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Lord Akers
Lord Akers
Biographical Information
Real Name: Lord Akers
Title: English Envoy
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: Kingdom of England
Current Location: Kingdom of France
Affiliations: Kingdom of England

Queen Elizabeth

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'5
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Abandoned
Portrayed by: Vincent Gale

"Face your fate in France, or seek Elizabeth's hand in marriage."
Lord Akers

Early LifeEdit

Lord Akers and Louis Condé had been writing letters back and forth regarding England and Queen Elizabeth, as Louis wanted to marry the English Queen.

Season 2Edit

Lord Akers found Louis Condé and introduced himself. They had been writing each other for weeks but had never met. Lord Akers needed to know how interest the Prince of the Blood really was in marry the English Queen. He explained how she needed a foothold in France, and a king to quiet down her nobles, though one she could control. Condé confirmed he still wanted to marry Elizabeth, and Akers confirmed she accepted his proposal.

Akers was at the wedding of Elizabeth and Louis, and was witness to him and the proxy wife, Annabelle Breton. He also handed each of them their rings.

The next morning Louis Condé and Akers rode together to the harbor, when bells rang out, signifying a fire in the village. Akers rode back to see what had happened, believing Annabelle might have been involved as the fire could have been an attempt on their lives.

Annabelle and the Priest were both murdered and all papers were destroyed. Lord Akers rode back alone, not know who set the fire, and not having the authority to make any choices without a word from the Queen. Leaving Louis alone.

Fugitive - Lord Akers 2

Lord Aker rescues Louis

Lord Akers returned to England and found Queen Elizabeth waiting for him, and her new husband. When she found out about the fire, Elizabeth sent him back on the same ship to go rescue him. The fire was created by Elizabeth's enemy's in England and she needs a wedding to Louis Condé even more now. But Akers had been sent with a message; "Her Majesty still rejoiced in the idea of marrying you. And she's ready to give you her backing if you take the throne of France"

Lord Akers soon found himself trying to convince Louis to agree to take the French throne. Explaining, Prince Charles was too young, and no one wants Catherine de' Medici as their Regent Queen. Remaining Condé, he could have his own men, plus English forced to take the throne, and put the House of Bourbon on in power.

Later, Lord Akers brought The Prince of the Blood to a secret meeting place. There he introduced him to all the french Protestant Lords who wanted to join his cause. There they all began chanting "King Louis of France"


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