Louis and Elizabeth's Wedding
Location: France
Date: 1559
In Honour of: Queen Elizabeth I
Prince of Condé
In Attendance: Annabelle Breton

Lord Akers

Episode: Abandoned
Description: Celebrate the union between England and France

Season 2 Married

The wedding of Louis and Elizabeth took place in France in the
middle of the summer in the year 1559 in secret.


Louis Condé sought the hand of Queen Elizabeth during his affair with Queen Mary. Elizabeth accepted his offer, and when Condé agreed they were married that night, via proxy Annabelle Breton. The two slept beside each other, with a broad sword between them to keep the proxy bride from becoming a wife.

However the next morning, a fire was set where Annabella, the Priest and all legal documents were destroyed. Thus making the marriage no longer valid.

Historical NotesEdit

  • History's Queen Elizabeth was never married, and is often reffered to as The Virgin Queen.
  • History's Louis Condé had two wives, Eléanor de Roucy de Roye, and Françoise d'Orléans-Longueville.
  • Elizabeth and Condé never met in real life.

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