Catherine

Your coronation plan sucks

Queen Catherine shares her plans for the coronation of King Francis and Queen Mary. However, neither of them like it. Catherine explains that they need to have a sumptuous coronation in order to appear strong and stable before the people from visiting nations. As Mary and Catherine start to rip into each other, Francis asks them both to take it down a notch. He adds that Mary knows she needs to step back until they get grain from Lord Narcisse and the coronation is over. Francis mentions that he's also negotiating with Lord Ducasse to get grain behind Narcisse's back.

As Mary and Francis stroll in Tent City, Mary tells Francis that she knows she needs to play that part. Francis reminds her that if the nobles see that she obeys him, they will too. A man comes out of his tent and calls for the people outside to quiet down so that he can hear the spirits speak to him. Francis looks uncomfortable and Mary asks him about it, but he simply brushes it off and goes to talk to Lord Ducasse about his grain. Mary and Greer see Louis of Condé with another woman, before he sends her off and talks to the two. Greer and Mary note that he moved on fast after Lady Doutzen was shipped off to Amsterdam, and he picks up on their judgement.

Mary sees Francis and asks if he found out about the grain. Narcisse walks up on them and blames the lack of harvest on people's laziness, even though they are likely just dealing with the devastating consequences of the plague. Francis points out that France is starving and asks for a specific shipment date, but yet again, he is only told "soon". Suddenly, a man is seen running away from a guard. However, he is detained and killed. Condé empties the basket's content to find a chicken and some bread, likely just to feed his family, and certainly not something he deserved to die for. Mary reminds Francis that they cannot wait.

Coronation - 16 Mary Stuart n King Francis

It's a good deal

At the ball, Mary and Francis meet Lord Ducasse, his wife, Monique, and their son, Guy. Francis asks about the grain and Ducasse informs him that it's ready for shipment, but he fears Narcisse. Francis then vows to protect him. Later, Herr Schuler approaches Mary and asks her to have Francis release German prisoners in return for German grain. Mary brings this offer up to Francis during a dance, but he is against it as it wouldn't please the Catholic nobles.

The following day, Mary and Francis find out that Ducasse changed his mind and know Narcisse is behind it. Mary mentions Schuler's offer, but Francis would like to investigate the crimes of the prisoners before even considering their release. Mary reminds him that their time is running out. When Francis goes to tent city on an errand, Mary informs Schuler that Francis is intrigued by his offer and needs time to consider. Schuler is not pleased with her response. He tells her that peace is not a thing to be considered, and he adds that he will not negotiate with someone who thinks so. He claims that his friends were only jailed for their faith, before he and his men leave to pack.

Mary ultimately decides to act without consulting Francis first, as she can't find him and they desperately need grain. Mary chases Shuler down and informs him that the King's Guard will take them to where the prisoners are being held. When Francis returns, Mary tells him that she freed the prisoners because there was no time as Schuler was about to leave. She also mentions that he offered a fair deal. Francis is annoyed that his wife handled yet another political affair. He is to fill the shoes of a man the nobles once feared. He claims that he needs to prove to the nobles that he is a capable and legimimate ruler, which he can't do if his wife is doing it for him. He add that the nobles will not respect him if his own wife doesn't. She offers her help but he declines it.


The next day, the German Duke rides up as Francis and Mary watch an amusement. Schuler angrily announces that the German prisoners are missing from the garrison. He adds that they were moved two days prior. Schuler shows them implements of torture he took from the garrison. Bash reminds him that he's talking to the King of France and Schuler says he'll find the prisoners himself. Bash calls the guards to take out their weapons and surround the Germans and it's a stand off. Francis commands them all to put down their weapons.

Back at the castle, Francis comes to Mary and informs her that he spent an hour smoothing things over with the Germans. Mary reassures him that there is time to fix this and that they need to find the prisoners. She promises to clean the mess that she has created. Mary interrogates the garrison guards, asking them where they were when the prisoners were taken. They recount that they went to to a tavern and admit that there was a whore who offered herself to them one after another. They note that her eyes were remarkable. They describe her eyes, one green, one blue. That lets her know that Louis took them.

When she confronts him about it, he discloses that his mistress's ship was taken by the Germans due to the hate that Henry inflamed between the French and the Germans and he promised Doutzen that she would be taken to safety. She affirms that Condé is a better man than that and exhorts that he bring the prisoners back to the castle. Later, Mary takes Francis to the balcony to show him the returned prisoners.

Coronation - 38 Mary Stuart n King Francis

Would you look at that!

Francis and Mary run into Narcisse and boast about how the Protestant prisoners have been found and traded for grain and for the cause of religious tolerance. Francis adds that a king must keep making new friends, in which he alludes to not needing Narcisse anymore. Narcisse feels betrayed, but Mary warns him not to lecture her husband on betrayal, given how he betrayed his promise to deliver grain. He asks Francis if Mary speaks for him and Francis reminds him that she is is his queen, and he should address her accordingly. Narcisse then announces that the grain will arrive today.

Mary later meets with Louis and thanks him for returning the prisoners. He admits to wanting to be the better man she saw in him. She says that as part of their new understanding with the Germans, Lady Doutzen will be returned home. He thanks her and praises her for her diplomatic skills.

"You're a wonder. Queen, diplomat, white knight."
Louis Condé to Queen Mary
Coronation - Promotional image 1


As Francis and Mary walk into their coronation and Francis concedes that he was wrong for asking Mary to step back. He recognizes that they are better and stronger together as equals. In The Throne Room, they are crowned King and Queen.

The Lamb and the Slaughter
Mary, Francis, Catherine, and Lola converse in the ballroom as it is being set up for the celebration of Francis claiming his son. Mary asks Lola who she has chosen to be her son's god-parents, and gets a response that she has yet to choose. Catherine praises Mary for avoiding the whole thing, since most queens wouldn't attend the christening of their husbands' bastards either.

The Lamb and the Slaughter - 8 Mary Stuart n king Francis

I'm pregnant!

Mary follows Lola as she leaves the group in frustration. Due to a disagreement over Lola's standing at court and her housing, Mary releases Lola from being one of her Ladies-in-Waiting. Later that day, Francis finds her outside. She begins to reminisce about their time together in the castle when they were young, before announcing that she is with child.

"I am with child. Our child, at last!"
Queen Mary

The two embrace each other in a moment of complete happiness and bliss. Catherine later walks in on them in the middle of making love to celebrate the fact that Mary is finally pregnant. Catherine is delighted with the news and reminds Mary that her claim to England will be stronger than ever for it. She later reveals the news to Greer, Kenna, and Lola. The four share a toast of champagne in Mary's honour.

Both Mary and Francis are later approached by Lola, who relays her concerns about Estelle and Lord Narcisse's marriage. When Lola's concerns about Estelle begin to sound a lot like those for herself, Mary kindly asks Francis to leave them alone. Mary and Lola get into a heated argument, in which Mary tells Lola that it would be for the best if she were housed elsewhere, as she doesn't want to have her in her sight.

"I am more than your friend. I am your queen."
Queen Mary
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Narcisse is kinda dodgy.

Later that night, at the banquet before the christening, Mary looks for Lola to smooth things over with her. She joins Condé to discuss the matter of Lord Narcisse and his possible brutality towards his former wives. They are interrupted by Catherine, who asks Louis to dance with Greer to get the people dancing. She then goes to Narcisse, to question him about his marriage to Estelle. In efforts to release Estelle from the marriage, Mary tries to nudge Narcisse into getting an annulment, since they have yet to consummate the marriage. While talking, they are interrupted by a man who brings news that Estelle is missing and the guard at the door has been stabbed.

Mary looks for Lola and finds her in her chambers, helping Estelle clean blood of herself. She agrees to help get Estelle away from court. Right after she ushers Estelle into a carriage, one of Narcisse's guards questions her who is inside. To stop him from checking, Mary delivers a direct threat to the man. When she and Lola return inside, they rekindle their friendship and Mary is asked to be the god-mother of Lola's son, which she accepts.

The Lamb and the Slaughter - 33 Mary Stuart n king Francis

Love is in the air.

The next day, Mary tells Francis of her being the god-mother of his child. As she begins to feel pain, a concerned Francis asks her if everything is okay. She brushes it off, saying that she just forgot the gift for the baby in her chambers. Francis walks away with her reassurance, and a worried Louis comes along. He asks Mary what's wrong and she asks him to help her to her room. In her room, he points out that there's blood running down her leg, to which she replies that she's losing her child. She begs him not to tell anyone that she's had a miscarriage, because she wants to tell Francis herself and doesn't want to ruin the christening. At the christening of John Phillipe, Mary, as his god-mother, holds him as the priest marks a cross in holy water on the baby's forehead.

The Lamb and the Slaughter - 49 Mary Stuart n king Francis

"You are my light."

Later, in her chamber, she's found by Francis, and tells him she lost the baby. Francis comforts her while she lets her emotions take over her. Later that night, she's asked by Francis to join him on the balcony. They start to reminisce about their childhood. He opens the window to show her lanterns floating in the sky for her. He holds her in his arms as she cries and tells her, "Whatever the future brings, you are my light."

Blood for Blood

Blood for Blood 2 - Mary Stuart N King Francis

Someone's interrupting us again.

Mary is preparing herself in her chambers and asks Francis what he was really doing, instead of playing dice with Sebastian, since she could tell it was a lie. He admits that he was visiting his son. When he tells her that he didn't want to tell her because it's a sensitive subject, Mary tells him she isn't a porcelain doll and asks him not to tiptoe around the subject of babies, because it's making her think that he's lost hope. He affirms that he hasn't lost hope, and just as the two are about to kiss, they are interrupted by Bash and Leith, who inform them about an attack on a Protestant service.

Blood for Blood 13 - Group

We need to have justice.

Later, she and her ladies take a stroll in the ballroom as it's being prepared for Greer's wedding. She soon finds Francis and informs him that his presence in The Throne Room is requested to learn more about the attack. He asks Mary to deal with it in his stead. Mary takes in the requests for justice by the Protestants who were attacked. She notices Condé looking noticeably distressed and when she asks him what's wrong, he replies that the boy who was killed in the attack on a Protestant service was his nephew.

She later finds Condé to tell him that Francis won't release the men who killed his nephew. He starts to explain about how this could have been a planned attack on his family. When Mary questions it, he shows her the mark of the riders on his shoulder.

Mary later accompanies Louis as he interrogates the men who killed his nephew. She pulls him off a man after things get heated. She then takes over the interrogation with a nicer approach, which gets one of them to confess to what they truly did. Later that night, Mary finds Francis to discuss the issue of religion and attacks, and they they decide to have religion neutral justice for crimes and that the Catholic men will be hanged.

Blood for Blood 46 - Mary Stuart N King Francis

Just tell me the truth!

However, the next day, she's unexpectedly told by Francis that he has decided to release the men rather than hang them. Mary is confused, and the two argue over the issue further when he says "my people" instead of "our people", as she thought that they would rule together. He tells her that he can't always be her husband first. Mary knows something is wrong since he's acting out of character and she begs him to tell her, but he just walks away. She then attends Greer and Lord Castleroy's Wedding. After the festivities, Mary retreats to her chambers, and tries to get Francis to talk about why he let the murderers walk free. After arguing more, Mary asks him if he worries that she can't have children. He confirms her suspicions, that yes, he wants heirs and her failure disappoints him beyond words. Mary is heartbroken and saddened by the truth that he's lost hope.

Three Queens

Three Queens 1 - Mary Stuart

Mary is readying herself while Francis rants on about something, ignoring the way they left things the night prior. But Mary shuts him out and asks for time to come to terms with what he said. She then goes to see Queen Catherine, who lets it slip that she will go to a noble's party in Beauvais. Mary wants to go as well, and though Catherine tries to dissuade her, Mary argues that two queens going are better than one.

However, once inside the carriage, Mary realizes that they're not going the right direction to Beauvais. Catherine then admits that she is not going to Beauvais, but to Noyon, to give a speech thanking a village for its love. She encourages Mary to also foster a good relationship with commoners, because should she ever find herself in danger, she will need them to shield her. Unfortunately, their carriage ride is interrupted by some royal-hating folk. While they're distracted, Mary and Catherine sneak out of the carriage through an escape hatch. They run into the forest, where they quickly remove their jewelry in order to look like commoners.

Three Queens 13 - Mary Stuart n Queen Catherine

Let's go get food!

After Catherine steps in a fox hole - which she claims is a badger hole because her feet are "too dainty to get caught in a fox hole" - Catherine and Mary limp their way to the nearest village. Once there, Catherine tries to trick the innkeeper into serving them dinner without paying first, but fails at it. Luckily, Mary concocts a story on the spot, claiming that she and her "mother" are lady's maids who are willing to work for food and a place to sleep. But due to Catherine's injured ankle, Mary is left to serve drinks and milk goats on her own.

Soon after, Mary and Catherine are served dinner. When Catherine asks Mary why she was so eager to join her on the journey, Mary admits that she was planning on seeing a physician for her fertility issues. However, Catherine thinks that Mary's bigger issue are her romantic expectations, which, in Catherine's experience, are unattainable. She advises Mary to give up her dream and accept the distance between her and Francis.

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Catherine and Mary are soon introduced to Mary and Francis impostors, whose goal is to impugn Mary and Francis' reputation by burning down farms, collecting money, and spreading awful rumours about Catherine. Mary and Catherine secure a private audince with the girl playing Mary. They claim that they are "tricksters" too, and ask for a ride to the next village in exchange for Catherine's crown. A fake guard named Gifford takes Mary, Catherine, and the female impostor in a carriage but is set on killing Mary and Catherine. The female impostors reveals his true intention to Mary and Catherine. Luckily, Mary has a dagger on her.

"If I learned one thing at French court, it's worth keeping a dagger on you."
Queen Mary
Three Queens 43 - Mary Stuart n Queen Catherine

Whew, that was stressful

Once they step out of the carriage, Gifford reveals that he was paid by Queen Elizabeth to set up the impostors, all to get revenge on Mary for wearing the English coat of arms. During his confession, the female impostor sneaks up behind Gifford and stabs him, but not hard enough. He breaks her neck instead, prompting Mary to poke the horse's behind, thereby forcing it to kick Gifford in the face and crushing his skull. Francis and his men arrive at the scene right after.

Back in their chambers, Francis admits to having been scared of losing Mary and says that he can't stand the distance between them. He reiterates that he only wants to protect her. Mary asks why he's afraid and vows to stand by his side no matter what. He dismisses it as simply feeling the pressure of being king and hugs her and buries his face into his neck. Mary appears to be sad because Francis is still not being honest with her.

The Prince of the Blood

Prince of Blood 4 - Mary Stuart n King Francis

Over my dead body!

Mary is working as she is having breakfast with Lola and Kenna, when Francis comes in. Lord Narcisse comes in shortly after, asking Francis to sign an edict, which would require every French subject to come forward and publicly declare their faith to the king. Mary is vehemently against it, as signing the edict would lead to persecution of Protestants. However, before she can argue against it further, she and Francis are informed that Francis' sister, Princess Claude arrived at French Court, and Francis decides that they ought to greet her.

Francis then introduces Mary to Claude. After Claude walks away, Mary spots Greer in the hallway and runs to check on her. She walks in on her cleaning a cut on her wrist. When Mary asks what happened, she learns that Greer and Lord Castleroy were traveling through Orleans when they were attacked and robbed by church representatives because they found out that Lord Castleroy didn't take mass. Greer then admits that Castleroy is Protestant. Mary then tells her about the edict the nobles want signed to identify the Protestants. Greer begs Mary to persuade Francis not to sign it, and Mary promises to do her best.

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Mary tries to talk Francis out of siding with the nobles by appealing to his heart. She tells him that he knows as well as she does that the edict is wrong, based on how opposed he was to it that morning. Francis claims that he may not have a choice, as he is a Catholic king of a Catholic nation, and he must take that into consideration. He promises to handle it in his own way and asks Mary to be patient, and she agrees. However, she secretly asks Condé for help.

"Unfortunately, my husband isn't giving me what I want. So I've come to ask you instead."
Queen Mary to Louis Condé

Mary tells Condé of the edict and later shares a plan she has devised to avoid the edict from passing. She decided that she must divide the nobles by having one Protestant noble oppose the edict openly, and she is sure that the rest will follow. But to do so, she needs Condé to introduce her to one Protestant noble. Condé approves of the plan, but doesn't want to out a noble for being Protestant, as that could put them in danger. However, Mary argues that they are already in danger, and when she warns that they will be even more endangered if the edict is passed, Condé agrees to help her.

The Prince of the Blood - Promotional Images 2

Watching the fireworks

At the Boating Party, Mary and Catherine watch Louis as he is engaged in a conversation with the nobles. Catherine warns Mary about Condé, as he's a Prince of the Blood and the Bourbons were once rivals for the throne. She recounts how the Bourbon princes were once in line if she couldn't produce a male heir. Louis points out Lord Cane to Mary, a Protestant. Mary asks Cane to come out of the shadows and let Francis know that there are Protestant nobles that are against the edict. He decides that he has to sleep on it and promises to give her an answer the next day. The fireworks explode and Louis points out that Mary is daring and fierce. She responds that she has to be until others are the same.

The next day, Lord Narcisse and the nobles assemble in The Throne Room. Lord Narcisse asks King Francis sign the edict, as all nobles are in support of it. It soon becomes clear Lord Cane is too afraid, so Condé steps forward in his stead, claiming to be Protestant. He affirms that the Protestants of France are not the enemy and asks King Francis to stand on the right side of history. Other Protestant nobles soon follow suit and stand by Condé. Condé then urges Francis to reconsider the law. Francis gives in and promises to ponder the law. He also commands that no harm shall come to the men who came forward for doing so.

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One more chance to do the right thing

Mary praises Condé for his bravery and he says he did it for her, earning her gratitude. Mary then goes over to Francis. He tells her that although she disobeyed his request to let him deal with it on his own, he is grateful for her interfering. That night, Mary finds a saddened Greer, who reveals that Francis signed the edict. Confused and enraged, Mary goes to Francis and argues with him. She even gives him an ultimatum.

"You are not the man I fell in love with. And you are not the king I want to rule beside."
Queen Mary
Prince of Blood 50 - Mary Stuart


Francis claims to have realized that he needed the support of his nobles, but Mary deems it an act of cowardice. He tries to tell her that he did it for her, but Mary has none of it, as she is convinced that the man who she fell in love with is dead. He concludes that if that is what she thinks, she should leave him and return to Scotland. Mary, who is in tears at that point, quietly walks away.

Terror of the Faithful
Mary condemns Cardinal Vasari's inquisition and blames Francis for signing the edict. If she plans on second-guessing his every move, Francis says, she should just return to Scotland. Mary is astounded that he would take a mere argument as a reason for them to split up and refuses to go.

Terror of the Faithful 11 - Mary Stuart n king Francis

'Scuse me?

Later, Louis of Condé brings a Protestant Minister before the King and Queen. The Minister cuts to the chase: he didn't come to beg for the Crown's permission to rebuild the church that was burned down. He instead gives the King two days to expel Cardinal Vasari and his Inquisitors from France France or he and his league will rain hellfire on Catholics.

Francis has the Minister arrested for threatening the Crown and Condé apologizes to Francis for inadvertently bringing in a fanatic. Francis charges Condé and Bash with finding out who the Minister was working with and Mary wants to help too, but Francis doesn't doesn't want her in harm's way.

Terror of the Faithful 28 - Mary Staurt n Louis Conde

Talk to Francis for me?

Condé and Mary realize what the Minister's plan is. He wants to become a martyr. Condé vows to do what he can to persuade Francis to listen to him and to Mary, since Francis has shut Mary out completely.

Francis is busily stretching the man on the rack. He is enraged that the Minister sent his men on a futile hunt. Mary comes in, begging him to stop. He does only when the man's bones are disloged from his body. Later, Bash gives word to Francis and Mary the minister isn't healing. They decide to send him to a skilled physician in Epernay.

An injured Bash soon returns to the castle. He delivers the news that he and his men were ambushed by a group of Protestants who revealed that there was no bomb and ran their sword through the Minister. A servant comes in and informs them that there is a disturbance in town.

The Minister is hanging upside down as if on a cross. Mary realizes that this is their bomb. A woman throws a rock at a man and a riot between the Protestants and the Catholics breaks out.

Condé hides the King and Queen while he leaves to get their carriage. Mary blames Francis for everything and tells him that she has lost all faith in him.

"You did this to us. To France. For all that you claim you are trying to protect us, I have lost all faith in you. And the man I thought you were."
Queen Mary

While her ladies and Princess Claude are talking about potential suitors for Claude, Mary comes up with the idea of having Claude marry Louis Condé. She presents her idea to Francis, surmising that high-profile inter-faith marriage, especially one with ties to the royals, could help promote the peace that France is in desperate need of while keeping the Protestants from accruing any significant power of their own. However, Francis is too worried about the response of the nobles and backs away from the idea, further driving Mary away.

Later, however, Francis jogs up to Mary while she is strolling in the garden and gives her permission to announce the engagement at an upcoming feast. Though Mary is surprised at his sudden change of heart, she goes along with it. Though it takes a while, she persuades Condé into agreeing to the marriage, before trying to get Claude to agree, which proves to be much harder.

Acts of War9 - Mary, Catherine n Claude

Agree to the marriage, I implore you!

Claude expresses that she doesn't want a husband, while Queen Catherine comes in, pointing out that she doesn't want Condé, a Bourbon, to marry into the royal family, as that could strenghten his claim to the throne. Claude storms out after telling both queens off for arranging marriages for her, and Mary tries to convince Catherine into agreeing to the marriage, but is unsuccessful.

At the preparations for the feast, Francis exchanges a stilted goodbye with Mary, leaving her confused as to what he's planning.

As Mary heard, Francis is meeting with The Vatican to smooth over any disagreements that may erupt as a result of the engagement, so he is absent from The Feast of St. Nicolas, but it continues as planned nonetheless. At the feast, Mary announces the engagement between Claude and Condé, with the crowd congratuling the two.

That night, guards storm into Mary's chamber, waking her up. But when Mary realizes that they are fake guards, it is too late. As she tries to run out, she is grabbed by one of the guards and held at knifepoint, with the man threatening to kill her if she screams. They ask for the King's whereabouts, and when they don't find him, one of the men, Severin, rapes her while another man holds her down. When he is done, another man gets on top of her to do the same, but luckily, Mary gets a hold of a weapon and hits him with it, so she manages to run out of the room.

Out in the hallway, Mary sees Catherine and her guards at the opposite end. When Catherine sees Mary, she immediately realizes that something is very, very wrong. She dismisses her guards and takes Mary to her personal chamber, where Mary breaks down and confesses that she has been raped. Catherine slowly crouches down close to her and consoles her using her own experience with being raped.

"These next moments of your life will either define you as a victim or a powerful queen, untouched by a failed assassination attempt. They will define who you are perceived to be, your place in history. Do not let them win."
Queen Catherine

Catherine then insists that Mary is to face her court and lie that she has been untouched to protect her reputation. Catherine lists all the reasons to do it, for Scotland, for Francis, for France, but most of all, for herself, to be viewed as a victor instead of a victim. Catherine then pledges to get Mary through this and extends her hand to her, which Mary accepts.

"Take my hand. Trust that I can get you through this, because I swear to you that I can."
Queen Catherine
Acts of War - Promotional Images 4

Mary makes her first public appearance since the rape. While holding her tears back, she reassures her subjects that the royals are untouched and that those who invaded the castle will be caught and executed.

"My loyal subjects. I reassure you, that your King, and your Queen, remain untouched. These murderous traitors who invaded the castle tonight have achieved nothing. Have altered nothing. And will die, for nothing."
Queen Mary

Francis finds Mary and Catherine as soon as he gets home and when Catherine leaves, Mary confesses that she was raped during the altercating. However, she doesn't let Francis blame himself. All she wants is for Francis to catch and kill the men who did this to her.

Mary sits in bed, rubbing her bruised wrists and eyeing the open door with a guard standing by it.

She is later in the courtyard looking for her rapist in a string of chained prisoners. Catherine is worried for her. When Francis approaches her, she rebuffs his touch. She is visibly distressed and not easily swayed by Francis' promise to hunt her attackers to the end of the earth.

Francis tells Mary he was being blackmailed over regicide by Narcisse into making decisions that favoured Catholics. The lies and mistakes kept piling up until last night, when he found a way out. He found Lord Montgomery and killed him. Francis claims to have kept it from Mary to protect her, but she doubts it. He knows the offense cannot be erased, but he will make every one of them pay with their lives.

Mary is moving into her old chambers with her ladies helping her. She admits that she lied and was raped. She cannot bear any talk about an heir from anyone, not until she is sure she isn't pregnant. However, they don't care about the monarchy, they only care about Mary as her friend. Mary assures them that it will all be over once Francis finds and kills her attackers.

Condé goes to Mary and expresses his concern, but she assures him that she's fine. He has information for Francis but can't find him. They've had a setback with the attackers. The man who funded the attackers took his own life. He promises not to give up. Mary wants to see the man's wife and demands to be taken there. He tries to dissuade her, but she says that it's worth the risk.

Condé and Mary meet with the man's wife. She divulges the assassins' location and Mary insists on catching them before they escape. Condé doesn't want to endanger her by taking her there, but when Mary tells him that she will not forgive herself if they slip through her fingers and whips out a knife, he agrees. They will drag the men back to court together.

Condé and Mary reach the house. The attackers arrive in the house. Someone kept his word, the money is here. Mary slashes out with her dagger from under the table and cuts her rapist's legs while Condé slays the other men. Mary tells him that he will hang for what he has done, but when he mouths off again, Mary tosses a lantern onto him and he starts to burn. She commands Condé to kill them and let them burn for their sins.

As they watch the house set ablaze, Condé looks deeply at Mary. He later asks if Francis knows what happened. He tells Mary she can trust him. She thought that by killing the men, she could find her way back to her life with Francis. But she can't. The events leave them so far from where they began. Condé assures her France is still her home, her country and she its Queen. Her people need her.

Francis has been looking for Mary. He gives her a status update and learns that she killed the men who attacked her. She tells him to release the prisoners; it's over. She begins to cry. Francis wonders what Mary would have done differently if she was in his place. She has no idea, but he never gave it a chance. They will never know. Mary wants to lead separate lives.

A maid hands Mary the letter from Condé. In it he says that he didn't say goodbye to her because it may weaken his resolve. He knows he promised to marry Claude, but he cannot. He admits his heart belongs to another. He has fallen in love with a queen.

Francis has been trying to mend his relationship with Mary, but she is intent on living separate lives. She would like to visit their chateau in Chambord. He offers to go with her, but she would prefer to go alone. She doesn't want to give him hope. He will arrange for extra guards to accompany her instead.

The Cardinal informs the King and his Deputy that a noble lady named Condé as a traitor who bore The Devil's Mark. Bash thinks it's rather convenient that she's coming forward after sleeping with him, while Francis struggles to see how Condé would be dangerous. Mary overhears them and goes to warn Condé. She intends to sneak him into her carriage and get him to Antoine.

Getaway - Promotional Images 5

Mary and Condé arrive at Antoine's place. He welcomes them and talks Mary into staying for the night and attending his party as the guest of honour. At the party, Antoine introduces a new game. He will select one noblewoman and one nobleman and send them to a bed with people swaying sheets in front of it. Mary doesn't feel comfortable in such a sexual environment, and neither does Greer, so they retire to Mary's chambers.

Mary confides in Greer about how distant she feels toward everything ever since she was raped. She wonders if this is what her life will be like from now on. Greer reassures her that she will recover fully, but for the time being, she needs to let her heart rest.

The next day, when Condé comes to say goodbye to Mary, she tells him that she will return to French court. He warns her that she may not be safe there because of her husband's decisions, but Mary stands up for Francis. Condé has no idea how much Francis is tormenting himself because of what happened to her. She admits that she read his letter and knows he wanted to get it back.

As Mary readies to leave Antoine's place, representatives from the Vatican arrive to collect Condé. Mary comes up with the idea of cauterizing Condé's brand, which would create enough doubt that they would all have to return to court, where Francis would help.

The brand is successfully covered and Condé is allowed to go to French court.

In the carriage on her way home, Mary tells Greer she was able to touch Condé when they removed the brand because he needed the support. She was able to connect. In that moment, she was reawakened and remembered that she's not the only one who's hurting. Francis is in pain, too. But she isn't sure if they can get back what they had. Are you ready to try, Greer asks?

Mary arrives at the castle and sees representatives of the Vatican packing their bags. She is pleasantly surprised to learn that she was working in tandem with Francis the whole time.

Mary goes to find Francis and discovers him asleep on the bed with his son and Lola.

Francis finds Mary on the balcony after she didn't show up for breakfast. He believes she has been avoiding him. Mary admits that she saw him the day she returned, sleeping with Lola and the baby. It hurt to see the happier life he could have. He tells her he wants a happier life with her and moves closer to her, but she flinches, reiterating that she cannot bear a man's touch.

Mary comes to Francis as he's dividing Narcisse's lands. Francis would like to restore a few parcels of land to loyal Protestants after Narcisse stole that from them. Mary names Lord Condé as a trusted Protestant who deserves some land of his own.

Mary receives word that a prisoner claimed Castleroy is tied to the radicals who attacked the castle. She confronts Greer, who denies her and her husband's involvement. Leith goes to see Greer as she's turning her room over looking for evidence. She admits they funded it, but were unaware of what they were funding. Leith agrees to help her.

Condé received the deed to the lands, but he doesn't feel worthy of it. He is also refusing Francis because of his recent decisions. Mary defends her husband but Condé doesn't want to listen to it. As he starts to walk away, Mary takes hold of his arm to detain him, which Francis witnesses from afar, realizing it's not difficult for her to touch Condé at all.

At the Ice Festival, Mary and her ladies watch as Condé and Francis duel over her. Just as Condé lunges at Francis, the guards hold him back and Mary yells at them to stop.

Mary is attending to a cut on Francis' face. He insists that Condé provoked him. Francis believes that Mary encouraged Condé, even though she doesn't realize it. He continues with knowing how painful it is, but the idea of separate lives hurts both their marriage and their duty to their countries. When they have an heir, there cannot be the slightest doubt about their child's paternity. Such doubts start wars. Mary doesn't want to hear it and storms off.

Mary asks Lola to offer herself as a possible match to Condé.

Castleroy's ledger is found. It confirms his guilt. When Mary comes to visit Greer in the dungeon, she informs her that although she may keep her life, that is all she may keep. Greer is stripped of her title, holdings, money, and position at court. She is taken away by a wagon immediately.

Francis checks on Mary after everything that went down with Greer. She isn't doing well. She's grieving the loss of yet another friend. She feels alone, but Francis reassures her that she isn't. He offers to stay with her, to watch over her as she sleeps from a divan near her bed. She would like that.

The Duke of Guise arrived back at French Court, months after fleeing during The Black Plague. He arrived at Court and had a short conversation with his niece, Queen Mary. She scolded him for leaving and leaving her unprotected. He apologized, but Mary wasn't having any of. He briefly talked about the Bourbon brothers, and why Queen Catherine herself having gotten rid of them. Their conversation was short lived, as Queen Mary's presence was required. Mary told him he was uninvited, only family was to attend.

The Duke of Guise's high treason against the crown is covered up in light of his murder. King Antoine, King Francis, Queen Mary, Queen Catherine, Marie de Guise, Lord Condé and Lady Lola all attend his funeral.

Afterward, Marie questions Mary about her lack of an heir. Mary balks at the intrusion. Her mother gives her a herbal concoction to put her at ease before having sex. She reminds Mary that she must conceive an heir to protect her country and her crown.

Mary talks to Francis about her needing an heir. He has one, but she does not. He is rather appalled that she would base her choice solely on international policy, but Mary believes that it is their duty. He tells her that he needs to think about it.

At the castle, Francis is escorted by his guards into Mary's chamber, where they start kissing until they end up in bed. As they're starting to go further, Mary briefly pauses and points out that the sound of Francis' breath makes her nervous. But she carries on with Francis, until Francis stops on the grounds that it's too soon to be intimate.

Forbidden - Promotional Images 5

Mary again suggests living separate lives and moving on with others, which prompts Francis to realise that she has feelings for Condé. Mary affirms it and adds that she can't get back together with Francis, as there is too much painful history for them to overcome, while Condé is untarnished. Unfortunately for Mary, Francis forbids her union with Condé.

Mary tells her mother that there will be no heir, because she was raped when Protestants attacked that castle, and that is why she and Francis have separate bedrooms. Marie's response is far from appropriately sympathetic and prompts Mary to realise that she is utterly and completely alone.

Condé meets with Mary. She confesses that she cares for him deeply, but it is worse than ever for them because Francis has forbidden their union. But he wasn't mean to her about it, unlike her mother. Condé wonders if her mother's harsh behaviour may be because she is on opiates.

Mary confronts her mother about the opiates and learns that she is dying. She has cancer and the opiates ease her pain. Mary's brother, James, is weak and she must help him for as long as she can. She wanted the world to fall at Mary's feet, but she can't protect her when she's gone. Mary asks her mother to no longer worry about her, because she knows how to keep her life and her crown.

Mary shares her news about her mother with Condé. She has decided to return to Scotland to rule in person. She tells him she wants him by her side.

Tasting Revenge - Promotional Images 6

New mistresses? Count me out

Mary listens as Kenna tells her of the seating arrangement for the Vintage Wine Tasting Banquette. Soon Queen Catherine joins their conversation about the event, about how the chance to taste wine bottled on the day of the King's birth is bringing nobles from all over France. Catherine points out that the nobles brought their young daughters with them, hoping to introduce them to the King in light of the King and Queen's estrangement.

Somewhere in the woods, Mary meets with Louis Condé for the first time in weeks. She admits that she felt as though she was dying in his absence and hopes that they can still be together.

In the office, Sebastian apprises King Francis and Queen Mary of Protestant radicals taking over a monastery and holding the boys hostage as retaliation for sending troops into Scotland and thus supporting a Catholic queen. As the troops are away, Francis is left with no choice but to order Bash to put together a team from the castle, despite the fact that they aren't trained for that type of mission.

Abandoned4 - Francis, Mary n Catherine

We will save your children.

The King and Queen meet with the parents of the boys in The Throne Room, where they assure them that they are doing everything in their power to get their children out safe. Queen Catherine then ushers them out to let Francis and Mary attend to the situation. Just as Francis swears to Mary that she is safe with him, Condé's return is announced. Mary apologizes if he thought that it was over, but Francis claims not to care what Mary does with whom.

"Well... you were planning on abandoning our marriage, flee France, and run off with my cousin, so... I no longer care what you do."
King Francis

Back in the office, Bash comes in bearing news that the hostages are scattered throughout the monastery, making it impossible for them to rescue all the boys at once, and the radicals have gunpowder. After Mary deduces that they're planning to kill themselves and the boys, Francis orders that Bash and a group of castle guards soldiers attempt to save the boys.

Abandoned9 - Lola, Kenna n Mary

Are you sure? Like really sure?

While at a tea party with Mary and Kenna, Lola questions Mary's relationship with Condé and gently tries to nudge her into considering rekindling her relationship with Francis, while Kenna even goes as far as to ask Mary if she truly believes that she and Condé can still be together, in spite of all odds. Mary dodges the question in a way, simply replying that she will not abandon Condé.

Back in the office, Bash reports that their mission was unsuccessful. Catherine then suggests General Renaude, but Mary points out that Renaude is loyal to Narcisse, whom Francis doesn't trust. However, after some firm persuasion by Bash, Catherine, and eventually Mary, Francis agrees to use Renaude and his men.

Abandoned10 - Condé n Mary

I can't go.

At the castle, Condé meets with Mary in her chambers. He explains that the men who bore his seal were found at the monastery, yet when Mary asks him about it, he denies any involvement. Condé believes that he is being set up, and though this attempt may fail, the next one may not. He pleads with Mary to leave to Scotland with him, but she reiterates that she cannot. And so, Condé is determined to leave on his own.

However, Mary tries to stop him from leaving immediately, as that may make him look guilty even if he is innocent, so she pledges to protect him.

"You gave me back my life. Now let me save yours."
Queen Mary
Abandoned5 - Frary

Mary goes to Francis and tries to convince him that Condé would never do something so heinous. But Francis reminds Mary of what Condé has done to her - taking advantage of her when she was at her lowest - and how he doesn't know what he is capable of. But Mary's emotional speech changes his mind and he promises to talk to the nobles. And so, Mary writes a letter to Condé, assuring him of Francis' protection. She then bids for the letter to be handed to him directly.

Abandoned7 - Frary

He was just scared!

Meanwhile, Francis tells Mary of Condé's marriage to Elizabeth. Mary is in disbelief at first, but after the shock wears off, she tries to justify Condé's actions. Mary then recounts how Condé told her that he was approached by Elizabeth's envoy some weeks ago, though he swore that he would reject her proposal.

Francis is shocked that Mary didn't think to share it with him, because if Condé is now King Consort of England and Elizabeth has a stronghold in France, combined with Condé's claim to the throne, Francis and Mary may cease to be King and Queen of France.

"This may mean the end of our reign!"
King Francis

Mary once again asks Francis to spare Condé, and although he isn't so inclined, he promises to think about it. After further consideration, Francis has decided that there can be no reprieve. So Mary takes matters into her own hands and gives Condé an identity document to take on the identity of an unassuming tanner transporting skins to a village.

However, Condé is caught by General Renaude and his men anyway and the news of his capture is sent to Francis. However, before he can give the order for Condé to be executed, he learns that Condé was rescued and suspects that Mary may have helped him get away. He confronts confronts her about it. She confirms his suspicion that she did indeed help him, but adds that it's over between them. However, Francis doesn't feel reassured by that sentiment.

"You will always see him just as I will always see you. Naked in each other's arms."
King Francis

Sebastian meets Mary on the balcony, where their conversation results in a realization: Everyone below Mary's rank who attempts to pursue her will eventually end up like Condé, and the only one who could emerge unscathed is the King. And so, Mary goes to Francis and declares that they ought to forgive each other, but he isn't so fond of the idea, not when France is endangered by the man whom Mary helped escape.

"We are king and queen, chained together as surely as prisoners in a dungeon. And if we are not to suffer as prisoners do, we must make peace with each other."
Queen Mary

Condé declares war on France and warns King Francis that if he does not surrender and offer up his life, many lives will be lost, including Mary's. Francis refuses to do so, as he is not willing to entrust Mary's life to Condé. When Mary hears of this threat, she secretly rides out to Condé's camp and tells him that she's carrying his child, begging him to save her.

Mary's plan unfolds in Condé's camp when his men start getting sick. One of the camp prostitutes starts running and screaming about how Condé's soldiers gave her the plague. When Condé realizes it's a hoax, he goes to his tent to confront Mary, and she stabs him. Mary reveals how her pregnancy was a lie and adds that she never wanted to hurt him, but she had to stop him.

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When they see that Condé's men are scattering, King Francis and his men charge into Condé's camp and kill or drive out any remaining soldiers. Francis rids into Condé's tent, where he finds Mary beside a bleeding Condé. Mary asseverates that she knew either Condé or Francis was going to die, and she couldn't let it be Francis, because she loved him more. Back at the castle, Mary has a moment with Francis and thanks Greer for her help. Francis has decided not to execute Condé and instead turn him over to his brother in exchange for him signing away his claim to the French throne.

Mary goes to see Condé in the dungeon and he realizes that he couldn't compete with what she had with Francis and apologizes for his actions. Suddenly, Francis bursts into the room and accuses Condé of having his son, John kidnapped to use as leverage against him, but the plan failed and John was killed. Condé denies it, but Francis refuses to listen and decides to have Condé executed immediately. Mary comforts Francis when Narcisse comes in, asking for permission to search for Lola, who has gone missing. He believes that someone in the castle orchestrated the kidnapping.

Later, Mary finds out that Condé has escaped from the dungeon and that the executioner and guards have been killed. Sebastian alerts Mary that the King's Guard is after Condé, and from what they know, the fake executioner was English.

Promotional Images 1 - Burn 6

This will be your undoing!

Narcisse informs Mary that Lola and John are alive and unharmed. The baby's death was a ruse meant to hasten Condé's execution. Mary realizes that Queen Catherine was behind the kidnapping. She confronts Catherine over the proof they have of her scheme and how Francis is grieving his child's death and yet, Catherine feels no remorse for what she has done. She insits that what she has done was for the good of the monarchy. However, Mary believes that Catherine has taken it too far and tells Francis of his mother's subterfuge. As a result, Francis strips his mother of her titles, lands, and home, and even exiles her from court forever.

Later, Mary says her goodbyes to Kenna after it has been confirmed that she will stay with a couple who will adopt her baby. Mary then meets with Francis in their chambers. They agree to commit their hearts to each other forever, no matter how terrifying it may be.

"It's terrible. Especially if we think we can save each other. We can't. We can only love each other."
Queen Mary

They kiss and eventually end up in bed. After making love, Mary declares that she will love Francis for the rest of her life and that she will never let him go again.

Season 3

Three Queens, Two Tigers

Promotional Images - Three Queens, Two Tigers 1

Negotiating with a pirate.

While Francis and Mary are happy and in love once again, having moved past their mutual transgressions, the situation in Scotland is getting worse. Lord Narcisse informs Mary and Francis that some of their previously loyal supporters have been turned against them and they risk losing Scotland. Mary wants to use pirates, led by the Martin de Lambert, to steal gold for the crown. In their meeting, he states that he wants fifty-percent of the profits, a castle, and Lady Greer's hand in marriage.

Mary doesn't agree to give Greer to Martin, mostly because Greer is already married. But when she hears how dire the situation in Scotland is, Greer tells Mary to give her blessing and plans to break off the engagement once France has secured more gold. Greer doesn't believe there will be any harm.

Queen Elizabeth reaches out to Mary with an offer: if Mary and Francis grant her an engagement to Prince Charles, she will reduce her aggressions on Scotland. Mary is inclined to agree to it, but Francis exhorts her not to do it, as he is dying and once he does, her power will be diminished.

Three Queens, Two Tigers - Lord Narcisse 12

If only we had a GPS...

News arrives from a page that Catherine hanged herself after the death of her lover, but Mary and Francis recognize that as a decoy. Narcisse brings news that the delegation which traveled to Rome was assassinated and they had correspondence from England, which prompts Mary and Francis to realize that Catherine is hiding in England.

Mary then sends Elizabeth a message that she wants to meet her. While Elizabeth and her guards are awaiting Mary's ship on shore, they leave the castle unguarded, allowing Martin and his men to kidnap Catherine and bring her before Mary and Francis.

Mary confronts Catherine directly about consorting with her enemy. Catherine claims to have turned to England for the good of France, but Mary won't have it. She has Catherine put in a cage next to Martin's tiger and the cart follows Mary and Francis back to French Court.

While Queen Catherine is in the dungeon and poses no more threat, Mary still believes that she will continue to commit treason if she is not stopped. However, Francis refuses to execute her, as she is still his mother. He then suggests that Mary marry his brother, Prince Charles, listing all the reasons why such a union would be beneficial, and she agrees to it, even though it breaks her heart.

Extreme Measures
Mary, Francis and Sebastian are all wondering why King Antoine is back at French Court, worried he'd learned of Francis illness, because as a Bourbon, he'd have the best claim to the throne after Prince Charles. If he rallied his Protestant supporters, he could replace Charles as king. Bash asked to handle him. Francis told his brother that he knows he blames him for what happened with Kenna, but he would not "handle" King Antoine.

The Price
An urgent message arrives for Mary, but she's out sailing with Francis. When they are called back to the castle, they decipher Marie de Guise's letter and learn that Queen Elizabeth has ordered a surge of English troops into Scotland. Francis, at the reminder of Prince Charles, readies a fleet of ships to sail to Scotland's aid in response.

Francis spars with Charles in order to teach The Dauphin how to fight with a sword and rule as a king while Mary and Greer watch on the sidelines. Catherine comes in, believing they should have sought her counsel before sending French ships against the English navy, as the French ships were sunk and hundreds died. Francis reminds his mother that the only reason she's out of the dungeon is to secure her place as regent.

Mary meets with Nicholas, the English ambassador, and learns that his orders are to wait for Marie de Guise and Francis to die before seizing Mary for Elizabeth. When she storms out of the room, he makes a copy of her decoder. It turns out that it the decoder was false and it was all a ploy set up by Mary to send the English ships into the wrong direction, thus allowing her besieged mother to escape.

Promotional Images - The Price 1

Please live!

Later, Francis is in bed after collapsing again, but this time, he believes he's about to die. He asks Mary to lay with him so they can enjoy his final hours together. Mary rests with Francis and they daydream about their future together. He slips away just as Delphine, Charles, and Bash arrive. Mary begs Delphine to save Francis, so she works her magic and he returns, but the price is a life.

In a Clearing
Francis finds Mary thanking God for Francis' recovery. Mary is at peace with her mother's death because that means Francis gets to live. But with her mother gone, Scotland is left without a leader. Mary aims to reinstate her half-brother, James as regent, as he is both religiously tolerant and loyal to her.

Sir Nicholas expresses condolences for the death of Marie de Guise and tells Mary that Queen Elizabeth wants to make peace. Elizabeth will drop her attempts at conquest in Scotland if Mary will sign away her claim to the English throne.

In A Clearing - King Francis 11

Couple goals

Francis uses his new lease on life to teach Mary how to sail on the boat he built during his sickness. He doesn't want her to abdicate her claim to the English throne but she believes it is a way to save both of their countries. And so, Mary and Francis sign Elizabeth's peace treaty and send Sir Nicholas back to England to procure Elizabeth's signature.

After watching as the new banners are put up in the throne room, Mary is whisked away by Francis on a romantic trip to Paris to celebrate his health and their life together. While on their journey to Paris, Francis bristles when Mary speaks of fate. To distract him, she suggests a detour.

They skinny dip and make love in the woods. Mary returns to the carriage to retrieve lunch, leaving a mostly naked Francis behind to rest.

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On her walk, Mary is accosted by assassins. Francis hears Mary scream and when he finds her, he begins fighting her attackers, killing one of them in the process before being injured by another. He is almost overcome by the assassins but manages to rally his strength and fight back, killing another. After the battle, Francis collapses. He realizes his fate was to die underneath these trees and passes away after telling Mary that he hopes she will learn to love again.

Grief-stricken, Mary confronts Nicholas and accuses Elizabeth of being behind the attack. Though he assures her that this is not the case, she finds and burns the peace accord anyway, as too much has been sacrificed for England that day.

Catherine, Bash, and an entourage of guards find Mary in the woods unable to leave Francis' side. Catherine comforts her daughter-in-law as Bash and the guards carry Francis' body back to the castle.

In Clearing - Mary and Sebastian 3

Saying goodbye

With Greer and Lola by her side, Mary attends Francis' funeral. Bash places Francis' crown and sword on his brother's coffin and takes a place beside Mary. Narcisse pays his respects and tells Mary that the assassins were Scottish Protestants who saw Marie de Guise' death as an opportunity to seize power. She knows Elizabeth was not behind the attack after all and orders the assassin hanged.

Mary comes to Catherine and apologizes for causing her son's death. Catherine doesn't blame her and reminds her to remember that they chose to love each other no matter the cost to themselves, and that is what she must remember.

Fight or Flight
Greer helps Mary as she packs away Francis' things and is moved to a lesser room in the castle. Bash goes to Mary for her help in speaking to Catherine, who is mired up in her grief and cannot bother herself with the happenings in the privy council. But Mary convinces her to fight for the Regency, even if that could cost Mary her country.

Catherine and Mary burst into the privy council's meeting to find out why they're meeting without an elected Regent. Catherine wants to give up the fight against them, but Mary vows to fight the nobles for her in order to fulfill her promise to Francis.

Mary believes there's nothing she can do. Greer tells her that it's time she consider a suitor and an alliance in order to save their home from Elizabeth, which turns Mary's attention toward Spain.

Charles finds Mary in his study looking through Francis' old ledgers. He tells her that he wants his mother as Regent and doesn't trust Grenier, but he doesn't know how to defeat the nobles. Mary reveals that she is looking for proof that Grenier has been bribing members of the privy council in the accounting ledger.

Mary deduces it may be because his wife loved another woman, the Duchess of Anjou. Mary suggests one of Greer's employees might be able to get the information they need to stop Lord Grenier from becoming Regent.

Catherine and Mary go to Lord Grenier to tell him they know about the emergency vote and about the ways he's been amassing his fortune by profiting off of the soliders who have died in the war against England. Catherine knows that if she is Regent, she will have to withdraw the troops from Scotland, but her heart tells her the troops must stay. Mary knows that helping Catherine win might jeopardize Scotland.

Mary announces in front of the privy council that she relieves France and her armies of their duties to Scotland. Catherine later alleviates Mary of her mourning Francis' death. Charles suggests to Mary that she seek a new suitor in France, so that Spain will see that she comes with more than just a war-torn country. She agrees and commands that her favourite portrait be sent to Prince Don Carlos with a message that she would like to court him.

The Hound and the Hare
Queen Mary and Prince Don Carlos discuss their courtship and the political ramifications of aligning Scotland with Spain. He would like to play a game called 'The Hound and the Hare', but she declines and invites him to tea instead. While speaking with Queen Catherine, Mary gets a message from her brother, James. Queen Elizabeth has pulled her troops out of Scotland as well.

Mary meets England's new ambassador, Gideon Blackburn. Gideon and his man plan to stop Mary from becoming engaged to Don Carlos. He's hiding a secret and England plans to use it to keep the prince away from Scotland. Upon receaving a threat, Don Carlos tells Mary he plans to leave as soon as his travel belongings have arrived from Austria.

Catherine berates Mary for not making Don Carlos to fall in love with her. Mary decides to store Don Carlos' luggage in the wine cellar without his knowledge, so that she can keep him at court and look through it later.

Mary finds Don Carlos walking the halls of the castle and offers to play the hound and the hare with him. She learns that in his version of the game, women are the pursuers. During the chase, Mary hurts her ankle. Gideon finds her and sweeps her off her feet.

Mary visits the wine cellar to have a look inside Don Carlos' luggage. He finds her and shows her what's inside. She doesn't believe she can marry him believing that their marriage wouldn't be the kind she wants. However, Catherine convinces Mary to try Don Carlos' request in order to secure Scotland since she will no longer be able to help.

Don Carlos straps himself to the sex horse and is blindfolded by Mary, who creates a scenario while Catherine whips him. When he finds out that Mary didn't act alone, he flips out and falls on the back of his head.

Our Undoing
Mary and Catherine flee the cellar following their incident with Don Carlos. As they walk through the tunnels, Catherine begins concocting a story to cover their connection to his accident. Expecting to be investigated, Catherine tries to get rid of her poisons, while also telling Mary that she's suspected for poisoning Francis, when Narcisse knocks on the door.

Narcisse uses the rat in Lola's bath as proof that Catherine could have murdered Francis and Mary watches as the lovers quarrel. Mary sees the glint of lying in Narcisse's eyes and knows that Catherine is teling the truth. Mary's conscience becomes conflicted when she learns that Narcisse and Catherine have rekindled their affair.

Lola refuses to accept the fact that Narcisse could be behind the rat in her bath and the note in its mouth. She can't believe that her husband would do something which would make a mockery of their marriage.

Mary receives information from her new counsel from Scotland, Lord Cunningham. There are border skirmishes happening in Scotland over barley crops and hostages have been taken. Cunningham urges Mary to continue pursuing Don Carlos, but she tells him that an alliance with Spain is off the table.

One of Don Carlos' advisors suspects that someone within French court has corrupted Don Carlos. He wants Greer brought to him believing her ladies to be the sources of corruption. From Greer, Mary learns that one of the servants overheard two women with Don Carlos shortly before his accident, but their identities have not yet been determined.

From the Duke of Alba, Mary learns that Don Carlos' advisors have all known of the prince's proclivities for quite some time and have been traveling along behind him to keep rumors under wraps and away from the king. He and Mary agree never to speak the truth of Don Carlos' death to King Philip so that Mary can stay removed from the scandal.

Catherine tells Mary that Don Carlos will survive his injuries and of her fear he will wake up and tell a different story. Catherine wants to kill the prince, but Mary wants to tell him the truth. Don Carlos wakes up with Mary and Catherine at his side. He remembers Mary and her beauty, but he doesn't recall anything from the previous night, nor can he remember anything else.

Mary and Narcisse speak with Elizabeth's Ambassador and find that Elizabeth will release the prisoners if Lola visits her at court. They reject the offer. After the Ambassador leaves, Mary and Narcisse argue over how to respond. Narcisse wants to send in a military unit but Mary wants to explore diplomatic options.

Mary disguises Catherine as young boy and takes her out of the castle so she can avoid the trial until Mary can clear her name. Catherine suggests Mary consider marrying Don Carlos, even in his condition, to save Scotland because Narcisse does not honor the alliance between their countries.

Scottish Lords arrive in French court and beg Mary to return to the throne in Scotland. They bring with them children starving from the crop blight in hopes that it will jar her into coming home.

After speaking with Lola about her decision to go to England to save her family, Mary agrees to marry Don Carlos and King Phillip accepts their engagement. As part of their nuptials, Spain sends Scotland grain.

Mary is helping Don Carlos sign a decree to help her people in Scotland when Narcisse brings in a document that promises France Spanish gold if signed. Narcisse wants to pay the French soldiers for their sacrifice in Scotland, and despite her moral dilemma, Mary allows Don Carlos to sign the paper.

When she cannot sleep, Mary goes to the balcony where she meets Gideon. They talk about how both of them lost a loved one. Gideon steers the conversation to Don Carlos. He believes Mary shouldn't marry him because they will never love each other. However, Mary calls him out on attempting to manipulate her into calling off the wedding.

Wedlock - Mary Stuart 8

While Mary discusses her marriage to Don Carlos with the Spanish envoy, Gideon interrupts her to report that Elizabeth has recently reconsidered Don Carlos as a husband. A formal marriage proposal will arrive in two days' time. Gideon is bluffing, but Mary and the Spanish don't know it. Upon hearing the news, Don Carlos' advisors decide to delay the marriage between the Prince and Mary until Elizabeth's proposal arrives.

Mary asks Greer to intercept Gideon's communication to England. She doesn't believe Elizabeth's marriage proposal is real.

In a meeting with Mary and Catherine, Don Carlos' advisors ask that Don Carlos be granted the Crown Matrimonial upon the request of his father, King Philip. If Mary died without an heir, Don Carlos would retain the title to her country. Catherine and Mary believe the request to be very large, but they will take it into consideration. Catherine urges Mary to accept his proposition.

Later that day, Mary agrees to grant Don Carlos the Crown Matrimonial under the condition that the wedding take place on the following day. Mary's dog sniffs Don Carlos' bad hand and she watches as he pulls it away from the dog, realising that it's no longer weak.

Mary discusses Don Carlos' condition and the fact that he's hiding his healing from her with Greer. Greer brushes her concern off as just having cold feet and advises her to walk down the aisle tomorrow to save their country.

Mary meets Gideon in the night. As Gideon is the only person in the castle who doesn't want her to marry the Spanish Prince, Mary gives him the opportunity to prove her right.

"- I need proof before the wedding happens.
- That's tomorrow.
- Yes. So you'd better get to it, then.
Mary to Gideon
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Just before her wedding, Gideon tells Mary that Don Carlos has hired a team of mercenaries to accompany her to Scotland. The mercenaries are particularly renowed for assassination, which if successful would make Don Carlos the King of Scotland. Mary tricks Don Carlos into revealing his healing and plan to steal Scotland away from her. Catherine runs him out of her country when Narcisse is too afraid to.

On the balcony, Gideon and Mary discuss the end of her betrothal to the Spain Prince. She believes that love is not in her future after the one she shared with Francis. Mary learns that Gideon's daughter is being held by Elizabeth and that's part of the reason he works for the Queen. He warns her that Scotland may not want her to return.

Bruises That Lie
Mary goes to Charles to ask if she may continue hosting suitors at French court. Narcisse interrupts and takes over the discussion, attempting to push Mary out of France. They leave to discuss French business and Greer comes in, bearing a letter from Lola.

The letter from Lola lets Mary know of Elizabeth's reluctance to hold up her end of the bargain. She intends to confront Gideon but oversees him arguing with a man. Greer lets her know that they've broken the English cipher just as Narcisse requests Mary's presence.

Catherine and Claude argue with Charles about Claude's marriage when Mary enters the great hall. Narcisse enters next and reveals that the gold Duke Boinel paid for Claude is missing. Narcisse and Charles warn both Mary and Catherine that they will be severely punished if any evidence is found that proves they had anything to do with its theft.

Mary finds Gideon working out his frustrations with a sword in the courtyard. She has learned that Elizabeth sent Gideon to France to seduce her and that his every move is being watched. Mary agrees to let Gideon seduce her so they can both play Elizabeth and get what they want. He'll get to see his daughter and she'll get to rescue Lola.

Queen Mary and Gideon enact the first stage of their plan to have Jeffrey, Gideon's servant, report back that they are falling in love. In the middle of what is supposed to be a romantic dinner, it begins raining. She takes him into her chambers to kiss him in front of a window where Jeffrey will be able to see them and gold falls out of a window seat. They kiss and it leaves Mary somewhat breathless.

The next morning, Mary confronts Catherine about the gold. Mary is upset that in an effort to save her and her children's lives, Catherine gambled hers.

Gideon buys a doll for his daughter in the market and Mary finds him there. She learns that Elizabeth is "considering" dates when he "may" be able to return home to visit his daughter, but Elizabeth's words make it clear that she has no intention of keeping her promise.

Mary returns to her chambers to find they've been ransacked by Narcisse and his men. Her servant, Timothy, had his hand cut off and then jumped off the castle after he was caught spending a piece of Duke Boinel's gold in the village. Narcisse tells Mary that her time at French court is over and she must be out by the end of the week.

Luckily, Mary is yet again safe at court when the privy council elects Catherine the Regent of France. That night, Mary tells Gideon that she received news in a letter from Lola. Elizabeth is keeping her word. His daughter is coming to France. In a spur of the moment, Gideon kisses Mary but she recoils, telling him that they can't be together.

No Way Out
Mary learns that Elizabeth was displeased to learn of her cousin's trip to the Vatican in order to raise an army to take back her country. Mary tells the English ambassador that the Vatican denied her request, leaving her penniless and countryless with no real allies to help Scotland.

Once inside the castle, Mary confesses to Catherine that she lied to Gideon. The Vatican are sending troops to help her take Scotland back from the Protestants. Catherine then encourages her to take Gideon as her lover if she chooses but not to trust him.

Mary pays a visit to Greer and asks her to come to Scotland with her. Greer asks Mary to wait until summer, but Mary tells her that's impossible because of the small window of opportunity for their strike. Greer would then prefer to stay in France, unless going to Scotland is an order.

Archbishop Ridolfi, Mary's contact in the Vatican, tells her of Elizabeth's proposal to become the successor to the throne of England and orders her to accept it.

The next day, Mary asks Catherine for an audience and together they determine that the Vatican is using Mary as a pawn. Their plan is to assassinate Elizabeth and then Mary so they can put a male on the throne.

Gideon finds Mary in his quarters where she confesses that she lied to him. She seeks his counsel and asks him to play both sides for her so that they can save Elizabeth's life and Mary's claim to Scotland's throne. In order to keep his plan and relationship with Mary safe, Gideon kills his servant.

Strange Bedfellows
Mary and Robert Dudley have been courting. He vows to commit to their union and proposes to her, which she accepts.

Later, Mary is in bed with Gideon, her engagement ring removed. She tells him of her distant cousin, Joseph Tudor, who would be the next male in their family in line for the English throne. Mary theorizes that The Vatican has already been in contact with him about stepping in to rule England. If Gideon finds evidence of it and gets it to Elizabeth, she will be forced to rescind her offer.

Mary inquires Catherine about Joseph Tudor. She learns that Joseph appealed to her and Henry for asylum and they granted it to him. She also asks about Archbishop Ridolfi.

Gideon confirms with Mary that the Vatican planned to put Joseph Tudor on the throne. He tells her that he is returning to England with Tudor to take him back to Elizabeth. However, when Mary finds out that Gideon has been arrested on the charge of killing Joseph Tudor, she shares her entire plan with Catherine in the hope that Catherine can help her. Catherine points her in Robert Dudley's direction.

Dudley goes to England in Gideon's stead and lets her know of the Vatican plot against her, which prompts her to rescind her offer. Mary hasn't been tied to the exposure of the plot, so she continues to have the Vatican's full support. However, the Vatican are pointing a finger at Gideon and want to have him tried.

Mary meets with Catherine and asks for help saving Gideon from the Vatican. Catherine comes up with a plan that will save Gideon's life, but it will involve Gideon going back to England and Mary losing him. Mary tells Catherine to make the trade. And so, Mary says goodbye to Gideon and Agatha.

To The Death
The Vatican and Rome refuse to help Catherine raise the money she needs to fight the Red Knights, but they offer money to Mary to raise an army so that she can take back Scotland. Catherine sends her to Bash for help raising her army.

Bash tells Mary of a small private army that is deadly, brave, and looking for work. She would like to ride out to meet them as soon as possible. Although she has the gold, she also needs Greer's help.

Mary pays Greer an unexpected visit at her tavern where she discovers that Greer is pregnant. Greer shares her concern over her child not growing up in a good family and Mary offers to help her by trying to have Lord Castleroy released from prison with Catherine's help.

Mary meets with the General of the mercenary army. He wants all of the money she has raised. She counters that before she'll agree to pay that amount, he and his army need to break Lord Castleroy out of prison. The general agrees and sets off with his men.

While waiting for the army to come back, Bash and Mary reminisce about the time they two of them tried to run away in order to avoid the prophecy about Francis' death coming true.

The army returns with Lord Castleroy and Mary demands they get him to a physician at once. After a clean up, they take Castleroy to Greer's tavern. There, he and Greer are reunited. She asks for his help, for him to be the father to her child. He refuses. Mary tells him to look inside his heart for the embers of his love for Greer. He changes his mind and agrees to leave with her.

After their carriage leaves, Mary has a breakdown about everyone who she loves leaving her. But not everyone, as Bash would like to come to Scotland with her.

Safe Passage
When Bash and Mary return to the castle, they find the French generals dead. Catherine and Charles know that they will be blamed for their deaths so Narcisse proposes they bury their bodies to hide the evidence. Mary helps concoct the lie they will tell to cover up the murders: the generals never arrived.

As soon as they all get to work, Mary tells Bash their circumstances have changed. While she will return to Scotland to reclaim her throne, she urges Bash to stay behind in France to protect the Valois family. He agrees, reluctantly.

The next day, Narcisse hands Mary the letter from Lola. Upon deciphering her message, Mary learns that she must leave immediately if she is to have safe passage. She begins mobilizing her forces immediately and apprises Catherine of her impending exit from the French court. They hear screams from outside and find the heads of their generals on pikes outside the castle with soldiers arriving to witness the atrocity.

Narcisse finds Mary in the hall and asks what her plans are for Lola. She tells him she already has a plan in place to bring Lola home which is more than he's done and then accuses him of being power-hungry. He retorts that as she runs off to reclaim her throne, she is throwing Catherine to the wolves.

And so, Mary tells Catherine of her decision to stay in France and protect her until the threat of a revolt has passed, but Catherine turns her away and exhorts her to take back her country instead. She says goodbye to Bash and reflects on the day she arrived at French court, before riding away in the same carriage.

Mary stands at the French coast and opens the box Francis left for her. Inside she finds a letter which moves her to tears and a sword with which she will use to fight for her country. But Mary decides to go back to the castle with her mercenaries.

The French army waits at the gate of the castle and Catherine agrees to go outside and meet them. Just as they begin opening the gate, Mary and her army arrive and Mary pleads with them to trust Catherine and France. They put away their swords and leave the castle.

Narcisse asks to bum a ride with Mary so that he can free Lola. Bash shows up to accompany her to Scotland. At sea, the storm is getting worse. Just as Mary tries to push the windows closed, they break and water flows in.

Mary's ship washes up on Scotland's shores. She wakes up and watches as soldiers kill those who are alive and when she tries to cry out, Narcisse quiets her. Just as the men are about to kill Bash, a group of Druids arrives on the beach and takes him away. Mary and Narcisse follow in hopes of rescuing him.

Mary and Narcisse follow the Druids. He believes they are evil people who will kill them the first chance they get. He suggests they pretend to be siblings in order to find Bash.

Narcisse and Mary enter a tent where a medicine man is performing a ritual to save Bash from Sea Breathe. Mary and Narcisse believe he will be harmed, but the ritual works and Bash's health is restored.

Mary and Narcisse learn more about the Druids and their enemies. They are hunted by a group of men called the Wulvers, half-men, half-wolves, and those were the men Mary saw on the beach. Senneck now knows that Scotland is a land fractured by hate in need of a unifier.

Mary finds Narcisse packing his bags with plans to leave in the night. She asks him to stay by her side until she gets to Edinburgh and regains her throne. He refuses and sets off on his journey to rescue Lola.

When Mary sets out to leave the Druids, Senneck reveals that he knew who she was when he looked in her eyes. He gives her advice and a blessing and then they are attacked by the Wulvers. In order to hide from the clan, they hide inside the Wicker man in hopes that when they are found, the Wulvers will take pity on them.

They do. Especially when they learn that "Pauline" (Mary) is meeting her fiancée, a wealthy merchant, whom they offer to take her to. While preparing for the next leg of their journey, Mary spies a pin on the cloak of one of their new traveling companions and recognizes it as the seal of the clan who ordered her assassination and ended up killing Francis instead.

Mary and Sebastian continue on their journey with the clan responsible for killing Francis. They've devised a plan which will put them in front of Munro, the leader of Clan MacFie. The clan members take the bait and arrange a detour.

Duncan takes Mary and Bash to an inn where they can meet Munro. Munro vows to protect them while they're there and has Mary escorted out to be bathed and dressed. Mary later returns to the feast to celebrate the return of their scouts, where Bash informs her that Munro has sent a rider ahead of them to verify if the wool merchant they're supposed to meet in Falkirk actually exists. They must act quickly if they want to kill him before he can kill them for lying to him.

Mary gets herself invited to Munro's chambers without his guards present despite Bash warning her not to go. There, he lets her choose a piece of jewelry his men scavenged from the beach. She spies her sword in the room and asks about it. When she does, he reveals that he knows who she is. After discovering that the grudge Munro has against Mary is misplaced and Francis died for nothing, Mary kills him.

As James and his nobles vote to dissolve the monarchy, Mary arrives at the castle and claims her throne.

Season 4

With Friends Like These
Greer arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland in time for Lola's funeral. She left Rose Castleroy behind in France with her husband, Aloysius Castleroy. Mary prepares her eulogy for Lola's funeral. Staying how Lola Fleming Narcisse was a mother and a wife. She was her lady and her dear, dear friend, and she shall never be forgotten. However, during the funeral, Mary became ill and had to leave early. Asking Greer to stay behind with Lola's parents.

Lady Keira and Lord Darnley wanted to get married. However, Lady Keira is promised to Lord White by her family. When Lord Darnley is summoned to English Court by Queen Elizabeth she brokers a deal with him.

Mary received a letter from Gideon Blackburn. Informng her John Knox was behind the assassination attempt on Elizabeth. He'd forged a letter in Mary's handwriting ordering Lola to kill Elizabeth.

A Grain of Deception
In Scotland, a cart on its way to Canonbie is halted by two English guards. The men driving the cart claim that they're just farmers transporting grain to the village, but upon inspecting it, the guards find gunpowder inside it. One of the men loses his hand.

James takes Mary to the two farmers who are actually undercover soldiers working for Mary. Mary cannot believe their every attempt to supply Canonbie with arms and food has been thwarted and starts to suspect that one of the generals is a traitor.

Mary and James argue. Mary doesn't trust James because of him doubting her leadership time and time again and resolves to save Canonbie on her own.

Mary and Greer prepare for St. Brigid's Day party, a day to celebrate spring and life and a chance for Mary to find out whether the generals' wives are behind the leak. Mary asks Greer to help her and to move to Scotland with her husband and baby and stay as her lady, all of which Greer gladly accepts.

The St. Brigid's Day party is taking place. A lot of noble ladies are in attendance, including all four of the generals' wives and the young Emily Knox, John Knox's wife. As soon as Mary and the ladies raise a glass to celebrate the patron saint of fertility, Mary and Greer get to work.

A Grain Of Deception 47

They talk to the ladies and learn that all of them have quite loose lips. Mary has her brother, James, interrupt her with an "urgent" message after she get the four of the generals' wives together. Mary divulges the message to them, which is the next time the English intercept the shipment, they will find that the grain is poisoned. The ladies then start to deride Emily Knox, which Greer does not take kindly to.

Mary goes to James and enlists him in seducing Emily Knox, because she may be wise to his plots against Mary and since he is out of town, the best time to do that is now. James is outraged at her request and while she tells him that she is giving him a chance to earn her trust, he retorts that she hasn't earned his.

A Grain Of Deception 71

That evening, Mary realises that Greer is packing and asks her why. Greer explains that her daughter is darker in complexion than her or Castleroy, so she is worried about how the royal nannies will treat her because of it. Mary promises to provide Greer and her baby with the best care so Greer decides to stay.

The next day, Mary and Greer piece together that Lady Donal is the wife of the general who was responsible for the leak. She is found and arrested for treason.

A Grain Of Deception 109

Sorry not sorry

James confronts Mary about a flirty note she sent to Emily Knox pretending to be him. If Knox finds out about it, it will sever James' ties with him for good. But Mary argues that the only alliance he should have is with her. She urges him to be on her side, because unlike Knox, she will never betray him. He agrees.

Leaps of Faith
Elizabeth and Gideon brought up Mary, and Gideon Blackburn asked to marry Mary, with Elizabeth's blessing. Gideon insisted Mary was not like her, or even Catherine. She never angled to be Queen, and was crowned at six days old, and it had cost her everything. Her husband, King Francis, whom she adored, and her best friend, Lola. She only wanted is to be happy and have a family, now power.

Lady Lennox told Mary that what Mary sees as a solution for peace, she see as her demise. After Queen Elizabeth's mother, Anne Boleyn's execution, after her sister Mary Tudor imprisoned her, even after the most recent attempt on her life, Elizabeth will never rest easy. It is not in her nature.

Playing With Fire
Mary and Lady Greer were enjoying the sunshine while eating fruit. Mary told Greer she'd help her set up her home for when Rose and Castleroy arrived from France. She added she could see why Lola spoke of her childhood in Scotland so fondly. And now Greer's daughter would get to experience the same.

Highland Games
Mary and James Stuart recieved another letter from "Loyal Watchman" warning of Lord Darnley's. Mary told her brother to find out who he was, and start with John Knox. He had schemed with letters before, and the outcome cost Lola her life. James agrees to bring up the matter with Emily Knox.

Love & Death
Hanging Swords
Uncharted Waters
Of the arriving guests to witness Mary and Darnley's Catholic wedding, few are as important as Lucrezia de' Medici. She lends legitimacy and strength both to Queen Mary's Scottish rule and Queen Mary and Lord Darnley's joint claims to the English Throne.

However, after Lord Darnley jokingly insulted King Francis, Lucrezia withdrew her support and set sail for the following day back to Florence. Mary was very upset over this because if the Duchess left, she took her support and the promise of funding with her. Lucrezia agreed to reconsider if she was given the lands belonging to Lord Theodore Davies. The lands were quite valuable, and come with a title, The Earldom of Menteith. Only with this exchange would she continue supporting Mary's rule.

After a day of misadventures, Queen Mary and Lord Bothwell were able to acquiring the Davies Estate' papers. With that, Lucrezia was pleased to continue the alliance between Florence and Scotland.

Unbeknown to Lucrezia, Lord Bothwell insured the papers by offering Lord Theodore Davies his choice of five of Bothwell's favourite horses, on top of Queen Mary's offer.

Pulling Strings
Mary's second wedding was rushed as she needed a husband, and Lord Darnley was both English and from the House of Tudor.

Mary and Darnley were married in a small celebration at Hollyrood Palace. With Queen Catherine in attendance representing the Kingdom of France, showing their union for this Chaotic Wedding.

A Better Man

Dead of Night
Greer has returned to court at Mary's request, in which she most likely cited her pregnancy as one of the reasons to come back. Greer apologizes for being so hard on Mary about James, but Mary pardons her and tells her that Darnley has been good on his oath to be a better husband so far.

Just as they are talking about Darnley, he shows up and encourages Mary to make a move on Elizabeth now, before she takes a Catholic husband and the Vatican shifts its support to her.

Mary and Darnley apprise Darnley's allies of their plan to take Elizabeth hostage in her own castle and then install themselves on the English throne. As a promise of her support, Mary hands Lord Barrett her royal seal.

Bothwell arrives at court after Mary sent for him weeks ago. Darnley is mad at Mary for having summoned him, but he is even more eager for Bothwell to leave. The two get into an argument that nearly ends in bloodshed, but Mary puts an end to it by sending Bothwell away.

Darnley yet again asks for the Crown Matrimonial, inciting another argument between him and Mary. When Mary turns him down, he retorts that because he is without power, he is also without risk. If the plan goes wrong and the seal is found, she alone would be implicated.

Mary's carriage pulls up to a tavern where she asks to speak to Bothwell. She pleads with him to find Darnley's ally, Lord Barrett, and retrieve the seal. She advises him to enlist Gideon Blackburn, as he is likely to help. Bothwell tells her that he would do anything for her, including risk his life on such a mission.

While Mary is having tea with Greer, Darnley storms in and demands she sign the Crown Matrimonial. He hands her the paper and shockingly enough for him, Mary tears it to pieces. Darnley begins to hurl threats at her, but she doesn't even budge.

The next day, Gideon wakes up in Scotland. Mary makes him promise that he will not report her plan to take over England to Elizabeth, while he makes her swear that she will not move on England anymore. Once they reach a mutual understanding, Mary lets Gideon return to England.

Mary summons Darnley to the throne room and shows him her seal, safely retrieved. He asks to speak to her in private, away from the penetrating gazes of both Bothwell and Rizzio, but Mary is done speaking to him. Mary tells him that they are finished, earning herself a repulsive reaction from Darnley. He even goes as far as to threaten to say that the child in her belly isn't his, which would most likely be believed by most men, and would have the potential to ruin her.

The Shakedown
Mary and John Knox get into a big argument. Mary demands to know, how can he call yourself a man of God when he uses the suffering of others to further his political agenda. Knox tells Mary she schemes for power, she married a traitor in King Darnley, she betrayed her brother James Stuart, stripping him of his land and title, and banishing him to save herself, and she was responsible for the deceit that led to James' involvement in Lord Hamilton's death.

Coup de Grace
Mary and Darnley are playing a cat-and-mouse game as Mary attempts to sneak into an underground study in the middle of the night. Using a secret enterance, she gets into the room undetected and finds Bothwell and David Rizzio already waiting for her. They've found out why the privy council has been voting against Mary: Darnley's been bribing them. Luckily, Mary has a plan to sway the privy council to her side.

The following day, Mary announces her pregnancy to the court. Before Darnley has a chance to deny that he is the child's father, the courtiers are chanting, "long live the king". While Darnley steps into the crowd, showered with love and adoration, Rizzio praises Mary's quick-thinking.

Mary's plan proves to be a success - nearly all the council members who were prepared to grant Darnley The Crown Matrimonial have changed their minds. However, the influential Lord Ruthven has not. Mary asks Rizzio to find the privy council ledgers and see if there is any evidence of Ruthven's financial wrongdoing. Rizzio is ready to take on the task at once, but before he goes, Mary thanks him for all that he has done for her.

Mary and Rizzio summon Lord Ruthven and confront him about discrepancies in the privy council ledger. Ruthven denies it and ignores Mary's threats to expose him as a crook, instead choosing to maintain his trust in Darnley.

In the evening, Bothwell bursts into Mary's chamber with the news that she is in grave danger - her husband and privy council are planning to overthrow her. Bothwell tries to convince Mary to retreat to safety with him, but she insists on staying and showing strength. She instructs Bothwell to collect her allies and regroup at Dunbar, where she will meet them later.

Rizzio walks in and informs Mary and Bothwell that Darnley and Ruthven are already headed to Mary's chamber. Mary shooes Bothwell out and attempts to do the same with Rizzio, but he insists on being her witness. When Darnley, Ruthven, and the rest of the privy council barge into the room and see Mary and Rizzio are shown playing chess, they bewildered as to where Bothwell is.

Mary offers to pardon them all if they leave at once, but Ruthven emboldens his fellow councilmen to get rid of the "French imposter" and "whore of a queen" like they've always wanted. They take Rizzio and, despite Mary's shrieks and protests, pass him around while they each stab him at least once. Eventually, Rizzio falls to the floor and Ruthven pulls out his dagger and runs it through his heart. Darnley lets go of Mary, who also falls to the floor while crying out, "what have you done?"

Dawn soon breaks as Mary experiences flashbacks to the gruesome murder that took place in front of her a mere few hours ago. She tries to stand up, but when a sharp pain prevents her from doing so, she alerts the guard to get her husband - there is something wrong with the baby!

However, when Darnley comes, Mary reveals that she was pretending and only needed to talk to him in private. She warns Darnley that Knox is using him, and that once Knox and the privy council abolish the monarchy, they will turn on Darnley. Mary asks him to help her escape the castle, and once they do, they will take back all that is their as king and queen.

Coup de Grace - Promotional Images 7

Mary and Darnley fleeing the castle

When night falls, Mary and Darnley sneak out of the castle and ride out on horseback. They stop in a forest to rest a few hours' distance from the castle, when suddenly, Darnley starts having doubts. He assumes that once he and Mary reach Dunbar, Bothwell is going to call for his head. And so, despite Mary's pleas to come with her, Darnley leaves her stranded in the forest.

Mary arrives alone at Dunbar and tells Bothwell what happened. She delivers yet another inspiring speech to her loyal followers, telling them that their loyalty won't be forgotten and that the traitors will pay with their lives!

A Bride. A Box. A Body.
The heavily pregnant Mary is preparing to lead a charge of her men on Edinburgh castle, but she promises to Bothwell to remain at a cautious for the sake of her unborn child.

Lord Ruthven is alerted to hundreds of heavily armed clansmen descending on the castle and when he orders the privy council be gathered at once, he is told that they have all fled. Bothwell and his men demmand that Ruthven surrender, and upon seeing Mary's vast army, he does.

After they recapture the castle, Ruthven is sentenced to hang by his queen. Mary offers to spare his family lands, however, if he testifies against John Knox. He refuses and defends his actions, after which he is promptly swung from the rope.

Two months pass, but no privy council members have been found. Mary has had John Knox tailed for any suspicious activity, but to no avail so far. Knox comes to Mary to demand that she call off his guards, but she reminds him that he is in no position to make demands. Knox proceeds to insult her and remind her that he isn't her greatest threat - her husband, King Darnley, is.

After her meeting with Knox, Mary is resolved to find Darnley, who she believes is moving against her in a number of ways. She vows to seek an out of her marriage, and when she does, she tells Bothwell she would like to be with him.

Later, Bothwell informs Mary that one of the conspirators involved in the coup has been found - and she'll never believe who turned him. As it turns out, it was Darnley. He claims he has put his mistakes behind him and would like a chance to meet his child. In return, Darnley vows to help Mary and Bothwell find the remaining privy council members. While Mary agrees, she later confesses to Bothwell that once Darnley leads them to the privy council, she will have them all arrested, including King Darnley.

Much to Mary's surprise, Lord Narcisse asks for an audience with her upon arriving in Edinburgh, during which he reveals that he has come to avenge Lola. He has long waited to punish Knox, and now that "all the pieces are in place", he only needs Mary's consent. However, Mary doesn't grant it to him, as Knox's followers would be quick to blame her if something happened to him, even after he reassures her that there would be no repercussions for her reign. But Mary does have a plan in motion to convict John Knox in a court of law.

However, when Darnley and Bothwell find the lodge where the privy council gathered last night burned to the ground the following day, everyone who could have testified against Knox is dead - meaning he has evaded justice yet again. Bothwell believes it was Darnley who burned the lodge down - he had a motive and it wouldn't be his first time setting something on fire in order to get what he wanted. He has Darnley brought to the castle and Mary gives an order to have him arrested.

Narcisse comes to Mary with a parting gift: John Knox's genitals. Mary falls back in shock and calls Narcisse a monster, but Narcisse doesn't see himself as such, only as a man who wanted revenge. He continues that everyone who played a part in Lola's death could feel his pain now, out of which Mary deduces that Narcisse was responsible for the poisoning of Gideon Blackburn. Because of that, Mary banishes Narcisse from court.

Bothwell hears Mary screaming and runs to her, asking her what the matter is. Mary has an epiphany - she cannot keep living in an endless cycle of bitterness. Instead, she must find peace in her life and her marriage. As such, she has Darnley set free.

Blood in the Water
Greer has returned to Scottish court to be by Mary's side as her due date impends. Mary informs her that she has called her brother James back to court, so that should anything happen to her in childbirth, someone trustworthy may step in to lead.

Mary goes to Darnley's room next, upset at having heard from Greer that he was stumbling the halls, drunk and incoherent, the previous night. He claims he wasn't drinking and soon breaks into a scratching fit, awakening Mary to a realisation that Darnley suffers from syphilis. She pleads with him to go to a facility where she knows they have the best treatment.

When hearing of it, Bothwell cannot believe Mary is feeling sympathy for "the snake that's tried to ruin you", but Mary pins his treacheries on his illness. In the same breath, she condems Bothwell for trying to use Darnley's illness to rid himself of him and reminds him that Darnley is still her husband. She can only allow Bothwell to be her bodyguard.

While Lady Lennox confronts Mary about sending her son to a healing facility, Mary goes into labour. It is long and gruelling, to the point where survival seems almost impossible. If it comes down to a choice between her and the baby, she commands everyone to choose the baby. She also has Greer bring Bothwell to her.

Just as Mary begins slipping into unconsciousness, Bothwell's words guide Mary back to life. She gathers all of her strength and gives birth to a boy.

Soon enough, Mary is holding her son in her arms. She tells Bothwell that she's been seeing it all wrong - the danger is not in them being close; it's in their being apart. Bothwell and Mary share a cute moment as they both look at the baby in awe, but it is soon interrupted by another hitch: while Mary was giving birth, Lady Lennox filled all of the remaining seats on the privy council with the help of Darnley's royal signature.

Mary and Greer walk in on a privy council meeting lead by Lady Lennox and King Darnley. When the men leave, Darnley accuses Mary of trying to take his son away from him. Mary denies it and claims that she is just trying to help him, but Darnley refuses to listen. There is a motion being passed tomorrow in front of the privy council to appoint Darnley the child's steward, and once he is named steward of the heir, Darnley vows to keep Mary out of their child's life.

Mary feels that her power in Scotland waning, along with her allies. Upon Greer reminding her that she now has a family to think of, Mary writes a letter to Elizabeth, in which she asks her cousin to protect her child as her own should anything happen to her. In turn, Mary relinquishes her claim to the English throne.

Depleted after a gruelling childbirth, Mary takes a nap, but is soon woken up with the news that Darnley has left the castle. Mary quickly pieces together why and when she runs into the nursery, she finds the crib empty. The colour drains from her face as she realises that Darnley has taken her son.

All It Cost Her
Mary is waiting for her son to be found. Bothwell assures her that they are looking everywhere, but Mary is afraid Darnley will hurt their son because he isn't thinking clearly.

While Greer lectures Mary on taking care of herself, James appears. He is there to aid in the search of Mary's son.

Later, James returns to court with Mary's child, and Mary is so overwhelmed with gratitude that she decides to name her baby 'James'. When Bothwell comes to Mary later, she is caressing her son in the crib. Mary is now receptive to the idea of killing Darnley and after little persuasion, she gives Bothwell her consent to do it, as long as she isn't implicated.

Mary tries to quiet her son while she herself is close to tears. Greer assures her that she has done the right thing, having Darnley killed, because only then will her son be safe. They also discuss David Rizzio's prophecy.

While Mary is hosting a reception and cajoling the nobles in hopes of them falling to her side when they learn of Darnley's death, Bothwell and another noble try to light Darnley's house on fire.

The following day, Bothwell returns to Mary, Greer, and James in the morning and apprises them of his plan going awry. He killed Darnley, but he has a bad feeling about it, and suggests that they flee. Just as he is saying all of that, John Knox and countless privy council members enter, including the noble that was present when Darnley was killed, and Knox commands that Mary and Bothwell be arrested and tried for the crime of regicide.

Two decades later and Mary is imprisoned in England. She has sent to her son for aid but is yet to receive a reply.

As Mary is led out to the scabbord, she is told that her son has decided not to save her. A devastation washes over her as she hears of it. After she places her head on the execution block and says her last words, "I put my trust in you, my Lord.", the executioner lifts his axe and it falls on her head.

Family Tree

Henry VII
Elizabeth of York
Catherine of Aragon
Henry VIII
Anne Boleyn
Mary Tudor
Margaret Tudor
Mary I of England
Elizabeth I
Frances Brandon
James V
Margaret Douglas
Lady Jane Grey
James Stuart
Francis II
Mary I of Scotland
Henry Stuart
James VI and I


In History

  • Mary Stuart was more famously known as Mary, Queen of Scots.
  • Unlike in the show, Mary was 5'11 feet tall and a redhead.
  • In the show, Mary's Ladies-in-Waiting were Lady Lola, Lady Kenna, Lady Aylee, and Greer Castleroy, while in history, Mary's ladies were known as "The Four Marys" because they were all named Mary: Mary Fleming, Mary Livingston, Mary Seton, and Mary Beaton.
  • In the show, Mary spent much of her childhood in a convent. In history, Mary was educated privately by her tutors.
  • In history, Mary knowingly signed a secret agreement bequeathing Scotland and her claim to England to the French crown if she died without heirs. In the show, she was tricked into signing it.
  • In history, Mary's brother James Stuart attended both of Mary's weddings. In the show, he attended only the one she had with Lord Darnley.
  • In history, Mary briefly considered marrying Carlos, Prince of Asturias, son of Philip II, but that failed after he suffered brain damage in a fall down the stairs. In the show, Mary is the cause of his brain injury.
  • In the show, Mary had an English accent, while in history, she had a French one due to her upbringing in France.


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