Character ♔ Male Prince King
King of Imereti
King of Emerety
Biographical Information
Real Name: George II
Title: King of Imereti
Age: 15
Religion: Georgian Orthodox
Family: Unnamed Father †
Interests: Lady Kenna
Affiliations: Kingdom of Imereti
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'9
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Burn
Portrayed by: Charles Vandervaart

The King of Imereti is a young 15 year old boy, whose father just died and is going back home for his coronation. 

Season 2Edit

The King of Imereti met the beautiful Lady Kenna while making a stop on his journey back home. He was explaining how interested in guns and ships he is. Kenna took a liking in him, and asked if they could be pen-pals. She also wanted to know if she would visit him in the winter, and maybe bring her sister's baby. The King of Imereti was more than happy to agree.

Historical NotesEdit

King of Imereti could be based off two kings during the 1500's

  • Bagrat III became a king after his father's death when he was 15, however he was crowned in 1510. He ruled for 55 years.
  • George II who was his son, became a king in 1565. His birth is unrecorded, but he ruled for 20 years.


Season Two
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