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Character French Female Noble Lady Season 3
Lady Constance
Lady Constance
Biographical Information
Family Name: Constance of Toulouse
Title: Lady
Age: 15 (Presumably)
Height: 5'4
Gender: Female Female
Status: Alive
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Toulouse, France
Current Location: Toulouse, France
Relationship Information
Parents: Duke of Toulouse
Interests: Prince Charles
Character Information
Only Appearance: Extreme Measures
Portrayed By: Jordan Monaghan

Lady Constance is the daughter of the Duke of Toulouse and a love interest of Prince Charles.


Constance is quite the party-animal with little regard for rules or restrictions.


Early Life[]

Lady Constance has traveled around France and Europe with her father and met up with Prince Charles many times. Even ditching him for other men, like when they were in Florence.

Season 3[]

Extreme Measures
Prince Charles greeted Lady Constance from the gardens, and left Queen Mary's side to be with her. Later inside the Castle, she asked him about what there was to do, something they could do together to have a little fun. Charles suggested the party they were having for King Antoine but Constance was not interested. Charles promised to have something better that night for them.

Constance and Charles met in in a private room what Charles had cleared for them. So they could have their privacy to do whatever they wanted. Constance was happy to see Charles had been able to obtain some opium and immediately mixed it with their wine. After a few large mouthfuls, she passed it to Charles who had a little. She had more as they started to make out, but she began choking and passed out.

Lady Constance isn't sure how much time had passed, but she was soon awaken and vomited what was in her stomach. She began crying as Lord Narcisse tried to calm her before passing her off to Charles.