King Darnley's Coronation
King Darnley's Coronation
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Date: 29 July 1565
In Honour of: King Darnley
In Attendance: Queen Mary of Scots

Lady Greer
James Stuart
David Rizzio

Episode: A Better Man
Description: Celebrate the new King of Scotland

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King Darnley's Coronation took place in Edinburgh, Scotland on 29 July 1565.


The coronation took place on 29 July 1565. The event was to celebrate the crowning of the new King Regant of Scotland, after the passing of the late, Marie de Guise, and his marriage to Queen Mary.

David Rizzio helped him organize the even and music.

In light of what happened to Lord Hamilton and his men, Darnley to keep his coronation a small, private affair. As it no longer felt like the time for pomp or pageantry.

Historical NotesEdit

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