Eric XIV
King Eric XIV of Sweden
Biographical Information
Real Name: Eric Vasa
Title: King Eric XIV of Sweden
Reign: 29 September 1560 –
29 September 1568
Coronation: 29 June 1561
Predecessor: Gustav I
Successor: John III
Born: 13 December 1533
Death: 26 February 1577
Age: 43
Religion: Protestant
House: House of Vasa
Gender: Male
Originally From: Stockholm, Sweden
Parents: Gustav I of Sweden (Father)

Catherine of Saxe-Lauenburg (Mother)

Family: Prince Magnus (Half-Brother)
Affiliations: Kingdom of Sweden
COD: Poisoned
TV Character Information
First appearance: The Hound and the Hare
Portrayed by: Mentioned

Historical Figure Character  ♔ Male Prince King Season 3

Eric XIV is a Swedish King who has just been coronated.

Early LifeEdit

Season 3Edit

  • Queen Mary suggested marrying either Eric of Sweden and Frederick of Denmark, a crown prince and a king respectively, as they had already asked for her hand. [1]
  • Queen Mary revisited the idea of marrying King Eric of Sweden. [3]

Historical NotesEdit

  • Eric XIV of Sweden would have been 27, toMary, Queen of Scots' 18. He also only became King that year.
  • He who was considered attractive at the time, and tried to court Queen Elizabeth for several yeas without success. He also did propose to Mary, Queen of Scots, but she also declined. He was declined by 3 other noble women but eventually married in 1567 to his 'mistress'.
  • King Eric is indeed king, and was coronated on 29 June 1561.

References Edit

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