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John Philip's Christening
John Philip's Christening.png
Location: Viennese, France
Date: Late 1559
In Honour of: John Philip
In Attendance: King Francis

Queen Mary
Queen Mother, Catherine
Louis, Prince of Condé
Lady Lola
Lady Kenna
Lord Sebastian
Lord Narcisse
Greer Norwood

Episode: The Lamb and the Slaughter
Description: Welcome John Philip it the Church, and recognized as a child of God.

John Philip's Christening took place in France in the middle of the fall of the year 1559, a few months after his birth.


John Philip's Christening is for him to be welcomed into the Catholic Church, and to accept The Lord into his life and heart.

It is also, in part, to announce his presence to the world, as the first son of King Francis of France, and Lady Lola. Legitimizing John Philip's birth father for the whole world to know. During the ceremony, it was announced that the king's own wife, Queen Mary would be his Godmother. Meaning, she would be in charge of and aid in his spiritual upbringing, and in the case of death for both his parents. She would look take him in as her own child however that never happened after he was orphaned after Season Three Finale due to her returning back to Scotland to be queen there while he was taken to France by his stepfather Narcisse so he would be under Catherine's protection.

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