John Hawkins
John Hawkins
Biographical Information
IRL: History's John Hawkins
Real Name: John Hawkins
Title: Sir John Hawkins

Captain John Hawkins
Admiral Sir John Hawkins
Naval Commander

Born: 1532
Age: 29
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: England
Current Location: England
Family: Francis Drake (Cousin)
Affiliations: English Court
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 6'1
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Unchartered Waters
Portrayed by: Max Llyod-Jones

Character Flag - England Noble Male Season 4

John Hawkins is an explorer now working for Queen Elizabeth, and the run from the Kingdom of Spain


John Hawkins is an incredibly confident and witty young man. He enjoys living life on the edge and is a bit of a daredevil.

Early LifeEdit

John Hawkins stole gold from a Royal Spanish ship in an act of piracy.

Season 4Edit

Queen Elizabeth captured John Hawkins as a favour to the Kingdom of Spain, as he was a wanted criminal. To keep himself out of The Tower of London and forced to Spain, he told Elizabeth what he does for a living. He was an explorer on The New World. Interested, Elizabeth invited him to have dinner with her.

During dinner, he described his adventures as they eat his new foods he had brought back from his voyage from the Caribbean. However days later, after getting heat from the Spanish Ambassador for letting John Hawkins go, Elizabeth had him brought to her in chains. After he showed her a new of what the world looked like in an updated map from explorers, Elizabeth decided to hire him on behalf of England. Make England a world power.

John Hawkins' cousin, Francis Drake was introduced to Queen Elizabeth during his absence in The New World.

Historical NotesEdit

  • His father was a ship owner and sea Captain, serving in Parliament under King Henry VIII and Queen Mary.
  • Captain John Hawkins is believed to have been an ambassador for Spain, who negotiated the marriage between Queen Mary of England and King Philip II of Spain.
  • Personally knighted by King Philip II for that service. He'd often refer to King Philip as "my old master".
  • Captain John Hawkins and his crew were some of the first travelers from Europe to observe tobacco use in the Americas during their voyages in 1562
  • His first voyages was from 1562–1563 to the Caribbean.
  • His second voyage was from 1564–1565 to the west African coast.
  • His third voyages was from 1567–1569 to Africa
  • Saved Queen Elizabeth life by pretended to be part of the Ridolfi Plot in 1571.
  • In 1590 Sir Francis Drake and Captain John Hawkins founded a charity for the relief of sick and elderly mariners.
  • He was the first British slave trader
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