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Lord McKenzie
Lord McKenzie.png
Biographical Information
Real Name: Lord McKenzie
Title: Lord McKenzie
Dies: Winter of 1558
Age: 58
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Scotland
Current Location: Scotland
Affiliations: Kingdom of Scotland
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male.png
Height: 5'11
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Liege Lord
Portrayed by: Andrew Airlie

Character Scottish Male Noble.png Lord.png Deceased.png
"Your majesty. We have waited a long, long time for you to rise."
Lord McKenzie

Lord McKenzie served King James V before his death. Since then he and his men have become sell swords.


Lord McKenzie is a proper Scottish soldier. He served his king to the end, and only wished to die with his boots on. He is a loyal and devoted man.

Early Life[]

Lord McKenzie went to war alongside King James V at The Battle of Solway Moss. and were close friends until his death over a decade ago.

Season 1[]

He was invited to a party that Mary Stuart was throwing at the Kingdom of France, along with her new husband Prince Francis

While at The Scot's Welcome Celebration McKenzie was approached by Prince Francis who requested he discreetly follow his wife Queen Mary, so he and all his men did. Francis took him to a room and told him he only wished to speak with him, but Lord McKenzie told him his men follow him everywhere.

Once they arrived Queen Mary requested his men come inside too. They began with small talk about The Battle of Solway Moss and she thanked him for fighting alongside her father. Mary informed them she had been betrayed by France, and her mother Marie de Guise. She explained how a secret contract had been slipped into her wedding contract, and if she did not produce an heir she was worth more dead then alive. Queen Mary requested that he and his men spread the word. Tell all of Scotland. Most importantly tell Lord Hardy the leader of the Protestants who opposed Marie de Guise. It would create such outrage that neither contracts would survive.

Lord McKenzie liked this idea. He liked it so much that he declared his allegiance to his Queen and kissed her Scottish Seal.

That night before riding back to Scotland in the morning Lord McKenzie asked Liam O'Mally if he wished to join him and the other men of a night out to the whore house. He declined and they went without him.

That night while Lord McKenzie was making out with a prostitute he and him men were attacked by men in black. His throat was slashed, he and his men, and most of the women were killed. The building was then set on fire to cover up the violent act.


Historical Notes[]

  • The Battle of Solway Moss was a war on 24 November 1542 between England and Scotland.
  • Lord McKenzie is a fictional character from the battle, but there was a Lord Maxwell he is presumably base off.