Kingdom of Hungary
Flag - Hungary
Real Name: Magyar Királyság
King: Ferdinand I
Queen: Anne of Bohemia
Members: Lord Julien †

Uncle Bartos †

Servants: Remy (Secretary)
Location: Pressburg, Hungary
Affiliations: Kingdom of Scotland Flag - Scotland

Kingdom of France Flag - France

Kingdom of Hungary is a monarchy in Central Europe, it has great power, but a very bloody and dramatic history.

Early lifeEdit

Due to the Ottoman Empire occupation of the central and southern territories, the monarchy split into three parts: The Habsburg dynasty, Ottoman Empire and the semi-independent Principality of Transylvania.

The Habsburg dynasty held the Hungarian throne after The Battle of Mohács and also played a key role in the liberation wars against the Ottoman Empire.


* 1526
- The Battle of Mohács was fought between the three strongest families, with the The Habsburg dynasty becoming sole rulers of Hungary.
The Battle of Mohács was a turning point for Hungary. It was fought between; Kingdom of Hungary, The Habsburg dynasty and the Ottoman Empire. King Louis II of Hungary and Bohemia died in the battle fought against Sultan Suleiman. King Henry I of France (King Henry II's father) encouraged the Ottoman attack to weaken the Habsburg Monarchy and strenghten his position in the Italian Peninsula. This decisive Ottoman victory led to the partition of Hungary. The country became a battlefield between the Habsburg Monarchy and the Ottoman Empire.

*29 August 1526
- King Ferdinand I became ruler.
King Louis's successor was Ferdninad of Austria, but a part of the nobility elected John Szapolyai. In 1527, Hungary was ruled by King John I (supported by Sultan Suleiman) and King Ferdinand I.

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