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Lady Kenna
Biographical Information
In History: Mary Livingston
Maiden Name: Kenna Livingston
Married Name: Kenna de Poitiers
Title: Noble of unknown rank

Lady Kenna
Baroness (Marriage)

Born: 1541
Age: 18
Height: 5'3 ½
Gender: Female Female
Nationality: Scottish Flag - Scotland
Status: Alive
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Inverness, Scotland
Current Location: Sweden
Affiliations: Kingdom of Scotland

Kingdom of France
House of de Poitiers (Marriage)
Kenna and Henry
Kenna and Sebastian
Kenna and Antoine
Kenna and Renaude

Relationship Information
Parents: Unnamed Mother
Husband: Sebastian de Poitiers (Separated)
Children: Unborn Child
Family: Diane de Poitiers(Mother-in-law)

King Henry(Father-in-law)
King Francis(Half-brother-in-law)
Princess Claude (Half-sister-in-law)

Interests: King Henry

King Antoine
General Renaude
King of Imereti

Character Information
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: Burn
Portrayed By: Caitlin Stasey

"Bash, I am of many things: enchanting, noble, beautiful..."
Lady Kenna

Lady Kenna de Poitiers is a former Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Mary, and a close friend of hers. Kenna was born and raised in Scotland to a rich and noble family. She is a former mistress of the late King Henry and the estranged wife of Sebastian. She left court quietly give birth to her child by General Renaude.

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Lady Kenna is a spitfire. She knows what she wants and goes to any length to get it. Since arriving at French Court, she knew she aimed for more out of life. She received it briefly by becoming the mistress of the King of France. But that experience has humbled her and showed her that station is no guarantee of safety.

Though loyal, Kenna can be a bit selfish and occasionally suffer from tunnel vision. After her forced marriage, Kenna became more compassionate and happier with herself. But she never quite stopped seeking a life of pleasure and comfort, and ultimately ruined her marriage in pursuit of temporary gratification.


Early Life

The only thing known about Kenna's life prior to the one at French court is that she was born very privileged, comes from a good family, and has a title. Before she left Scotland, her mother gave her a necklace. She said it would always keep her safe.

Season 1


Pilot 10 Ladies in Waiting


The whole of French court is apprised of the Queen of Scots' arrival by the sound of trumpets outside. The first to arrive are four carriages out of which step out the Ladies-in-Waiting, Lady Kenna, Greer Norwood, Lady Aylee and Lady Lola. As they're admiring their greeting from the French court, the final carriage turns up. Out comes their Queen, Mary Stuart. Greer fixes Mary's hair before she meets Prince Francis. They greet each other and Mary talks on sheepishly, while the ladies snicker at her from behind. Francis and Mary then walk arm-in-arm to the King and Queen of France for a proper introduction.

Mary is resting in her room as Kenna and her fellow ladies are reminded of what their duties are to their Queen and what is to be expected of them at all times. Once they are done, they do their make up and try on dresses. Aylee then suggests that they explore the castle.

Pilot - Promotional image 5

After the Elisabeth and Philip's Wedding ceremony, there are celebrations taking place in the ballroom. Mary suggests that she and her friends all take off their shoes and start dancing, and though her friends seem confused, they go along with it. Unbeknown to Kenna, King Henry has been gazing at her while she was dancing. Later at the bedding ceremony for Princess Elisabeth and Prince Philip, Mary and her ladies decide to spy on the event. Once they decided they've watched enough, they run off in separate directions.

Kenna runs to a dark, secluded stairwell and starts masturbating, but is interrupted by a warm hand around her. She turns around and sees that the hand belongs to the King, which makes her turn red in embarrassment. But much to her surprise, he offers to lend her a hand, and she accepts it.

Pilot - 31 Ladies in Waiting

The following day in the morning, the ladies are discussing Colin's capture, when Mary walks in and informs them that Colin attempted to rape her last night. Luckily, he was stopped before he could do so. Lola divulges that Colin told her that someone had put him up to it. Mary then decides to talk to Colin herself. However, after meeting with the King and Queen, she found out Colin was beheaded that morning. Lola blames Mary for what happened. Mary tries to calm her and promises to protect them as they are all still friends, but Lola doesn't seem to appreciate that sentiment.

"You are my queen and we're your subjects. We're here in service to you. Whatever that means, whatever it costs us."
Lady Lola

Snakes in the Garden

Snakes in Garde - Promotional image 3

Poor Lola...

The ladies go to Mary's room in the morning. She quickly ushers them out, as Lola is still asleep. Out on the balcony, Mary confesses that she's concerned over who is plotting her demise. Later that morning, Kenna along with the other ladies are present in The Throne Room when Prince Charles finds out about his engagement to Lady Madeleine.

After a picnic in the courtyard, King Henry approaches Kenna and brings up their last encounter, letting her know how much he enjoyed it and how much he would like another. Kenna enjoyed it too, but she reminds him that she must preserve her virtue.

That afternoon, they are all gathered in Mary's chamber when King Henry and Queen Catherine make a personal appearance. They inform them that Colin has escaped and is now most likely in The Blood Wood. Mary requests to see him once he is found, preferably alive.

At a feast that evening, Kenna rejects Henry's offer to be his mistress in favour of getting to know rich nobles such as Robert, The Viscount of Lorraine. He and other available men must know that she is a virgin, because if he will be her husband and she comes to be with child, there can be no doubt in his mind about whose child it is.

Henry and the Viscount later show up at Kenna's doorstep, where Henry blesses her and the Viscount's marriage. When he dismisses Robert, he reminds Kenna that being with a king doesn't limit her prospects, it only expands them.


Kissed - 3 ladies

The ladies talking about kisses

Mary and her ladies are down by the river discussing boys. Kenna hints at a relationship with an older man while Greer confesses that she has never kissed anyone. But she does believe she may have found someone - the tall, dark, and noble son of the King of Portugal. He is a bastard like Sebastian, but a wealthy one with land. The girls' conversation is interrupted by a servant who informs Mary that her uncle would like to see her at once.

Later, King Henry and Kenna are making out against the wall, but they stop when it becomes evident that Kenna will only go so far with Henry. While the king pretends to be patient with Kenna, he shows his annoyance at her unwillingness to bed him by not reciprocating her smile at a ball that evening and by snubbing her in favour of another woman at the Boating Party.

Kenna finds Bash upstairs and shares a bottle of wine while commiserating about how awful Henry can be. While Bash finds the topic awkward, seeing as Henry is his father, he encourages her not to give up on him.

Hearts and Minds
Kenna gives in and becomes the King's mistress.

A Chill in the Air
Mary finds out that Kenna has been having an affair with the King. Kenna does not care about Mary's opinion and that she no longer answers to her but the King.

Kenna announces to her friends that she is now the King's mistress. After hearing her friends' warnings about the King's love with Diane, Kenna decides that his word on matters is not enough. She wants his chambers redone, with every mention or influence of Diane gone.

Left Behind
Kenna is nearly raped by one of Count Vincent's men, but luckily, Mary arrives in time to save her. Later, Kenna is nearly raped again and beaten by the same man. When the Count's men are poisoned and the Count is killed by Mary and Francis, Kenna is taken to the infirmary.

Kenna is laying in bed with Henry sitting at her side. She is still showing bruising and a bloody lip from when one of Count Vincent's men beat her at the feast. Kenna confronts Henry, saying he has not been at her side and she has asked the servants about Diane, who told her they have seen Diane in Henry’s rooms. Henry says Diane is just a friend and giving him council. He's looking away from Kenna, but she asks him to tell her the truth and asks if he loves her. Turning to her, he responds with being unable to let Diane go. He does apologize, saying she wanted the truth, but changes the subject to Vincent. He came back to the castle to find that a stranger with a vendetta wanted to end his line, but Kenna stops him. She admits that Vincent came for Francis, but they used brute force with her. She blames Henry, saying they only came after her because she became his mistress. Kenna’s angry, and crying, because she almost died and he chooses now to say he wants Diane. But he lets her know if she asks him to choose again, he will choose Diane.

Kenna finds a servant coming out of a set of rooms and asks if they belong to Diane. When she is told they are, but Diane is not there, Kenna tells the servant to let Diane know that the king’s mistress would like to speak to her. When the servant leaves, the Priest approaches Kenna. He tells her that he heard Kenna mention she is the king’s mistress, and admits that he thinks Diane is younger than he originally thought. Kenna is confused at first, but doesn’t correct him in thinking she is Diane. They have been communicating about Bash’s potential legitimization, and that he is sorry but they cannot continue since the pope is in favor of Francis and Mary's upcoming nuptials. Kenna hints at Henry knowing, but is informed that he was kept in secret at Diane’s request.

She tells Catherine of Diane’s plans to have Bash legitimized behind everyone’s back. Catherine says she will think about how she can use this information and benefit herself. Later, Kenna overhears Mary and Nostradamus talking. He warns Mary that he sees a girl, one among them, dead in a days time. Kenna steps from around a corner by the stairs and into the room, questions what he means, one among them. Nostradamus tells Mary that he sees Mary’s ladies gathered around a girl, he does not know who, but that she will be dead the next day. Kenna looks to Mary, clearly frightened, but Mary approaches Nostradamus. She asks if this fate can be changed, but is told that it cannot.

For King and Country
Mary learns from Kenna that Aylee was poisoned, and that the culprit was likely Diane. Kenna's theory is that the poison was intended for her, although Mary has a theory that runs even deeper, suggesting that Catherine was behind the poisoning.

Greer, Kenna, and Lola keep watch over Catherine as they try to find solid proof of her trickery. Kenna, the woman whose intelligence Catherine had scorned the most, ends up being the one to figure out a plan to incriminate Catherine; forge letters in Catherine's hand and seal with instructions to kill Bash, then threaten to hand the letters and the knife over to the King. That alone would be enough for the King to begin an investigation, during which any of Catherine's guards might snitch on her.


Inquisition - 3 Richard Delacroix w Kenna n King Henry

Trial preparations

Kenna is prepared to testify against Queen Catherine in a trial to convict her of adultery. Richard Delacroix and King Henry instruct her on what to say in court. She reminds Henry that he promised to find her a rich husband to leech for her trouble, which annoyed Henry further. Richard Delacroix asks her again how she knows the Queen was having an affair and she answers that she heard Catherine moaning in pleasure. Richard doesn't think that that is a good enough answer, but Henry does. However, they are interrupted by the Queen herself. Catherine immediately told Kenna to leave. Kenna, almost kill catherine in her brain faking in front of henry acting like she remembering her place, bows to Her Majesty before taking her leave.

Royal Blood
Greer and Kenna attend The Winter Frost Festival when Mary and Bash arrived. It was snowing and they were already surrounded by other children, they waved at their Queen, before getting back to watching the children. Hours later they were walking around with the Prince’s in front of them. Greer noticed a strange man standing by a tree looking suspicious. They both found it odd but were distracted when Prince Charles fell down. Kenna walked over to see if he was alright and lifted up his mask but was surprised to see it was not Charles. Greer immediately went to go see who was behind Prince Henri's mask. They alerted Mary and Sebastian when they couldn't find the boys. Bash ordered everyone to take off their masks, revealing that Charles and Henry were nowhere in sight.

Mary told them to have guards spread out looking for the boys. She hollered at them to find Lord Hugo before they left.

Greer and Kenna were in The Throne Room waiting for Mary while Queen Catherine was making final preparation for her own beheading. However, everything stopped when the Royal trumpets sounded and Marie de Guise walked in.

That afternoon Mary informed her and Greer she was going to elope with Sebastian that evening. Greer garbed a veil for her, telling her that it would keep her face hidden during the ceremony. Greer then spotted Lola and they were all surprised to see her with Francis. Lola explained how they ran into each other in Paris, and how her carriage was swept away in a flood. They all left so Francis and Mary could talk.

That night King Henry announced Mary Tudor had died and demanded Mary choose one of his sons to marry that night. Mary refused.

Hours later, Kenna told Henry's servants to inform the king she wished to see him. and if he declined to tell him she was naked. Henry allowed her in and Kenna began seducing him, all while wanting to know why he hadn't found her husband yet. She promised she would continue to be his mistress even after she was married. All he had to do was introduce her to one suitor, once a week until she found one she liked. She promised if he did that for her, she would do things for him. With that, she took off her clothes, and they began to make out, but now before Henry demanded to take control.

The next day Mary decided to wed Francis, so her Ladies-in-Waiting Fashion Style were helping her get ready for the big event. Lola confronted Kenna, asking her where she had been the night before when she went to visit. Kenna tried to play it off, but Lola knew what she was up to and it was a mistake. Kenna then told Lola she knew the Château she had claimed to stay at had burned down the year before.

"I don't know what happened between you two, but I can guess. So don't council me on mistakes."
Lady Kenna

Soon they were all walking down the aisle behind Mary for her wedding, and joined her during the reception. She was also one of the witnesses during Mary's bedding ceremony to Francis.

Dirty Laundry
In the past few weeks, Kenna and Henry have both been holding their end of the deal. Kenna has been supplying the King with an unlimited amount of carnal pleasure, and in exchange, Henry introduced her to a new suitor every week. However, Kenna kept finding fault and hasn't picked any of them, so she remains unmarried.

When the Archduke of Bohemia arrives at French court to settle a diplomatic incident, Kenna asks Henry to introduce her to him. He is immediately besotted with her and the two soon go on a date, in which Kenna, dressed in all white, tries to appeal to the Archduke's piety.

Just as the pair is about to kiss, a woman falls out of a balcony above them, and much to the Archduke's horror, he realizes that his sister resides in the very room that the balcony is attached to. He is told that his sister committed suicide and he hastily returns to Bohemia, leaving Kenna annoyed and unmarried.

Kenna also pieces together that Lola is pregnant. When she confronts Lola about it, Lola tearfully confirms it and begs her to divulge the name of a maid of hers who recently had an abortion, so she could ask her where she got it.

Kenna names her, but doesn't think Lola will actually go through with it. That is, until she and Mary go to Lola's room in the morning and find out that she isn't there. Kenna is then forced to reveal where Lola has truly gone to Mary.

The Darkness
at Henry's request, Kenna reluctuntly takes part in a threesome with a prostitute that Henry bought. The next morning, Kenna awakes to the woman dead beside her in bed. Kenna immediately tells Catherine, who promises to deal with the situation.

Kenna is forced to marry Bash at King Henry's command. She begs him not to do it, but eventually goes through with it.

Liege Lord
Kenna and Bash bicker, Bash calling her selfish and Kenna accusing him of still being in love with Mary. He declares that even though they are married, he will never care for her as a wife. They come to the agreement to at least start liking each other. Later, at the party, Mary approaches Bash, asking him to prepare a carriage for Charlotte, Catherine's lady. Kenna watches the exchange, looking jealous.

Kenna searching for the contract

The following day, Mary strolls with Kenna and asks her to steal a document from the King's office. She brings up her promise with Bash, but when she learns that her country is in danger, she obliges. Once there, she opens a treasure chest, in which she finds the document. However, Henry walks in, and Kenna comes up with a cover story of how she is in his chamber because she missed him. He buys it and starts making out with her.

"know you think I don't notice anything that isn't a fancy dress or jewel, but strangely enough, I give a damn about my country. "

When Bash finds out that Kenna betrayed her earlier promise to no longer see the King, he gets angry. She tells him that she did it for Mary as France has betrayed Scotland. Towards the end of the episode, Kenna is sitting in the throne room with Greer when they witness Henry hallucinating. He walks up to them and lies on Kenna's lap, insisting on her soothing touch. Bash walks in and helps Kenna get away. When she asks why he helped her, he replies that he will protect her because she is his wife. The two reconcile and walk together.

No Exit
Bash gifts Kenna with a family heirloom ring and promises to try in their relationship. Bash is not pleased when Henry starts coming onto his wife again, including him taking her ring and giving it to Penelope, but Kenna holds him back to calm down. Kenna agrees to help Catherine in a plot to get rid of Penelope, and in exchange, Kenna and Bash will get a place to live and land of their own so they won't be so tied to the castle. The plan worked, and Kenna even got back the ring that Bash had given her once Penelope was sent back to the kitchen. The two agree that they are going to make the best of their situation and seal the deal with a kiss.

Toy Soldiers
Kenna's relationship with Bash has been improving for the past month. The episode starts with Kenna having a snowball fight with Mary and Greer in the courtyard outside. Greer mentions a time not too long ago when they were discussing their first kisses, and now three of them are married. Kenna adds that she will be married soon as well, but Greer is afraid that she will ruin it. Greer's family is now penniless, so she doesn't have a dowry to pay her future husband. Kenna concludes that none of them have had the best of luck with husbands.

Kenna visits Bash, who has been out searching for The Darkness. He informs Kenna that he stopped by their new home, but that it will need to be renovated before they can move in. He is also worried about Henry flirting with Kenna, but she reassures him that she has been avoiding the King and waiting for Bash to return. They kiss, but he stops it from going any further. She thinks he wanted a virgin, but he only says that he wants her experience to be different. He wants her to forget every touch, every kiss, every man that came before him. He wants her to tell him what she wants, explicitly. Later, Bash leaves their chamber and sees Mary kissing Francis. He immediately goes back and kisses Kenna, removing her clothes and taking her to bed. She thought he wanted to take it slow, but he doesn't anymore. She calls him out on his actions, because she knows he is thinking of someone else and like her, she wants him to only think about her, both now and in the future.

Higher Ground
Kenna and Bash step in to help Lola figure out what Julien is up to after he refuses to be present for the birth of her child. Lola discovers that he is planning to take her dowry and leave her.

Long Live the King
Kenna meets a young boy that Bash brought back with him from The Blood Wood. He refuses to talk to Bash, but is able to confide in Kenna. She uses her kindness to get the boy, Pascal, to talk about what happened him. He reveals that his family is dead and that the "man with sharp teeth" took him to a "bad place" in the mountains. With this new knowledge, Bash sets off with Nostradamus to find and kill the Darkness.

During the carriage ride back to Kenna and Bash's new home, Pascal explains that his father was killed by a "bad man in the woods." Kenna ominously tells Pascal that bad men always get what's coming for them and are punished. Unknown to her that the man who killed Pascal's father was her own husband, Bash.

Slaughter of Innocence

Kenna and Bash

Kenna settles into her and Bash's new home away from court with Pascal, while Bash and Nostradamus are out searching for the Darkness. Kenna hears Pascal singing the rhyme that's written on the wall of the lair. He abruptly stops and tells Kenna that it's way too quiet. Kenna sees that the guards have gone missing and the Darkness breaks into the house, looking for Pascal to turn him into his successor. Kenna locks herself and Pascal in the storage room. The Darkness pleads with Pascal to sacrifice Kenna. Bash and Nostradamus burst into the house just in time to kill the Darkness. The Darkness warns that if Pascal doesn't succeed him, the return of the Plague will be triggered. Bash ignores his warning and axes him to death.

By the end of the episode, Kenna and Bash are on the balcony when they declare their love for each other.

Season 2

The Plague
Kenna and the rest of the court gather to hear Queen Mary's announcement about the return of the plague to France.

The Plague 7 - Sebastian n Kenna

Stay safe out there!

After the gathering, she approaches Mary to speak with her. Mary informs her and Greer that as Queen, she will need to be isolated. She also divulges that Lola is having complications with giving birth. Kenna walks up to Sebastian right after, and he tells her that he has stored food in their chambers and that she should find Pascal and they ought to isolate themselves until it's over. After looking for hours, she finds Pascal with a noble, who requested his help. He tells Kenna that Pascal was helping him. Kenna replies that Pascal is no servant and that he's coming with her. He insults her and they argue. Pascal promises her to return to their chambers after he's done helping Pierre, so she reluctantly lets him go.

The Plague 27 - Kenna n Pascal

Kenna and Pascal

Kenna later finds Pascal sick, as he likely contracted the plague from the noble whom he had to help. She instructs Pascal to act as though he is well and promises to get help, but a maid sees them and screams that they are infected. The guards then lock both Kenna and Pascal in. Later, she and Pascal sit, each on the otherside of the door. Pascal recounts a dream he just had. It soon grows quiet and Kenna realizes that Pascal has died. She hears Bash calling out for her, and she calls out for him back. He opens the door and they hug. She tells him about the death of Pascal and he comforts her.

Drawn and Quartered
Kenna welcomes Lola back and meets her newborn son, John Philip.


Coronation - 3 Kenna n Lola

Jealousy, jealousy

Kenna and Lola have gathered at Tent City and are conversing with other noble ladies, who keep talking about homes and material possessions. The ladies laud Lola for landing a new chateau for the new baron, a chateau with all that she could ever want, while feigning sympathy for the loss of Kenna's chateau with Sebastian, which was swallowed in the recent fires. While strolling with Bash, she admits that she's slightly bitter. While she understands that she can't look down on Lola for getting so much, since it'll make the baby's life easier than Bash's was, it still stings to know just how far behind her peers she really is.

That evening at a banquet, Kenna is approached by one of the noble ladies she met earlier in tent city. After expressing her regret at how their friends talked to Kenna, she mentions how her husband was responsible for deposing estates of those who passed in the plague. Since Kenna lost her home, the woman suggests that they work out a deal so that the King's Deputy and his beloved have somewhere to stay.

"- I prefer friends with more between their ears than chiffon and puff pastry, don't you?
- I prefer friends I can trust.
Lady Kenna to Lady Barnard
Coronation - 35 Kenna

Arguing with Bash.

Kenna shares the idea for a new chateau with Bash but it turns out the woman who offered them the deal is Lady Barnard, the wife of who Lord Barnard who Bash currently has a case on. The chateau now counts as a bribe and Lady Barnard's insistence on helping them shows Bash that he's on the right path. However, when Kenna confronts Lady Barnard in public about the chateau, she learns that the nobles hate Bash for trying to usurp the throne and that the only reason she and her husband are safe at court is Francis and Mary's devotion to them. If they lose that connection, they will be in danger, especially if Lady Barnard's husband is charged with the murder.

The Lamb and the Slaughter

The Lamb and the Slaughter - 6 Ladies in Waiting

Gift giving.

Greer, Lola, and Kenna are outdoors relaxing. While Kenna and Greer give Lola gifts for her son, Lord Narcisse and Estelle arrive at court. Lola introduces Kenna and Greer to Narcisse. When he and Estelle leave, Kenna notes how nervous Estelle looked. She wonders what made her so frightened. Lola replies that it is Narcisse, after finding a letter that says "help me" that was given to her by Estelle.

Later, Kenna and her friends stroll outside, where Mary announces that she is with child. They share a toast of champaign in Mary's honour, and in the hopes that they'll all be as fortunate in love. She and Greer later go off by themselves and discuss their relationships. The next day, Kenna attends the christening of Lola and Francis' son.

Blood for Blood
Kenna, Mary, and the other ladies stroll in the ballroom as it's being prepared for Greer's wedding. Shortly after, Kenna walks in on two women hooking up. She wonders if they've lost their minds, doing so in public. They tell her about the famed Sex Journal they found and Kenna confiscates it.

Blood for Blood 17 - Queen Catherine n Lola n Kenna

Trying to find the mystery man

While reading it, Lola joins her. Kenna excitedly tells her of a mysterious lover with a Butterfly Birthmark on his forearm. The two decide to go on a mission to find out who this man is and if he would be a good match for Lola. When asking one of The Flying Squad ladies if she knows the man, Queen Catherine walks in on them. She sees the journal and immediately recognizes what they're talking about. She bets on Lord Aris to be the man with the butterfly birthmark. Kenna and her fellow ladies then go for a stroll, before having a water fight in the fountain.

Blood for Blood 26 Lola n Kenna

There he is!

At Tent City, Kenna pulls Lola away from a suitor who languishes at the bottom of the ratings, a far cry from the Casanova the journal described. While Lola has been mingling with other suitors, Kenna has found Lord Aris. She points at him and pushes Lola to talk to him.

The next day, Kenna attends Greer and Lord Castleroy's Wedding. Later, at the celebrations, when Lola is talking to Aris, Kenna gestures at Lola from behind the man to look for the mark on his wrist.

Three Queens
Kenna tries to console Lola, whose family disowned her after they heard that the King had claimed her child.

After having breakfast with Mary and Lola, Kenna meets Princess Claude. Claude is cold to her, but warm to Sebastian. Later that day outside, Kenna tells Bash of a gift she has for Claude, but Bash tries to dissuade her from befriending Claude, because according to Bash, Claude does not make female friends. They flirt and he tells her he has to leave for court business. He tells her he loves her and leaves on his horse.

Prince of Blood 41 - Sebastian n Kenna

Who's the prettiest of them all?

The next day, Kenna complains to Bash that Claude is ignoring her and Kenna doesn't understand why. Bash suggests that Claude is probably jealous of Kenna, and then labels Kenna as "the most beautiful woman at court", before going in for a kiss.

Terror of the Faithful
Kenna tends to Sebastian's wounds after he returns to the castle injured.

Acts pf War4 - Ladies-In-Waiting

Now you're talking to me?

Kenna has a dance lesson of the Tarantella with Greer and Lola. During their break, Princess Claude approaches them. After Kenna brushes off her frustration at the lack of communication between the two of them, Claude asks for details about Lord Narcisse. The ladies warn her that he is a notorious playboy, which makes her even more eager to be with him, as she is seeking a public affair to obliterate her any of her mother's chances to marry her off. Queen Mary then chimes in, telling Claude that Narcisse is completely unsuitable for her.

That night, Kenna attends The Feast of St. Nicolas.

Kenna, Greer, and Lola visit Mary in her new chambers, where they learn that Mary was raped during the attack last night. They try to console her.

Later, Kenna overhears on Queen Catherine and Princess Claude arguring. When Catherine leaves, Kenna tells Claude that she's foolish for pushing Catherine, alluding to what Catherine is capable of. Claude asserts that Catherine would do anything for her blood, before insulting Kenna once more.

At night, Kenna sees Sebastian carrying off a sick Claude and appears rather startled by it.

Sebastian and Kenna are making love. But Kenna is jealous of Claude and cannot stop talking about her, which annoys Bash. He makes sure to point out that Claude is only his half-sister. As they're having sex, someone knocks and Bash has to leave.

While walking in the hall and carrying the soup to Claude, Catherine and Henry talk about Kenna's ass, which Kenna overhears. Catherine denies talking about her ass and tells her to move aside.

Kenna got a whiff of the soup Catherine took to Claude, which made her suspect that Catherine is poisoning Claude. When Kenna brings her theory up to Bash, he finds it hard to believe, but suggests that she gather evidence.

After taking away several of Catherine's meals, Kenna helps Claude get back to her old self, but when Kenna tells accuses her mother of being the one who put her in that state, Claude gets angry. So angry, lashes out and confesses to being lovers with Bash, completely taking Kenna off-guard.

Kenna confronts Bash about his past with Claude and then inquires him about the cut on his hand. After laying into him about how he never opens up to her, he finally tells her the truth, and it's ugly. Expedience is now more important than lives and the truth.

Bash goes to Kenna with news of a title and lands and as they're excitedly undressing and preparing to have sex, Bash's mother walks in. She boasts about how Bash granted her titles and land and reveals that he turned down a duchy to be a baron to remain closer to Francis. Kenna isn't pleased, but she's still going to be a baroness.

Later on, Bash confronts Kenna about what her telling Catherine about Diane's plot to have him legitimised. He could have been executed. Kenna didn't think about that, she just wanted Diane out of the way. She wants to leave it in the past, but Bash believes not everything can stay in the past. A person willing to sacrifice lives for their own petty interests is something that cannot.

Kenna asks for forgiveness and understanding from Bash.

"I know I can be my own worst enemy, but I don't want to be your worst enemy."

However, he claims that he needs time and leaves on an errand. While talking to King Antoine, Kenna lets it slip that Bash fought alongside King Henry in The Italian Wars, further confirming Antoine's suspicion that Bash killed his brother.

Kenna is sledding with Mary and Lola. Antoine continues to pursue Kenna and Bash warns him to stay away from his wife, but Kenna blames Bash for not being around more. Back at the castle, Kenna politely asks Antoine to stop pursuing her, as she is married. Later that day, Kenna and Lola sneak off to visit Greer in a village inn that she has been staying at ever since she was banished from court. They learn that Greer is now a drunk and a reprobate. That evening, an obscene amount of strawberries and snow cakes are sent to Kenna by Antoine.

Kenna finds King Antoine to return a ruby that he left in her strawberries and begs him to stop flirting with her. He instead asks for her help in planning a party to celebrate the renewed friendship between France and Navarre. Kenna hesitantly agrees. Later, Bash disapproves of Kenna's decision to help Antoine host a party, but Kenna counters that she will not simply sit around and wait for him as this is a chance for her to do something.

"How many more battles for you and lonely nights for me until it's all done?"
Lady Kenna

However, she is pleased to be told that Bash will go to the party with her. While planning the party, Kenna realizes that she doesn't have time to return to the castle and change. Antoine suggests that she pick from the several dresses that he has stored. During the party, Bash arrives, only to find her dancing with Antoine. He is furious with her, telling her that he sent her a message to meet him. Kenna argues that she never received his message and sent him one as well, and both of them realize that it was Antoine's doing.

Bash storms out and Kenna runs after him, claiming that she has been tricked, but Bash blames her for putting herself in a position to be tricked. By the episode's end, Antoine informs Kenna that his wife is dying and that he'd like to marry her.

Tasting Revenge - Promotional Images 8

For the last time, no!

Kenna has been put in charge of planning the Vintage Wine Tasting Banquette by Queen Mary. Kenna runs into King Antoine while planning the tasting and rejects his offer to make her his queen. When Sebastian tries to talk to her, she shuts him down, as she sees no point in talking.

She then heads to Antoine's room and questions him as to why, of all people, he picked her to replace his wife. Antoine praises Kenna's boldness and her sense of adventure, insisting on her annulment from Bash, and she admits that she feels flattered, yet when he kisses her, she pulls away and runs off. During the tasting, Bash shows up and dances with Kenna. He asks her to go to Paris with him as he is ready to be the husband she would like him to be and make her happy.

The next day, Antoine's wife arrives as Kenna secretly invited her to the tasting. Antoine's wife is revealed to be pregnant, not dying from an illness like Antoine claimed she was. Antoine goes after a saddened Kenna and still claims that his wife is ill, but also admits that the reason he pursued her was because he wanted revenge on Bash for killing his brother. He doesn't leave without warning her that her marriage to Bash is already over, she just doesn't know it yet. When Kenna finds Bash, she sees that he has received Antoine's wife's invitation to the tasting from Kenna. She realizes that Antoine sent it to Bash to further ruin their marriage. Bash starts to inquire her about it and Kenna soon admits to Antoine's proposal and the fact that she was ready to accept it because she wants a life that Bash can never give her. Bash leaves as Kenna cries.

Kenna and Bash are on very bad terms, as Bash no longer considers Kenna his wife and is planning to move out to the guard's quarters.

Mary asks Kenna to find Bash who has not yet returned. While riding in the carriage, Kenna's driver appears to have a heart attack. When Kenna notices that something is wrong, she leans out of the door to see what's happening and falls out of the carriage into the snow. While walking through the woods, she finds a camp and tries to steal a horse but is caught by General Renaude. He is quick to figure out that she's not a common horse thief and insists on escorting her back to the castle, even though she hasn't located Bash yet. He promises to ask after him on his journey. During their time together, he shows interest in her. However, when he finds out that she's married, he sends her off with a different escort back to the castle.

At the castle, Kenna greets Sebastian as he rides into the courtyard. She wonders why he's spending so much time in the woods, suspecting that it's because of her, but Bash asserts that the reason takes form in his new female friend. They are interrupted by a messenger, who tells Bash that his presence is needed.

Abandoned11 - Greer, Lola n Kenna


On their way to Greer's new estate, Lola listens as Kenna bemoans how Bash already moved on from her. Lola makes Kenna promise not to comment on where Greer lives, no matter how ghastly it may be. However, they are surprised to learn that Greer is a madam, living in a rather grand manor house with her working girls. Greer fears her friends' judgement, but instead, they toast to not caring what people think.

"We're all basically fallen women. An unwed mother, a divorcee, eventually, and now a madam. So I say to hell with what people think."
Lady Kenna

While at a tea party with Queen Mary and Kenna, Lola questions Mary's relationship with Condé and tries to nudge her into reconciling with Francis, while Kenna even goes as far as to ask Mary if she believes that she and Condé can still be together, in spite of all odds. Mary dodges the question in a way, simply replying that she will not abandon Condé.

That night, Kenna and Lola are at the doorstep of Greer's brothel, having brought her a damask, when they are approached by one of Greer's courtesans. They ask after Greer and the courtesan goes to fetch her. Kenna spies General Renaude at the back of the room, so she takes the damask and ushers Lola out, taking it as an opportunity to perhaps talk to him. Greer tries to satiate Kenna's curiosity about Renaude but doing so only piques it even more.

Abandoned13 - Renaude n Kenna

Sparks flying

The following morning, as Kenna walks by Renaude, he accompanies her for a chat. She congratulates him on the victory in the monastery, but he corrects her that he wasn't entirely victorious, seeing as a few of the boys' lives were lost. He proceeds to explain why he chose to save the noble's son over the commoner's, the reason being that he wanted the money and gratitude of a very powerful man.

Renaude then recounts how he had a son who was kidnapped two years ago, and to this day, he doesn't know if he's alive or not. Kenna feels for him and tells him that she understands his position, and Renaude admits that although she's married, he's glad that she seems unattached to anyone.

"I may look out for myself, Lady Kenna, but I don't take things that don't belong to me. And it sounds like you don't belong to anyone."
General Renaude

Kenna's attraction to Renaude grows even more, to the point of her having a sexual dream about him. She vies for his attention and he reciprocates her feelings. At the end of the episode, Kenna and Renaude sleep together.

Kenna informs Sebastian that she wants an annulment so that she can be with Renaude. However, Renaude soon betrays the Royal Family and almost kills Bash after siding with Queen Elizabeth and Condé. Kenna confronts Renaude in the dungeon, believing he used her to gain access to the castle. But he tells her that he had no choice, once he found out Queen Elizabeth was holding his son hostage, and Conde blackmailed him into service. As his last act, he offers information about Condé's armies to Kenna, to give to Francis.

Delphine reveals to Sebastian that Kenna is pregnant. When Bash confronts Kenna, she admits she slept with him so that the baby would appear to be his because she didn't want to raise the baby alone. He's furious that he was deceived and ends things between them.

Mary tells Kenna of a couple who is willing to take her in and adopt her baby. The girls say their goodbyes.

But on the way she met the The King of Imereti. Kenna took a liking in him, and asked if she would visit him in the winter, and maybe bring her "sister's baby" (apparently she had changed her mind about giving her child up for adoption). The King was more than happy to agree.


  • Kenna is the only main character to not have killed anyone.
  • Kenna's maiden name is based on her real-life counterpart, Mary Livingston.
  • Kenna lost her virginity to King Henry. [1]
  • Kenna had sexual relations with Henry multiple times. [1][2][3][4]
  • Kenna was almost raped twice, then beaten by the same man when a group of Italians overtook the castle. [5]
  • Kenna broke up with King Henry twice. [6][4]
  • Kenna got back together with Henry after being unable to find a good enough match on her own. [3]
  • Kenna was forced into marriage with Sebastian at sword point by King Henry. [7]
  • Kenna did not consummate her marriage with Bash until months after they married. [8]
  • Kenna and Bash's home burned down during The Black Plague fires. [9]
  • Kenna became a Baroness, after finding out she could have been a Duchess. [10]
  • King Antoine asked Kenna to marry him once his wife, Queen Jeanne, passed away. [11]
  • Kenna had a two-month long relationship with General Renaude and ended up pregnant. [12]
  • Kenna has been romantically interested in three kings. King Henry, [13] King Antoine, [11] and the King of Imereti. [12]

In History

  • Historically, her name, as well as the names of the other ladies-in-waiting of Mary, Queen of Scots, was Mary. This led to them being called the Four Marys.
  • Kenna is most closely based on Mary Livingston, nicknamed "Lusty" of the Four Marys.
  • Mary Livingston and her husband were granted large holdings by Queen Mary.


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