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Season Four Episode
Leaps of Faith
Season 4, Episode 3
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Air date February 24, 2017
Written by April Blair
Laurie McCarthy
Directed by Charles Binamé
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A Grain of Deception


Playing With Fire
"Only one queen can survive. And I intend it to be me."
Queen Elizabeth


Mary Makes a Decision That Could Change the Course of History
Gideon shows Mary what life could be like if she chose love over country. Catherine fights to cover King Charles' increasingly erratic behavior, while Claude finds an enemy in her sister.


While Mary is entertaining a new suitor, Prince Magnus, James is trying to get closer to Emily Knox.

Lord Darnley and his mother, Lady Lennox, are on their way to Scotland to see Mary in person for the first time. As Darnley is very much in love with Keira, he isn't pleased that his mother is playing matchmaker, but she reminds him that if he weds Mary, he will become King.

Their carriage makes a stop at Keira's, where Darnley tells her that he is to meet the Queen. Keira starts panicking; why hasn't her engagement with Lord White been broken off? Why is Darnley doing his mother's bidding? They haven't much time. Darnley swears to her that they will be together, that his courtship with Mary is only to appease his mother, and tells her that they will meet again at Blackfriar's Bridge when he returns.

In France, Narcisse and John Philip enter the courtyard, where they are welcomed by Catherine. John is lead away by a nanny and while Catherine vows to care for him, she promises Narcisse that he will be in his life as well. To her surprise, Narcisse doesn't want that. The child reminds him too much of Lola.

The conversation then shifts to Queen Leeza and her inserting herself into French affairs. Catherine tells Narcisse about how Spain has pressed to replace him as Lord Chancellor of France with one of their own. Narcisse pledges to fight for his spot.

In England, Elizabeth bemoans how the sum she sent to Lord White was stolen. Gideon blames it on bandits, but Elizabeth believes another plot is afoot. As long as Darnley remains eligible, he and Mary may wed. But Gideon has a solution: he would like to marry Mary. He believes she would accept because she never angled for being Queen and has lost much because of it.

Catherine introduces Lord Narcisse to Leeza, and immediately there is tension. Leeza introduces them to Cardinal Rosales, the new Lord Chancellor of France of her choice, and offers to help Narcisse in drafting his resignation letter. When she and Rosales walk away, Catherine pulls Narcisse aside to talk. They decide to eliminate Rosales and to engage Charles in the pleasures of being a king.


Queen Elizabeth: Oh, do shut up, Lord Blackburn.

King Charles: I'll take it under advisement.
Queen Catherine: You'll take what under advisement? What, you're just going to mouth kingly words?!

Lord Narcisse: We don't take on the competition, we eliminate it.

Lord Narcisse: What exactly is Leeza's grudge against you?
Queen Catherine: That I was a terrible mother. I mean, all my children say that, but in Leeza's case, she's right.

Gideon Blackburn: I am asking you to marry me, but I am begging you to save your own life.

Lady Bianca: You could tell me.
King Charles: Did they ask you to do that? To listen to me? A task foisted on a stranger because no one wants to hear it, not really.

Gideon Blackburn: Do you think we can be happy together?
Queen Mary: Yes.
Gideon Blackburn: For tonight, that's all I need to know.

Queen Leeza: Having a disability doesn't disqualify a skilled applicant, not in Spain, and not here.
Queen Catherine: Yes, Spain is known for its equality and compassion. The Inquisition taught everyone that.

Princess Claude: You poisoned a blind man?
Queen Catherine: He wasn't blind until I poisoned him. Don't make it sound so cruel.

Queen Leeza: A saint can become a witch very quickly in the eyes of an angry mob.

Queen Mary: My child will be heir to her throne, to both nations.

Gideon Blackburn: Mary, this is a course you cannot step back from. And if you take it, I fear I'm looking at a dead woman.
Queen Mary: We all die, Gideon. The question is what we stood for while we lived.

Queen Elizabeth: Only one queen can survive. And I intend it to be me.


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  • The episode title was released on December 29, 2016.
  • The episode Synopsis was released on January 3, 2017.
  • Jonathan Goad was credited, but did not appear.

Historical Notes[]

  • There was a tremendous amount of foreshadowing in this episode. Queen Elizabeth never did marry. Mary, Queen of Scots and Lord Darnley did marry. Mary's son, King James VI, did become King of England and Scotland.
  • The mourning period for royals in Europe at the time was 40 days. Those affected by the loss of a loved one would wear all black. However, it was only reserved for other royals.
  • James Stuart's mother was too lowborn for him to become king. Her name was Lady Margaret Erskine. She was a noblewoman and mistress of King James V. However, she was still alive and lived in Lochleven Castle when Mary Stuart took up residence in 1560.
  • The Spanish Inquisition was established in 1478. It was intended to maintain Catholic orthodoxy in their kingdoms and to replace the Medieval Inquisition, which was under Papal control. Royal Decrees were issued in 1492 and 1502 ordering Jews and Muslims to convert or leave Spain.
  • There is no Sandown Castle in Kent, England.
  • Lady Lennox did not have a second-cousin named Albert.



  • Credit Order
Actor Character
Adelaide Kane Queen Mary
Megan Follows Queen Catherine
Rachel Skarsten Queen Elizabeth
Celina Sinden Greer Castleroy
Craig Parker Lord Narcisse
Rose Williams Princess Claude
Ben Geurens Gideon Blackburn
Dan Jeannotte James Stuart
Spencer MacPherson King Charles
Will Kemp Lord Darnley
Guest Staring
Anastasia Phillips Queen Leeza
Nola Augustson Lady Lennox
Sara Garcia Lady Keira
Claire Hunter Emily Knox
Kyle Gatehouse Prince Magnus
Neil Foster Cardinal Rosales
Sofia Banzhaf Bianca Simon
Amanda Lisman Lady Patrice
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut