Kingdom of Sweden Flag - Sweden
Kingdom of Sweden
Real Name: Konungariket Sverige
King: King Eric XIV of Sweden
Royals: Prince Magnus of Denmark
Nobles: Lord Hans
Houses: House of Vasa
Affiliations: Holy Roman Empire Flag - Germany

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First Appearance: Clans

Kingdom of Sweden is a proud and very traditional kingdom and ruled by the 28 year old King Eric XIV of Sweden.

Reign's HistoryEdit

* 13 December 1533
Prince Eric Vasa was born.

* 25 July 1542
Prince Magnus Vasa was born.

* 1542–and onward
Prince Eric Vasa made unsuccessful marriage proposals to, Mary, Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth of England.

* 29 June 1561
Prince Eric Vasa was crowned king of Sweden.


Family TreeEdit

  • Vasa Family Tree
Catherine of Saxe-Lauenburg
Gustav Vasa ♔
Margaret Leijonhufvud
Eric XIV Vasa
John III Vasa
Catherine Vasa
Cecilia Vasa
Magnus Vasa
Anna Maria Vasa
Sophia Vasa
Elizabeth Vasa
Charles IX Vasa
Virginia Eriksdotter
Constantia Eriksdotter
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