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Kingdom of England Flag - England
Kingdom of England
Real Name: Kingdom of England
Capital: London
Religion: Catholicism

Church of England

King: James I

Edward VI
Henry VIII

Queen: Elizabeth I

Mary I
Jane Grey
Anne Boleyn
Catherine of Aragon

Royals: Joseph Tudor
Nobles: Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester

Amy, Lady Dudley
William Cecil, Baron Burghley
Lord Akers
Simon Westbrook
Annabelle Breton
Mary Boleyn
Lady Donatella (Marriage)
Lord White
Keira White

Members: John Hawkins (Captain)

Francis Drake (Captain)
Gideon Blackburn(Ambassador)
Agatha Blackburn
Sir Nicholas (Ambassador)

Servants: Jane
Location: London

The Tower of London‏
Calais (Formerly)

Houses: House of Tudor

House of Stuart

Affiliations: Kingdom of France Flag - France

Kingdom of Spain Flag - Spain Kingdom of Portugal Flag - Portugal

First Appearance: Burn

The Kingdom of England is a strong and independent kingdom. Most of the English people were born and raised in the Roman Catholic faith, until King Henry VIII cut ties with The Catholic Church and created the Church of England to marry Anne Boleyn. The country is now divided between Catholics and Protestants, and ruled by Queen Elizabeth.


In Reign[]

Season 1[]

Pilot - (Mentioned)
An English plot to assassinate Mary Stuart is afoot. It results in the death of a nun at the convent Mary was staying at, after the nun tastes poisoned porridge meant for Mary. Following the incident, Mary is whisked away to French court to be protected.

Snakes in the Garden - (Mentioned)
An English envoy, Simon Westbrook, comes to French court, presumably with the intention to scare Mary into ending her alliance with France. He almost succeeds.

Kissed - (Mentioned)
The English have massed on the Scottish border, as per the instruction of Mary, Queen of England. The regent of Scotland and Mary Stuart's mother, Marie de Guise, has sent men in response, but not enough, and as Mary Stuart is queen of Scotland, it is up to her to take matters into her own hands.

When the king of France, Henry II, refuses to honour the alliance and help Scotland, his own son Francis blackmails him into sending six companies of men to Scotland. However, they are ambushed by the English before they even reach the port.

So Mary Stuart turns to Tomás of Portugal, the bastard son of the King of Portugal, who is quite taken with her. She agrees to marry him in exchange for him sending six companies of men to Scotland to fight on her behalf.

Hearts and Minds - (Mentioned)
Simon Westbrook is blamed for being responsible for the deaths of six companies of Frenchmen by tipping the English off. He pleads his innocence, but to no avail, and his beheading is set to take place at the upcoming Michaelmas Banquette.

However, Mary Stuart, Prince Francis, and Sebastian prove his innocence and reveal the true culprit to the Lord Tomás.

A Chill in the Air - (Mentioned)
The borders in Scotland are said to be quiet, so the English threat must have passed.

Fated - (Mentioned)
The future of England is discussed among Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, Catherine de' Medici, Queen of France, Henry de Valois, King of France and Francis, the Dauphin of France in a private chamber.

Henry is waiting on the English queen, Mary Tudor, to die, and he plans on installing Francis and Mary on the English throne next. He believes the rightful heir to be Mary Stuart, not Elizabeth, because parents' marriage was never recognized by the Catholic Church. However, Catherine reminds him that snubbing a daughter born of one of Henry's wives would cause uprisings and wars.

Toy Soldiers - (Mentioned)
The queen of England, Mary Tudor, has named her Protestant half-sister, Elizabeth Tudor, her heir.

Long Live The King - (Mentioned)
The queen of England has passed away, which King Henry of France is quick to declare to the court when his army returns victorious from the siege of Calais. He also proclaims that they will invade England and crush it, so that it may be reborn under its rightful queen, Mary Stuart.

While claiming to wait for supplies and armies to be replenished before invading invading England, King Henry secretly does the opposite. Mobilization has already begun and the offices are being sworn to secrecy. From that, Queen Catherine infers that Henry means to attack England, slay Elizabeth Tudor and put Mary Stuart on the throne, all within the week.

Slaughter of Innocence - (Mentioned)
Mary Stuart indirectly lays claim to the English throne by donning the English coat of arms on her gown to a joust. While most of the crowd cheers her on, members of the English contingent go off to warn Elizabeth about the new threat to her reign.

Season 3[]

England is in the midst of an internation crisis because of Queen Elizabeth's collusion with Catherine, as Catholic kings are threatening to turn against her. To amend their situation, Elizabeth pays off a Lady Donatella at court to give false testimony on housing Catherine, and thereby clearing Elizabeth's name.

Nicholas is appointed the new English ambassador and sent him to France to be Elizabeth's eyes and ears at French court.

The Price
Queen Elizabeth has ordered a surge of English troops into Scotland and begins courting Prince Don Carlos. However, her courtship ends in haste and Mary's plot causes her army to go into the wrong direction, therefore humiliating both them and Elizabeth herself as Mary scores another win.

Fight or Flight
Seeing as Queen Mary destroyed the peace treaty, Elizabeth decides to march on Mary's birth place, Linlithgow. Elizabeth also chooses another ambassador: Gideon Blackburn.

The Hound and the Hare - (Mentioned)
In response to Mary's move to remove French troops from Scotland, Elizabeth has withdrawn her troops as well.

William Cecil informed Queen Elizabeth, Mary of Scots' closest friend, her lady Lola, had agreed to be her hostage in exchange for her family's release, and she was on a boat headed for England's shores.

Later, Greer told Mary Stuart The Spanish alliance from her marriage to Don Carlos would empower her and their nation against Elizabeth, and having Spain would allow her to bring Lola and her family home alive.

Spain is willing to reject Queen Elizabeth's offer of marriage, if Queen Mary agrees to grant her husband The Crown Matrimonial. If Mary dies childless, the Crown Matrimonial guarantees Don Carlos remains king of Scotland. King Philip makes the request most respectfully, as Spain is offering Scotland so much in return.

In History[]

* 28 November 1489
Princess Margaret Tudor is born to King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.

* 28 June 1491
Prince Henry Tudor is born to King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.

* 10 December 1502
Princess Margaret Tudor is married to King James IV of Scotland as part of a peace treaty.

* 21 April 1509
King Henry VII dies and Prince Henry becomes King Henry VIII of England.

* 18 February 1516
Princess Mary Tudor is born to King Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon.

* 7 September 1533
Princess Elizabeth Tudor is born to King Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn.

* 12 October 1537
Prince Edward Tudor is born to King Henry VIII and his third wife Jane Seymour.

* December 1543 – March 1551
The War of the Rough Wooing was a war between Scotland and England. Following England's break with Rome, they decided to attack Scotland, partly to force Scotland to agree to a marriage alliance between its child Queen, Mary, Queen of Scots and King Henry VIII's son and heir, Prince Edward.

* 28 January 1547
King Henry VIII dies and later Prince Edward becomes King Edward VI of England.

* 19 July 1553
King Edward VI dies and Princess Mary becomes Queen Mary I of England.

* Early 1558
The French took back Calais, France.

* 17 November 1558
Queen Mary I dies and Princess Elizabeth becomes Queen Elizabeth I of England.


  • Since the twelfth century, Portugal and England have been allies. The relationship has come close to breaking apart over the centuries, but still holds to present day.

House of Tudor[]

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King: Queen: Elizabeth I of England
House of Tudor
Heir: James VI and I of Scotland and England Lands: Kingdom of England and Ireland
Title(s): King of England · King of England · Queen of England · Queen of Ireland · Lord of Ireland · Prince of Wales · Supreme Head of the Church of England ·
Predecessors: Henry VII of England · Henry VIII of England
Deceased Members: Mary I of England · Edward VI of England · Lady Jane Grey
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Family Tree[]

In Reign[]

Henry VII
Elizabeth of York
Catherine of Aragon
Henry VIII
Anne Boleyn
Mary Tudor
Margaret Tudor
Mary I of England
Elizabeth I
Frances Brandon
James V
Margaret Douglas
Lady Jane Grey
James Stuart
Francis II
Mary I of Scotland
Henry Stuart
James VI and I

In History[]

King Henry Tudor VII
Elizabeth of York
Arthur Tudor
Catherine of Aragon
King Henry VIII
Anne Boleyn
Mary Tudor
Margaret Tudor
Mary Tudor
Elizabeth Tudor
Frances Grey
King James Stuart
Lady Lennox
Lady Jane Grey
James Stuart
Mary Stuart
Lord Darnley