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Lola and Colin
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Real Names: Lady Lola
Colin MacPhail
Ages: 15 & 17
Status: Over


Length of Relationship:

Couple years



First appearance: Pilot

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"Will you marry me?"
Colin MacPhail

Lola and Colin's relationship ended with the death of Colin.

Early life[]

Colin MacPhail worked in Scotland and had been dating the young Lady Lola. When she moved to France, he soon followed.

Season 1[]

Marry me?

Colin MacPhail surprises Lola while she is taking a bath by putting his hands over her eyes. They embrace and Colin soon proposes to Lola, and she happily accepts. [1]

Once Lola is dressed they bring their case to Queen Catherine first who is pleased with this union. But asks Lola to do something for her. Once Lola leaves, Catherine has her Ladies-in-Waiting leave as well, wishing to talk to Colin alone.

To my Queen

Hours later at the wedding of Princess Elisabeth and King Philip Colin brings a glass of wine to Queen Mary. He greets her and they both cheer their cups and drink.

That night Colin nervously sneaks into Mary's room. At the request of Catherine, to rape her. Thus, making her unfit to wed Prince Francis. Colin was told the drink would knock her out. However, Mary awoke and screamed for her guards. Colin begged for his life as he was taken away, knowing the consequences as he is taken to the dungeon.

The next morning Lola is informed that Colin has been beheaded on orders of the King and Queen of France. [1]

"You are my Queen and we are your subjects. We're here in service to you. Whatever that means,
whatever that costs

Who are you?!

That night in the dungeon, Colin is tortured by a guard on a stretcher. The man leaves for dinner and a woman wakes Colin and helps him escape. [2]

That day he is found by one of the Queen's guards who hangs him upside down and slits his throat.

The next evening Sebastian goes looking for Colin, on Mary's behalf. He finds him and brings Francis back to help him cut the body down. Francis informs Mary, who breaks the news to Lola. [2]

Months later, Lola is in a jail room with Queen Catherine and is blackmailing her to keep away from Mary and Sebastian. Lola promises to make her life measurable for killing Colin. [3]

"I don’t care why you abuse you're power. I just want it taken away. Forever."



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