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Lady Marie
Lady Marie
Biographical Information
Real Name: Lady Marie
Title: Lady-in-Waiting
Age: 17
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Kingdom of France
Current Location: France
Affiliations: Kingdom of France

The Flying Squad

Physical Description
Gender: Female Female
Height: 5'8
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Blood for Blood
Portrayed by: Unknown

Lady Marie is a Ladies-in-Waiting, specially trained by Queen Catherine as one of her Flying Squad women.

Season 2Edit

Blood for Blood
Lady Kenna and Lady Lola stopped Lady Marie to question if she knew who the man in The Sex Journal was. They were interrupted by Queen Catherine who wanted to know what was going on. She excused Lady Marie away, but not before telling her to fix her hair.


  • Though she is titled Lady, she is most likely not of noble birth.
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