King Henry VIII's 50 Year Coronation Celebration
King Henry VIII
Location: London, England
Date: June 1561
In Honour of: King Henry VIII
In Attendance: Queen Elizabeth

Lady Lola
Beatrice Somerset

Episode: To The Death
Description: Celebrate 50 years since King Henry VIII was Coronated

Events Season 3

King Henry VIII's 50 Year Coronation Celebration took place in London, England in 1561 June.


Queen Elizabeth decided to celebrate her father's coronations and to remind the people of England she is King Henry VIII's daughter and blood. Even if some consider her a bastard for not recognizing her mother and father's marriage.

Befor the celebration Elizabeth enlisted Lady Lola to help her get revenge on Beatrice Somerset, who was a former close friend of the Queen's mother, Anne Boleyn who accused her of adultly when on the stand, and it lead to her beheading.

Half way into the party, Queen Elizabeth announced she was going to give a golden apple to the first 100 people in line during the party. While Beatrice Somerset was in line, Lady Lola tried to put pearls into her purse. She broke the necklace and, in the commotion the Queen had them both arrested.

While in jail, Lola expressed a man had told her to do it. She thought it was a game between the two. Beatrice told her how she believed the Queen was behind it. She had betrayed her mother, Anne Boleyn who was her best friend and in-turn, helped in her beheading.

Three days later, she was released from jail after she returned the lands she had been given from King Henry VIII for her help as penance.


  • The famous picture shown above was commissioned by Henry Tudor himself and was one of the last portrait of him. It can be seen while Elizabeth and Lola are talking about the coronation.

Historical NotesEdit

  • King Henry VIII's coronation was on 24 June 1509, making it 52 years ago as it is June 1561.
  • Queen Mary returned to Scotland 9 months after her husband's death, arriving in on 19 August 1561.
  • Though King Henry VIII was coronated 52 years ago, there was no celebrations.

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