Lord Ruthven
Lord Ruthven
Biographical Information
IRL: History's Lord Ruthven
Real Name: Patrick Ruthven
Title: 3rd Lord Ruthven

Lord Treasurer

Born: 1520
Age: 43
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Scotland
Affiliations: Kingdom of Scotland
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Coup de Grace
Portrayed by: John Ralston

Character Flag - Scotland Male Lord Deceased Season 4

Lord Ruthven was the Lord Treasurer who wasn't above accepting bribes.

Season 4Edit

Lord Ruthven, the Lord Treasurer was accepting bribes, and other financial wrongdoing. David Rizzio found some discrepancies in the privy council ledger. He had found proof that in addition to cheating The Crown, Ruthven was also swindling his fellow Nobles.

Lord Ruthven and King Darnley were both involved, and Ruthven even lead the murder of David Rizzio in place of the missing Lord Bothwell in front of the very pregnant Queen Mary. [1]

The next morning, Lord Bothwell and his men took back the castle from Lord Ruthven and his army. For the crimes of high treason and insurrection against the crown, and the murder of David Rizzio, Lord Ruthven was sentenced to death, by Queen Mary. [2]

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Historical NotesEdit

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