Kingdom of France Flag - France
Kingdom of France
Real Name: Royaume de France
King: Charles Valois IX

Francis Valois II
Henry Valois II

Queen: Mary Stuart

Catherine de' Medici

Royals: Queen Elisabeth of Spain

Princess Claude
Prince Henri
Princess Margaret
Prince Francis
Prince Louis of Condé
King Antoine of Navarre

Nobles: Lady Estelle

Lady Madeleine
Lady Barnard (Lady-in-Waiting)
Lady Charlote (Lady-in-Waiting)
Lady Beatrice (Lady-in-Waiting)
Lady Natalia (Lady-in-Waiting)
Lady Yvette
Lord Sebastian
Lord Castleroy
Lord Hugo
Lord Montgomery
Eduard Narcisse
Duke of Guise
Duke of Aumale
Count Philipe Nardin
Viscount Richard Delacroix
Viscount Robert of Lorraine
Baron John Philip
Leith Bayard (Hand of the King)

Members: Diane de Poitiers

Stéphane Narcisse
Alec Parqua
Richard Delacroix
Father Lucien

Servants: Christophe (Guard)

Penelope (Kitchen Staff)
Gale Hemsworth(Staff)
Sara D'Piro(Serving Girl)
Megera Da' Beth (Serving Girl)

Citizens: Clarissa Delacroix

Olivia D'Amencourt
Isobel Derant

Location: The Blood Wood

Paris, France
Toulouse, France
Calais, France
Visaguard, France
Château de Chenonceau
Château de Chambord

Houses: House of Valois

House of Bourbon
House of Medici (Marriage)
House of Stuart (Marriage)

Affiliations: Holy Roman Empire Flag - Germany

Kingdom of Spain Flag - Spain Kingdom of Scotland Flag - Scotland Kingdom of Portugal Flag - Portugal

First Appearance: Pilot

The Kingdom of France is a proud and very traditional kingdom. It is known that most, if not all of its subjects are of the Roman Catholic faith. The kingdom also maintains strong ties to the Pope in Italy, and are now good allies with the kingdom of England. The country is ruled by the young King Francis, and Queen Mary.




King Francis I ruled for 32 years, and was in good terms with the king of England, King Henry VIII. Francis I had 5 children, including Francis III of Brittany, and Henry II.

Francis III, Duke of Brittany was the first-born of King Francis I, making him the heir to the throne. However, he died at 18, leaving his brother, Henry II, to become the next king.

Reign's History

* 31 March 1519
Henry II of France, the second son of King Francis I, was born.

* 28 October 1533
Italian-born Catherine de' Medici and Prince Henry were married at the age of 14.

* 19 January 1544
Prince Francis, the first child of Prince Henry and Catherine is born.

* 2 April 1545
Princess Elisabeth, the second child of Prince Henry and Catherine, is born.

* 31 March 1547
Prince Henry II becomes the King of France, and Catherine, his Queen.

* 27 June 1550
Prince Charles is born to King Henry and Queen Catherine.

* 19 September 1551
Prince Henri is born to King Henry and Queen Catherine.

* April 1557
King Henry singed the Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis to end The Italian Wars, and married his daughter, Elisabeth of Valois off to Spain's King Philip
The wedding actually took place in 1559

*4 April 1558
Queen Mary of Scotland and Prince Francis have a small wedding a court, and agree to take England once their Queen is dead.

*24 April 1958
Queen Mary of Scotland and Prince Francis have a large wedding Notre Dame de Paris.

Alliance with Scotland

  • 1548

King Henry II and Queen Catherine decide to have their first son, the Dauphin, Prince Francis marry Mary Stuart the current Queen of Scotland when they are both of age in an agreement between the two nations.

  • 1549

King Edward VI of England makes an attempt on the life of 7-year old Queen of Scotland, Mary Stuart, while she was living in France. She is sent back to Scotland for her protection.

  • 1557

The English Queen makes an attempt on the Scottish Queen when she is 15. It fails and the Scottish Queen is sent back to France, awaiting King Henry II's order for her and his son to arrange a date for their wedding.

  • 1558

Queen Mary of Scotland and Prince Francis marry each other at Notre Dame. Making Mary Stuart the future Queen of France, and Prince Francis the king of Scotland.

Affiliation with Spain

  • 1525

King Francis I was captured by the forces King Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and held prisoner in Spain. To obtain his release, he agreed that Henry and his older brother would take his place in prison. Both boys were held and beaten for 3 years.

* 1551
King Henry II of France declared war on King Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor of Spain.

* 1557
King Henry singed the Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis to end a war with Spain, and married his daughter, |Elisabeth of Valois off to Spain's King Philip
The wedding actually took place in 1558


Family Tree

  • Valois Family Tree
Francis of Valois
Claude of France
Duke Francis
King Henry
Queen Catherine
Madeleine of Valois
King Francis
Queen Mary
Queen Elisabeth
King Philip
Princess Claude
Luc Narcisse
King Charles
Prince Henri
Princess Margaret
John Philip
Don Carlos

House-of-Valois Reign-France

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