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Date: Spring 1558
Location: Europe
Individuals: Lady Greer

Lady Kenna
Lady Natalia
Lady Beatrice
Lady Alexandria
Lady Charlotte (Flying Squad)
Lady Gabrielle (Flying Squad)
Lady Marie (Flying Squad)
Lady Patrice (Flying Squad)
Penelope (In-Training)
Lady Lola
Lady Aylee

Affiliations: Kingdom of France

Kingdom of England
Kingdom of Scotland

Episode: Pilot

Ladies-in-waiting are women that have been handpicked to serve a queen as her servants and loyal supporters. They are notoriously young and beautiful women who are most often unwed, and of the queen's own age. Women of this position are usually of noble birth. They are also known to the queen as her confidants and friends, which led to the queen sometimes having relatives to fill the position. Though Queens have many Ladies, other noblewoman can have Ladies-in-waiting too.

Queen Mary of Scotland's Ladies-in-Waiting were

Queen Catherine of France's Ladies-in-Waiting are:

Princess Claude of France's Ladies-in-Waiting are:


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