Liam O'Mally
Biographical Information
Real Name: Liam O'Mally
Title: Hired Swordsman
Born: 1521
Dies: Winter of 1558
Age: 37
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Scotland
Current Location: Scotland
Interests: Catherine de' Medici
Affiliations: Kingdom of Scotland
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'9
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Liege Lord
Portrayed by: Orlando Seale

Character Flag - Scotland Male Noble Mistress Deceased
"Woman like you are what make life worth living"

Liam O'Mally was a member of Lord McKenzie's men and was a brief lover to the Queen of France


Liam was a happy fellow who enjoyed spicier woman with flair.

Early LifeEdit

Nothing can be confirmed about Liam's history. It is unknown if he fought or was even alive during The Battle of Solway Moss.

Season 1Edit

Liege Lord
While at The Scot's Welcome Celebration Liam saw a beautiful woman he considered very saucy address the Queen of France. He approached her, after a bit of a cold introduction they began talking.

Later that night he brought her a cup of wine and they talked further on about their two countries. Things soon became passionate and they were kissing not long into meeting each other.

Liege Lord - Liam VVIII

Liam and the lovely Catherine were lying together in the Queen of France's bedroom. He was worried they should leave but she seemed to have no problem being there. He soon realized he had things confused and that she was in fact the Queen of France. He apologized, but she told him not to. Liam then told her his plans had changed and he was riding back to Scotland in the morning instead. He promised her he wouldn't tell anyone of their night together.

Liege Lord - Liam VVV

Strangled to death.

That night Lord McKenzie asked if he wanted to go with him and a couple other to a whore house. He declined telling them it wasn't worth it since he'd had the real thing already.

Once the men were out of sight, someone came up behind Liam and quickly strangled him to death.


  • Liam O'Mally's last name in fictional.
  • Liam promised not to tell anyone he slept with Catherine, as she was the Queen of France and it could mean both their heads.
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