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Lady Barnard
Lady Barnard
Biographical Information
Real Name: Lady Barnard
Title: Lady Barnard
Age: 28
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: France
Husband: Lord Barnard
Affiliations: Kingdom of France
Physical Description
Gender: Male Female
Height: 5'10
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Coronation
Portrayed by: Kathryn Alexandre

"But wouldn't you do anything for your husband?"
Lady Barnard

Lady Barnard is the loving wife of Lord Barnard who is accused of murder. She briefly befriended Lady Kenna.


Lady Barnard is a loving wife, but being married to a man with questionable morals, she has become a very manipulative woman. She is also a very loyal, if also a cunning woman.

Early LifeEdit

Lady Barnard is a young noble woman in her mid to late 20s' She married Lord Barnard when she was young, and chooses to stick with him, even when he makes questionable choices.

Season 2Edit

Lady Barnard first meets Lady Kenna while she was standing in Tent City with a few other noble women and Lady Lola who is the mother of King Francis's first born son.

Everyone was dotting over Lola and her child at the expense of Kenna. Lady Barnard took note of this, and overhears that her family's home was burned down during The Black Plague fires.

That night at the ball, Lady Barnard approached Lady Kenna and they began talking. She told Kenna not to worry, that once one person began to offer her family gifs and favours, all the nobles would. She then offered to look for a house for her, since her husband has many to sell from people who died during the plague.

The next morning Lady Barnard gave Kenna the papers for her new house to look over. That afternoon Kenna come back to her, furious over having discovered her scheming. Lady Barnard then promises an unfortunate death for Kenna's own husband if she tried to go after her husband.

Later that day, her husband is brought into Lord Sebastian's office, but the proof in his book had already been ripped out.


  • The jewley worn by Lady Barnard can be seen under Fashion.
  • Lady Barnard was not born a lady, she married into the position. This is evident as she shares the same name as her husband, unlike Kenna and Lola.

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