Lady Kenna
Biographical Information
IRL: Mary Livingston
Real Name: Kenna de Poitiers
Title: Lady Kenna
Born: 14 December 1542
Age: 19
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Inverness, Scotland
Current Location: Sweden
Husband: Sebastian(Separated)
Family: Diane de Poitiers

King Francis

Children: Unborn child (with Renaude)
Interests: General Renaude

King Antoine
King Henry
King of Imereti

Affiliations: Kingdom of Scotland

Kingdom of France
Kenna and Antoine
Kenna and Renaude

Physical Description
Gender: Female Female
Height: 5'3 ½
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayed by: Caitlin Stasey

Character Flag - Scotland Noble Female Lady  Mistress Married Season 1 Season 2
"Keep your hand off me! You have no idea who you're
dealing with!
Lady Kenna

Lady Kenna is a former Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Mary, and a close friend. Kenna was born and raised in Scotland, to a rich and noble family. She is a former mistress of the late King Henry, and the estranged wife of Sebastian. She left court quietly give birth to her child by General Renaude.

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Lady Kenna is a spitfire. She is very ambitious and knows what she wants. Since arriving at French Court, she knew what she wanted and aimed for more out of life. She received it briefly and became the king of France's official mistress. Though loyal, Kenna can be a bit selfish and occasionally suffer from tunnel vision. However, since her forced marriage, Kenna has become more compassionate and appears to be genuinely happier and more relaxed with herself.

Early LifeEdit

The only thing known about Kenna's life prior to the one at the French court is that she was born very privileged, comes from a good family, and has a title.

Season 1Edit

Pilot 10 Ladies in Waiting


Trumpets sound as they arrive at French Court waiting for their Queen. Lady Kenna, Greer Norwood, Lady Aylee and Lady Lola all emerge from their carriages. Admiring their greeting from the French Court, their own Queen arrives, and they are finally all together again. Mary Stuart asked if the woman beside the King is Queen Catherine, but it was Diane de Poitiers, the King's official mistress. And beside them is their son Sebastian, the King's favourite. Mary is stopped by Prince Francis who cuts across the grass to meet her. They exchanged greetings and Mary talked on sheepishly, loosing her composure. Francis then escorted Mary towards his parents for proper introduction.

In Queen Mary's Rooms they are all given instructions on their duties to their Queen. After dressing up in new gowns and mak-up, they decide to explore the castle.

That evening at Elisabeth and Philip's Wedding there was a huge celebration and Mary convinced them to take off their shoes and danced in the middle of the floor. Unknowing to Kenna, this is what began King Henry's interest in her. Later during the bedding ceremony Elisabeth and Philip were getting undressed in front of specially selected people. Kenna and the girls decided to spy on them, but after a couple of minutes they ran off in separate directions. Kenna found a place she thought she could be alone, but was interrupted by a warm hand around her, and was embarrassed when she realized it's King Henry. He requested to be closer to her, she obliges as he brought his hand under her dress as they kissed.

The day morning Mary informs them Colin MacPhail attempted to rape her that night, and was taken away by her guards. Lola tells them that Colin told her, someone had put him up to it. Mary decided she wants to talk with Colin herself. Hours later, Mary informed them that Colin had already been beheaded. Lola was hurt and blamed Mary for what happened. Mary soon leaves upset.

Inquisition - 3 Richard Delacroix w Kenna n King Henry

Trial preparations

Kenna was being prepared as a witness for the trial against Queen Catherine. Richard Delacroix and King Henry were instructing her on what to say when she was to make a statement in front of the court. She reminded Henry he promised to get her a rich and good husband for her troubles. Henry was already annoyed with her, but she did it to add to his already bad day. Richard Delacroix asked her again how she knew the Queen was having an affair and she answered she'd heard Catherine moaning in pleasure. Richard didn't think that was a good enough answer, but Henry did. However, they were interrupted by The Queen herself. Catherine immediately told Kenna to leave. Kenna remembering her place bowed to her majesty before making her escape.

Greer and Kenna were at The Winter Frost Festival when Mary and Bash arrived. It was snowing and they were already surrounded by other children, they waved at their Queen, before getting back to watching the children. Hours later they were walking around with the Prince’s in front of them. Greer noticed a strange man standing by a tree looking suspicious. They both found it odd but were distracted when Prince Charles fell down. Kenna walked over to see if he was alright and lifted up his mask but was surprised to see it was not Charles. Greer immediately went to go see who was behind Prince Henri's mask. They alerted Mary and Sebastian when they couldn't find the boys. Bash ordered everyone to take off their masks, revealing that Charles and Henry were nowhere in sight.

Mary told them to have guards spread out looking for the boys. She hollered at them to find Lord Hugo before they left.

Greer and Kenna were in The Throne Room waiting for Mary while Queen Catherine was making final preparation for her own beheading. However, everything stopped when the Royal trumpets sounded and Marie de Guise walked in.

That afternoon Mary informed her and Greer she was going to elope with Sebastian that evening. Greer garbed a veil for her, telling her that it would keep her face hidden during the ceremony. Greer then spotted Lola and they were all surprised to see her with Francis. Lola explained how they ran into each other in Paris, and how her carriage was swept away in a flood. They all left so Francis and Mary could talk.

That night King Henry announced Mary Tudor had died and demanded Mary choose one of his sons to marry that night. Mary refused.

Hours later, Kenna told Henry's servants to inform the king she wished to see him. and if he declined to tell him she was naked. Henry allowed her in and Kenna began seducing him, all while wanting to know why he hadn't found her husband yet. She promised she would continue to be his mistress even after she was married. All he had to do was introduce her to one suitor, once a week until she found one she liked. She promised if he did that for her, she would do things for him. With that, she took off her clothes, and they began to make out, but now before Henry demanded to take control.

The next day Mary decided to wed Francis, so her Ladies-in-Waiting Fashion Style were helping her get ready for the big event. Lola confronted Kenna, asking her where she had been the night before when she went to visit. Kenna tried to play it off, but Lola knew what she was up to and it was a mistake. Kenna then told Lola she knew the Château she had claimed to stay at had burned down the year before.

"I don't know what happened between you two, but I can guess. So don't council me on mistakes."
Lady Kenna

Soon they were all walking down the aisle behind Mary for her wedding, and joined her during the reception. She was also one of the witnesses during Mary's bedding ceremony to Francis.

Kenna was at court listening to a dispute between the country of Bohemia and France. Afterwards, while walking with King Henry, Kenna reminded Henry of their previous agreement. She told him how she did not like her last couple suitors, as something was wrong with each of them. Henry then suggested Ferdinand, the Archduke of Bohemia promising there was nothing wrong with him. Except he did expect his future wife to be a virgin. Annoyed but still eager for a suitor, Kenna told Henry to introduce them.

Later she was waiting for Their Queen's return to court, as Francis and Mary left two months ago. Married arrived and told Greer she'd found her a suitor. and one for Lola in Paris. But Queen Catherine arrived and stole her son away for a conversation.

Later in Mary's chambers they were all trying on the dressed Mary bought back. Kenna's was white, and Greer's was black, however, Lola's didn't fit. Mary told Lola not to worry, as she would have it tailored for her. Mary offered chocolate, but Lola declined.

Kenna took a walk with Ferdinand, in her new dress. He rambled and then leaned in to kiss her. Kenna declined, claiming she had never kissed anyone before. He commended her for her morals as she expressed she was worried for her reputation and needed to make sure she stayed pure for her husband. This pleased Ferdinand and he told Kenna how wonderful and noble she was for doing so.

"Oh you must meet my sister, you are cut from the same cloth."
Archduke of Bohemia

Kenna went to Lola's room and confronted her, asking if she was pregnant, but they both already knew the answer. Kenna congratulated Lola, as her position at court, as the mother of the King's unborn child, was secured. However, Lola said she wasn't sure what to do, and Kenna explained as long as she stayed Francis's mistress, she would probably even get to raise the child. Lola asked if this ever happened to her and Henry, and Kenna explained Henry was well-versed in avoiding such issues.

"If you don't know, then you shouldn't be having sex."
Lady Kenna

Kenna realized Lola was desperate, so she told her how one of her servants recently had an abortion, but it was very risky procedure. Lola insisted Kenna give her a name, and she reluctantly did so.

Later Kenna expressed to Ferdinand that after getting a kiss on her cheek, she had not thought of anything else. He then gave her a tender kiss on the lips, But Kenna grabbed him and kissed him more passionately.

Afterwards Ferdinand insisted she kissed like the French and Kenna tried to play it off. The Duke was so taken with her, he began to propose. Kenna cut him off with her scream, she'd just witnessed a person fall from above. The Duke realized his sister's room was there and stood up. Kenna realizing how this tragedy might turn out, asked what he was about to ask her. Ignoring her, Ferdinand rush to see what had happened.

An annoyed Kenna walked with Mary to Lola’s room. The maid informed Lola left at dawn. Mary was confused, as they were required to pay their respects to the Duchess of Bohemia. The maid informed them that she didn't say where she was going, but was dressed for ridding. Kenna then confused she knew.

Kenna made one final effort to keep the Archdukes' attention and stayed by his side as her grieved his sister. She was even with him when Catherine and Henry told him how his sister died. But to no avail, he left without her.

Kenna walked into Henry's room annoyed with everything. The death of the Archduchess had ruined her plans to get married. Henry promised there would be other suitors. He reminded her that they could spend more time together and began making out. They found themselves against a window and Kenna seductively told Henry not to let her go.

Season 2Edit

Delphine reveals to Sebastian that Kenna is pregnant. When Bash confronts Kenna, she admits she slept with him so that the baby would appear to be his because she didn't want to raise the baby alone. He's furious that he was deceived and ends things between them. She's last seen boarding a ship for Norway so she can give up the baby there. But on the way she met the The King of Imereti. Kenna took a liking in him, and asked if she would visit him in the winter, and maybe bring her "sister's baby" (apparently she had changed her mind about giving her child up for adoption). The King was more than happy to agree.

Season 3Edit

Extreme Measures - (Mentioned)
Mary Stuart, King Francis and Sebastian were all wondering why King Antoine is back at French Court. Worried he'd learned of Francis illness, as a Bourbon, he'd have the best claim to the throne after Prince Charles. If he rallied his Protestant supporters, he could replace Charles as king. Bash asked to handle him. Francis told his brother that he knows he blames him for what happened with Kenna, but he would not "handle" King Antoine.

The Hound and the Hare - (Mentioned)
Sebastian told Delphine that when her told her he didn't want her in his head, he was just scared. Any time he'd opened himself up, he'd been hurt. His dead brother King Francis, his wife Kenna, and his now both dead parents. King Henry and Diane de Poitiers.

Safe Passage - (Mentioned)
Mary Stuart told Sebastian how she remembered first coming to Court. Stepping out of the carriage, everyone lined up to welcome her. She was so nervous, but at least she had her friends, Kenna, Aylee, Greer, Lola.



  • Kenna is the only main character to not have killed anyone.
  • Lady Kenna lost her virginity when she was 16 to King Henry. [1]
  • Henry had sexual relations with Kenna multiple times.[2][3][4][5]
  • Almost raped twice, then beaten by the same man, when a group of Italian nobles over took the castle. [6]
  • Broke up with King Henry twice. [7] [8]
  • Kenna got back together with Henry after being unable to find a good enough match on her own. [9]
  • Forced into marriage with Sebastian at sword point by King Henry. [10]
  • Did not have sexual relations with her new husband for the first time, until months after they married. [11]
  • Kenna and Bash's home burned down during The Black Plague fires. [12].
  • Became a Baroness, after finding out she could have been a Duchess. [13].
  • King Antoine asked Kenna to marry him once his wife, Queen Jeanne passed away. [14].
  • Kenna had a 2 month relationship with General Renaude and ended up pregnant [15].
  • Has been romantically interested in 3 kings. King Henry,[16]. King Antoine, [14] and the King of Imereti. [17]

Historical NotesEdit

  • Historically, her name, as well as the names of the other ladies-in-waiting of Mary, Queen of Scots, was known to also be Mary. This led to them being called the Four Marys.
  • Kenna is most closely based on Mary Livingstone, nicknamed Lusty and Mary Fleming of the Four Marys.


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