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Kingdom of Portugal Flag - Portugal.png
Kingdom of Portugal.png
Real Name: Reino de Portugal e dos Algarves
King: John III
Queen: Catherine of Austria
Royals: Unnamed Grandchild
Members: Tomás, Lord of Pamela
Affiliations: Kingdom of England Flag - England.png

Kingdom of Spain Flag - Spain.png
Kingdom of France Flag - France.png

The Kingdom of Portugal' is an aggressive and proud kingdom. however their King John III has had 9 children, all of whom he outlived, and only has one grandson now.

Early life[]


Tomás, Lord of Portugal was announced dead, after saving the life of King Henry II of France' own son, Prince Francis.


  • Portugal's flag has changed many times. The Flag that is used during Mary Queen of Scots time frame is the one introduced by King Manuel I, in 1495 − 1578.
  • Since the twelfth century, Portugal and England have been allies, the relationship has come close to breaking apart over the centuries, but still holds to present day.