Lord Taylor
Lord Taylor
Biographical Information
Title: Lord Taylor
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: Scotland
Current Location: Scotland
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'11
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Highland Games
Portrayed by: Chad Connell

Character Flag - Scotland Noble Male Lord
"Bastards and cheaters are not welcome on the
Scottish Throne.
Lord Taylor

Lord Taylor is a Scottish Lord with many men at his side due to his courage and honor. He is a soldier and competitive boxer, having beat James Stuart three separate times.

Season 4Edit

Lord Taylor challenged Lord Darnley to a boxing matching after Mary Stuart announced her engagement to the Englisman. Well aware of his father, Lord Darnley's reputation as a coward for siding with King Henry VIII in The War of the Rough Wooing he did not want a possible traitor on the Scotish Throne.

A second argument came about when Lord Taylor's secretary got sick, believing it was Lord Darnley's poisoning his scotch. Hours before the fight one of his own men smashed two of Lord Darnley's figures at a pub to compensate.

However, even with two possibly broken fingers (and Mary's help), Lord Darnley won the boxing match and Lord Taylor bent his knee to him. [1]

Historical NotesEdit

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