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Jacob Rivell
Jacob Rivell.png
Biographical Information
Real Name: Jacob Rivell - Terror of the Faithful
Age: 30+
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: France
Wife: Wife
Family: Children
Affiliations: Kingdom of France
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male.png
Height: 5'8
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Terror of the Faithful
Portrayed by: Mac Fyfe

Jacob Rivell is a leader of the Protestant and was trying to restore his faith's image. Unknown to him he was being used to help aid in the assassination attempt on the king and Queen of France.


Jacob Rivell is a kind and honest man. He only want to live in peace in France amoung Protestants and Catholics alike. He has no quarrel with any other religione, and only want to see the best in people.

Season 2

Jacob Rivell hekped kidnapped Louis Condé. They took him to the forest to show him all the other Protestants that were part of their cause. He told Condé he knew of his faith, and they had both lost people close to them because of their faith. He wanted to believe King Francis was a tolerant man, as he was trying to send the Pope's men back to Rome. But they needed an audiance with The King and Queen of France. The wanted to send their minister to ask for money to rebuild the church that had burned down. Unbeknown to him, it was a ploy, untimely to have the minister murdered and use him as a martyr for their cause.

The king and Queen are safe

Jacob Rivell was close friends with Aloysius Castleroy, who invited him and his wife over to meet Aloysius's new wife, Greer. Castleroy was hoping she would see all the charitable work they were doing, like building a new school, and would consider converting.

Days later, word came that The King and Queen had been attacked in their castle. They both survived, but all known Protestants were being taken form their homes for questioning. His wife & children were safe, but he was there to warn Aloysius, Greer. Castleroy confronted them, saying the money hadn't been going to build a school. Jacob turned to Lord Huge and asked what was happening, Huge admitted he was part of the ploy to assassinate the King. Now everyone else in the room was in great danger by association.

Lord Huge is not here...

Jacob accompanied Condé in his search for Lord Huge. He promised he was a good man, explaining how Huge worked him, and he only did what he did out of fear fir his family. When the opened the doors to the dinning room, they saw Huge had hung himself.


Season Two
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