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King Charles
King Charles
Biographical Information
In History: History's King Charles
Family Name: Charles de Valois
Title: King of France

Dauphin of France
Prince of France

Predecessor: Francis II
Next in Line: Prince Henri
Born: June 27, 1550
Age: 18
Height: 5'9
Gender: Male Male
Nationality: French Flag - France
Status: Alive
Religion: Roman Catholic (Former/Current)

Protestant (Converted)

Originally From: Paris, France
Current Location: French Court
Affiliations: Kingdom of France

House of Valois
House of Medici

Relationship Information
Parents: King Henry(Father)

Queen Catherine (Mother)

Family: Clarissa(Half-sister)

Sebastian (Half-brother)
King Francis(Brother)
Queen Leeza (Sister)
Princess Claude (Sister)
Prince Louis(Brother)
Prince Henri (Brother)
Princess Henriette(Sister)
Princess Emone(Sister)
Princess Margot (Sister)
John Philip (Nephew)

Interests: Nicole Touchet(Fiancé)

Lady Constance (Ex-lover)
Mary Stuart (Ex-fiancé)
Lady Madeleine (Ex-fiancé)

Character Information
First Appearance: Snakes in the Garden
Last Appearance: All It Cost Her
Portrayed By: Peter Dacunha (Season 1)

Spencer MacPherson


"I understand that sometimes a king must wield a sword to protect his people."
King Charles

King Charles is the King of France. He ascended the throne when his brother, King Francis, died in an assassination. However, due to not being of age yet, he is aided by a regent and the privy council. That regent is Lord Narcisse, but he is later replaced by Queen Catherine. Charles eventually loses trust in her and has the privy council declare him of age so that he can rule by himself.

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As a child, Prince Charles is a well behaved, polite young boy. He is a little shy, but given time, opens up to people he trusts. He also appears to pick up on things rather quickly.

When Charles returns to French Court in Season Three, he seems to have changed. He has turned into a reckless party-animal who has no intention of learning how to be King. However, he is soon forced to assume responsibility and grows more mature as a result. He hopes to fill the shoes of the previous king, and tries to prove himself to the privy council. He grows more independent, trying to secure his rule and stop living under his mother's thumb.

Later on, he bears witness to a traumatic death of his friend and blames himself for it. He starts to believe that he should never have become king, causing him to neglect his duties as King and sneaking out at night. Queen Catherine finds out that he is a necrophiliac, and concludes that he must be depressed and likely has PTSD. Charles eventually runs away from court and his mother later finds him in a very happy state, living in an ordinary household on the farm. His nature seems to have shifted, as did his religion. He announces that he is Protestant, claiming that Protestantism helped him find himself again and regain the will to live.


Early Life

Prince Charles was raised at French Court with the rest of his siblings and both of his parents. He appeared to be closest with his older brother, King Francis and younger brother, Prince Henri. He was later sent away from court to study politics and such.

Season 1

Snakes in Garden - 5 Charles

Getting engaged soon!

Queen Catherine and King Henry talked about Charles's future wife, Lady Madeleine, a young French noble whose's family is wealthy and loyal to the Crown. When Henry agreed to his' wife, Catherine told him in The Throne Room and he was not originally pleased. Francis was ordered to welcome Madeleine who would be traveling by ship to meet with her new fiancé. Mary suggested she comes along too, to ease Madeleine's mind. After a bit of disagreement, it is decided that she will come too.

Hours later, Prince Francis and Charles talked quietly as Queen Mary slept against the window. Charles made a comment to his brother about her smelling nice, and Francis said exasperatedly that he knew. Francis woke Mary when they arrived, but they are both stopped when they saw a large English warship on their borders. Francis told Mary and Charles to return to the carriage as he believed that this is an attack on Mary, and ordered the archers to take aim. However, Sebastian rode up and explained the situation.

"If they're lying, they'll have his head!"

Tensions die down and Madeleine presented herself as a perfect Lady, but Charles stood back. Mary introduced herself to the young girl and explained who she was. Mary walked her over to Charles who gave her a flower he picked from the ground. Hours later, back at court, Prince Charles and Lady Madeleine played with the servants, both in fancy white clothing.

Snakes in Garden - 23 Madeleine

Mad at you

The next day at a picnic for the newly engaged couple, a blindfolded Charles and Madeleine play a game, which involves the former recognizing the voice of the latter. Charles however, wasn't listening to Madeleine, and Madeleine herself wasn't speaking loud enough. Sure enough, Madeleine stomped over to Charles and took off his blindfold, annoyed that he couldn't distinguish her voice from the others.

Later, Mary tried to talk to Charles about why Madeleine was upset with him, but she saw him running away from a possible figure. Mary questioned who he was talking to, leading him to tell her about his friend, Clarissa, a mysterious figure, who lives in-between the castle walls.

Mary and Charles were playing with a ball before it got stuck in a tree. Mary climbed the tree and eventually got it back, but Charles had gotten bored already and left.

Left Behind - Charles n Henry Jr


Henry was playing with his older brother Charles with their oldest brother Francis watched. Count Vincent came in and played with them both on the floor for a while. He left after having a few words with Francis.

Left Behind - Charles & lil Henry III

Being a big brother

That night Francis' orders Henry and Charles to stand by a window, and no matter what happened, they were not allowed to turn around. But when a man screamed they both looked. Charles covered Henry's eye when a fight between Francis and an Italian broke out. When it was over, Francis orders them to follow him. He leads them to a secret passage in a wall and they, along with the rest of the castles' residence went though. They eventually came out the other side at the horse stables.

Royal Blood - 4 - Charles n Henry

Going to the Winter Festival

Charles and Henri were excited to have been invited by Mary, to go to The Winter Frost Festival. They rode with Mary in a carriage as Charles and Mary talked. The three of them were interrupted by rioters, they didn't want to see their bloodline on the throne. The men surrounded their carriage and began trying to overturn it. Mary had Charles and Henry dropped to the floor, and cover their faces. They were eventually rescued by their guards and taken back to the castle. Later that night the brothers played together in his room.

The next morning, Sebastian surprised them by bringing The Winter Frost Festival to them. Excited they ran off to explore the fair. But not long after, Charles called Mary over to help him with his mask. But during the Winter Festival, Bash had instructed the boys to seek off into a carriage. Unbeknown to them, were being taken to Italy.

Royal Blood - 25 - Charles n Henry

Who's there?

Charles and Henry hid in the back of a straw wagon and stopped at nightfall for food. Charles told the driver he was cold, and he went to grab a blanket, but never return. Instead Clarissa appeared, she told them how she wanted them all to be a family and had Charles and his brother walk with her.

The next morning as they watched the sunrise by the lake, Clarissa told them to go find as many rocks as they could. She wanted them to fill their pockets full of them, then go for swim. Charles tried to tell her he couldn't swim, but she ignored him. The boys both started to feel scared, but had nowhere to go.

Royal Blood - 43 - Charles

Don't want to die

To their amazement, their mother, brother, and Mary all showed up. Charles and Henry ran towards Sebastian, but Charles was caught by Clarissa. She held a knife to his throat and told their mother they could all be together in death. After a fight between all the adults, Mary smashed Clarissa on the head with a rock, believing that she had killed her. Charles ran to his mother.

Once they were safe and back up the hill, their mother made sure they were all and bundled up. She sent them off with their brother Sebastian and warned him to make sure they got a bath when they got home. Their brother took them to an waiting carriage to go back to the castle.

Season 3

Charles is summoned to French Court by his brother, King Francis. Francis teaches Charles archery and Charles invites his older brother to go horse-riding with him. However, Francis starts to feel unwell and lies that he had business to attend to. Charles, probably feeling neglected, gave his brother a cold goodbye.

Charles learns that Francis is dying and as the next heir in line, he is to ascend to the throne once Francis dies.

Mary Stuart, King Francis and Sebastian were all wondering why King Antoine is back at French Court. Worried he'd learned of Francis illness, as a Bourbon, he'd have the best claim to the throne after Prince Charles. If he rallied his Protestant supporters, he could replace Charles as king. Bash asked to handle him. Francis told his brother that he knows he blame him for what happened with Kenna, but he would not "handle" King Antoine.

King Charles learns of Catherine and Henry's treacherous decision to kill thirteen men simply because they could not repay them. He fears their sins will come back and ruin his reign. Catherine promises to handle it.

Later, Bash, Catherine, and Charles discuss whether it may be possible that the current Red Knights threatening her are descendants of the original Red Knights whom Henry had killed. Bash is sent to a brothel to examine the theory.

Felix Jean-Dubois told King Charles how he went to his father's office and noticed crates of weapons being moved to thw town of Orsay, leading The Phantom Brigade to think that was The Red Knights headquartered.

Later that night Felix, and Charles rendezvous with Leith Bayard and travel with him to Orsay. Once there, they met up with Thierry Huguenot and three of them watched as Charles lit an arrow, sending it into the tower to explode the weapons. However they had already been moved, and now the town's grain was burning. The town quickly turned on them and Leith and the King's Guard got them out. In the commotion and smoke, Thierry lead Charle away into he forest. Trapping him with the The Red Knights.

Thierry Huguenot believed that betraying Charles it was for the greater good. And would restore France to a country they can all be proud of again, free of the tyranny of Catherine de Medici, the start of a revolution. Thierry believed The Red Knights wanted Catherine for all she's done to the country, and after they killed the regent, the monarchy will fall, and Charles would live the rest of his life in exile. However Charles insisted "The only way to end the monarchy is to kill my entire family."

Later his father refused to be apart of killing King Charles, stating the King was barely a man, and they didn't even know what kind of king he'd be. He refused to murder him for the sins of his mother. So The Red Knights killed him. After, Thierry realized Charles was right and they escape together.

Thierry and Charles were separated, but The Red Knights caught him. He was strung up - like a pig on a spit. He could see, hear, and smell his flesh burn. He screamed for hours but never gave up Charles' location. He sacrificed himself so his friend could live.

Season 4

Suffering from PTSD

Charles is increasingly absent from court, which has not gone unnoticed. His older sister, Elisabeth, Queen of Spain, has come on a visit to French court, with the intention to stem the rising tide of Protestantism and take over French politics. Catherine gives her the cover story that Charles is in Paris, which protects him for now. But when Leeza decides to stay indefinitely, things get more complicated. [1]

A few days later, Catherine uses the rare sight of Charles to her benefit and asks him to sign a document that would secure Narcisse's release. When he tries to walk away, Catherine notices blood on his shirt, but Charles brushes it off as a minor injury. Catherine then pleads with Charles to at least dine with his family to dispel the rising suspicion regarding his welfare. However, Charles doesn't show up. [2]

The next day, Catherine goes to Charles and yet again beseeches him to sign a document to bring Narcisse home. He takes it and dismisses her. When she leaves, he lifts his hands to sign it and there is blood all over them. [2]

A few weeks later, Charles and Leeza are in the throne room when Catherine introduces Lord Narcisse to Leeza, and immediately there is tension. Leeza introduces them to Cardinal Rosales, the new Lord Chancellor of France of her choice, and offers to help Narcisse in drafting his resignation letter. Charles is asked to step in, but he doesn't and walks away instead. [3]

Queen Catherine told her son Charles how she overheard two dukes educated, reasonable men discussing whether the King's ailment could be cured, or if a better solution were a silver bullet or a stake through his heart. But it was his sister, the queen of Spain, they needed to worry about. If she believes that Charles was possessed, the very inquisitors that rained blood down on Spain would march into French court, and not even a king would be safe. Charles agreed to do whatever was needed, and Catherine was able to buy them time. She convinced Leeza to take a tour of France's great cathedrals a "welcoming home" gift from the clergy.

Queen Catherine informed Lord Narcisse Queen Leeza was back in Spain, but she's not happy. Catherine informed her Prince Henry's return to France had been delayed, 'cause he is fighting Turks on behalf of the Catholic faith. Something that would please her, she liked the slaughter of infidels, but still she wants Henri on the throne, not his older brother. Leeza would allow Charles to remain king while Henry's was delayed. In the meantime, she's requesting that she attend Mary and Darnley's Wedding. insisted that she represent both France and Spain's support of a Catholic union.

Lord Narcisse tells Queen Catherine that Nicole Touchet is turning into a proper lady, and she wants to be a courtesan. In return, she is guiding Charles for them, keeping him in line. However Leeza still wants Charles off the throne, and believes Henri is the man to keep France Catholic. And after agreeing to let her handle matters, Leeza went behind her back and she wrote to Henri directly, he is on his way to France now now, fresh from his latest defeat of the Turks, aware that Spain wants him on the throne.

Later, Henri arrives, sitting Leeza's letters that Charles is unwell and he was needed immediately. His mother assured him, his brother is quite recovered and will not be abdicating.

Prince Henri claims he'd be a better King. Leeza said Charles was not right in the head, and he was needed.

Queen Catherine tells her son Charles she wanted to protect him by making him strong, but he insists he is weak, and everyone can see it but you. First Leeza, then Henri. He couldn't let England see that, or his own people, that's why he ordered those heads cut off, to hide the truth that he's afraid.

King Charles and Gideon Blackburn are at French Court talking about a Da Vinci painting. Charles's grandfather Francis of Valois purchased it while he was King.

There are on-going negotiations between England and France. Queen Catherine says not to give England the cargo from the ships. The cargo is saltpeter. The English transport it from North Africa to make gunpowder. Queen Leeza requested the English ship captured in France divert the saltpeter to Spain. Lord Narcisse is working with Spain to clean up the mess Charles created with England. All they ask in return is the saltpeter to make ammunition.

Queen Catherine convinces her sons Charles and Prince Henri that their sister Leeza has used them, and turned them agenst each other.

Emanuelle's predicts Spain will still be a bother, but its Queen won't be a problem much longer. Complications with her third child. A girl. Queen Leeza died of childbirth in 1568, 2 years later.

Family Tree

King Francis I
Claude of France
Duke Francis
King Henry
Queen Catherine
Madeleine of Valois
Charles of Valois
Margaret of Valois
King Francis
Mary Stuart
Queen Elisabeth
King Philip
Princess Claude
Luc Narcisse
King Charles
Prince Henri
Princess Margot
John Philip
Prince Don Carlos

Notes and Trivia

  • Charles had an older brother named Louis, but he died shortly after he turned one. [4]
  • Had two twin sisters, but were murdered when they were infants. [5]
  • Engaged to marry Lady Madeleine when they both turn 16. [6]
  • Queen Catherine revealed that Charles is no longer engaged to Lady Madeleine.[7]
  • Agreed to wed Mary Stuart after his brother's passing. [7]
  • Was crowned the King of France. [8]
  • Was declared 'of age' after surviving his own attempted murder. [9]
  • It was announced June 21, that the part of Prince Charles would be recast for an older actor.
  • Was one of Clarissa's first friends in the castle. [6] [10]
  • Was suspected of being a necrophiliac. [11]

Historical Notes

  • His birth name was Charles Maximillian.
  • Charles de Valois was the third son of Henry II of France and Catherine de' Medici.
  • Charles had 3 half-siblings from his father's mistresses, and 9 more siblings from his parents' marriage.
  • Became king at 10 years old, and ruled for 13 years.
  • Though he was the next King after his brother Francis, he was never given the title Dauphin of France.
  • Charles' first, and only wife was Elisabeth of Austria. They had a daughter, Marie Elisabeth.
  • King Charles never had a mistress named 'Nicole'. However, he did have a mistress named Marie Touchet, who would be 16 at the time and was born a farm girl before coming to French Court. They had a son together 8 years later in 1573.
  • His daughter was named Marie Elisabeth after her grandmother, Empress Maria, and Queen Elizabeth I, who were her godmothers.
  • Upon his mother's request, ordered the marriage of his sister Princess Margaret to Prince Henry of Navarre. He became the future king of France, and she the Queen.
  • After his death, King Henry III personally made sure his widow, mistress and bastard son were all cared for.
  • Both Charles and his older sister Elisabeth died at age 23.


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