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Leith Bayard
Leith Bayard
Biographical Information
Title: Captain of the Royal Escort

King's Guard
Member of the Kitchen Staff

Born: 17 May 1541
Age: 19
Height: 5'9
Gender: Male Male
Status: Alive
Religion: Roman Catholic
Affiliations: Kingdom of France

Leith and Francis
Leith and Claude
Leith and Greer
Leith and Yvette

Relationship Information
Wife: Unnamed Wife
Family: Unnamed Parents
Interests: Princess Claude (Ex-fiancée)

Yvette Castleroy(Fling)
Greer Castleroy (Ex-girlfriend)

Character Information
First Appearance: Kissed
Last Appearance: Love & Death
Portrayed By: Jonathan Keltz

"Saint Michael. He slew Lucifer, who's sold vanity, pride, and shame. Which is why we wear these masks. So on this one day, no one is better than anyone else. We're all the same."
Leith Bayard

Leith Bayard is a former member of the kitchen staff of the castle who fell for Greer after their first meeting. They had a secret whirlwind romance that lasted until they were caught kissing by Greer's former fiancée. As a result, Leith was sent into the army as punishment. He later became a soldier and fought for Calais, and became a friend of King Francis after saving his life. He later rose in station by becoming Princess Claude's bodyguard and partner later on. However, he was gravely injured in a military mission and presumed dead for months. By the time he returned, Claude had married someone else.

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Leith is known to be charming, sweet and a little cheeky. He is also a devoted man, willing to do anything for the people he loves.


Early Life

Leith Bayard was raised on a farm. However, after an experience of being chased by a goat, he decided that he preferred indoor work more than to that of working with animals. Despite his work, he still goes home at least once a year in winter, presumably Christmas, to see his parents.

Season 1

Meeting Greer


Kissed - Promotional image 6

Preparing for a romantic date!

In preparation for the boating party, a young woman named Greer instructs Leith on what she would like in the kitchen. Greer wants him to bake a strawberry tart, but Leith informs her that strawberries aren't in season. He instead offers to make her an apple tart, and she settles on it, as long as it's tasty and crisp. Greer wants the very best for her upcoming date with Tomás. Leith tells her he knows what he's doing, so she can go. She then asks who would read the list to him if she goes. Leith insists that he's fine, so she reluctantly leaves the kitchen and its staff.

That evening at the Boating Party, Leith finds Greer sitting in the kitchen. He doesn't notice that she's sad and starts to tease her, until she bursts into tears.

Kissed - 38 Greere & Leith

The two end up sharing the contents of the food basket while learning more about one another. Greer hears a story about what made Leith switch to inside work and Leith learns the type of pressure Greer is under, to marry well, since she has four sisters who need her to raise their status if they hope to find suitable husbands. Leith kisses her and she recoils, remininding him of his post and telling him that nothing can happen between them.

The following morning, Greer tells the chef what she wants for breakfast. She looks at Leith and he greets her, to which she smiles and walks away. As Leith gets back to work, he wipes some of the flour on his hands onto his cheek, leaving the white mark that Nostradamus had forseen.

Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds - Promotional image 7

Let's hang out

At The Michaelmas Banquette, Greer pulls Leith into a corner, where he recites the history of Saint Michael, and how on that day, they're all the same. Greer uses the element of the masquerade ball to spend more time with him.

A Chill in the Air

Chill in the Air - 9 Greer

Securing a suitor

At The Harvest Festival, Leith is looking at Greer as she is talking to her suitor. Greer notices him stating and in a momentary lapse of attention, she accidentally spills wine over her dress. When leaves to clean it up, Leith follows her, and when he catches up to her, he shows her a trick on how to get the stain out.

Chill in the Air - 46 Greer & Leith kiss

Starting an illicit affair

Later, Greer asks for Leith to quit pursuing her for the sake of protecting her reputation. However, later, Greer runs up to Leith to tell him that she wishes to pursue a relationship with him in secrecy. She knows she has the responsibility of finding a wealthy suitor to preserve her family's fortune, but for now, she just wants to enjoy her youth. That's enough for Leith to sweep her off her feet and kiss her passionately.

Illicit Affair with Greer

Left Behind

Left Behind - 5 Greer

Reading father's letter

Greer sits in the kitchen, reading a letter from her father out loud for Leith to hear. She reads that he has asked if she's met any agreeable men of fortune. Leith points out that her father expects a lot, and Greer explains that it's because her family's money comes from mines that are playing out. She continues that she's only ever been trained to look pretty and smile at men, and that she can't even cook an egg, which prompts Leith to invite her to come and take the pan. He cuddles up to her and instructs her how to flip an egg. She throws it onto the floor and he laughs, saying that she'd be surprised the things they put back together to serve those upstairs. He suggests that they go off somewhere, and Greer agrees.

When the castle is taken under siege, Greer and Leith are trapped in the kitchen among the other servants. During the feast, Greer serves food. In the kitchen, a guard comes in and asks Leith where the girl with soft hands is (Greer) and then notices that no one is there except Leith. He draws his sword and Leith attacks him. They fight, and eventually the guard pins Leith down. Out of nowhere, Greer leaps at him. The guard slaps her hard and then chokes Leith. Greer wallops him on the head with a skillet and asks Leith with horror if she killed him. Leith cuts his throat just to be sure and to comfort her, seeing as now they'll never know which of them killed him.

The Darkness
Greer and Leith are kissing in her chamber when Leith pulls away, as he must prepare for the upcoming First Light Banquette. He mentions that Lord Castleroy is back at court, hoping to catch her eye at the event. He also passes her a letter from her parents.

The Darkness 19 Lord Castleroy

No pepper?

At the event, Greer attends Lord Castleroy's planned dinner for two, with Leith serving them. Castleroy points out that he avoided including pepper in the meal, since he knows that Greer wasn't interested in it, and he wanted to prove that he was a man that had more going on than his occupation. Just as Leith pours them some more wine, Castleroy's sleeve catches on fire and Leith uses a table cloth to put it out. Greer checks on Castleroy before tending to Leith and Castleroy praises the boy's courage and selflessness.

The Darkness 38 Greer n Castleroy

Thanks bae

The next day, Leith bursts into Greer's room, informing her that he has been offered an apprenticeship in Spain by Lord Castleroy, which he accepts after Greer encourages him to take it and assures him that they are ending it hopefully rather than bitterly.

Leith stares at Greer as she and her new suitor, Lord Julien, are at The Bean Queen event talking.

Monsters - 23 Leith n Greer


Later, Leith goes to see Greer. She reminds him that they've already said their goodbyes, and he tells her that he understands, but needed to see her. The next thing they know, they are kissing. Lord Julien walks in on them kissing, and Leith takes the blame for the kiss, claiming that he stole a kiss and that his advance was unwanted. He is then taken away to the dungeon and Julien ends his engagement with Greer.

Thanks to Lord Castleroy, Leith is enlisted in the military instead of being sent to prison. As the men enlisted into the military are walking in an orderly queue in the courtyard, Leith looks back at the castle balcony at Greer.

Serving in the Military

Higher Ground

Return to Court

Slaughter of Innocence
Leith notices one of the king's guards harassing a young woman, so he intervenes, referring to her as "darling" in order to get the soldier to leave, which proves successful.

He explains to her, Yvette how all his life he has seen people forced into things they don't want. Yvette, clearly attracted to him, asks him to share a drink with her so he can tell her all about it. He respectfully declines, saying he is looking for someone else (Greer). She is disappointed, remarking how sad his words were.

A couple of days later, Yvette is sitting by herself when Leith joins her. They formally introduce one another by name. Leith asks her if she remembers him, to which she replies how could she forget.

Leith offers to have that drink now. Yvette is flattered but also intrigued, asking him what changed. Leith simply replies he wasn't thirsty before but is now (in truth Greer spurned him, saying even though she loved him she still couldn't marry him).

Yvette tells him she is meeting someone else now. Jokingly he calls her a heartbreaker. She says, "Not at all. And don't you be one either". She then stands and they say their good-byes.

Both remain unaware of their respective relationships with Greer and Lord Castleroy.

Season 2

The Plague
Along with the rest of the court, Leith and Yvette attend a gathering to hear Queen Mary's announcement about the plague returning to France.

Leith notices Greer alongside Lord Castleroy, whom Yvette then points out as her father. Leith is shocked, but before he can say anything, Yvette leaves and joins her father. He and Yvette meet up again after to talk about the revelation that just occurred. He attempts to break it off with her, telling her that he wouldn't have pursued her if he had known, but she is intent on continuing their relationship and spending what may be their "last days on earth" with Leith. They agree to meet the next day on a rooftop.

However, Greer talks him out of it and Leith never shows up.

Drawn and Quartered
After visiting his daughter's tombstone, Lord Castleroy goes to see Leith. He uses Greer's false accusation to him to condemn Leith for Yvette's death. He warns Leith to stay away from his family, including Greer, or he will destroy him.

Later, Greer goes to visit Leith. She admits that she told Castleroy what Leith said in anger because of her own jealousy over Leith and Yvette. Leith believes Greer should never tell Lord Castleroy the truth because he shouldn't be given any more pain than he already has.

To add insult to injury, Lord Narcisse drops the accusations against Nostradamus and three other guards in exchange for getting to choose land for himself. It is revealed that the lands Narcisse wanted and that King Francis deeded to him were Leith's.

Serving in the King's Guard

The Lamb and the Slaughter
Leith returns to court at the summons of Francis. Who apologizes for having to take away his lands. He's told that it will be explained when he and Francis share a draft, or ten together. He's offered a position at court, which entails helping Sebastian to which he accepts. He's later watched by Greer and Kenna from afar, when he's outside talking with other men. Later that night during the banquet, he and Greer share a dance. He tells her that since they'll be running into each other at court there is no reason for it to be awkward between the two and she agree's. When the two look into each other's eyes, Greer tells him she has to go and he's left alone on the dance floor.

Blood for Blood
He and Bash go to tell Francis and Mary about the attack on the Protestants by the Catholics. They are sent to help, find out what happen and capture the guilty party. While on their way, Bash orders him to go find the Protestants and asure them they'll be protected. Its then he runs into Lord Castleroy, and tells the rest of the guards he's okay and a friend of the King. He and Bash later returns to court with the men responsible for the attack. The next day, he runs into Greer, and warns her she should ask Castleroy about the secrets he's keeping for her sake. The next day he unwillingly attends Greer and Lord Castleroy's Wedding to see if she would show up. When she does he leaves the room.

Season 3

Felix Jean-Dubois told King Charles how he went to his father's office and noticed crates of weapons being moved to thw town of Orsay, leading The Phantom Brigade to think that was The Red Knights headquartered.

Later that night Felix, and Charles rendezvous with Leith and travel with him to Orsay. Once there, they met up with Thierry Huguenot and three of them watched as Charles lit an arrow, sending it into the tower to explode the weapons. However they had already been moved, and now the town's grain was burning. The town quickly turned on them and Leith and the King's Guard got them out. In the commotion and smoke, Leith lost King Charles to The Red Knights. [1]

Season 4

Leith is revealed to be alive and Lord Narcisse has him arrested so he cannot interfere with the recent marriage between his son Luc Narcisse and Princess Claude.

Leith is immediately released by Luc who informs Claude that he is alive. Claude and Leith run into each others arms. In the evening, Claude visits Leith and tells him that Luc has agreed to an annulment. Luc informs Leith and Claude that an annulment is not possible due to Lord Narcisse seeing Luc and Claude in bed the morning after the wedding. Luc, proposes an open marriage to protect Claude but Leith refuses because sharing Claude make him feel uncomfortable.

Claude and Leith are making love while Luc walks in on them to inform Claude about her sister Queen Leeza's arrival. Later Leith hears Claude and Luc in their chambers, which makes him melancholic. Leith is sent by Claude to retrieve King Charles. Leith finds an injured Luc in a forest and brings him back to the castle. afterwards, Leith says farewell to Claude.

Notes and Trivia

  • Leith is actually a place in Scotland.
  • Leith is very well educated, a rare ability for a 16th-century commoner. He can read, he has bible verses memorized, and is able to give the history of Saint Michael during the The Michaelmas Banquette. [2]
  • After chasing a goat over a mountaintop, Leith decided to do indoor work only. [2]
  • Leith's first kill was while the castle was held hostage by Count Vincent and his men. [3] Since then he has killed up to two dozen English soldiers while at war. [4]
  • Greer secretly broke up with him by getting him an apprenticeship with Lord Castleroy. [5]
  • Leith saves the Dauphin of France's life. [4]
  • The lands he received from King Francis are taken away by Lord Narcisse, resulting in him getting the position as a member of the King's Guard. [6]
  • Possibly had sexual relations with someone while at King Antoine's party. [7]
  • Promoted to the new position of Captain of the Royal Escort. [8]
  • He begins a relationship with Princess Claude, [9] whom he later becomes engaged to with Queen Catherine's blessing. [10]
  • Leith is injured and presumed dead, and by the time he returns to court, Claude has married someone else. [11]
  • Leith is said to be getting married to someone. [12]

In History

  • Leith is an entirely fictional character, with no historical equivalent.


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