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Leith Bayard
Leith Bayard
Biographical Information
Real Name: Leith Bayard
Title: King's Guard

Kitchen Staff

Born: 17 May 1541
Age: 19
Religion: Roman Catholic
Wife: Unnamed wife
Family: Unnamed Father & Mother
Interests: Princess Claude

Yvette Castleroy(Briefly)
Greer Norwood (Former)

Affiliations: Kingdom of France

Leith and Claude
Leith and Greer
Leith and Yvette

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'9
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Kissed
Portrayed by: Jonathan Keltz

"Saint Michael. He slew Lucifer, who's sold vanity, pride, and shame. Which, is why we wear these masks. So on this one day, No one
is better than anyone else. We're all the same.
Leith Bayard

Leith Bayard is a former member of the kitchen staff for the Kingdom
of France
. He later became a soldier and fought for Calais, and become a friend of the then, Dauphin of France, after saving his life.


Leith is known to be charming, sweet and a little cheeky. He is also a devoted man, willing to do anything for the people he loves.

Early lifeEdit

Leith Bayard was raised on a farm. However, after an experience of being chased by a goat, he decided that he preferred indoor work more than to that of working with animals. Despite his work, he still goes home at least once a year in winter, presumably Christmas, to see his parents.

Season 1Edit

Kissed - 13 Greer

Don't mess this up

Greer of Norwood finds her way to the kitchen and begins instructing Leith on what she wants from him. Leith tells her he knows how to bake food, and she tells him she wants apple tart since strawberry's aren't in season. Leith tells her he knows what he's doing and that she can go. She asks who will read the list to him, and he smiles and tells her he's fine, and she reluctantly leaves the kitchen and its staff to go with Mary Stuart

That night at the Boating Party Greer is caught by Leith in the kitchen crying. Though he doesn’t catch on right away and teases her until she breaks down crying.

Kissed - 38 Greere & Leith

Later Greer in much happier now as she is smiling with Leith while eating the food he made earlier. Leith tells her a story about his father's favourite goat he had to chase. Where after he decided, no more sheep and goats, indoor work for him. Adding, when he goes home, that goat still shares their house in the winter. Greer tells him, her father keeps hounds, and they're all over the house, all the time. She even thinks he cares more about the hounds than her mother and my sisters. Revealing her father sent her so far away, with Queen Mary to be married. She has to marry well, for her family's sake. Her parents made that very clear to her. The only way to rise in the world is through land and title, and for people like them, the only way to achieve theose things will be to marry them. Love has no place in her life, but she hopes it will, but she has four younger sisters counting on her, as well. If she rised, they rise. Adding, Leith should have been there when they saw her off to France, saying they looked at her the way her father looks at an investment, wondering if she'll fail, or pay off. Leith suddenly kisses her and Greer gets upset. Reminding him of his post and hers.

The next morning Greer gives a backer their request, and as he politely tells her 'he'll take care of it' Greer sneaks a peak at Leith. He greets her and she blushes and leaves. While he’s kneading bread he rubs his cheek and gets a white flour mark on it.

Leith notices one of the king's guards harassing a young woman, so he intervenes, referring to her as "darling" in order to get the soldier to leave, which proves successful.

He explains to her, Yvette how all his life he has seen people forced into things they don't want. Yvette, clearly attracted to him, asks him to share a drink with her so he can tell her all about it. He respectfully declines, saying he is looking for someone else (Greer). She is disappointed, remarking how sad his words were.

A couple of days later, Yvette is sitting by herself when Leith joins her. They formally introduce one another by name. Leith asks her if she remembers him, to which she replies how could she forget.

Leith offers to have that drink now. Yvette is flattered but also intrigued, asking him what changed. Leith simply replies he wasn't thirsty before but is now (in truth Greer spurned him, saying even though she loved him she still couldn't marry him).

Yvette tells him she is meeting someone else now. Jokingly he calls her a heartbreaker. She says, "Not at all. And don't you be one either". She then stands and they say their good-byes.

Both remain unaware of their respective relationships with Greer and Lord Castleroy.

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Felix Jean-Dubois told King Charles how he went to his father's office and noticed crates of weapons being moved to thw town of Orsay, leading The Phantom Brigade to think that was The Red Knights headquartered.

Later that night Felix, and Charles rendezvous with Leith and travel with him to Orsay. Once there, they met up with Thierry Huguenot and three of them watched as Charles lit an arrow, sending it into the tower to explode the weapons. However they had already been moved, and now the town's grain was burning. The town quickly turned on them and Leith and the King's Guard got them out. In the commotion and smoke, Leith lost King Charles to The Red Knights. [1]

Season 4Edit


  • Leith is very well educated, a rare ability for the 16th-century commoner. He can read, has bible verses memorized, and is able to give the history of Saint Michael during the The Michaelmas Banquette. [2]
  • Offscreen since Left Behind where he murdered someone for Greer, until The Darkness where he is offered an apprenticeship in Spain.
  • Greer secretly broke up with Leith by getting him an apprenticeship with Lord Castleroy. [3]
  • Leith's first kill was while the castle was held hostage by a group of Italian men.[4] Since then he has killed up to two dozen English soldiers while at war. [5]
  • After Leith saved Francis's life, and once they get back at court, Francis gives Leith some titles and lands. It's not made clear how much, but Leith is now a noble.[6]
  • The lands he received from King Francis are taken away by Lord Narcisse, resulting in him getting the position as a member of the King's Guard. [7]
  • Possibly had sexual relations with someone while at King Antoine's party. [8]
  • Promoted to the new position of Captain of the Royal Escort and received his old lands back from Stéphane Narcisse who was charged with embezzlement. [9]
  • Claude and Leith consummate their relationship. [10]
  • Claude and Leith are unofficially engaged, [11] until they received Queen Catherine blessing. [12]
  • Leith is injured and presumed dead, and by the time he returns Claude has married someone else.


  • Leith is actually a place in Scotland.
  • Jonathan Keltz was updated from a 'Recurring Cast Member' to a Regular for Season Two.


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