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King Francis
King Francis
Biographical Information
In History: Francis II of France
Family Name: Francis de Valois
Title: King of France

King Consort of Scotland
Prince of France
Dauphin of France

Predecessor: Henry II
Next in Line: Charles IX
Born: January 19, 1544
Died: Fall of 1559
Age: 19
Height: 5'10
Gender: Male Male
Nationality: French Flag - France
Status: Deceased
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Fontainebleau, France
Affiliations: Kingdom of France

Kingdom of Scotland
House of Valois
House of Medici
House of Stuart (Marriage)
Francis and Mary
Francis and Sebastian
Francis and Catherine
Francis and Henry
Francis and Lola
Francis and Olivia
Francis and Leith

Relationship Information
Parents: King Henry(Father)

Queen Catherine (Mother)

Wife: Mary Stuart
Children: John Philip (Son)
Family: Clarissa(Half-sister)

Sebastian (Half-brother)
Queen Leeza (Sister)
Princess Claude (Sister)
Prince Louis(Brother)
King Charles (Brother)
Prince Henri (Brother)
Princess Henriette(Sister)
Princess Emone(Sister)
Princess Margaret (Sister)
King Philip (Brother-in-law)

Interests: Olivia D'Amencourt (Ex-mistress)

Natalia (Ex-mistress)
Lady Lola(Co-parent)
Lady Amelie (One-night stand)

Character Information
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: All It Cost Her
Portrayed By: Toby Regbo

"The world can be dark, Mary, and uncertain and cruel. The only thing that really matters is that we face it together. Whatever the future brings, you are my light."
King Francis to Queen Mary

King Francis (originally Prince Francis) was the Dauphin of France, later ascending to the throne as King Francis II after his father, King Henry II died. Francis was the son of the late King Henry and Queen Catherine. He married Queen Mary of Scotland, to whom he had been betrothed to since they were children. Before his marriage, Francis had a son, John Philip, with Lady Lola out of wedlock.

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Francis had always had his country's interests at heart, but when Queen Mary arrived, he struggled to balance his duties with his desires. He loved easily and passionately, but he always put France and pleasure above his wife, which caused a distance between them that wasn't easily remedied. As time went on, he was becoming more willing to get his hands dirty to achieve what he wanted.

Francis became king after he killed his mad father. Being king was no easy task, especially as he was tainted by his father's mistakes. Although Francis cared about his country and his people, he was blackmailed into signing an edict that persecuted Protestants. By doing so, he inflamed the hatred between Catholics and Protestants, and lost Mary's love and trust.

After Mary's rape, Francis tried everything he could to redeem himself to her and his people, and in doing so, he became a better person. After falling into a coma and having a miraculous recovery, he was more determined than ever to make the most of his life. He adopted a more carefree and relaxed approach to life. However, that life was soon taken away from him, though he seemed at peace with his end.


Early Life

Pilot - Young Francis & Mary I

10 year old Francis

Queen Mary of Scotland and Prince Francis of France met when they were both 6 years old after a marriage treaty was instigated between the two by King Henry, Queen Catherine and Marie de Guise. They were introduced at French Court and played together along with Francis' older half-brother, Sebastian. They were considered playmates and were educated together while in the French Court. As such, they were constantly seen running up and down the stairs, making fun of each other and playing games in the courtyard.

Two years later, Mary was forced to leave French Court after an assassination attempt on her life was made by the English. She was taken to a convent far away for her safety, where she remained until her return at the age of sixteen.

Season 1

Prince Francis rushes up the staircase while Sebastian walks out of the main hall. Bash informs Francis that their father is displeased at his absense, but his mother is in fine form. He then uses his brother's arrival to make his exit.

Pilot 4 Queen Catherine & Francis

Please don't force me to marry her

As King Henry is trying on a suit for his daughter Elisabeth's wedding, Queen Catherine protests against Mary's return to court. Francis comes in, greeting his sister and shooting a look at one of the ladies. He is not too pleased about having to marry Mary, but his father doesn't care. At least his bride has a country and an army, should he need it. When Henry walks away, Catherine assures Francis that she's on his side, always.

Pilot 7 Francis & Bash

off to meet...

Trumpets sound as the entire French Court flock outside to line the path to greet the Scottish Queen, who is arriving. Francis makes his way down to the courtyard. He glances up at Sebastian, leaning over the banister at the top of the staircase, who smirks.

Pilot - Mary Stuart n Francis

Happily surprised

Seeing Mary, Francis cuts across the grass to meet her where she stands. They exchange greetings and Mary sheepishly talks on, losing her composure. Both appear happy at the physical appearance of the other. They are no longer the young children they once knew. Francis and Mary walk arm-in-arm down the line of castle members towards the King and Queen of France for a proper introduction.

Francis is making a sword in a secluded room when Mary walks in, to his surprise. He is annoyed at her for finding him at first, but they soon start talking. They bond over the burden of being a royal and talk about how they're going to rule France and Scotland one day.

Francis walks into his room to find the lady from earlier waiting for him. He is unsure if he wants to continue seeing her now that Mary, his future wife, has arrived in France, but Natalia convinces him otherwise.

"Nothing's changed here. Nothing has to."
Natalia Tianná
Pilot - Mary Stuart n Francis 10

Getting caught!...

Whilst with Natalia, Francis heard a knock, answers the door and sees that Mary has come to see him. When she realizes that Francis has someone in his chambers, she questions him about his actions, leaving Francis annoyed and, as a result, he tells her to go away.

That evening at Elisabeth and Philip's Wedding, everyone is seen celebrating as Elisabeth and Philip have their first dance. Mary, desperate for some fun to cheer up her bored ladies, convinces her friends to remove their shoes and dance. As they dance, feathers fall from the ceiling, bringing memories back to both Francis and Mary, who used to have pillow fights when they were younger. Francis is also caught off-guard when he notices his brother Sebastian looking at Mary.

When Mary returns to the dying down celebration, Francis goes over to talk to her. He apologizes for how he treated her earlier, but they soon argue again. Francis admits that he will only marry her if it is right for France, regardless of his feelings for her.

"Love is irrelevant to people like us."
Prince Francis

He asks her to wait and see how things go for France, but Mary reminds him that they need to take her own country into account. Mary is hurt by both his words and his apparent dislike for her and walks away.

"You are not the only one with a country to think of."
Queen Mary

The next day, Francis walks up to Mary in the courtyard, interrogating her as to what Colin MacPhail was doing in her bed. When she shuts him down, he warns her not to behave like that at court and lets it slip that he wants her there. They almost share their first kiss but Francis ends up walking away.

Snakes in the Garden

Snakes in the Garden - Sebastian n Francis 2

Lil brother's getting married, kind of.

In the throne room, Queen Catherine and King Henry are discussing the arrangements of their second son, Prince Charles's future wife, who is Lady Madeleine, a young French noblewoman his own age whose family is very wealthy and are loyal to the Valois. Mary and her ladies-in-waiting soon arrive. To try and convince Charles, Catherine tells him that Madeleine has her own giraffe, and if he's good, then once they are wed she will get him his own giraffe too.

Lady Madeleine is arriving by ship. Prince Francis is told to go and welcome her, along with Charles, who asks if Bash can also come with them. Catherine swiftly denies his request, insulting Bash and Henry in the process. Mary suggests that she comes along since she too was once sent far away from home as a young child. Catherine tries to convince Henry that maybe Madeleine should just meet them all here since it's a several hour journey. Henry laughs and thinks Mary going is a fine idea and sends them all on their way.

"You know that Bash isn't really your brother. just your father's son."
Queen Catherine
Snakes in the Garden - Sebastian n Francis 5

She's too good for this

Hours later, Francis and Charles are talking quietly in the carriage as Mary has fallen asleep against the window. Charles is reading and tells his brother she smells nice. Francis soon gently wakes her as they have arrived at the place where Madeleine will arrive. Francis helps Mary out of the carriage but they are both stopped in their tracks with the sight of a large English war ship near the beach. Francis orders Mary and Charles back to the carriage as he believes this is an attack on Mary. He then orders the guards to draw their weapons and the archers to take aim.

Sebastian rides up on his horse and orders everyone to stand down, explaining that the French ship that was carrying Madeleine took on water and was helped by the English. Their envoy, Simon Westbrook, had been sent to French Court to explain.

"If they're lying they'll have his head!"

After things die down, Madeleine presents herself as a perfect lady, but the shy Charles stands back. Mary goes forward to introduce herself to the young girl and explain who she is. She then walks over with her to Charles who gives her a flower he found on the ground and they greet each other properly. Mary and Francis admire the two and silently reminisce about their childhood romance.

Snakes in the Garden - Mary Stuart n Franics 9

May I have this dance!

After their return with Madeleine to French Court, Mary is with her ladies when the dashing English envoy Simon Westbrook strikes up a conversation with her. Mary becomes frustrated with his threats and tries to leave. Francis notices Mary and enters the conversation. He soon manages to let Mary leave. When they are alone he tells Mary that Simon is only doing this to see her reactions, so she cannot react. Instead, Francis offers his hand for a dance, to which Mary humbly accepts.

That afternoon, Queen Catherine and King Henry inform Mary about the runaway Colin MacPhail, claiming that he was working with the English, and that is why she was attacked by him. Mary requests Colin be brought to her once he has been found.

Snakes in the Garden - Mary Stuart n Franics 16

Are you mad at me?

The next day, Mary and Francis are talking to each other whilst watching a game where Charles is blindfolded and has to find his true love by the sound of her voice. Mary points to Charles, saying he's not listening to Madeleine, but Francis insists Madeleine isn't speaking loud enough. Their conversation becomes heated when Mary relays the information about Colin, saying it was someone from Court in a high position. Francis becomes angry with her when she suggests it might be his mother.

"I had their word that we would be married. I'm not sure words mean anything here."
Queen Mary

Soon after, Francis sees Mary and Bash talking and is annoyed.

Mary runs and shouts for help when a servant girl collapses in her chambers whilst wearing one of Mary's dresses which has supposedly been poisoned. However, when she returns with Francis and guards, the woman is nowhere in sight. Francis orders the guards to find the missing girl. Mary tells Francis of the secret passageway that's in her room, suggesting someone came in her room that way. Francis informs her most are dead ends and have been blocked off for years.

Francis tells his father that the English can’t try to attack Mary at French Court, and he says there is no proof until a body is found. The conversation switches to when Francis will wed Mary and if they aren’t going to, to let Mary go. Henry says he will do as he pleases.

Francis tells Mary that the English envoy has been questioned to find any connection between the English and the servant girl. Francis asks of Bash, and Mary tells him he’s gone to look for Colin. Francis becomes worried when he realizes Bash has been gone for some time and has not returned. When he leaves, Mary is approached by her ladies. They inform her that all their guards were posted outside their doors and saw nothing. No one saw a dead girl.

Sebastian comes back with Francis to help with Colin's body. His throat had been slit and he was hung by his feet, blood dripping down his face. In the dark, he orders Francis to cut the rope and help the now dead Colin down. They hear noises and both stop. People are advancing on them. Sebastian begins chanting something in a heretic tongue and orders Francis to keep cutting as the make their escape.

Snakes in the Garden - Sebastian n Francis 8

What games are you playing brother?

Once Sebastian and Francis are both safely back in the castle, Francis demands to know what Bash was doing, and accuses him of knowing heretic tricks to which Sebastian denies immediately. Francis tells him not to lie to him as they are brothers.

Francis tells Mary that Colin is indeed dead, and she now has no proof against the English, even if they were responsible for Colin attacking Mary. She confides that she believes Queen Catherine is against her. Mary tells him she’s leaving to go back to Scotland. She is scared for her life.

The next day, Francis confronts his mother, warning her not to bring any harm to Mary, promising that him being with Mary doesn't mean she will lose him, and then walks off.

King Henry II announced the Tudor Queen was dying. She had not named her successor but many believe the rightful heir to the English throne should be Queen Mary Stuart. The second, England's queen dies, King Henry wanted Mary Stuart to make her claim. Her marriage to Francis would be moved up as it would strengthen her claim, and would show Europe that Mary Stuart had the might of France at her side.

King Henry II stated a new condition of Scotland and France's marriage alliance is that Mary Stuart delivers England to France. Support from The Vatican made him think he could get it, However, Queen Catherine cautioned Princess Elizabeth would have support too. Armies she'd been gathering for years. Laying claim to England could cost Mary Stuart her head, as it did Lady Jane Grey.

When the English Queen dies, so would Henry the VIII's legitimate line, as Mary Stuart is his next relation by blood, because Elizabeth is King Henry VIII's daughter by Anne Boleyn and her parents' marriage was never recognized by The Catholic Church because in God's eyes, she doesn't even exist. Elizabeth is Protestant and The Pope doesn't want to lose a nation to Protestantism. However, a Scottish Queen on the English throne, a daughter born of one of Henry's wives, dismissed would cause uprisings and wars.

Sacrifice - (Mentioned)
No one knows of Francis' whereabouts, only that he left French court after being stripped of his heritage.

Inquisition - (Mentioned)
Francis continues to be absent.

Royal Blood
Francis is revealed to be in Paris when he walks into a brothel. He is surprised to hear Lady Lola's voice there. She has come to pay off the debt her brother's substantial debt, which would originally have sufficed, but now that the housemaster has laid eyes on her, he wants her for the night too, as extra payment.

Francis decides to pays 4 times the debt for one-quarter of the cards to win Lola for the night. After he loses the first time, he tries again, this time the wager has been raised to 16 times the original debt and the housemaster draws a Queen. Luckily for Francis, he draws a King and wins.

Francis and Lady Lola retire to his room where they play cards for the rest of the night and Lola complains about her screw-up brother. They also discuss Mary's decision to marry Bash when he is legitimized due to Nostradamus's prophecy. Francis understands Mary's decision, but not sure how he feels about Bash. Hours later, they fall asleep beside each other.

The next morning, they wake up clothed, but in each other's arms. Soon the sexual tension builds and after Lola confirms that Mary will not be upset, and Francis is assured she is not a maiden, they consummate their relationship and sleep together. By noon they are both downstairs again ready to part ways. However, they are informed that the Queen of France is to be beheaded within the week and Francis is eager to return back to French Court to save her.

Francis and Lola spend the night in a wooden cabin. Francis is already up and dressed, and is coming back to the cabin when Lola is finishing up. Francis’s mind is preoccupied on whether or not his mother is alive or dead. He is scared of what is going to happen and didn't want to be at French Court when Mary and Sebastian were married. Lola asks Francis to go over their lie again, as she doesn't want Mary to know they had been together. Francis assures her she will not.

Half a day later, Francis and Lady Lola return together, under the pretext that they had run into each other in Anjou, and agreed to travel back upon the news of Catherine's sentence. All of Mary's ladies laugh, leaving her to have an awkward conversation with her former fiancé. Before Mary can say anything, Francis tells her he isn't going to stick around. He just wants to save his mother and then leave again.

Not long after his arrival was he greeted by his mother. She ecstatically informed her son that he could now marry the Scottish Queen. She was going to explain about Nostradamus, but news Francis didn't care anyway. They were interrupted by Mary's own mother, Marie de Guise who agreed with Francis about the nonsense of Nostradamus.

Francis rode out to meet Mary and his brother. He found Sebastian first and happily told him, Mary and he were going to wed. Edward disagreed, and said that they loved each other. He soon broke into a fight, only to be separated by Mary herself. Francis quickly told her that they could now be together. Mary unsure what to do, said nothing. They all returned to the castle and waited for Mary to make her choice.

Only a couple hours later the Scottish queen made her decision. She ran to Francis kissing him, explaining something to her about of blank paper, and how his mother had helped her choose. She promised they would be married that night. However, she also wanted Francis to promise to keep his brother safe. It had not been his fault, and she didn't want anything to happen to him. He agreed and they kissed again.

Not long after that was Francis standing in front of an altar waiting to marry Mary. She walked down the aisle with her three ladies in the waiting behind her. They kneeled before the priest and sign the marriage certificate. An hour after that, it ran happily into the wedding reception. They kissed and shared their first dance together.

Later that night they both prepared for the consummation ceremony. As Francis was kissing Mary he noticed her looking at someone. He looked over to see his brother, who was for whatever reason in their room. Mary continued to kiss his neck, and Frances ignored his brother.

Two months had passed since their wedding and Francis and Mary were heading back to Court. It was snowing and absolutely beautiful out as they rode in their white carriage. Frances asked if she was cold, and she told him she wished she could go back in time, to when they were first married in Paris. Francis reminded her that his mother was no longer against them. It didn't seem to help too much, and to his dismay, Mary brought up Sebastian. She wished he was happy while in Spain, and Francis said nothing, he changed the subject to how he couldn't wait to grow their family.

As soon as they got back to Court, Mary was immediately surrounded by her ladies. Before the conversation could get too deep, Francis was pulled away by his mother who interrupted them. Sweet as ever she told them she needed to talk to her son in private. Catherine told him Sebastian never made it to Spain. He'd never gotten on the ship, and the two guards that were to escort him were found dead. Then asked if he was happy to have her as his mother.

That night Francis came to his and Mary's room. Mary was about to tell him the conversation she'd had with his mother, but he cut her off. He wanted to know why she'd been talking to his guards. Mary confessed Bash had come to see her and thought Francis had tried to kill him. This hurt Francis and made him angry. He asked if she thought he did it, it didn't matter what anyone else said because he could present evidence and statements. However, it did matter what she thought. She said she thought Francis was innocent. Already annoyed Francis just wanted to leave but told Mary to give Bash a message.

Francis and Mary are dancing at Lola and Lord Julien's wedding, until they are interuppted by Queen Catherine, because, as she informs them, they have a problem. The cardinal has come to discuss rents and tenancies with King Henry, money that the French depend on. However, he can't refer to Henry, as he's mad, and Catherine can't talk to him, as he knows she wasn't in favour of his election. And so, Mary and Francis go over to talk to him. Mary instantly charms him and shares a dance with him.

No Exit

I want to go to Scotland!

Later that evening, Mary informs Francis that she was reunited with her half-brother, James Stuart, who informed her of a crisis in Scotland. that requires that she go there. Mary is eager to visit her homeland, but Francis isn't so sure about it, suggesting that they send diplomats in her place. He believes that France is truly unstable right now and that if things don't go well with the Cardinal, Rome will withdraw their support, thus leaving his country to look weak before the world. He argues that they need to lock down Cardinal Morrisini's support before considering leaving for Scotland. However, Mary notes just how much of her life at court has been geared toward bending for France and addressing French problems, so she still wants to go to her country, with or without Francis' support.

While fencing, Sebastian advises Francis to put Mary first and reassures him that it's okay to be a bad king sometimes. Taking his counsel, Francis goes to Mary and tells her that he's willing to go to Scotland with her, as long as she'll wait until they resolve the issue with the cardinal. Mary agrees and the two begin planning their trip.

No Exit 45 Francis

Answer me!

However, later, Bash and Francis spot James' footman paying one of the higher-end castle prostitutes and bring him down to the dungeon, where they question him about how he could offer it, why he was using English coin to pay, and where he was headed after he paid the prostitute. When the footman refuses to talk, Francis calls in the torturer. Francis voices his suspicions on James' footman to Mary. He cautions her that he may be a Protestant Scottish rebel who is working with James to have Mary assassinated on her way home. He asks Mary for time to question the footman, torture him if need be, to get an answer as to whether there is a plot against Mary underway.

While Mary decides to leave to Scotland immediately after being pressured by her brother, Francis is busy torturing the footman in the dungeon and attempting to bribe him to give up information regarding who he's working for. Once Francis promises to pay him handsomely and allow him to leave with his life if he gives up the information, the footman reveals that he was paid by a group of people who wanted to assassinate Mary on her voyage to Scotland.

Mary is ready to leave, but Francis tries to detain her by warning her of the danger she will be in if she goes. When that doesn't work, Francis has the guards surround Mary and throw her in the tower, where they argue. Francis claims that he is doing it for her safety, but Mary calls him a liar and accuses him of doing this for his sake rather than the sake of her and her country. She warns him that if Scotland were to fall while she is locked away, she will never forgive him.

The Duke of Guise arrived and was greeted by Francis and his niece Queen Mary. To no surprise, the King, and Queen of France had not come to welcome him. He was not surprised given how they left things, and the two younger royals not to bother with niceties towards him, as he is not interested. He also let them knew, that he already knew King Henry was unstable.

Toy Soldiers - Duke of Guise 9

Don't test me boy!

Later the Duke met with Francis, and he began the negotiation of sorts. He agreed to fight for the Crown and win back Calais, but in return, he wanted the position of Lord Majesty of France. Francis was baffled at his request, as he was seeking a position higher than the one he originally lost. But the Duke knows he got what he wanted.

Duke of Guise and his men appeared after Francis had sent three men to find him to inform him that the path to Calais was clear. They quickly took back the city.

Months later, after winning Calais back against the English, the Duke of Guise returned to French Court, with Francis close to his side. He made sure to stand on the same pedestal as King Henry when they announced their victory over the English. Before Francis could say anything, the Duke stepped forwards and gave all the glory to King Henry. Telling him, and his people, that none of this could've been done without the vision of the King.

Season 2

The Plague
Francis has left the castle to be by Lola's side as she gives birth to his child. He finds her after she has given birth. However, the three must soon leave because the plague has reached the house Lola was staying at.

On their way, they encounter Francis' cousin, Louis Condé. He offers them shelter and protection at his camp, and they accept his offer. At the encampment, Francis chastises Lola for not telling him about her pregnancy, saying that he would have been more upset with himself than he would have been at her had she told him in advance. However, he goes on to say that the child will be whoever he says it is.

The Plague - Promotional image III

Condé and Francis

Later, Lord Narcisse rides by and introduces himself to Francis. Condé lies about what Francis is doing there, because, as he explains to Francis, Narcisse is not to be trusted. Narcisse then deliberately mentions that Condé has a boat ready to take him away, knowing that Francis didn't know about it, to stir up mistrust between him and Condé.

"A new king needs to know who his real friends are."
Lord Narcisse
The Plague 48- Francis

Francis cradling his newborn son.

That night, Francis and Condé sit by the fire and the latter offers to send Lola and the baby away on a boat to Amsterdam. Condé encourages Francis to take his offer, to save his son the humiliation and resentment he would have to suffer as his bastard son. Francis agrees to it at first, but the next day, when he shares a moment with his son, he decides against it.

Francis returns to the castle with Lola and his newborn son in tow, causing tension with Mary. Sebastian and Francis greet each other and Francis tells Bash that he wants him on his council. Francis then introduces Mary to Louis of Condé as the man who saved his life.

Francis and Mary retire to their chambers and have sex. Afterward, they discuss the elephant in the room: Francis' son. Francis wants to be a part of his life which Mary accepts as long as he doesn't officially claim him.

A festivity is taking place to celebrate Francis' return. When Lord Narcisse enters the celebration, Catherine's face drops. Why is he back with so many nobles?

Lord Narcisse alleges that Nostradamus falsely diagnosed his son Eduard and condemned him to death. Francis is stunned. Lord Narcisse continues his rant about the noblemen providing everything for the kingdom and Francis orders Nostradamus to be taken away for questioning.

When in private, Mary divulges what she did to Francis and then Catherine storms in, wise to Mary poisoning her with Nostradamus' help. She believes Mary has cost them all dearly. Narcisse wants everyone complit to be executed. If they don't accede to Narcisse's demands, they will enrage the nobles, and a full scale rebellion may follow. It could mean the end of the their reign. Mary pledges to fix it.

Later, Mary and Francis argue over their mistakes, Mary's being that she let her rage take over and had Eduard murdered while Francis' was that he deserted Mary and their kingdom to be by Lola's side. They need leverage over Narcisse, and since he is suspected of murdering families to take their lands, they decide to follow that trail.

However, Bash returns from the village to the castle to tell them that the trail has gone cold, as they have no proof against Narcisse. Bash is concerned over Nostradamus' looming execution. He believes they may need him for his knowledge about the supernatural world. Bash restates what he was told about the souls of the dead seeking revenge.

Catherine wonders if Francis will claim the bastard. She warns him that if he does not claim him, there will be a distance between father and son for all their lives.

Later, Condé steps in on a conversation between Francis and Narcisse, encouraging Francis to trust no one but himself. He believes the power should be shifted from the nobles to the King, back to where it belongs.

Dawn comes around and the drawing and quartering is being prepared as Mary and Francis speak. They still don't have any levarage, but they do have a trick up their sleeve.

Mary storms in and orders procedure to stop. Mary claims that she has found a letter with Voland's confession in it. It's headed to Rome as they speak. Francis interjects, Voland's letter in hand. They argue bitterly. After being promised land of his choosing, Narcisse gives in. Francis burns the letter.

Francis goes to Mary. It turns out that they were acting and the letters that forced Narcisse's hands were forged. They have Lord Narcisse at bay, but not without a price. Francis had to turn over Leith's lands to Narcisse, betraying their friendship.

Bash kneels before Francis as Francis appoints him the king's deputy.

That evening, Francis is called to the nursery by Mary. She gives Francis her blessing to claim his son. She needs to open her heart and believes their marriage will be stronger for it. When she leaves, Francis gives the baby to the nanny. Out of nowhere, she starts talking as if she were possessed by King Henry, sending Francis into a cold sweat.

Coronation - 1 Mary Stuart n King Francis n Queen Catherine

Your coronation plan sucks

Queen Catherine shares her plans for the coronation of King Francis and Queen Mary. However, neither of them like it. Catherine explains that they need to have a sumptuous coronation in order to appear strong and stable before the people from visiting nations. As Mary and Catherine start to rip into each other, Francis asks them both to take it down a notch. He adds that Mary knows she needs to step back until they get grain from Lord Narcisse and the coronation is over. Francis mentions that he's also negotiating with Lord Ducasse to get grain behind Narcisse's back.

As Mary and Francis stroll in Tent City, Mary tells Francis that she knows she needs to play that part. Francis reminds her that if the nobles see that she obeys him, they will too. A man comes out of his tent and calls for the people outside to quiet down so that he can hear the spirits speak to him. Francis looks uncomfortable and Mary asks him about it, but he simply brushes it off and goes to talk to Lord Ducasse about his grain.

Mary sees Francis and asks if he found out about the grain. Narcisse walks up on them and blames the lack of harvest on people's laziness, even though they are likely just dealing with the devastating consequences of the plague. Francis points out that France is starving and asks for a specific shipment date, but yet again, he is only told "soon". Suddenly, a man is seen running away from a guard. However, he is detained and killed. Condé empties the basket's content to find a chicken and some bread, likely just to feed his family, and certainly not something he deserved to die for. Mary reminds Francis that they cannot wait.

Coronation - 16 Mary Stuart n King Francis

It's a good deal!

At the ball, Mary and Francis meet Lord Ducasse, his wife, Monique, and their son, Guy. Francis asks about the grain and Ducasse informs him that it's ready for shipment, but he fears Narcisse. Francis then vows to protect him. Later, Herr Schuler approaches Mary and asks her to have Francis release German prisoners in return for German grain. Mary brings this offer up to Francis during a dance, but he is against it as it wouldn't please the Catholic nobles. By the end of their dance, a guard informs Francis that they have found the nanny, and Francis excuses himself away.

The following day, Mary and Francis find out that Ducasse changed his mind and know Narcisse is behind it. Mary mentions Schuler's offer, but Francis would like to investigate the crimes of the prisoners before even considering their release. Mary reminds him that their time is running out. He later returns to the Tent City, to go see the man who discusses with ghost to ask if he could tell if Caroline was possessed or not. He brings Caroline in the tent, Henry again takes possession of the woman. He tells Francis that he knows he killed him. Francis warns his father to stay away and returns to his chambers.

Back at the castle, Mary informs Francis that she freed the prisoners because there was no time as Schuler was about to leave. She also mentions that he offered a fair deal. Francis is annoyed that his wife handled yet another political affair. He is to fill the shoes of a man the nobles once feared. He claims that he needs to prove to the nobles that he is a capable and legimimate ruler, which he can't do if his wife is doing it for him. He add that the nobles will not respect him if his own wife doesn't. She offers her help but he declines it.

Louis Condé is informed by Jacob Rivell of a Protestant gathering, but they're afraid to worship in their villages so they come here, despite persecution. Christians who only want the freedom to worship. But is he want to prevent them from suffering the same fate as his nephew, they need his help, Francis has sent a letter to Rome, asking the Pope to recall his Inquisitors. Confronting Rome in this way takes courage, and gives them hope that Francis is a tolerant man. They want to get their minister an audience with The King and Queen. Unbeknown to him, it was a ploy, untimely to have the minister murdered and use him as a martyr for their cause.

Sebastian and Francis are trying to find Severin, the man supposedly behind the attack. Lord Narcisse has fled, but Francis is determined to find him. Lord Condé swears his loyalty to King Francis. Francis believes him, but he also points out that Condé is a Protestant, and if he wasn't behind it, he will need to cooperate to find out who was.

Mary is in the courtyard looking for her rapist in a string of chained prisoners. Catherine is worried for her. When Francis approaches her, she rebuffs his touch. She is visibly distressed and not easily swayed by Francis' promise to hunt her attackers to the end of the earth.

Francis tells Mary he was being blackmailed over regicide by Narcisse into making decisions that favoured Catholics. The lies and mistakes kept piling up until last night, when he found a way out. He found Lord Montgomery and killed him. Francis claims to have kept it from Mary to protect her, but she doubts it. He knows the offense cannot be erased, but he will make every one of them pay with their lives.

Sebastian informs Francis that more prisoners are coming in and the dungeons are filling up. Bash is worried that they will freeze outside, but Francis doesn't care. He tried being one kind of king but was forced to be another. Now he cannot go back.

Lola tells Francis that she knows about what happened to Mary. She can't help but think that if she'd helped him weaken Narcisse earlier, things might have gone differently. But she may have an idea where Narcisse fled. Before Francis leaves, Lola advises him to consider whether Narcisse is more valuable to him dead or alive.

Bash informs Francis of the prisoners starting a riot because they foresee death by his command. He orders Bash to hang them all. Catherine tries to reason with Francis, but he's falling back on the idea that terror is the way to rule.

Francis finds Narcisse and attacks him. But he doesn't kill him, because Narcisse warns him that he has changed his will, leaving everything to the Protestants if he died. Francis promises him a fate worse than death.

Leith goes to Francis. He asks him to set Lord Castleroy free. Francis claims that he was only brought in for questioning, but Leith reminds him that people are dying while they await what he calls questioning. Leith asks for repayment of stripping his lands by letting Castleroy go.

Francis has been looking for Mary. He gives her a status update and learns that she killed the men who attacked her. She tells him to release the prisoners; it's over. She begins to cry. Francis wonders what Mary would have done differently if she was in his place. She has no idea, but he never gave it a chance. They will never know. Mary wants to lead separate lives.

Francis goes to see Narcisse. He wanted to rip him from limb to limb, but he decided he has better use for him alive. Narcisse promises to do anything Francis asks of him. Francis tells Narcisse that he is his puppet now. And should he outlive his usefulness, he'll have him slaughtered in the dead of night.

True to his word, King Francis had all of the men hanged in the courtyard. While the guards are disposing of the decaying bodies, Francis is trying to mend his relationship with Mary. She is intent on living separate lives. She would like to visit their chateau in Chambord. He offers to go with her, but she would prefer to go alone. She doesn't want to give him hope. He will arrange for extra guards to accompany her instead.

The Cardinal informs the King and his Deputy that a noble lady named Condé as a traitor who bore The Devil's Mark. Bash thinks it's rather convenient that she's coming forward after sleeping with him, while Francis struggles to see how Condé would be dangerous.

Back at the castle, Bash and Francis talk about how Mary swooped in and saved Condé from the Vatican. Francis says she has the heart of a warrior. He wants to fight with her. Bash wonders how the Cardinal would explain the brand if a loyal Catholic were branded.

Randall is branded by a masked Bash on the Crown's behalf. When he is taken into custody, the Cardinal goes to Sebastian and Francis and defends Randall's honour and loyalty. But Francis doesn't believe him and has him taken to the dungeon, all to get the Cardinall to surrender and recant his theory. But he doesn't, so Bash is worried the Cardinal may not truly care for Randall after all. If that's the case, then they may be forced to execute an innocent man.

Francis tells the Cardinal the Vatican's terror must stop. Spilling blood must stop. Francis wonders if the Cardinal is willing to sacrifice Randall. Francis was thorough in his research. He knows the Cardinal cares more about Randall's suffering than his own, and that is what love is. The Cardinal congratulates Francis on using the noblest emotion to manipulate and destroy someone.

John Philip is sick and Lola doesn't feel comfortable leaving him with the nannies since the attack on the castle. When Francis starts to cradle the baby, it stops crying, much to Lola's relief. She goes to sleep and Francis joins her, with the baby in between them.

Francis finds Mary on the balcony after she didn't show up for breakfast. He believes she has been avoiding him. Mary admits that she saw him the day she returned, sleeping with Lola and the baby. It hurt to see the happier life he could have. He tells her he wants a happier life with her and moves closer to her, but she flinches, reiterating that she cannot bear a man's touch.

Mary comes to Francis as he's dividing Narcisse's lands. Francis would like to restore a few parcels of land to loyal Protestants after Narcisse stole that from them. Mary names Lord Condé as a trusted Protestant who deserves some land of his own.

Condé received the deed to the lands, but he doesn't feel worthy of it. He is also refusing Francis because of his recent decisions. Mary defends her husband but Condé doesn't want to listen to it. As he starts to walk away, Mary takes hold of his arm to detain him, which Francis witnesses from afar, realizing it's not difficult for her to touch Condé at all.

At the Ice Festival, Francis and Condé argue over Francis' rule and Mary. They decide to air out their differences in a duel. The court watches as the two men grow increasingly aggressive. Just as Condé lunges at Francis, the guards hold him back and the ladies realise that they're competing over Mary.

Mary is attending to a cut on Francis' face. He insists that Condé provoked him. Francis believes that Mary encouraged Condé, even though she doesn't realize it. He continues with knowing how painful it is, but the idea of separate lives hurts both their marriage and their duty to their countries. When they have an heir, there cannot be the slightest doubt about their child's paternity. Such doubts start wars. Mary doesn't want to listen to it and storms off.

Francis checks on Mary after everything that went down with Greer. She isn't doing well. She's grieving the loss of yet another friend. She feels alone, but Francis reassures her that she isn't. He offers to stay with her, to watch over her as she sleeps from a divan near her bed. She would like that.

The Duke of Guise's high treason against the crown is covered up in light of his murder. King Antoine, Francis, Queen Mary, Queen Catherine, Marie de Guise, Louis of Condé and Lady Lola all attend his funeral.

After the funeral, Francis pulls Lola aside. He informs her that he has made a possible alliance with the Habsburgs, an engagement for their son and an infant Hapsburg daughter. There is only one catch - the Duke and Duchess Von Amsberg want to meet Lola.

Mary talks to Francis about her needing an heir. He has one, but she does not. He is rather appalled that she would base her choice solely on international policy, but Mary believes that it is their duty. He tells her that he needs to think about it.

Francis seeks advice from his mother. Catherine thinks he should follow Mary's lead and do what she asks. However, the visit to Mary's chamber must be witnessed so that if Mary finds herself with child, there is no doubt about whose the child is.

Forbidden - Promotional Images 6

At the castle, Francis is escorted by his guards into Mary's chamber, where they start kissing until they end up in bed. As they're starting to go further, Mary briefly pauses and points out that the sound of Francis' breath makes her nervous. But she carries on with Francis, until Francis stops on the grounds that it's too soon to be intimate.

Mary again suggests living separate lives and moving on with others, which prompts Francis to realise that she has feelings for Condé.

"I don't want to move on with others, with anyone. But... you do?"
King Francis

Mary affirms it and adds that she can't get back together with Francis, as there is too much painful history for them to overcome, while Condé is untarnished. Unfortunately for Mary, Francis forbids her union with Condé.

When Lola lays eyes on the baby of the Von Amsbergs, she points out how ugly it is and how it takes after its equally hideous parents. Francis takes Lola away before she can insult them further. When he realises that she is not in her right state of mind, her sends her back to the castle and commands that her servants attend to her through the night.

Catherine and Francis talk about Mary again. He tells her Mary has released him to be free with whomever he wishes. Catherine promises to support him in whatever he decides. As she leaves, Francis hears Lola and the baby outside, having fun in the snow. He opens his window and they talk and laugh about how disastrous last night was.

Francis is in some sort of a coma as he battles with his ear infection, thus leaving Mary in charge of the Kingdom of France. After waking up and being apprised of the situation in Scotland, Francis announces his decision in regard to his response to Mary and Catherine. Much to their surprise, Francis has decided to send two-thousand French troops to Scotland. When Mary asks him why he would do that after her betrayal, he replies that he is doing it to honour their alliance and spurns her for not doing the same. He adds that he intends to live his life more wisely now, not leaving much hope for rekindling their relationship.

"Make of that what you will, but I have been given a second chance at life, and I intend to live it more wisely. So the next time I'm staring at death, I can have no regrets."
King Francis

In the office, Sebastian apprises King Francis and Queen Mary of a group of Protestant besieging a monastery and holding the boys in it hostage as retaliation for sending troops into Scotland and thus supporting a Catholic queen. As the troops are away, Francis is left with no choice but to order Bash to put together a team from the castle, despite the fact that they aren't trained for that type of mission.

Abandoned4 - Francis, Mary n Catherine

We will save your children.

The King and Queen meet with the parents of the boys in The Throne Room, where they assure them that they are doing everything in their power to get their children out safe. Queen Catherine then ushers them out to let Francis and Mary attend to the situation. Just as Francis swears to Mary that she is safe with him, Condé's return is announced. Mary apologizes if he thought that it was over, but Francis claims not to care what Mary does with whom.

"Well... you were planning on abandoning our marriage, flee France, and run off with my cousin, so... I no longer care what you do."
King Francis

Back in the office, Bash comes in bearing news that the hostages are scattered throughout the monastery, making it impossible for them to rescue all the boys at once, and the radicals have gunpowder. After Mary deduces that they're planning to kill themselves and the boys, Francis orders that Bash and a group of castle guards soldiers attempt to save the boys.

Bash later reports that their mission was unsuccessful. Catherine then suggests General Renaude, but Mary points out that Renaude is loyal to Narcisse, whom Francis doesn't trust. However, after some convincing, Francis agrees to use Renaude and his men. Bash pulls Francis aside and divulges that there were men at the monastery who bore Condé's seal, which pointed to his possible involvement.

Abandoned5 - Frary

Mary goes to Francis and tries to convince him that Condé would never do something so heinous. But Francis reminds Mary of what Condé has done to her - taking advantage of her when she was at her lowest - and how he doesn't know what he is capable of. But Mary's emotional speech changes his mind and he promises to talk to the nobles.

Meanwhile, Francis tells Mary of Condé's marriage to Queen Elizabeth. Mary is in disbelief at first, but after the shock wears off, she tries to justify Condé's actions. Mary then recounts how Condé told her that he was approached by Elizabeth's envoy some weeks ago, though he swore that he would reject her proposal.

Francis is shocked that Mary didn't think to share it with him, because if Condé is now King Consort of England and Elizabeth has a stronghold in France, combined with Condé's claim to the throne, Francis and Mary may cease to be King and Queen of France.

"This may mean the end of our reign!"
King Francis

Season 3

Three Queens, Two Tigers

Promotional Images - Three Queens, Two Tigers 1

Negotiating with a pirate.

While Francis and Mary are happy and in love once again, having moved past their mutual transgressions, the situation in Scotland is getting worse. Lord Narcisse informs Mary and Francis that some of their previously loyal supporters have been turned against them and they risk losing Scotland. Mary wants to use pirates, led by the Martin de Lambert, to steal gold for the crown. In their meeting, he states that he wants fifty-percent of the profits, a castle, and Lady Greer's hand in marriage.

Queen Elizabeth reaches out to Mary with an offer: if Mary and Francis grant her an engagement to Prince Charles, she will reduce her aggressions on Scotland. Mary is inclined to agree to it, but Francis exhorts her not to do it, as he is dying and once he does, her power will be diminished.

Three Queens, Two Tigers - Lord Narcisse 12

If only we had a GPS...

News arrives from a page that Catherine hanged herself after the death of her lover, but Mary and Francis recognize that as a decoy. Narcisse brings news that the delegation which traveled to Rome was assassinated and they had correspondence from England, which prompts Mary and Francis to realize that Catherine is hiding in England.

Mary then sends Elizabeth a message that she wants to meet her. While Elizabeth and her guards are awaiting Mary's ship on shore, they leave the castle unguarded, allowing Martin and his men to kidnap Catherine and bring her before Mary and Francis.

Mary confronts Catherine directly about consorting with her enemy. Catherine claims to have turned to England for the good of France, but Mary won't have it. She has Catherine put in a cage next to Martin's tiger and the cart follows Mary and Francis back to French Court.


Betrothed - King Francis 1

It's getting worse...

Although Catherine is imprisoned in the dungeon, Mary feels that it's not enough punishment and exhorts Francis to sentence her to death. However, Francis disagrees as he cannot curse his mother as one of his last acts as King. He then reveals that his disease is progressing, and to compound the situation, Mary reveals that she is not pregnant. But Francis has a plan to secure Mary's future and France's, in that Mary will marry Prince Charles. She doesn't want to go through with it because she loves Francis, but she ultimately agrees to it, knowing it's the best thing for both of their countries.

Mary and Francis meet with Princess Claude, Sebastian and Charles to make plans for the future of their country. Bash vows to protect John Philip and Charles laments that he didn't study harder, but he never thought he would be King. Francis excuses Claude and Bash and tells Charles of his plan to have him marry Mary in the event of his death. Charles is against it and wishes to see his mother, questioning why she was jailed in the first place, but Francis and Mary refuse to tell him why they hate Catherine.

After their meeting, Mary and Francis discuss whether or not they should tell Charles the depth of Catherine's betrayals. Mary uses that as even more of a reason that Catherine should be charged with treason, but they decide to allow Charles to meet with his mother, after they've had a chance to speak to her first.

Promotional Images - Betrothed 3

Francis reveals to Catherine that he's dying and she tries to convince him that she loves him, but Francis is distrustful of her intentions. When he reveals his plan to marry Charles and Mary after he dies, she asks that Charles be sent to her for love and comfort.

After Charles' meeting with Catherine, he unknowingly sends a coded message to Lord Germain. The coded message orders him to assassinate King Antoine and his entire family. Francis and Mary intercept Catherine's message and stop her plot. They later use it as an opportunity to show Charles exactly who Catherine is.

Following his change of heart, Charles turns from Catherine to Francis and Mary and declares that he would be honored to marry Mary. When he leaves, Mary and Francis soak up their rapidly-dwindling time together.

Extreme Measures
Queen Mary, Francis and Sebastian are all wondering why King Antoine is back at French Court. They're worried that he knows of Francis' illness, and as a Bourbon, he'd have the best claim to the throne after Prince Charles. If he rallied his Protestant supporters, he could replace Charles as king.

The Price
An urgent message arrives for Queen Mary, but she's out sailing with Francis. When they are called back to the castle, they decipher Marie de Guise's letter and learn that Queen Elizabeth has ordered a surge of English troops into Scotland. Francis, at the reminder of Prince Charles, readies a fleet of ships to sail to Scotland's aid.

Francis spars with Charles in order to teach The Dauphin how to fight with a sword and rule as a king while Mary and Greer watch on the sidelines. Catherine comes in, bemoaning they should have sought her counsel before sending French ships against the English navy, as the French ships were sunk and hundreds died.

Francis reminds his mother that the only reason she's out of the dungeon is to secure her place as regent. He is about to send another fleet, but Mary comes up with another way to save her mother, in that she plants a false cypher and when Nicholas steals it, he causes Elizabeth to send her forces in another direction, allowing the Scottish regent to regain control of the supply route.

Promotional Images - The Price 1

Francis and Charles bond over the Scottish win against the English just before Francis collapses. Francis believes he's about to die and asks Mary to lay with him so they can enjoy his final hours together. Mary rests with Francis and they daydream about their future together. He slips away just as Delphine, Charles, and Bash arrive. Mary begs Delphine to save Francis, so she works her magic and he returns, but the price is the life of another.

In a Clearing

In A Clearing - King Francis 3

Francis finds Mary praying. Mary is at peace with her mother's death because that means Francis gets to live. But with her mother gone, Scotland is left without a leader. Mary aims to reinstate her half-brother, James as regent, as he is both religiously tolerant and loyal to her.

Francis finds Catherine in his private chambers having the room redecorated. Now that he is healthy once again, she wants him and Mary to concentrate on producing an heir. Francis uses his new lease on life to teach Mary how to sail on the boat he built during his sickness. Mary tells him of Elizabeth's offer and he doesn't want her to abdicate her claim to the English throne, but she believes it is a way to save both of their countries.

Mary and Francis sign Elizabeth's peace treaty and send Sir Nicholas back to England to procure Elizabeth's signature. Francis is called away by Catherine, who informs Francis of Nostradamus' prophecy and warns him that he is still in danger. She begs him to stay in the castle until the threat has passed, but Francis refuses and instead whisks Mary away on a romantic trip to Paris to celebrate his health and their life together.

While on their journey to Paris, Francis bristles when Mary speaks of fate. To distract him, she suggests a detour. After making love in the woods, Mary returns to the carriage to retrieve lunch, leaving a mostly naked Francis behind to rest.

Promotional Images - In A Clearing 3

After Mary doesn't return, Francis goes on a search for his wife. On his way, he encounters the tree from Nostradamus' prediction, and not long after, he finds Mary after hearing her scream. He begins fighting her attackers, killing one of them in the process before being injured by another. He is almost overcome by the assassins but manages to rally his strength and fight back, killing another. After the battle, Francis collapses.

"We were meant to be happy, and we were, but I have another fate, predicted long ago."
King Francis

Francis believes that he was fated to die and rejects Mary's idea to have Delphine resurrect him. He succumbs to his injuries while a crying Mary buries her head into his chest and holds into him.

Family Tree

King Francis I
Claude of France
Duke Francis
King Henry
Queen Catherine
Madeleine of Valois
Charles of Valois
Margaret of Valois
King Francis
Mary Stuart
Queen Elisabeth
King Philip
Princess Claude
Luc Narcisse
King Charles
Prince Henri
Princess Margot
John Philip
Prince Don Carlos


In History

  • In history, Francis was named after his paternal grandfather, King Francis I, while in the show he was named after his uncle, Francis, Duke of Brittany.
  • In history, Francis would have been 13 in the year 1557, which is when the show begins. However, he is portrayed as a few years older than that.
  • Francis was described as unusually short and stuttered, in contrast to his much more refined appearance on the show.
  • In the show, Francis and Mary consummated their marriage, but whether they did so in history remains unknown.
  • In the show, Francis fathered a son named John Philip with one of Mary's ladies, Lady Lola. However, Francis did not have any children in history.


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