King Francis' Coronation
King Francis' Coronation
Location: Viennese, France
Date: 21 September 1559
In Honour of: King Francis
In Attendance: Queen Mary

Queen Mother, Catherine
Louis, Prince of Condé
Lord Sebastian
Lord Narcisse
Lady Kenna
Lady Lola
Duke Charles Schuler
Greer Norwood

Episode: Coronation
Description: Celebrate the new King, and Queen of France

History Events Season 2

King Francis' Coronation took place in Viennese, France on 21 September 1559.


The coronation took place on 21 September 1559. The event was to celebrate the crowning of the new King of France, after the passing of the late, King Henry. His son, Francis II was crowed King, and his wife, Mary, Queen of Scots was crown Queen of France. Francis was given full reign of his kingdom as he was of age.

Before the celebration took place, there were no less than three days of huge celebrations that took place throughout the Kingdom. The, almost week long celebrations were all arranged by the Queen Mother, Catherine. This included, dancer, juggilers, court jesters, animals, acrobatics, physic and multiple balls to conclude each night.


  • Toby Regbo said that the crown made for him was too big and needed to be re-sized to fit around his ears.
  • For The Coronation, Queen Mary and King Francis' looks were created and designed by Meredith Markworth-Pollack. The fabric from Mary's dress, was also used for Francis's vest.
  • Mary's wore gold-plated, Swarovski crystal chandelier earrings from designer Vicki Sarge.
  • Inspiration was taken from England's, Queen Victoria from her 1838 Coronation.
  • Both crowns used during the coronation scene were very heavy.
  • Catherine's neckless is from Oscar de la Renta and her crown was from Deborah Moreland
  • Kenna wore a Notte by Marchesa dress, Greer wore First Lady Michelle Obama's Tadashi Shoji dress, and Lola is costumed in a 1950s gown accessorized with a beaded shrug from Anthropologie's bridal line, Beholden.
  • Sebastian and Prince Condé wore custom-made designs.

Historical NotesEdit

  • Prince Francis was crowned on 21 September 1559, however, it is unknown if the producers decided to go with the same date.

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