Kingdom of Portugal Flag - Portugal
Kingdom of Portugal
Real Name: Reino de Portugal e dos Algarves
King: John III
Queen: Catherine of Austria
Royals: Unnamed Grandchild
Members: Tomás, Lord of Pamela
Affiliations: Kingdom of England Flag - England

Kingdom of Spain Flag - Spain
Kingdom of France Flag - France

The Kingdom of Portugal' is an aggressive and proud kingdom. however their King John III has had 9 children, all of whom he outlived, and only has one grandson now.

Early lifeEdit


Tomás, Lord of Portugal was announced dead, after saving the life of King Henry II of France' own son, Prince Francis.


  • Portugal's flag has changed many times. The Flag that is used during Mary Queen of Scots time frame is the one introduced by King Manuel I, in 1495 − 1578.
  • Since the twelfth century, Portugal and England have been allies, the relationship has come close to breaking apart over the centuries, but still holds to present day.
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