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Long Live The King
Season One, Episode 21
Long Live The K 37 - King Henry.png
Air date May 8, 2014
Written by Wendy Riss and
Drew Lindo
Directed by Jeremiah Chechik
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Higher Ground


Slaughter Of Innocence
"I can't think about myself. We need to think like
Queens now.
Queen Catherine


Events Reach A Breaking Point When The King's Madness Puts Francis In Grave Danger
Mary and Catherine form an unlikely alliance when deciding how to deal with the increasingly manic King Henry, which puts Francis in jeopardy. Bash finds a boy who lived to tell about his encounter with the Darkness, which makes Bash determined to end it for good at any cost. Lord Julien reveals the truth about his motives, and Lola, blinded by love, finds herself in a dire situation after she attempts to protect him. - The CW


Mary Stuart: You're a very imaginative murderer.

Queen Catherine: Don’t get sentimental about a father who was never sentimental about you.

Queen Catherine: I can't think about myself. We need to think like Queens now.

Queen Catherine: We cannot save Henry, but we can save those men!

Lady Kenna: Bash, I am of many things. Enchanting, noble, beautiful...

Prince Francis: You have already achieved the glory, now do the good!



Historical Notes



  • Credit Order
Actor Character
Adelaide Kane Mary Stuart
Megan Follows Queen Catherine
Torrance Coombs Sebastian
Toby Regbo Prince Francis
Celina Sinden Greer Norwood
Caitlin Stasey Lady Kenna
Anna Popplewell Lady Lola
Alan van Sprang King Henry
Guest Staring
Rossif Sutherland Nostradamus
Gil Darnell Duke of Guise
Geordie Johnson Lord Bartos
Giacomo Gianniotti Lord Julien
Brittany Gray Lady Gabrielle
Zach Apostoleris Guard
Lucius Hoyos Pascal
Brendan Cox Duke Francis
Katherine Barrell Pretty Servant Girl
Spencer Robson Benjamin
M.E. Lewis Priest
Massimo Fraschetti Alter Boy
Max White Beefy Guard
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



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