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Character Scottish Male Noble Lord Season 3
Lord Cunningham
Lord Cunningham
Biographical Information
Title: Scottish Advisor
Age: Approx. 30
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Scotland
Affiliations: Kingdom of Scotland
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Our Undoing
Portrayed by: Giles Panton

Lord Cunningham is the trusted advisor to Queen Mary. He gives her advice and guidance for both her personal and political life. He believes she needs to return to Scotland to secure her throne.

Season 3[]

Our Undoing
Mary Stuart meets with her new Scottish advisors, Lord Cunningham. He brings pressing news from home. The blight destroyed the barley crop in the southern region. James had reallocated the country's grain reserves, as ary suggested?, but retreating English soldiers plundered the crops and took them just over the border, where Queen Elizabeth has amassed her troops and The Scots are starting to panic. Last week some men crossed into England and raided the soldiers' camps to get the barley back, they did not succeed, and eight Scotish people were captured.

Mary, Lord Cunningham, and Lord Rutherford pick up the conversation a few days later. Lord Rutherford states the have been loyal to Mary's rule, even after she withdrew the troops protecting the borders. But her brother James can only command so much power. What the Scots need now is their queen. Everyone in Scotland is starving .

Historical Notes[]

  • In 1513 Cuthbert Cunningham, Earl of Glencairn was at the Battle of Flodden. He was a Protestant and a patron of John Knox. The English saw the Reformation as an opportunity to discomfort the Scottish Crown and he was accused of being a part of it. He rose up against Mary, Queen of Scots and at the Battle of Carberry Hill in 1567 where she surrendered. He allegedly ordered the destruction of the Chapel Royal at Holyrood in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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