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Character French Male Noble Lord Married Season Four
Luc Narcisse
Luc Narcisse
Biographical Information
Title: Lord Luc
Height: 6'3
Gender: Male Male
Nationality: French Flag - France
Status: Alive
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: France
Current Location: France
Affiliations: French Court

House of Narcisse
House of Valois (Marriage)
Luc and Claude

Relationship Information
Parents: Stéphane Narcisse (Father)

Lola Narcisse(Step-mother)

Wife: Princess Claude
Family: Eduard Narcisse(Brother)

Lady Amelie (Cousin)
John Philip (Step-brother)

Character Information
First Appearance: Playing With Fire
Last Appearance: Blood in the Water
Portrayed By: Steve Lund

Luc Narcisse is the son of Lord Narcisse and a doting and loving husband to Princess Claude.


Luc is a good-hearted man who always strives to do things the right way, but is constantly manipulated by his malicious father.


Early Life[]

Growing up, Luc never felt loved by his father and didn't receive as much attention as his siblings. He later mentioned that it was probably because he was like his father in almost no regard, apart from bearing his last name.

Season 4[]

Upon the request of Queen Leeza and his father Stéphane Narcisse, Luc Narcisse arrived at French Court to swoon and immediately marry Princess Claude. The two both understood it was an arranged marriage due to her indiscretions, but Luc promised to be faithful and wanted a happy marriage with her. Not long after his arrival did the two marry in a small royal ceremony.

During the morning after Luc and Claude consummate the marriage, they chat about having just met, an Luc assures Claude that even though everything seems uncomfortable now one day it won't be and Claude says she's looking forward to that day. Lord Narcisse immediately barges in their room unannounced to deliver Claude her wedding present. Lord Narcisse informs Luc that Leith Bayard, Claude's thought-to-be dead fiancé is alive and he is being held prisoner. Luc immediately has Leith released and informs Claude that he is alive. Later, Luc and Claude discuss about having an annulment so that Claude can be with Leith. Luc and Lord Narcisse argue about the annulment due to his father seeing them the morning after the wedding in bed, confirming the consummation. Luc informs Claude and Leith the annulment cant happen. Luc, proposes an open marriage to protect Claude but Leith refuses because sharing Claude makes him feel uncomfortable.

Luc walks in on Claude and Leith to inform Claude that her sister Queen Leeza is coming to visit. Later, Claude and Luc are in their chambers about to make love until Claude says she can't have relations with him that night. Luc is sent by Lord Narcisse to retrieve King Charles. Luc is later saved by Leith after being robbed and injured by bandits in a forest.

It has been weeks since Claude and Luc's Wedding and they both talk about Leith leaving. Luc reassures her that he will promise her a lifetime of happiness. Luc visits Charles to learn about Claude's interests and later practices archery with him. After Luc spends time with Claude gazing at the stars, he goes inside and encounters an unhealthy Charles.

Luc and Claude are invited to a feast held by Prince Henri. Later Luc and Claude observe a tennis match between Charles and Henri. During supper, Luc and Claude witness a fight breaking out between the two brothers. Later that night, Claude is upset about her family being dysfunctional and Luc comforts her.

Luc and Claude practice archery in the courtyard. Later in the day Claude gives into her growing emotions for Luc and assures him she is ready to make love. Lord Narcisse gives Luc a letter that was intended for Leif, with the letter detailing that Claude plans to run away with Leith once Claude gives Luc an heir. Luc confronts Claude about the letter and says that their marriage will be only a "political formality."

Luc witnesses Henri and Nicole Touchet have an affair and informs Catherine. Catherine tasks him and Claude to convince Henri to end the affair and they are successful. Claude tells Luc she misses him.

Luc tells Claude to see Leith after Charles can't give them an annulment.

In History[]

Just like his father Luc Narcisse is entirely a fictional character, with no historical equivalent.


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