Character Flag - France Female Married Mistress
Biographical Information
Real Name: Josephine
Age: 25+
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: France
Current Location: France
Husband: Unnamed
Interests: Louis Condé
Physical Description
Gender: Female Female
Height: 5'4
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: The Prince of the Blood
Portrayed by: Marni Van Dyk

"How do I go back to my husband now?"

Josephine is a married woman who sleps with Louis Condé.

Season 2Edit

Josephine was in Louis Condé's room having an affair. Once they were both getting dessed a knock at the door quieted them both. Much to Josephine's surprise, it was The Queen of France asking for a favour.

Josephine: How do I go back to my husband now?
Louis Condé: Discreetly.

After hearing about The Devil's Mark and how it appeared on extremist that were all Protestants, Josephine decided to tell the Cardinal who she had saw it on. Only agreeing to do so, under confession since she was married.


  • Originally titled as Aroused Woman.


Season Two
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