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Lady Charlotte
Lady Charlotte.png
Biographical Information
Real Name: Lady Charlotte
Title: Lady-in-Waiting
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Kingdom of France
Current Location: Scotland
Affiliations: Kingdom of France

The Flying Squad

Physical Description
Gender: Female Female.png
Height: 5'6
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Inquisition
Portrayed by: Amy Groening

Character French Female Lady.png 
"Be careful your grace. Without an heir you're worth more to
them dead than alive.
Lady Charlotte

Lady Charlotte was a specially trained Ladies-in-Waiting for Queen Catherine.


Lady Charlotte is a feisty woman who knows how to get a job done. She is poised, polite, smart, and very clever.

Early Life[]

Lady Charlotte was hand-picked and trained by the Queen of France as part of her elite unit of women knows as The Flying Squad She was tasked with Sleeping with King Henry so that he would be with someone she could control.

Season 1[]

Inquisition -
Queen Catherine talked about art while discussing the Queen's plan to escape.

Liege Lord -
Lady Charlotte bumped into Queen Mary of Scotland when she was in attendance at a party in French Court. She apologized and then stubbly told the young Queen to follow her, as she had vital information for her.

Mary and Charlotte met in the hallway where she explained what had happened and what she wanted. She told Mary a little about who she was. She then told her how Queen Catherine had requested she sleep with King Henry, seduce him and then she would be able to control him. However, she had already told her too much on how dangerous King Henry was. Instead of refusing the Queen's request, she had to escape to Scotland. Charlotte told Mary she would give her vital information if she arranged safe passage for her to Scotland. Mary agreed.

That night, Charlotte found herself already on her way thanks to Mary, and the king's bastard Sebastian was taking her. Before she left, she informed Mary that there was a secret clause in her wedding contract. It stated that if Mary did not produce an heir before her death, then Scotland would belong to France. She knew this because she was the one who slept with the Bishop, who had then agreed to the changes. This information is what gave Mary the idea to have The Scot's Welcome Celebration to cover up her plans to deal with the Secret Clause.


  • Slept with the Bishop who was in charge of Mary and Francis' Wedding contract. Making the changes to add in a Secret Clause.
  • Though she is titled as Lady Charlotte she is most likely not a real Lady of noble birth.

Historical Notes[]

  • April 4, 1558 Mary, Queen of Scots knowingly signed The Crown Matrimonial agreement bequeathing Scotland and her claim to England to the French crown if she died without heirs.
  • Charlotte de Sauve, one of the most notorious members of the flying squadron, first seduced and then became a mistress of King Henry IV of the Bourbon line on Catherine's orders.


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