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King Antoine ♔
King Antoine
Biographical Information
IRL: History's King Antoine
Real Name: Antoine de Bourbon
Title: King of Navarre
Duke of Vendôme
Born: 22 April 1518
Age: 43
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Picardy, France
Wife: Queen Jeanne
Family: Louis Condé (Brother)

Unnamed Sister
Marcus Bourbon(Brother)
Emile Condé(Nephew)
King Francis(Cousin) Princess Margaret

Children: Henry de Bourbon (Son)

Catherine de Bourbon (Daughter)

Interests: Lady Kenna
Affiliations: House of Bourbon

Antoine and Louis
Kenna and Antoine

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 6'1
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Mercy
Portrayed by: Ben Aldridge

"That was the work of fanatics. All passion. No originatation."
King Antoine of Navarre

Antoine de Bourbon is the older brother of Louis Condé and King of Navarre. He had an emotional affair with Lady Kenna, while his wife was heavily pregnant with his daughter.

Season 2Edit

Louis Condé mentioned his brother was the King of Navarre and had recently become a Protestant, possibly another reason for their nephew's death, Emile Condé at the hands of Catholic thugs.

Louis Condé once again mentioned his brother while talking with Sebastian and King Francis.

Louis Condé mentioned he was on his way to visit his brother but turned back after hearing news of the attack.

Antoine de Bourbon was in his little brother's room, awaiting his return. When he did, they greeted each other distantly. Louis asked if he had been behind the attacks earlier, and Antoine assured him he was not. He then requested to know why his letters had become fewer in more in-between. Asking him if he was in love with the Queen.

Season 3Edit

Extreme Measures
Mary Stuart, King Francis and Sebastian were all wondering why King Antoine is back at French Court. Worried he'd learned of Francis illness, as a Bourbon, he'd have the best claim to the throne after Prince Charles. If he rallied his Protestant supporters, he could replace Charles as king. Bash asked to handle him. Francis told his brother that he knows he blame him for what happened with Kenna, but he would not "handle" King Antoine.

Season 4Edit

A sorceress named Emanuelle, told Queen Catherine she would keep her power and status, but only with her daughter Princess Margaret by her side. Emanuelle predicted Princess Margaret's rise to power after the fall of her brothers, King Charles and Prince Henri. Unbeknown to all of them, it would be through her marriage to King Antoine and Queen Jeanne's son, Henry de Bourbon. This marriage would be arranged by Catherine.


  • Emile Condé's mother's name in never mentioned, Mary of Bourbon in the most logical choice. She had 9 brothers, and sisters 3 sisters, all three of whom died young. [1]
  • Despite his brother already mentioning him as a Protestant, Antoine appears very catholic.
  • His wife, Queen Jeanne is dying of a tumour, and doesn't wish to see him. [2]
  • Ordered the assasination of the Duke of Guise. [2]
  • Responsible for the poisoning King Henry.[3] [4]
  • Asked Kenna to marry him. [5] [6]
  • Queen Catherine tried to wipeout his entire family line, to ensure the reign of her sons. [7]
  • Louis Condé's fate was revealed. He was taken as prisoner in the mountains, and his brother is expected to pay his ransom. [8]
  • Agreed to convert to Catholicism, and renounce his claim to the French Throne to save his brother. [8]

Historical NotesEdit


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Family TreeEdit

Charles, Duke of Vendôme †
Françoise d'Alençon †
Unnamed Sister
King Antoine of Navarre
Queen Jeanne of Navarre
Marcus de Bourbon
Prince Louis of Condé
Emile Condé
Henry de Bourbon
Catherine de Bourbon

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