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Louis Condé
Louis Condé DP.png
Biographical Information
IRL: History's Louis Condé
Real Name: Louis Condé
Title: King Consort of England

Prince Louis of Condé
Prince of Condé
Prince of the Blood

Born: 7 May 1530
Age: 25
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: Vendôme, France
Wife: Queen Elizabeth

(Evidence of marriage was destroyed)

Family: King Francis

(Cousin once removed)
King Antoine (Brother)
Marcus de Bourbon(Brother)
Unnamed Sister
Emile Condé(Nephew)

Interests: Mary Stuart (Lovers)

Lady Lola (Ex-Fiancée)
Lady Atley (Lovers)
Princess Claude (Ex-Fiancée)
Josephine (Lovers)
Married Mistress

Affiliations: Kingdom of France

House of Bourbon
Condé and Antoine
Condé and Mary
Condé and Lola

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male.png
Height: 6' 1
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: The Plague
Portrayed by: Sean Teale

Character French Royal Noble.png Male Prince Dauphin of France.png Mistress.png Married.png Season 3.png
"I know what it is, to make a mess of love."
Louis Condé

Louis Condé is a cousin of some degree to King Francis. He had deep feelings for Queen Mary but always kept them hidden. However, she became emotionally dependent on him after her sexual assault and they soon became lovers. Making him an enemy of France. He soon reached for the crown and married Queen Elizabeth of England. Mary aided in the help of his escape so he wouldn't be put to death for treason of the agreement of marrying Queen Elizabeth.


Louis Condé is an honest man, with noble intentions and is very forth-coming about things. The things he did were for the sake of his heart and his life. However, he had found himself in a sensitive situation having been told to spy on the French court by his brother, King Antoine of Navarre. He is at times very envious and impulsive. But despite it, he is very caring for his family and friends. He fights for the right thing and has strong opinions. He is in love with Mary queen consort of France

Early Life

Not much is known about Louis Condé's life. He comes from money and almost became The Dauphin of France when he and Francis were very young after the young Prince became sick. He was raised along side his older brother Antoine.

Season 2

Louis Condé is informed by Jacob Rivell of a Protestant gathering, but they're afraid to worship in their villages so they come here, despite persecution. Christians who only want the freedom to worship. But is he want to prevent them from suffering the same fate as his nephew, they need his help, King Francis has sent a letter to Rome, asking the Pope to recall his Inquisitors. Confronting Rome in this way takes courage, and gives them hope that Francis is a tolerant man. They want to get their minister an audience with The King and Queen. Unbeknow to him, it was a ploy.

He has been developing a secret romance with Queen Mary.

He was then pushed to become the king of France by his soldiers and from the English.

Season 3

In Extreme Measures, he's mentioned by Antoine as being held captive. Antoine wishes to bargain with the French crown for safe passage through the mountains for Louis in exchange for converting to Catholicism and crediting it to Mary.


Historical Notes

  • Real name, Louis de Bourbon, or Louis, Prince of Condé.
  • Louis Condé was titled Prince of Condé on 15 January 1557
  • Was the first Prince of the Blood.
  • Was, in fact, far more closely related to Mary, Queen of Scots than King Francis II. He was Mary's first cousin once removed via her mother, Mary of Guise, while he was eighth cousin twice removed to Francis, via their common Capetian ancestry.
  • Was the 2nd youngest and had 12 brothers and sisters, but only 6 of them survived.
  • Had 8 children with his first wife, and 3 with his second, for a total of 11. But only 4 survived to adulthood.
  • His oldest brother King Antoine had 5 children, but only 2 survived. While the other siblings never had any.
  • His sister, Marie was a prospective bride for King James V of Scotland in 1536 when she was 20.
  • Personally knew Duke of Guise, and was suspected to have been involved a plot to abduct King Francis II and usurp the power to the House of Guise.
  • Became the head of the Protestant Daction.
  • Fathered a son by his mistress Isabelle de Limeuil, who served as Maid of Honour on Catherine de' Medici wedding, and was a member her Flying Squadron. He vigorously denied him much to Isabelle's dismay.
  • His nephew became King Henry IV of France on August 2nd, 1589.
  • Prince of the Blood is a legitimately descended in dynastic line from any of a realm's hereditary monarchs.
  • The Prince of the Blood is french and pronounced, 'Prince du sang'.

Family Tree

King Henry II of Navarre
Marguerite of Angoulême
King Francis I of France
Claude of France
Queen Jeanne
King Antoine
King Henry
Queen Catherine
James Stuart
Henry, Duke of Beaumont
Henry de Bourbon
Catherine de Bourbon
King Charles
Princess Claude
Queen Elisabeth
King Francis
Queen Mary


Season Two
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