Lady Gabrielle
Biographical Information
Real Name: Lady Gabrielle
Title: Lady-in-Waiting
Age: 19
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Kingdom of France
Current Location: France
Affiliations: Kingdom of France

The Flying Squad

Physical Description
Gender: Female Female
Height: 5'7
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Long Live The King
Portrayed by: Brittany Gray

Character Flag - France Female  Lady

Lady Gabrielle is a lady-in-waiting specially trained by Queen Catherine. She was requested to seduce the Duke of Guise.

Early LifeEdit

Lady Gabrielle was hand-picked and trained by the Queen of France as part of her elite unit of women known as The Flying Squad She was tasked with sleeping with the Duke of Guise so that he would be with someone she could control.

Season 1Edit

Long Live The King
Lady Gabrielle was brought to the homecoming ceremony of Prince Francis and the others to celebrate the victory over the re-taken town of Calais.

She was later seen on the Duke of Guise's lap kissing his neck when Mary Stuart arrived. She gave them the room, and when she inquired to know if he wanted her to return, he declined her.


  • Though she is titled Lady, she is most likely not of noble birth.
  • Brittany Gray is credited only Gabrielle, but was mentioned as Lady Gabrielle on screen.
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