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Lord Darnley
Lord Darnley.png
Biographical Information
IRL: History's Lord Darnley
Real Name: Henry Darnley
Title: King Consort Of Scotland

King Darnley
Lord Darnley

Born: December 7, 1545
Dies: February 10, 1567
Age: 20
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Yorkshire, England
Current Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Wife: Queen Mary
Parents: Lord Lennox(Father)

Lady Lennox (Mother)

Children: King James Stuart (Son)
Interests: Lady Keira
Affiliations: House of Tudor

House of Stuart

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male.png
Height: 5'11
Status: Deceased (asphyxiation)
Character Information
First appearance: With Friends Like These
Portrayed by: Will Kemp

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Lord Darnley, a nobleman with a blood-claim to the English throne. Much like the late, great Francis, Darnley has a “wildly ambitious mother whose love hinges entirely on his ability to secure a crown,” though his own ambition should not be underestimated. He hopes to become Mary’s second husband, a union which “could take down Elizabeth, giving (the couple) not just one nation, but two.


Breezily confident, charming and warm, he was born with a blood-claim of his own to the English throne and a wildly ambitious mother whose love hinges entirely on his ability to secure a crown.

Season 4

Lord Darnley has a strong relation with Lady Keira, who is soon to be married to Lord White. He doesn't want to see Mary Stuart, neither to marry her. After a lot of discussion with his mother, Lady Lennox, he agrees to meet her. When he reaches Scotland, he sees Mary at a dinner party of which purpose was to introduce the Scotsman to Gideon Blackburn, a possible husband for the Queen. He returns in a hurry back to England. [1]

Lord Darnley promises not to marry Queen Mary of Scotland, and in return, Queen Elizabeth will pay off Keira's dowry to her family so she and Lord Darnley can marry. However before the sum could be paid in secret by a single horseman, Lord Narcisse arranged his murder. [2]

Lord Darnley stops into visit Keira on his way to Scotland with his mother, Lady Lennox. He promises he'll return for her in a week and they will meet at their special place. Before he returns, Keira receives a letter from him, breaking things off, so she marries Lord White. [2] [3]

Also, in order to make Mary Stuart like him, he secretly ignites a fire. After he saves a boy from a burning house, the people see him as a hero.

Lord Taylor challenged him to a boxing matching after Mary Stuart announced her engagement to the Englisman. Well aware of his father, Lord Lennox's reputation as a coward for siding with King Henry VIII in The War of the Rough Wooing he did not want a possible traitor on the Scotish Throne.

A second argument came about when Lord Taylor's secretary got sick, believing it was Lord Darnley's poisoning his Scotch. Hours before the fight one of his own men smashed two of Lord Darnley's fingers at a pub to avenge the poisoning.

However, even with two possibly broken fingers (and Mary's help), Lord Darnley won the boxing match and Lord Taylor bent his knee to him. [4]

Mary and Darnley talk about his former relationship with Lady Keira, and Queen Mary accuses him of having an affair. He denies it, informing her she is already married to Lord White. [5]

Of the arriving guest to witness Mary and Darnley's Catholic wedding, few are as important as Lucrezia de' Medici. She lends legitimacy and strength both to Queen Mary's Scottish rule and Queen Mary and Lord Darnley's joint claims to the English Throne.

However, after Lord Darnley jokingly insulted King Francis, Lucrezia withdrew her support and set sail for the following day back to Florence. Mary was very upset over this, because if the Duchess left, she took her support and the promise of funding with her. Lucrezia agreed to reconsider if she was given the lands belonging to Lord Theodore Davies. The lands were quite valuable, and come with a title, The Earldom of Menteith. Only with this exchange would she continue supporting Mary's rule. After a day of misadventures, Queen Mary and Lord Bothwell were able to acquiring the Davies Estate' papers. With that, Lucrezia was pleased to continue the alliance between Florence and Scotland [6]

Meanwile. Lady Keira was sick and weak with fever, an later died after being stuck by a cart in Scotland, after James Stuart forced her to her feet, and back to England on Mary's behalf. Darnley cannot forgive her for this. [6]

Dead of Night
Mary Stuart tells Greer she is pregnant with King Darnley's child. Telling her, only Darnley knows, and she's also told James Stuart before he left. Greer apologises for being hard on Mary about James. Mary tells her it's alright. In trying to protect her throne, she put her brother in a dangerous position that ended with his banishment.

Mary and Darnley are talking about Lord Bothwell. The man who despises Darnley, and Mary invited him to Court. Mary tells him, after James left she was upset, and needed someone she could trust.

Lord Ruthven and Darnley were both involved, and Ruthven even lead the murder of David Rizzio in place of the missing Lord Bothwell in front of the very pregnant Queen Mary. [7]

Family Tree

Henry Tudor VII
Elizabeth of York
Catherine of Aragon
King Henry Tudor VIII
Anne Boleyn
Mary Tudor
Margaret Tudor
Mary Tudor
Queen Elizabeth Tudor
Frances Brandon
King James Stuart
Lady Lennox
Lady Jane Grey
James Stuart
King Francis
Queen Mary Stuart
Lord Darnley
Prince James Stuart


Historical Notes



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