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Joseph Tudor
Joseph Tudor
Biographical Information
Real Name: Joseph Tudor
Title: Lord Joseph Tudor
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: England
Current Location: London, England
Parents: Unknown
Family: Queen Elizabeth (Cousin)

Queen Mary (Cousin)

Affiliations: House of Tudor
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Strange Bedfellow
Portrayed by: Adam Langton

Joseph Tudor is a distant cousin of both Queen Elizabeth of England, and Queen Mary of Scotland. He was involved in a plot alongside The Vatican and The Catholic Church to become the sole ruler of England and Scotland after the assassination of Elizabeth Tudor by The Vatican. This would leave Mary Stuart as the sole Queen of the two countries. At this point, Joseph Tudor was going to move in and let the people assassinate the Scottish Queen.

However, these plans never came to pass as Queen Mary and Queen Catherine discovered The Vatican's plan. Mary informed Gideon Blackburn, who kidnapped Joseph Tudor. After he was impressioned, Robert Dudley was sent back to England to inform Queen Elizabeth of the church's Treason. Joseph Tudor was drawn and quartered in public for High Treason against the Crown.

Historical NotesEdit

  • Joseph Tudor did not exist.
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