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Louis of Condé
Louis Condé DP
Biographical Information
In History: Louis, Prince of Condé
Family Name: Louis de Bourbon
Title: King Consort of England

Prince of Condé
Prince of the Blood
Count of Condé

Born: May 7, 1530
Age: 31
Height: 6'1
Gender: Male Male
Nationality: French Flag - France
Status: Alive
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: Vendôme, France
Affiliations: Kingdom of France

House of Bourbon
Condé and Antoine
Condé and Mary
Condé and Lola

Relationship Information
Wife: Queen Elizabeth

(Evidence of marriage was destroyed)

Family: King Francis(Cousin-once-removed)

King Antoine (Brother)
Marcus de Bourbon(Brother)
Unnamed Sister
Emile de Bourbon(Nephew)

Interests: Mary Stuart(Ex-lover)

Lady Lola(Ex-fiancé)
Lady Atley (One-night stand)
Princess Claude (Ex-fiancé)
Josephine (Ex-lover)
Unnamed Woman (Ex-mistress)

Character Information
First Appearance: The Plague
Last Appearance: Burn
Portrayed By: Sean Teale

"I know what it is, to make a mess of love."
Louis of Condé

Louis, Prince of Condé is a distant cousin of King Francis and briefly a lover of Mary Stuart, as well as an enemy of France following his coming for the crown.

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Louis of Condé is an honest man in a world where one has to be shrewd in order to survive. He is loyal to his king, but isn't afraid to play by his own rules and follow his heart, no matter the cost.

Condé is planted at French court by his brother Antoine to get close to the royals and learn all their darkest secrets for him, but by contrast to his cunning brother, lying and deceiving doesn't come easily to Condé. He is also far too temperamental and impulsive to be calculated.

However, fuelled by his love for Mary and vision of a better France under his rule, Condé stages a full scale-siege on the castle. This, along with using General Renaude's son as a bargaining chip to get him to join his army, serves as a testament to how his manipulative and downright cruel side should not be discounted or overlooked.


Early Life

Not much is known about Condé's life. He comes from money and almost became the Dauphin of France when he and Francis were very young after the young Prince became sick. He was raised along side his older brother Antoine.

Season 2

The Plague
Louis and his men encounter King Francis and Lady Lola with their newborn son on their way. Louis offers them shelter at his camp, and they happily accept his offer.

Drawn and Quartered
Francis returns to the castle with Lola and his newborn son in tow, causing tension with Mary. Sebastian and Francis greet each other and Francis tells Bash that he wants him on his council. Francis then introduces Mary to Louis of Condé as the man who saved his life.

When hearing that the noble he warned Francis about, Lord Narcisse, is presssuring Francis to have the people for the death of his son drawn and quartered, he steps in on their conversation, encouraging Francis to trust no one but himself. He believes the power should be shifted from the nobles to the King, back to where it belongs.

Condé is in attendance at Tent City, where King Francis' upcoming coronation is celebrated. He is talking to his new lady friend when Mary and Greer pass him by, teasing him about how quickly he bounced back after setting his lady friend on a ship. Mary was hoping he might make a suitable match for Lola, but seeing as he prefers one night stands, a match is out of the question.

When figuring out that Condé and the courtesan took the prisoners, Mary confronts him about it. He tells her how his lover was captured at sea by the Germans and he traded the prisoners for his lover to be let go. Mary pleads with him to return the prisoners, but he doesn't believe putting country before love is right. He does it anyway.

Later, Mary meets Condé and asks him why he returned the prisoners. He admits that it was because he wanted to be the man that Mary saw in him. In return, Mary assured his woman was released, although Condé claims that she will not be returning to him, but to her husband and children.

Condé is also among the people lined up to witness the Coronation of Francis de Valois and Mary Stuart.

Terror of the Faithful
Louis is informed by Jacob Rivell of a Protestant gathering, but they're afraid to worship in their villages so they come here, despite persecution. Christians who only want the freedom to worship. But is he want to prevent them from suffering the same fate as his nephew, they need his help, King Francis has sent a letter to Rome, asking the Pope to recall his Inquisitors. Confronting Rome in this way takes courage, and gives them hope that Francis is a tolerant man. They want to get their minister an audience with The King and Queen. Unbeknow to him, it was a ploy.

Acts of War
Lord Condé swears his loyalty to King Francis. Francis believes him, but he also points out that Condé is a Protestant, and if he wasn't behind the attack on the castle, he will need to cooperate to find out who was.

Condé and Jacob Rivell find out his footman hung himself. Back at the castle, he asks a servant if the letter he asked to be delivered to Queen Mary last night reached her. He doesn't think so, as the servant who was to deliver the letter was killed outside Mary's chambers. Condé doesn't care, he doesn't need it back. He's surprised at how close the assassins made it to Mary's chambers.

Condé goes to Mary and expresses his concern, but she assures him that she's fine. He has information for Francis but can't find him. They've had a setback with the attackers. The man who funded the attackers took his own life. He promises not to give up. Mary wants to see the man's wife and demands to be taken there. He tries to dissuade her, but she says that it's worth the risk.

Mercy - Promotional Images 2

Condé and Mary meet with the man's wife. She divulges the assassins' location and Mary insists on catching them before they escape. Condé doesn't want to endanger her by taking her there, but when Mary tells him that she will not forgive herself if they slip through her fingers and whips out a knife, he agrees. They will drag the men back to court together.

Just as they hide in the house, the attackers come inside. Someone kept his word, the money is here. Mary slashes out with her dagger from under the table and cuts her rapist's legs while Condé slays the other men. Mary tells him that he will hang for what he has done, but when he mouths off again, Mary tosses a lantern onto him and he starts to burn. She commands Condé to kill them and let them burn for their sins.

As they watch the house set ablaze, Condé looks deeply at Mary. He later asks if Francis knows what happened. He tells Mary she can trust him. She thought that by killing the men, she could find her way back to her life with Francis. But she can't. The events leave them so far from where they began. Condé assures her France is still her home, her country and she its Queen. Her people need her.

When Condé returns to his chambers, he finds his brother Antoine inside. Condé asks him if he had anything to do with the attack on the castle, but Antoine scoffs at the insinuation. If he had done it, it would've been a success.

He points out that Condé's reports have grown briefer and fewer and he wonders why that is. He was supposed to befriend Francis, but he seems to have grown closer to the Queen instead. Antoine asks Condé if he has fallen for her. Condé says no. Antoine wants the choice to be clear if the time should come when he need to choose between his new friends and his family.

Josephine, the noble lady Condé slept with, has named Condé as a traitor who bears the mark of the Three Dark Riders. Procedure dictates that the Cardinal verify her claim and if it is true, Condé will hang. When Mary hears of it, she goes to warn Condé. She intends to sneak him into her carriage and get him to Antoine.

Mary and Condé arrive at Antoine's place. He welcomes them and talks Mary into staying for the night and attending his party as the guest of honour. When Antoine pulls Condé aside and complains about his absconding with Francis' wife, Condé shows him the mark.

At the party, Antoine introduces a new game. He will select one noblewoman and one nobleman and send them to a bed with people swaying sheets in front of it. Mary, being married, doesn't think the game is appropriate for her, so she leaves to retire to her chambers.

Condé goes after her, but is detained by Antoine, who now loves the idea of Condé getting close to Mary. He wants his brother to make Mary fall in love with him so the rest will follow. Condé claims to not be interested in Mary, but Antoine doesn't seem convinced.

Antoine pairs Condé with Lady Atley. Condé is reluctant to have sex with the Lady because of his feelings for another, but when she suggests that she blindfold him so he can pretend she's the woman he loves, he goes along with it.

The next day, when Condé comes to say goodbye to Mary, she tells him that she will return to French court. He warns her that she may not be safe there because of her husband's decisions, but Mary stands up for Francis. Condé has no idea how much Francis is tormenting himself because of what happened to her. She admits that she read his letter and knows he wanted to get it back.

Representatives from the Vatican arrive to collect Condé. Mary comes up with the idea of cauterizing Condé's brand, which would create enough doubt that they would all have to return to court, where Francis would help. The brand is successfully covered and Condé is allowed to go to French court.

King Francis has been carving up and handing out Narcisse's land to loyal Protestans, and Mary named Condé as one of them.

Condé received the deed to the lands, but he doesn't feel worthy of it. He is also refusing Francis because of his recent decisions. Mary defends her husband but Condé doesn't want to listen to it. As he starts to walk away, Mary takes hold of his arm to detain him.

At the Ice Festival, Francis and Condé argue over Francis' rule and Mary. They decide to air out their differences in a duel. The court watches as the two men grow increasingly aggressive. Just as Condé lunges at Francis, the guards hold him back as Mary yells at them to stop.

Lola later offers herself as a possible match to Condé on the order of her Queen. Condé isn't pleased that pleased about the union, but is willing to try, as is Lola.

Sins of the Past
The End of Mourning
It is the funeral of the Duke of Guise. Marie de Guise is stating her eulogy while Condé is staring intensely at Queen Mary, which doesn't escape his brother, Antoine.

Later, at Antoine's feast, Lola is high from the drink she took, which Condé picks up on during a conversation with her.

Condé meets with Mary. She confesses that she cares for him deeply, but it is worse than ever for them because Francis has forbidden their union. But he wasn't mean to her about it, unlike her mother. Condé wonders if her mother's harsh behaviour may be because she is on opiates.

The next day, Mary reveals to Condé that her mother is dying and she has decided to return to Scotland to rule in person. She would like Louis by her side.

Just moments later, Antoine tells Condé that Queen Elizabeth has asked for him. She invites him to court her. He could be the next King of England.

Tasting Revenge
He has been developing a secret romance with Queen Mary.

Tempting Fate
Reversal of Fortune
After confronting him about what he has done, Mary devises a plan to help Condé flee France by giving him a different idetity to step into. Condé and Mary then part ways in the woods.

"- We can't risk meeting again.
- For the rest of our lives.
- I hope that yours is a long one. Go. Live.
Queen Mary to Louis Condé

Yet Condé is caught by General Renaude and his men anyway and imprisoned in a tent at a checkpoint. However, Lord Akers and his men slaughter the guards at the checkpoint and take Condé with them. On their way to a safe house, Lord Akers informs Condé that Queen Elizabeth still rejoices in the idea of marrying him, if he lays claim to the French throne.

At the safe house, Condé is ready to leave on his own, when Lord Akers detains him and warns him about what will happen to him if he refuses Elizabeth's proposal and loses her protection. So Condé agrees and later has a secret meeting with displeased Protestant nobles, who are chanting Condé's name and addressing him as King Louis of France.

The Siege
Condé is coming for King Francis' crown. He and his men take over Tolouse, but it was a ploy to prompt Francis to send for General Renaude and his men, who now answer to Condé. Francis learns of that in time, but defeating General Renaude does not ensure victory for him, especially as Francis is vastly outnumbered.

At night, Condé summons Francis and warns him that if he does not surrender and offer up his life, many lives will be lost, including Mary's. Francis refuses to do so, as he is not willing to entrust Mary's life to Condé.

"Surrender, Francis... or we'll attack at dawn."
Louis of Condé

Later that night, Mary secretly rides out to Condé's camp and tells him that she's carrying his child, begging him to save her.

Mary's pregnancy turns out to be a lie and with the help of Greer's courtesans, Mary takes Condé and his army down. Following his failed coup, Condé is imprisoned in the castle and accused of kidnapping Lola and John Philip, angering Francis to the point of ordering his execution. However, it is revealed that Queen Catherine was behind the kidnapping and she is punished accordingly. Condé, on the other hand, escapes the dungeon with the help of the English.


Extreme Measures - (Mentioned)
Condé has been taken captive in a region controlled by the king's forces when attempting to flee. King Antoine comes to court to bargain with Francis and Mary about having him released. They agree, but only if Antoine reliquishes his and his brother's claim to the French throne. He doesn't accept that at first, but eventually relents under considerable pressure.

Family Tree

Henry II of Navarre
Marguerite of Angoulême
Francis I of France
Claude of France
Jeanne III of Navarre
Antoine of Navarre
Henry II of France
Catherine de' Medici
Madeleine of Valois
James V of Scotland
Henry, Duke of Beaumont
Henry de Bourbon
Catherine de Bourbon
Charles IX of France
Claude of Valois
Elisabeth of Valois
Francis II of France
Mary I of Scotland


In History

  • His real name was Louis de Bourbon, or Louis, Prince of Condé.
  • Louis of Condé was titled Prince of Condé on 15 January 1557
  • Was the first Prince of the Blood.
  • Was, in fact, far more closely related to Mary, Queen of Scots than King Francis II. He was Mary's first cousin once removed via her mother, Mary of Guise, while he was eighth cousin twice removed to Francis, via their common Capetian ancestry.
  • Was the 2nd youngest and had 12 brothers and sisters, but only 6 of them survived.
  • Had 8 children with his first wife, and 3 with his second, for a total of 11. But only 4 survived to adulthood.
  • His oldest brother King Antoine had 5 children, but only 2 survived. While the other siblings never had any.
  • His sister, Marie, was a prospective bride for King James V of Scotland in 1536 when she was 20.
  • Personally knew Duke of Guise, and was suspected to have been involved a plot to abduct King Francis II and usurp the power to the House of Guise.
  • Became the head of the Protestant Daction.
  • Fathered a son by his mistress Isabelle de Limeuil, who served as Maid of Honour on Catherine de' Medici wedding, and was a member her Flying Squadron. He vigorously denied him much to Isabelle's dismay.
  • His nephew became King Henry IV of France on August 2nd, 1589.
  • Prince of the Blood is a legitimately descended in dynastic line from any of a realm's hereditary monarchs.
  • The Prince of the Blood is French and is pronounced 'Prince du sang'.


Season Two
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