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Lady Lola
Biographical Information
In History: Mary Fleming
Maiden Name: Lola Fleming
Married Name: Lola Narcisse
Title: Noble of unknown rank

Lady Lola
Lady Narcisse (Marriage)

Born: 1542
Died: Winter of 1561
Age: 19
Height: 5'3 ½
Gender: Female Female
Nationality: Scottish Flag - Scotland
Status: Deceased
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Linlithgow, Scotland
Affiliations: Kingdom of Scotland

Kingdom of France
House of Narcisse (Marriage)
Lola and Colin
Lola and Francis
Lola and Julien
Lola and Condé
Lola and Narcisse
Lola and Mary

Relationship Information
Parents: Malcolm Fleming (Father)

Janet Fleming (Mother)

Husband: Lord Narcisse

Lord Julien (Estranged)

Children: John Philip (Son)
Family: Fredrick Fleming (Brother)

Robert Fleming † (Brother)
Unnamed Brother †
Two Unnamed Brothers

Interests: Colin MacPhail(Ex-fiancé)

King Francis(Co-parent)
Louis of Condé (Ex-fiancé)
Lord Hans (Flirtation)

Character Information
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: Spiders in a Jar
Portrayed By: Anna Popplewell

"You are my queen and we're your subjects. We're here in service to you, whatever that means, whatever it costs us."
Lady Lola to Queen Mary

Lady Lola Narcisse (née Fleming) was a close friend and lady-in-waiting to Queen Mary. Since arriving at French court, she married Lord Julien, left him due to him deceiving her, and had a son with King Francis out of wedlock. When Francis publicly claimed their child, Lola was presumed the King's mistress, which made every man afraid of her. Except for the man even the King was afraid of: Lord Narcisse. The pair got close and married shortly after, defeating all odds. However, her husband's power-grabbing nature soon resurfaced and drove Lola away from him, all the way to English court. Lola found an unforeseen friend in Queen Elizabeth for a while, until she betrayed Elizabeth on what she thought was an order from her Queen. Lady Lola was thereafter beheaded for treason.

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"You are brave, perhaps wise... and definitely loyal."
Queen Elizabeth about Lady Lola

Immediately from the start, Lola was brave. She fought for her loved ones time and again, no matter the cost to herself. Although her loyalties wavered a bit in the beginning, she soon found her footing. Lola had a calm and caring nature about her, but was prone to lash out when upset. She craved love and was scared of being left alone, which often clouded her judgement and made her think with her heart more than her head.

As the series progressed, Lola become more intelligent with how she interacted, especially with how she counseled Elizabeth. She always tried to do the right thing but it didn't always work out.


Early Life

Lola was hand-picked by Marie de Guise to be a playmate, and when older, a Lady-in-waiting to Queen Mary when they were both little girls. Years later, Lola dated a Scottish boy named Colin MacPhail who worked on a farm, Lola lived with her family until she was sent to France in service of Queen Mary once more.

Season 1


Pilot 10 Ladies in Waiting


Trumpets sound as the Ladies-in-Waiting arrive at French Court. Lady Kenna, Greer Norwood, Lady Aylee and Lady Lola all emerge from their carriages. As they're admiring their greeting from the French Court, their own Queen arrives, and she pulls them into a warm hug. Greer then fixes her queen, Mary's hair, before she meets Prince Francis. They exchange greetings and Mary talks on sheepishly, losing her composure. Francis then escorts Mary to his parents for a proper introduction.

Mary is resting in her room as Lola and her fellow ladies are reminded of what their duties are to their Queen and what is to be expected of them at all times. Once they are done, they do their make up and try on dresses. Aylee then suggests that they explore the castle.

Pilot -Colin


Lola is taking a bath when someone sneaks up on her from behind. She turns around to see that it is her boyfriend, Colin MacPhail, whom she left behind in Scotland. He admits that he left on a ship the day after she had left to join her in France. They kiss and Colin proposes to her. She accepts, but points out that they must be granted permission to be together. Once Lola is dressed, they bring their case to Queen Catherine, who is pleased with their union. She asks Lola to find Mary and keep her on task, while she will speak to Colin in private.

Pilot - 22 Lola

Why are they talking?

That evening at Elisabeth and Philip's Wedding, Lola and Greer are talking when Colin walks in. Greer asks her why he is talking to Mary instead of her. Lola, annoyed, states he's simply paying his respects to his Queen as he hands her a glass of wine. Mary soon notices Lola glaring at her and Colin and suggests they all start dancing, and as they do, feathers fall from the ceiling. Later, when the bedding ceremony for Princess Elisabeth and Prince Philip is about to take place, Lola and the girls decide to spy on the event. When they decide they've seen enough, they run off in separate directions. Lola goes to look for Colin, but appears to be unable to find him.

The next morning, the ladies are discussing Colin's capture, when Mary walks in and informs them that Colin attempted to rape her last night. Luckily, he was stopped before he could do so. Lola divulges that Colin told her that someone had put him up to it. Mary then decides to talk to Colin herself. However, after meeting with the King and Queen, she found out Colin was beheaded that morning. Lola blames Mary for what happened. Mary tries to calm her and promises to protect them as they are all still friends, but Lola doesn't seem to appreciate that sentiment.

"You are my queen and we're your subjects. We're here in service to you. Whatever that means, whatever it costs us."
Lady Lola

Snakes in the Garden

Snakes in Garden - 11 Group

What a nice party!

Lola finally falls asleep in Mary's room the morning after she found out about Colin's death. Later that morning, Greer along with the other ladies are present in The Throne Room when Prince Charles finds out about his engagement to Lady Madeleine.

That afternoon, they are all gathered in Mary's chamber when King Henry and Queen Catherine make a personal appearance. They inform them that Colin has escaped and is now most likely in The Blood Wood. Mary requests to see him once he is found, preferably alive.

Snakes in Garden - 16 Ladies in Waiting

The next day, they all attend Charles and Madeleine's Engagement Party. Kenna asks who the King is talking to, since he's clearly ignoring the Queen. Greer reminds her that he's the king and can talk to whomever he wants.

That night, the ladies inform Mary that they have questioned the servants, but none of them saw a dead girl. Prince Francis then joins them and informs Mary that Colin's body has been found.


Kissed - 3 ladies

The ladies talking about kisses

Mary and her ladies are down by the river discussing boys. Kenna hints at a relationship with an older man while Greer confesses that she has never kissed anyone. But she does believe she may have found someone - the tall, dark, and noble son of the King of Portugal. He is a bastard like Sebastian, but a wealthy one with land. The girls' conversation is interrupted by a servant who informs Mary that her uncle would like to see her at once.

At a party that evening, King Henry asks Nostradamus to share his wisdom with the crowd and tell the fortunes of Mary and her friends. At first, Nostradamus offers up fairly general platitudes to the girls, before eventually revealing their true fates. He tells Lola that she'll meet a dark, handsome stranger and warns her to be wary of flattery.

Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds - 7 Lola w notra

I can help him

It's morning time and Mary and her ladies are watching a tournament outside between Francis and Tomás of Portugal. However Lola had to miss it, she has been instructed by her Queen to look after Sebastian. He was badly hurt a couple of nights before and is recovering with Nostradamus by his side. Not long after she arrives does Bash send his caretaker away in favour of her. She reads to him a book.

Soon Bash is asking about her life, and he shows her the drawing he made of an Archangel. They continue talking and Lola tells him of her two dead old brothers.

Hearts and Minds - 31 Lola

Where is Tomás?

The next day Lola decides to dress up as an Archangel, possible to impress Bash. However she receives the bad news when they realize Tomás is missing, and he might actually have been the one to order the hit that hurt Bash, and not Simon Westbrook. Francis is with them too, and the two brothers go off to find him.

Back at the The Michaelmas Banquette Lola and the girls are trying to think of a way to stall time so King Henry doesn't have the wrong man beheaded. Kenna somehow convinces him to wait a little longer.

The next day in The Throne Room, Mary is with all her ladies when she takes advantage that France will have to renegotiate with Scotland for a marriage between the countries.

A Chill in the Air
Lola attends The Harvest Festival along with Queen Mary, Greer, Kenna, and Aylee.

Sebastian comes over to them and flirts with Mary, but Mary brings up his half-brother, Prince Francis, and Bash appears to be a bit jealous. When he walks away, Lola warns Mary to be careful about Bash, because he has feelings for her.

Everyone at court gathers in the courtyard to welcome King Henry back. On their way, the ladies tease Kenna about dressing to impress a special someone, but Mary defends Kenna. However, Mary also warns Kenna to proceed with caution with the King.

Chosen - 20

He's in love with Diane, you fool!

Kenna announces to her friends that she is now the King's mistress. The girls all have different reactions, with Aylee being curious as to how it all happened, Greer trying to be happy for Kenna, and Lola being cynical with how Henry is still so entwined with Diane de Poitiers.

That night, the ladies are on the balcony. Kenna is lamenting about King Henry, but her complaining comes to an abrupt halt when the ladies bid her to look out of the balcony. Outside, Kenna sees her name in fireworks.

Chosen - 48 - Mary n group

They're not who we thought they were...

In the evening, Mary and the ladies-in-waiting are in Mary's chambers and Mary tells them that she begged the guards to give Sarah a quick and painless death, but they didn't comply, as Sara and her accomplice are burned alive, making the girls question who the royals really are.

Left Behind
The ladies are present in The Throne Room as King Henry declares that Mary and Francis will wed and lay claim to England.

Later, Mary and the ladies are talking in Mary's chamber. The ladies are surprised to learn that Mary will wed Francis tomorrow evening, as they believe that it's too soon. However, Mary assures them all that Francis is a good man. The girls then begin to dream up how Mary will look on her wedding day.

The girls soon gather in Mary's chamber to discuss the latest setback: Nostradamus' prophecy. Greer is distrustful of his prophecies. She mentions that Nostradamus stated that she will fall in love with a man with a white scar on his face, which she believes hasn't happened yet, unknown to her that it has.

Fated - Promotional Images 7

The calm before the storm

Greer, Lola, and Aylee later pay a visit to Kenna in the infirmary. Kenna has a drink delivered to her, so she asks Aylee to pass her the cup, and when she lifts it, Aylee notes that it smells nice and mentions smelling a spice in it. Aylee then gives all the ladies a piece of jewelry for them to wear at Mary and Francis' Wedding. The girls then toast to the power of love and friendship.

The ladies are soon seen circled around Aylee, who is lying on the floor in a pool of blood. They grieve her death, as does Mary when she sees them. Not long after that, Mary is packing to leave France and return to Scotland. She tells her ladies that she will find a new alliance, as this one has cost them enough already. Mary promises to send for them as soon as she can, and they will reunite in Scotland.

For King and Country
Royal Blood

Royal Blood - Fredrick II

Getting into trouble

Fredrick Fleming is in Paris, France and after being caught cheated at cards, has talked his way out of getting his hands smashed by promising to pay off his debt with interest. Not long after, Lola arrives with the money.

When Lola pays off his debt, the housemaster informs her of his cheating and tells her that the price for that is much higher. He insinuates a night with her would clear her brother of what was left over and any hard feelings. Luckily for Lola Francis' appears and decided to made a wager. Francis pays 4 times the debt for one-quarter of the cards. After he loses he tries again, this time the wager has been raised to 16 times the original debt and the housemaster draws a Queen. Francis draws and King and wins.

Ready to forget for a while

Lola and Francis retire to his room where they play cards for the rest of the night and Lola complains about her screw-up brother, but they are all her parents have left. Francis sympathizes with her and hours later they fall asleep beside each other.

The next morning they wake up clothed but in each other's arms. Soon the sexual tension builds and after Lola confirms that Mary will not be upset, and Francis is assured she is not a maiden, they consummate their relationship. By noon they are both downstairs again ready to part ways. However, they are informed that the Queen of France is to be beheaded within the week and Francis is eager to return back to court.


Consummation Lola

Feeling bad...

Francis and Lola had spent the night in a wooden cabin. Francis was already up and dressed, and was coming back to the cabin when Lola was finishing up. Francis’ mind was preoccupied on whether or not his mother was alive or dead. He was scared of what was going to happen and didn't want to be around for Mary, and his brother's wedding. Mother wanted them to go over there lie again, as she did not want Mary to know they had been together. Francis assured her she would not.

Half a day later France it's entered the castle with Lola in front of him as she told their lie. She then requested that Greer and Kenna follow her back to her chambers and help her change out of her clothes.

Later that day, King Henry arrived and told everyone how the English Queen was dead. He then demanded that Mary makes her choose which of his sons to marry.

Consummation - Promo II

The next day while helping Mary get ready for her wedding, she confronted Kenna, asking her where she had been the night before when she went to visit her with hot coco, but a servant said she was with the king. Kenna tried to play it off, but Lola's said it was very late, and she knew what she was up to and it was a mistake. Kenna then informed Lola she knew of the Château she had claimed to stay at and that it had burned down the year before. She didn't know exactly what Lola and Francis had been up to, but she could make a pretty good guess.

"I don't know what happened between you two, but I can guess. So don't council me on mistakes."
Lady Kenna

Not long after that Lola walked with Greer, and Kenna down the aisle for Mary and Francis' Wedding. Once it was over they all retreated to the wedding reception and danced together. However, soon it was time for the consummation ceremony.

While Francis' and Mary were in the middle of their bedding ceremony, Lola was having a hard time watching, knowing she had just been with Francis the night before.

Dirty Laundry
Lola along with Greer and Kenna greet Francis and Mary as they return to court from their two-month long honeymoon. Mary revels in the fact that she has found a suitor for both Greer and Lola. The girls then retreat to Mary's chambers.

Mary has bought them gifts from her voyage, including dresses that they all try on. When Lola claims that hers is too snug, Mary reassures her that she'll have the seamstress work on it. However, when Lola denies eating marzipan, which Mary knows for a fact is Lola's favourite dessert, the girls all notice and worry about her.

Kenna confronts Lola in private about her odd behaviour lately, before correctly guessing that Lola is pregnant. Although Kenna congratulates Lola on securing her place at court by getting pregnant and becoming Francis' mistress, Lola is afraid of about how her family and Mary will react to the news, as well as the possibility of no longer having the freedom she currently enjoys. Lola pressures Kenna into divulging the name of a servant who had an abortion so that Lola can talk to her.

Lola bribes the servant into telling her where she had an abortion done, which is where Lola heads the very next morning. However, Mary bursts into the cabin just as Lola is about to go under the knife. Mary tries to console Lola, but is in need of consoling herself when she realises that the father of Lola's child is her husband.

When they return to the castle, Mary is furious at Lola for her deception. Although Lola is remorseful, she asks Mary to keep her pregnancy a secret while she thinks about her options. Mary reluctantly agrees.

The Darkness
Lola is strolling with Mary as Mary tells her all about the upcoming First Light Banquette. She makes sure to emphasize on Lola finding a suitor, which prompts Lola to reluctantly agree to attend the event.

The Darkness - Promo V

Are you feeling me?

At the banquet, Mary points out Count Nardin to Lola as the suitor she would like her to meet, so Lola walks up to him. Nardin is direct in that he tells her that he needs to marry in order to keep his inheritance. But that doesn't mean they can't be the "amusing companions" he would like them to be. He then gives her a candle, which she ends up lighting.

The next day, Francis goes to Lola and questions her choice of a suitor, as he knows that Lola would prefer a marriage of love over a marriage of convenience, but Lola is set on getting to know the count before passing any judgement on him.

The Darkness 33 Mary Stuart n Lola

Do as I say!

Mary later confronts Lola about having to lie to her husband about her pregnancy. Mary pleads with Lola to tell Francis the truth, warning Lola that she will resent her if Francis finds out from someone else and no longer trusts Mary as a consequense. When Lola learns that Nardin prefers men, she wants to back out of the engagement, but Mary tells her that she must either wed Nardin or face Francis finding out about her pregnancy.

The next day, Lola and Mary make up from their earlier fight, though Mary is still skeptical of Lola and Francis' relationship. Lola reminds Mary that she doesn't like Francis like that and that he is not his father, while Mary encourages her friend to save herself instead of relying on a man to do so.

Lola and Kenna stand by as Queen Mary blesses the engagement of Greer and Lord Julien. The girls then congratulate Greer. Mary pulls Lola aside and informs her that her suitor from Alsace has been delayed for a few weeks. Lola alarms Mary that she will soon begin to show, but she still has a week or two to spare for Mary to find another suitor.

Later that day, Greer cries to her friends about being caught kissing Leith while her friends try to comfort her, but to no avail. Mary tries to tell Greer not to be ashamed of herself, but Greer points out that they have all been disgraceful, except Lola. That it when Lola finally confesses to her night in Paris with Francis.

Liege Lord

Liege Lord 5 Lola n Lord Julien

Marry me!

As they stroll the hall, Lola fills Greer in on her courtship with Lord Julien. Despite the lovely time they've spent together, he has been slow to propose, and Lola is going to be showing any day now. Using Greer's suggestion, Lola decides to give him a push by bringing the topic of marriage up while dancing. As they talk, Julien confesses that he has sworn off having children due to two of his wives dying in childbirth, which startles Lola. However, before she can respond, Julien proposes to her in front of everyone and she has no choice but to say yes.

The following evening, Lola summons Julien and confesses that she is with child, but doesn't reveal the who the father is as she doesn't want him to know. Much to Lola's surprise, Julien comforts her and pledges to marry her regardless, as she is still the most beautiful girl he knows.

No Exit
Preparations for Lola and Julien's Wedding are in full swing: the ballroom is beautifully decorated and Julien gifts Lola a gorgeous sapphire necklace, which are the size of grapes, according to Kenna. The wedding takes place that evening, with Lola crying tears of joy at the ceremony and then dancing the night away.

The next day, Julien and Lola wake up on their first morning as husband and wife, but when Lola tries to bring up their impending marital tour, all Julien seems to be concerned about is acquiring her dowry.

While packing for their honeymoon, Lola accidentally steps on her new necklace and one of the sapphires shatter. She shares her concern about Julien not opening up about his past with Greer, who brushes it aside and simply suggests that she talk it through with him. But Lola only demonstrates her lack of trust in Julien when she postpones him receiving her dowry.

When Lola attempts to wring a confession out of Julien that evening, he assuages her uncertainty but doesn't reveal anything about himself at all.

Season 2

The Plague
The Black Plague reaches the castle despite Queen Catherine and Queen Mary's attempts to shut it out.

The Plague - Promotional image IIII

Outside the castle, King Francis finds Lola and their newborn son, and they are aided by Francis' cousin, Louis of Condé. Louis offers to send Lola and her baby away on a boat, but Francis refuses, wanting to keep his son close to him.

Drawn and Quartered
Francis, Louis, Lola, and her baby arrive safely at the castle. Mary is uncomfortable with the baby, given the awkward position it puts her in, but gives Francis her blessing to claim the child. Lola helps Mary find proof of Lord Voland's murder.

Lola repeatedly asks Francis why he fired her favourite nanny, Caroline. While Francis does not give Lola a straightforward answer, he alludes to Caroline reminding him of someone he needs to forget.

The Lamb and the Slaughter
A grand christening is held for Francis and Lola's son. Estelle the woman who helped Lola give birth, goes to Lola for help because she wants to be freed of her new marriage with Lord Narcisse. Believing Narcisse to be abusive, Lola and Mary sneak Estelle out of the castle, but Estelle later jumps off a cliff to her death. Narcisse tells Lola that the stories of abuse were untrue and that he was overprotective of Estelle because she was suicidal, also telling her about two other marriages that both ended in the deaths of his wives. He says that "Love is a rare jewel I have yet to see."

Blood for Blood
Lola is surprised when she's approached by Narcisse, who wishes to pursue her as a sexual partner.

Three Queens
Lola is disowned by her family after they learn of her bearing a child by Francis. Resolved to be independent, Lola decides to regain her dowry from Lord Julien's family but is blocked from doing so until Narcisse offers to help her in return for her spending time with him. They grow closer through flirtation and court games (though it starts with tea and archery), but Lola remains cautious of his reputation.

The Prince of the Blood
Lord Narcisse demands that King Francis sign an edict that will force everyone in France to openly declare their faith. Francis turns to Sebastian for help, confessing the truth that he killed Henry. Lola is tasked by Francis to plant false evidence inside Narcisse's house that could get Narcisse arrested as a traitor. The following day, she claims that she was unable to go through with it. In truth, she hid the evidence behind a painting while Narcisse drew a bath, during which he revealed to Lola that Francis killed King Henry.

"Once Francis learns of our relationship, and asks you to betray my trust, I want you to remember who told you the truth about who they are and what they are capable of."
Lord Narcisse

Terror of the Faithful

Terror of the Faithful 16 - Lord Narcisse n Lola

Ride my horse and then me

Lola is out in the forest and realises that her horse is nowhere to be found. Along comes Lord Narcisse and he offers her a ride on his horse. While riding back to the castle, Narcisse proposes that he and Lola start meeting in secrecy, as she doesn't want to be seen with him.

Finally back at the castle, Lola goes to Francis to tell him that she knows about Narcisse's blackmail and urges him to tell Mary about it. She thinks that Francis is after Narcisse to protect his secret, but he tells her about all the people Narcisse has threatened, including their son. She then admits that she indeed planted the evidence on Narcisse in his estate.

Terror of the Faithful 44 - Lola

"You're just a dangerous man."

Later, Narcisse comes to Lola and reveals that he found the evidence shortly after she left and when soldiers didn't immediately arrive, he thought she'd had a change of heart. She angrily tells him that she had until she learned that he'd threatened her child. He claims that he didn't threaten her baby but that they all have targets on their backs because of what Francis has done. He warns her that one day, she will wish she had his protection.

At the end of the episode, Francis is hurt that he has ruined his marriage and Lola assures him that he just loves his wife and is a good man.

Acts of War
The ladies are learning a dance. During their break, Princess Claude comes in and asks them about Lord Narcisse, which makes Lola jealous. Lola attends The Feast of St. Nicolas that evening.

Acts of War - Promotional Images 1

That night, a group of Protestant radicals storm the castle with the intention to kill the King. Though they leave when they don't find him, they claim the lives of guards and servants that work at the castle in their wake. Luckily, the King and Queen are said to be untouched. Narcisse goes to see Lola and confides to her that he's shocked at the Protestants' desperation. He also shows regret over having backed the Protestants into a corner through his pressure on the King, prompting them to attack the castle.

"I feel this nation is burning and I am the man who lit the match."
Lord Narcisse

At last, he confesses that he still thinks of her.

Mary summons her ladies into her chamber and divulges that she has been raped. The ladies, including Lola, express their deepest sympathies.

"We don't care about the Monarchy, we're your friends, we care about you!"
Lady Lola

Lola then tells Francis the place where Lord Narcisse could be hiding.

Lola has trouble calming down her son's cries. He only quiets down to sleep when Francis comes in and holds him. He and Lola then fall asleep beside each other, with their son in between them.

Lola offers herself as a match to Louis of Condé by order of Queen Mary.

"I don't care if your heart leads you my way or not, but I won't have it lead you to Mary."
Lady Lola
Lola and conde

Lola and Condé dancing

Lola and Condé are courting each other after both Francis and Mary asked them to. Lord Narcisse comes to Lola and mocks Louis' predictability, suggesting that Lola go to the hot springs with him. Lola ignores his advances, but later, when she sees him kissing Princess Claude, she appears hurt. She laments to Kenna about how she wants someone predictable and dependable. Kenna says nothing, only nods and looks amused. Lola is then approached by Louis, who asks her if she wants to dance. She beams at him and accepts his invitation to dance.

Later, Francis renews his friendship with Lola, whom he has been ignoring for Mary's sake.

The End of Mourning

The Duke of Guise's high treason against the crown is covered up in light of his murder. King Antoine, King Francis, Queen Mary, Queen Catherine, Marie de Guise, Louis of Condé and Lady Lola all attend his funeral.

After King Francis tells Lola he was looking for her at the Duke's Memorial service. He has good news. The Duke and Duchess Von Amsberg are in town, they're a wealthy, and powerful branch of the Habsburgs, and have agreed to an engagement between their infant daughter and their own son, John Philip.

Lola and narcisse

Lola kisses Narcisse while high.

Francis arranges a marriage for his and Lola's son with the Habsburgs, but it's sabotaged when Lola meets them while high on Marie de Guise's opiates, insulting the child's appearance. She is taken back to the castle where she sees Narcisse in the hallway and chases after him, asking him if sex with him would be scary or simple. She leans in, giggling, and says that she's ready to find out. She and Narcisse share a deep kiss which is broken off when Lola bites his lip too hard, and he tells her that he thinks she's not in her right mind and that he doesn't want to be with her like this, though she is heartbreakingly tempting. He tells the maid with her to watch over Lola and watches them leave, smiling when Lola tells the maid, "He didn't even offer me a bath. And he always offers a bath!"

Tasting Revenge

Tasting Revenge - Promotional Images 3

Why don't you get together with my son.

Queen Catherine continually suggests to Lola that if Mary and Francis are finished, she should become his mistress. However, Lola declines as she only she Francis as a friend. The next day, Lola gives Francis a hard time about disappearing with Narcisse's niece. She thinks he just needs to give Mary more time, but he insists that Mary doesn't want time, Mary wants Condé. Francis says he forbade their union, but Lola advises Francis to let go of Mary and let her heal with Condé. Francis heeds her advice.

Abandoned11 - Greer, Lola n Kenna


On their way to Greer's new estate, Lola listens as Kenna bemoans how Bash already moved on from her. Lola makes Kenna promise not to comment on where Greer lives, no matter how ghastly it may be. However, they are surprised to learn that Greer is a madam, living a rather grand manor house with her working girls. Greer fears her friends' judgement, but instead, they toast to not caring what people think.

"We're all basically fallen women. An unwed mother, a divorcee, eventually, and now a madam. So I say to hell with what people think."
Lady Kenna

While at a tea party with Queen Mary and Kenna, Lola questions Mary's relationship with Condé and tries to nudge her into reconciling with Francis, while Kenna even goes as far as to ask Mary if she believes that she and Condé can still be together, in spite of all odds. Mary dodges the question in a way, simply replying that she will not abandon Condé.

Kenna and Lola are at the doorstep of Greer's brothel, having brought her a damask, when they are approached by one of Greer's courtesans. They ask after Greer and the courtesan goes to fetch her. Kenna spies General Renaude at the back of the room, so she takes the damask and ushers Lola out, taking it as an opportunity to perhaps talk to him.

Abandoned12 - Lola n Narcisse

Outside, Lola runs into Narcisse. He is taken aback at the sight of Lola in front of a whorehouse, but more so amused as he teases her about it. After Lola explains why she was there, Narcisse warns her to be careful.

Because even though she has risen above speculation, she could easily be immersed in it yet again.

"Careful, Lady Lola. Tongues less discreet than my own will wag."
Lord Narcisse

When Lola asks Narcisse why he cares, he admits that he doesn't know. Unfortunately to both of them, they were seen by one of Catherine's spies.

Season 3

Lord Narcisse confronts Lola about avoiding him, and she tells him that she will never change her mind on being with him if her life on the line because of that. Narcisse promises to protect her, but she counters him, asking, "Who will protect me from you?" Narcisse tells her that if she was his, he would protect her with his life and much more. Lola brings up his violent past, but Narcisse points out that he would never hurt her, and she knows that.

Three Queens, Two Tigers - King Francis 11

No Narcisse, please.

Lola discusses Narcisse with Francis, who disapproves of him and tells Lola that he doesn't want their son to grow up around a man like Narcisse. However, Lola points out that their son will grow up around Francis, and when Francis stutters, she asks him if he's planning to send them away. He dodges the question and simply says:

"The topic of Narcisse is finished. I forbid your union, and in doing so I am saving you from the biggest mistake of your life."
King Francis

Narcisse later finds Lola bathing in his chambers. She smiles coyly, saying, "You like me in baths" to which he responds, "I do." He asks her if she has changed her mind about his proposition to let him court her. She tries to avoid the topic, instead, attempting to seduce him. He tells her that he developed a great fondness for her and genuinely cares for her, stating that, "You do not need to seduce a man who already wants you." Lola tells him that she is his for the night, but Narcisse turns her down on the grounds that he does not want her for one night, but for a lifetime.

"I am going to marry you. And I can promise you that it is not a mistake, because we are right for each other. You don't see it, but I do. And I am prepared to wait until you see it, too."
Lord Narcisse

Lola finds a dead rat in her bath. Though Narcisse tries to pass it off as a chance encounter, Lola shows him a piece of paper it had in its mouth, saying, "one rat down, two more to go." Lola believes Catherine was responsible, and turns to Narcisse for protection.

Betrothed - Lord Narcisse 8

Later that day, while picking berries for her son, Lola notices flower petals on the ground. She follows a trail of petals, leading her to a picnic setup and Narcisse sitting there. Lola joins him and they talk about their future and their feelings, before getting swept up in the moment and sharing a kiss.

Mary strolls with Lola and Lola tells her about Narcisse. Mary cautions Lola to be wary of Narcisse, before divulging that Francis is dying. Lola proceeds to comfort her. Lola then meets with Narcisse and offers him a clandestine relationship, that will one day result in marriage. He wonders how, since King Francis forbid their union, and Lola asks him to be patient and trust her.

Lola and Narcisse are in bed. Narcisse yet again asks about marriage, and Lola dodges the question, though she allows him to put a ring on her finger as a token of her intention to marry him.

Extreme Measures - Lola 7

That evening, Francis stops by in Lola's chamber, where he confronts her about cavorting with Narcisse. Lola confesses that she loves Narcisse, and believes that there is good in him that no one but her gets to see. But Francis is unconvinced and pleads with her to stay away from him, as Narcisse is not the man he wants John to model himself after.

At a party, Narcisse comes up to Lola and asks her to sneak away with him, but Lola doesn't want to, sharing her newfound doubts about Narcisse's ability to raise children. Narcisse tries to reassure her, but Lola concludes the conversation by saying that she will doubt him as long as Francis does.

Extreme Measures - Lola 14

Married at last!

However, after proving himself, Narcisse earns Francis' blessing to marry Lola, as long as he does so quickly in the interest of Lola's reputation. Narcisse and Lola get married in a lavish ceremony. But to their horror, they later learn that Queen Catherine is out of the dungeon and in their lives again, which she hopes are "long and healthy".

Queen Catherine walks up Lola in the hall and Lola confronts her about planting a rat in her bath. Catherine denies it. Lord Narcisse intercepts Lola and tries to sweep her away on their honeymoon. The next day, Lola awakes to find Narcisse gone, only for him to return fully dressed with muddy boots and a story about preparing food and arranging a vineyard tour. Lola grows suspicious of her new husband.

At lunch, Narcisse and Lola are accosted by the angry daughter of a landowner who accuses Narcisse of stealing her illiterate father's land. Lola looks to Narcisse to deny the claim but he cannot. Lola packs her things to return to court, furious with Narcisse, when she learns that the lands he stole, combined with the lands King Francis gave John, give him a vote on the privy council. He can use that vote to keep Catherine on their good side.

Lola attends King Francis' Funeral.

Lola and Narcisse discuss Catherine's promise to make him Lord Chancellor should he help her win the regency. He accuses Lola of not trusting him to stay away from Catherine.

When talking with Mary, Lola refuses to accept the fact that Narcisse could be behind the rat in her bath and the note in its mouth. She can't believe that her husband would do something which would make a mockery of their marriage.

After Lola testifies in front of the inquest and after sharing her story about the rat, Cardinal Morel commends her. Then she tells Narcisse that Mary told her it was he who put the rat in the tub in order to force her to marry him. Lola gets a letter from her mother telling her that her father and brothers have been taken hostage by the English and Narcisse promises to return her family safely.

While dictating a scribe as to what to write in a letter to her mother, Lola recognizes his calligraphy from the one she was on the note and questions if he was behind it. He denies it but tells her they are all trained in the same penmanship.

Narcisse kills the scribe who can tie him to the rat and note hoping it will be the last crime necessary to cover his tracks. Instead, it ends up being the thing which drives Lola away from him completely.

Lola decides to go to England at Elizabeth's request to save her family and mine for information on Mary's behalf, which Mary thanks her in advance for.

Lord William informed Queen Elizabeth that Lady Lola had agreed to be her hostage in exchange for her family's release. She was placed on a boat headed for England.

While talking with Lola, Queen Elizabeth mentioned how Royals have such a strange sense of family. Her father, King Henry VIII cut off her mother, Anne Boleyn's head. her sister, Mary Tudor jailed her as a threat to her rule. And how Lola has King Francis's bastard son, John Philip.

Queen Elizabeth tells William Cecil that her inability to be with the one she loves doesn't mean no one else cannot be. She sends Agatha to her father, Gideon Blackburn in France and releases Lola's family.

Lola tells Queen Elizabeth that the more time she spends with her, the more she thinks she would get along with Queen Mary.

Queen Elizabeth announced she was going to give a golden apple to the first 100 people in line during King Henry VIII's 50 Year Coronation Celebration. While Beatrice Somerset was in line, Lady Lola tried to put pearls into her purse. She broke the necklace and, in the commotion the Queen had them both arrested.

While in The Tower of London, Lola expressed a man had told her to do it. She thought it was a game between the two. Anne's former best friend Beatrice Somerset and Lady Lola were both arrested. While in The Tower of London, Beatrice Somerset told Lady Lola the story of Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII. She asked Lola if she'd heard the stories, the lady who sold out her dearest friend and infant daughter. She told outlandish tales Anne was guilty of witchcraft and other depravities. Because everyone knew Henry wanted her gone, so to speak ill of Anne was to curry favor with the King. Anne's chambermaid claimed to have seen Anne and her brother George Boleyn together. But King Henry knew no one would believe it unless it came from someone like her, a close friend to Anne. After the trial, Henry awarded her The Boleyn family lands. Henry knew the chambermaid's story was a lie. The only thing Anne was ever guilty of was not having a son. She adding she always wished she could speak with Queen Elizabeth to explain about Anne.

Narcisse and Catherine are disguising Queen Mary's travels back to Scotland. Queen Catherine says Mary is sailing into a hostile nation of Protestants and must leave immediately. Needing her mercenaries for her own protection. Lord Narcisse warns her if that situation explodes, it is better for Mary to incur losses over her. Catherine realized he really does not like Mary. Narcisse reminds her Mary sent his son, Eduard Narcisse to his death. He may not have been a son to be proud of, but he was his, nevertheless. And when Lola had doubts about his commitment to her, and Mary fanned the flames of their discord, driving her to England.

Mary Stuart told Sebastian how she remembered first coming to Court. Stepping out of the carriage, everyone lined up to welcome her. She was so nervous, but at least she had her friends, Kenna, Aylee, Greer, Lola.

Spiders in a Jar
Lola gets a visit from her son's nanny, the same woman who passed along a letter asking Lola to kill Elizabeth. Lola plans to help Mary's assassin and asks the nanny to arrange a meeting with Narcisse. Later, she meets with Narcisse and brings John Philip and the nanny to him. When she tells him that she cannot go with him, he wants to know why, but she cannot tell him. Instead she sends him and John to an inn where she plans to meet them in two days' time.


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